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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella (Gabi) Hernandez Fallon Played by Camila Banus on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Camila Banus (NBC)

    Real Name: Camila Banus


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    Days Recap: Stop-Gap.

    Monday, December 23 2013

    In the square, Lucas and Will complain that Sonny, Gabi, and Kate don't look very happy in the photograph with Santa Claus. The ladies flash to hiding Nick's body and tell Sonny Santa is the guy from the other night. Will presses for another photo and approaches a man to take it - he looks just like Nick! Gabi falters, but then realizes it's Rafe's PT. Santa tells everyone to smile like they were at the river, which leads to yet another photo being necessary. Will asks Santa about the river comment and Kate jumps in to distract him. After, she whispers to Santa that she doesn't want anyone to know she was at the river following her ex-boyfriend. He asks about their blonde friend. Gabi, Kate, and Sonny confer. They feel the man knows something. Later, Will sits with Sonny and Gabi and talks about Nick being gone. He thinks the three of them make a good family unit. Sonny admits he and Gabi have bonded. Nearby, Lucas asks Kate about the river. Kate takes a work call. Lucas rejoins the others to say goodbye.

    Will puts the baby to bed at home and Gabi tells Sonny she's glad he knows the truth - she's having nightmares and needs someone to talk to. She hugs him. Will muses that she must be getting slammed by the Christmas spirit.

    Days Recap: Washed That Man Outta My Hair.

    Friday, December 20 2013

    At home, Gabi gushes about hoping she'll never lose Will. They hug and Lucas and Sonny arrive. Will drags Lucas in to change the baby's diaper and Sonny lets Gabi know he hasn't spilled the beans about Nick's murder. They talk about EJ's attempts to learn the truth and Sonny says they're lucky they weren't seen. Gabi mentions Percy the bird watcher seeing them and how 'weird friendly' he was.

    Gabi, Will, Sonny, Arianna, and Lucas arrive at the Horton Square to see Santa. They run into Kate who pulls Gabi aside to say they've nothing to worry about. They all get their photo with Santa - it's Percy!

    Days Recap: Great Picture Of Justin Bieber.

    Thursday, December 19 2013

    From Sonny's, he takes a call from Justin. Sami grabs the phone and she, Gabi, and Kate try talking him out of spilling their murderous secret to him. EJ and Will arrive with the baby and everyone freezes. Sonny asks his father to meet at the pub later, and everyone awkwardly explains why they're there. Will assumes they're getting after Sonny for finding out about the surprise party. Sonny says that's not it. EJ suggests they sort it out. Sami tells Kate it's time to go do 'the thing; buy that thing'. They go and EJ asks Will to put the baby down so he can discuss his present with Gabi. EJ tells her to spill. She gulps. He says he and Sami have no secrets and asks to hear her side of the story. She realizes he's playing her and talks about Kate and Sami trying to run her life by offering her a modelling contract. EJ again says he knows everything just as Will interrupts. EJ goes and Gabi counts her blessings to Will.

    Days Recap: Living Like A Nun.

    Wednesday, December 18 2013

    At the Horton Square, Gabi realizes Sonny knows about Nick but it's clear she doesn't know Sonny knows about the murder. Sonny runs to see his dad and Gabi gets a text from Sami to meet. She meets Kate and Sami at the park and Sami tells them about Sonny eavesdropping and that he knows they murdered Nick. Gabi tells them about her exchange with Sonny. "He's going to see his father!" They run to stop him.

    Justin meets Sonny at Club TBD for legal advice. He asks vague questions about what could happen to someone who heard about a crime after the fact. Justin says it could be seen as hearsay. Kate, Gabi, and Sami bustle in and break things up. Justin heads back to court and they beg him not to tell anyone the truth about murdering Nick. They decide to take the conversation somewhere more private.

    Kate, Sami, Gabi, and Sonny arrive at his place. He calls Gabi hitting Nick with the rock self-defense but throwing him in the water after realizing he was alive was murder. He tells them to call the cops and asks if there were witnesses. Kate tells him people heard Nick and Gabi arguing loudly. They worry it'll seem premeditated. Sonny's disgusted. "Nick was a creep but he didn't deserve to die." Kate calls it an "ugly chain of events" they regret. They use the baby card but he still wants to tell Will. Justin calls and Sonny says he's ready to talk candidly.

    Days Recap: It's A Secret.

    Tuesday, December 17 2013

    Gabi goes into Rafe's new apartment with a potted plant and hallucinates Nick's there. She drops the plant and gasps but it's just Pete Clark, Rafe's new physiotherapist. He just looks similar to Nick. Pete goes and Rafe realizes Gabi thought Pete was Nick. "The resemblance is uncanny." He assures her Nick's never returning. Hope and Ciara arrive with work for Rafe. He's happy he's becoming useful again. Gabi hopes Ciara can visit soon and says goodbye and Merry Christmas to all before leaving. Ciara tells them about a girl she knows who can skate backwards and that she can't. Rafe offers to help which cheers her up. He shows her some strengthening exercises which will help.

    Gabi runs into Sonny at the Horton Square. It's uncomfortable. She guesses that he knows about Nick.

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