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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella Hernandez (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella Hernandez (Past) Played by Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gabriella Rodriguez (NBC)

    Birthday: March 26 1993
    Real Name: Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez


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    Not to That Old Hag!

    Tuesday, December 01 2009

    Gabi arrives at the pier, thinking she’ll head home. Ari interrupts and apologizes for trying to protect her but she’s her big sister. Gabi thinks she’s merely trying to cover up for her lies but Arianna says sometimes things are not always as they seem. The drugs are hers but she’s not dealing or using again. She says it’s complicated but asks her sister to trust her. She won’t ever let their family down again. Gabi’s not ready to listen and leaves. Ari makes a call to Roman and knowing he’s busy trying to find Sydney, she asks for a sit down.

    One Day at a Time.

    Monday, November 30 2009

    Arianna tells Gabi off for helping Nicole but Gabi says Nicole told her that she was a beaten woman. Rafe wonders where Sami is and yells at the girls when they admit that they have no idea. Right away, Rafe apologizes. He’s a little stressed. Gabi feels guilty and Rafe thinks that it’s a good thing that she was trying to help. They try to set up a timeline which helps Rafe figure out where to start looking. Roman arrives and they decide Nicole’s in Chicago and Rafe doesn’t think she planned this. She can con just about anyone. Will comes in and learns Sydney’s missing. Roman asks if Will wouldn’t mind asking around to see if anyone his age gave Nicole a ride last night. He agrees to it and tells Rafe that he and Sami can’t seem to catch a break right now. Roman says he called Brandon, Nicole’s brother, who doesn’t know where she is and says he can’t find Fay or Nicole’s sister. Rafe thinks they’ve got to find them and convinces a friend at the FBI to call it a kidnapping. They’re finally on the case! Rafe admits he thinks Sami and EJ have spent enough time together! For the record, if he’s yelling at her when Rafe arrives, he’ll knock him out!

    At another table at the pub, Ari tries to convince Gabi to stay in Salem. Gabi thinks she just wants to keep her quiet about the drug dealing. Brady arrives and says to Gabi that things aren’t always as they seem. Gabi takes off to hand out flyers and Ari tells Brady he didn’t have to stick up for her but he wanted to. He apologizes for what he said to her before and Ari accepts but thinks this is the least important thing for them to worry about. When Brady asks what the deal is with her sister, Ari admits Gabi found coke in her room and thinks she’s dealing again. They find themselves on the pier and Ari admits sometimes she feels like she’s not going to outrun her mistakes. “One day at a time," says Brady, and he hands her his cell phone to call somebody but she hits the wrong button and learns he has called Nicole six times since last night. "Are you really glad she’s out of your life?" Brady explains how he’s trying to convince Nicole to return with Sydney. Arianna feels bad and worries they don’t stand a chance. Her life’s mixed up and he’s still into Nicole.

    I'm Turning Tricks for Jewelry.

    Friday, November 27 2009

    On the pier, Ari demands to know why Gabi’s suddenly wearing a bracelet that could pay for a semester of college. Gabi jokes that she’s turning tricks for jewelry. Nicole listens as Gabi says she can take care of herself. Ari knows her sister’s up to something and wants to know what. Gabi considers since Ari’s living over a bar and dealing drugs, it’s time to stop giving out advice. Ari apologizes. She wants them to be friends. Gabi asks her to get clean and runs off with Ari on her heels. Nicole comes out of hiding and is happy to hear she’s not the only person with secrets. This whole time, Ari’s been doing drugs at the pub! She won’t miss Salem.

    The Party Doesn’t Have to End Now!

    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Ari walks into an ambush. Rafe and Gabi show her the drugs Gabi found in her room. They thought she was done with coke. Ari admits she’s not and ushers Gabi out of the room to talk with Rafe, who blasts her for putting them through yet another nightmare. Ari says it’s his turn to keep a secret for her and tells him about her undercover work. Rafe gets a call from Sami, crying. She thinks Nicole took Sydney.

    I've Read Twilight.

    Tuesday, November 24 2009

    Arianna takes out her cocaine and when Gabi knocks at the door, Arianna stashes the coke beneath towels on her bureau. They discuss Brady and Arianna calls him smart, funny and in love with somebody else. He just hasn’t admitted it. Gabi urges her to dump Brady. Ari doesn’t think she’s old enough to understand but Gabi insists she is, "I've read Twilight." Later, Gabi returns to borrow towels and finds the coke.

    Rafe arrives at Ari’s room and Gabi shows him the coke. It looks like Ari’s dealing again.

    Arabian Horse.

    Friday, November 20 2009

    Rafe finds Arianna at the pub and lets her know that Sydney’s back with her mother. Arianna jumps for joy and is thrilled she can talk to Brady about it. She asks how Nicole is and learns she’s in jail. Ari thinks her brother’s the hero but Rafe reminds her that EJ saved him from the hit man. The camera pans to somebody reading behind a newspaper, nearby. Rafe watches and once they’re done talking, he pulls the newspaper from the person and is surprised to see his sister, Gabriella there. "Mom told me to come. She’s worried about you guys," Gabi admits. They haven’t called home in a while and since she’s on winter break, she decided to check up on them. Rafe agrees to call their mom. Gabi reminds Ari about her drug dealing days and Ari knows she let everyone down. Gabi’s happy she’s out of jail early, at least, but says she dropped out of sight. Arianna has been busy. Rafe suggests they call their mother tomorrow and visit her next week. Gabi’s fine with that and says she’s staying a few days but Ari's not happy. Gabi points out that their mom went to see their grandmother for Thanksgiving. Rafe pulls her aside and asks what the problem is. Ari’s room is too small. Rafe suggests she stay down the hall from her and Ari reluctantly says there’s a vacant room, but appears worried. Gabi goes to her siblings and promises not to be a problem.

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