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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella Hernandez (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella Hernandez (Past) Played by Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gabriella Rodriguez (NBC)

    Birthday: March 26 1993
    Real Name: Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez


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    Philip Pops The Question.

    Wednesday, December 23 2009

    Gabi tells Ari upstairs that she hates the dress. Ari suggests she stay home and do lots of chores in the restaurant or she can go and have a good time. Gabi comes downstairs and declares that Chad looks amazing. She introduces him to Ari. Kinsey takes photos of Gabi and Chad. Ari tells Gabi she looks beautiful and says to have fun. Just as Will and Mia are leaving he tells her they need to talk. She admits what she did about the date faux pas. He admits he still wants to go to the dance with her.

    Outside the dance Chad notices that she’s shivering and puts his scarf around Gabi. They chat about their childhood. She says she’s not a dancer, but he plays his iPod and asks her to dance. He takes her hand tenderly and holding her close they dance slowly. As Mia watches from an open doorway, he tells Gabi she’s a natural.

    Kate Is Off The Hook.

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    Gabi and Arianna have a table at the coffee shop and Gabi tells her that at least she'll have a Christmas with Rafe this year. She says she’s going home for Christmas and missing the dance as she has no date. Ari asks her to go to the store for cornhusks and she leaves. Outside the store Gabi runs into Chad who tells her he doesn’t have a date for the dance. She goes to leave, but he stops her and asks her to the dance. Gabi complains a little at first about the short notice, but smiles and agrees as long as he takes a shower first.

    At the pub EJ is having a drink while Arianna sits with him. He says he knows she didn’t have anything to do with Sydney’s disappearance. They did get a lead today but it was a dead end. Ari thinks that if the person who took Sydney could see the look in his eyes, they would give her back. He jumps up, says he just got an idea, kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Gabi returns and tells Ari that she has a date but has nothing to wear. Ari says that’s what big sisters are for and takes her away. While Chad arrives at the pub to pick up Gabi, in the dressing room, she tells Ari that she doesn’t like the dress and that she’s not going.

    Unsavory Types.

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    At home, Sami has put the twins to bed and is comforted by Rafe as she worries about Sydney. Rafe minds the twins while Sami goes to see Will. Rafe will let her know when his recent lead pans out. Once she has left, Rafe makes a call, asking somebody to come over. Later, Abe arrives and Rafe fills him in on Nicole’s memory of the woman in the designer boots. Abe’s no expert on boots, he says but Rafe points out he’s a DiMera exert. They want to find a connection from the woman to Stefano. Rafe feels good about this, thinking they’ll soon bring home Sydney. Later, Gabi arrives looking for Ari. Rafe hasn’t seen her and Gabi shares that Ari hasn’t been answering her calls.

    Gabi and Chad introduce themselves at Java. She comments that she’s visiting Salem and considering moving there and transferring schools to Salem High. Chad blurts out, "That’s awesome," and then tries to act calm. Mia arrives and is introduced to Gabi. She knows Rafe and when Gabi asks if Mia and Will are dating, Mia says they’re friends. Gabi leaves and Chad consoles Mia. He knows a little of how she’s feeling right now but deals with it by keeping busy. Mia’s tired of feeling sorry for herself. Chad wonders how she feels about going to the dance. Mia says it’s scary but fun. "Great. Then it’s a date."

    Fanning The Flames.

    Monday, December 14 2009

    At the pub, Rafe tells Ari that Sami is not doing well. Arianna feels for Nicole, who must still think Sydney’s her child. She wonders how you turn off the feelings? Not that she is standing up for Nicole. Gabi interrupts. Their mom is concerned about them. Rafe leaves and Gabi asks if this Sami person is worth all of this trouble. Ari says she has already been through this with Rafe and he’s in love with Sami. They can’t change his mind. Gabi agrees to back off. She hopes her brother doesn’t get burned. Arianna says it’s all complex and Gabi has lots of questions. She wonders if EJ and Sami will fall in love again after finding their child, leaving Rafe dumped. Later, Gabi urges Ari to call Brady, now that Nicole is out of the way. It’s obvious she’s nuts about the guy.

    Boo to a Goose.

    Monday, December 07 2009

    Melanie goes to Ari at the pub and thinks Gabi’s cute. Ari agrees and admits she spoke with Brady. They’ve found Nicole, but not Sydney. Ari says Brady’s talking like Nicole’s the victim. Melanie thinks Nicole should be thankful EJ didn’t go after her with a tire iron. Ari’s worried Nicole will use him again so Melanie thinks it’s time to take action. Fight for him! Ari calls the airport.

    It's Darkest Before the Dawn!

    Friday, December 04 2009

    Melanie and Arianna have a heart to heart about Melanie’s complex love life. Mia arrives at their table having forgotten their order and Melanie, who is in a mood, snaps at her. Arianna wonders why Melanie’s so afraid of being with Philip and thinks she should be with a guy who turns her on rather than be with somebody who looks good on paper but doesn’t float her boat. Melanie’s embarrassed and says Nathan’s a good guy but Philip isn’t. She goes to Mia to apologize for snapping at her and brings back muffins for her and Ari, who argues that Philip gets her on a different level than Nathan. Why does that bother her? Because Philip is self-centered and arrogant, Melanie says but Ari thinks that’s exactly what Melanie wants. Melanie sighs. If that’s what she wants, she’s wrong! That’s not what she needs!

    Nearby, Carly arrives for coffee, unaware Mia worked at Java. She mentions she’s moving into Maggie's tonight and asks several questions about Mia working while going to school until Mia cuts her off. She’s not allowed to chat up customers and when Carly moves in, she’d like her to leave her alone! She’s uncomfortable that Carly knows so much about her. Carly backs up to leave and bumps into Melanie, spilling coffee all over her forearm. Melanie yells at Carly, "What the hell’s the matter with you?" Carly gazes at her sadly and examines her arm, saying she’s a doctor. Melanie asks if she’s drumming up business and insists she take care of it herself. She’s a nurse. Carly gazes at Melanie with more than a passing curiosity. Melanie gets bandaged up and rants and raves to Ari that they’ve a clumsy doctor on staff. When Gabi arrives to see if there’s word on Nicole, Melanie leaves them to talk and Gabi brings up the drugs. Ari grabs Gabi by the arm and drags her outside and admits she’s working undercover and she should kindly keep her mouth shut from now on! Gabi thinks she is lying. She should tell Brady so they can get back together but he already knows. Gabi assumes Nicole’s the reason they’re not together, but Ari won’t say. Instead, she tells her kid sister to go home.

    Not to That Old Hag!

    Tuesday, December 01 2009

    At Java, Gabi apologizes for helping Nicole. Will blames her for Sydney going missing but when Ari interrupts, she stands up for Gabi. It’s not her fault! Gabi doesn’t want her sister’s help and rushes out. Ari says Gabi would never hurt anyone and rushes off after her sister.

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