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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella Hernandez (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella Hernandez (Past) Played by Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gabriella Rodriguez (NBC)

    Birthday: March 26 1993
    Real Name: Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez


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    Ten Word Text.

    Monday, July 05 2010

    Gabi hangs up with her mother as she approaches Will on the pier. She fills him in on Ari’s arraignment and they agree to go the beach.

    Will and Gabi wind up at the beach and Gabi shares Arianna’s news. T flirts with Kinsey as Chad sends Will off to the mansion to get food while he offers to help Gabi wakeboard.

    Go Viral.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    Gabi visits Ari in her cell and happily tells her Rafe’s back. Now she won’t have to rely on EJ. Rafe arrives and promises to fix everything. Gabi leaves them alone and Rafe is angry to learn EJ’s Ari’s lawyer. He tells her to stay away from him.

    He’s A Pretty Cool Guy.

    Thursday, June 17 2010

    Mia runs into Gabi and says she’s sorry to hear Ari is in jail. Gabi doesn’t buy it. Mia follows Gabi to the pier. She’d like to work things out between them. Gabi has no interest in being friends with Mia so Mia admits she treated her badly because of her love for Chad. Chad smiles as he overhears this and interrupts, saying that he’s staying in Salem this fall for Mia and his friends. Mia smiles. Gabi decides to accept Mia’s apology and both girls are baffled as to why Madeline won’t allow him to hang out with Will. He shares the story about finding the photo of Kate and Madeline and how he and Will vowed to get to the bottom of things.

    Lie Cheat And Steal.

    Tuesday, June 08 2010

    In the park, Gabi mistakes Brady’s comforting of Nicole for betrayal. Nicole apologizes, saying she wants Ari out of jail, too. Gabi tells Brady she’s there to tell Brady that Ari wanted to see him to apologize for doubting her love, but she doesn’t see how she can do that now. Brady rolls his eyes and tells her to go ahead and tell Ari whatever she’d like but it’s a lie. Brady and Gabi leave.

    Once the Door Closes, It's Game Over!

    Monday, June 07 2010

    Arianna tells EJ that it's just one more night there in jail - she'll be fine once Nicole comes through with her alibi. EJ admits he's a little bit wary of things when it comes to Nicole. Ari doesn't trust her either, but doesn't think she'll send her to prison for something she didn't do. EJ's not so sure, but Arianna thinks Nicole wants to get her out so she has a big story with herself at the center. EJ points out that she also wants her out of the way. He leaves, and Gaby comes to visit. Ari asks her to tell Brady she's sorry, adding that they have to do this honestly - she doesn't want him feeling sorry for her.

    Outside the Kiriakis house, Nicole tells Brady to go ahead and hate her, but of course he doesn't. As he gives her a hug, Gaby appears!

    These Are My Secrets.

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    Sami finds Gabi at the DiMera door, frantically in search of Rafe. Sami is apologetic. She only knows that he’s on special assignment. Gabi’s concerned that he hasn’t been answering her calls and asks Sami to go to Roman for help. Sami can’t, though she would do anything for Rafe and his family. Gabi flies off the handle and accuses Sami of not caring or wanting to help. She rushes off, saying that her brother will find out the type of person Sami really is. Sami calls Rafe with a message to contact Gabi.

    Well Played!

    Monday, May 24 2010

    At the station, Arianna reassures Gabi that she's innocent but Gabi is worried about Arianna's juvenile records. Gabi asks if she's ever told Brady. Arianna says it was a long time ago, and her boyfriend at the time got her into trouble. Gabi says that Arianna has a great guy now and Arianna agrees. Brady and Hope walk in. Gabi excuses herself and Hope asks Arianna to explain her juvenile record. Arianna explains that her ex-boyfriend piled the charges on Arianna to get his own charges reduced. Hope leaves to check on the test results. Brady asks why she didn't tell him, and says she can trust him with anything. Arianna says she will never keep anything from him again, and they hug.

    Philip Pops The Question.

    Wednesday, December 23 2009

    Mia and Will run into T and Kinsey at the pub. Kinsey is in her usual sarcastic mood. Chad joins them and overhears Mia saying that she was worried about him. She sees the corsage and he tells her that it’s for his date with Gabi. She says she’s glad he has a date. Chad says he wants her to have a dance with him. Meanwhile, T asks Will if he’s okay about Mia.

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