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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabriella Hernandez (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Gabriella Hernandez (Past) Played by Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gabriella Rodriguez (NBC)
    Gabriella Hernandez (Past)

    Actor: Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez

    Who played Gabriella Hernandez (Past) over the years

    Gabriella (Gabi) Rodriguez (November 20, 2009 - Tuesday, August 10 2010)

    Useful information on Gabriella Hernandez (Past)

    * Youngest Hernandez sister.
    * Interested in Chad.
    * Mature for her age.


    Current: Student and Pub waitress
    Past: Student


    Gabriella came to Salem on November 20, 2009 as the younger sister of Rafe and Arianna Hernandez. She was visiting for Thanksgiving, originally, but decided to stay and transfer to Salem High. She resides over the pub, where Arianna lives and also works at the pub as a waitress. Gabi started at Salem High with befriending Will Horton and Chad Woods Peterson. She had a few run-ins with Mia McCormick and Kinsey, who were jealous of her. She has taken a liking to Chad, who was interested in her but dumped her before they could date, due to Mia's influence. Gabi spends her days at school and works at the pub.




    Chad Peterson Woods Flirtation


    Arianna Hernandez sister
    Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez brother




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    Tuesday, August 10 2010: It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

    Arianna and Gabriella visit Rafe at the station. He asks Arianna if she's happy to be free, but Arianna is very angry that she was framed for Hope's crimes. She thinks Hope is faking her state, and goes to see Hope.

    Gabrielle and Arianna meet at the beach and Gabriella tells her she should forgive Hope so she can move on. Arianna says Hope destroyed her life and she doesn't know how to get it back.

    Wednesday, July 14 2010: Lean And Hungry.

    Nicole goes live as EJ seethes and steps in. Sami’s puzzled as EJ takes the microphone and says he’s responsible for what’s happening today. He calls Nicole a pathological liar as Nicole tries to grab the mic. EJ goes on that what Nicole’s about to say is fabricated. Nicole’s about to pull out the recording as proof when Ari yells, "Cut."

    Back at the pier, Ari tells Nicole about the cubs but Nicole doesn’t care if they came out singing Dixie. Ethan, the new consultant with Titan TV says he authorized this. It trumps gossip. Nicole yells that this isn’t gossip. Gabi gets a message on her cell phone that she won the lottery with her guess at the cubs' time of birth. She, Sami and Will go off to get the twins. Ethan leaves and EJ tells Nicole to kill her story. Brady wonders why EJ’s so anxious to keep Nicole quiet and once EJ leaves, Nicole tells Brady this is a major story deserving of the right audience. She takes off and Brady tells Ari that EJ’s using her to get back at Nicole.

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