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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton (Past) Played by Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chandler Massey (NBC)

    Birthday: September 10 1990
    Birthplace: Norcross Georgia USA
    Real Name: Chandler Massey


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    It's Official.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013

    At the apartment, Gabi and Will argue heatedly about Nick. Sonny arrives and warns that Ari can hear them. Gabi gets even more upset. She wonders what happened to it being all three of them in this together. Sonny asks what started the argument. Will and Gabi start arguing about Nick again. They disagree on whether Nick has changed. Gabi storms out. Will and Sonny discuss the situation. Will says he’ll never trust Nick. Sonny feels they should bend a little for Gabi. Will marvels at Sonny’s endless understanding. He wonders how long it can work out. Sonny assures him he'll do whatever he can to make it work, but they have to realize it's not easy for Gabi. Will just hopes she opens her eyes about Nick.

    Deaf, Dumb And Blind.

    Monday, August 26 2013

    At home, Sonny looks at his subpoena to testify against Sami. Will phones. He has one too. Sonny says he'll ask his dad what to do next. They agree to meet at the courthouse. Sonny texts his father. Gabi appears. He tells her she'll have to miss class because he and Will have a meeting. She says they'll have to figure it out - she's leaving. Sonny says, "No you're not." He says they were subpoenaed. "Will's mom could go to prison." Arguing ensues . Sonny exits.

    Nick spots Will in the cafe. He says his parole ended today. Sonny arrives and tells Will that Gabi had to stay with the baby. Nick leaves. Outside, he flashes to kissing Gabi. Adrienne stops in. Justin appears. He needs to speak to Sonny and Will alone. Justin advises them to tell the truth and will set them up with attorneys. Will leaves to relieve Gabi. Adrienne returns. She is relieved to hear that Sonny's protected.

    Nick arrives at Gabi's place and offers to take care of Arianna. She doesn't think it's a good idea. He understands. She asks about his parole hearing. She's thrilled to hear it went well. Nick helps with the baby and homework. Will arrives and Nick goes. Will asks, "What the hell was that?" They argue over Nick being in the house. Will says he hasn't paid for trying to take his daughter. Gabi shouts that she's her daughter too - he and his boyfriend need to remember that. Sonny appears.

    Well Move Over John Wayne.

    Friday, August 23 2013

    Will works behind the bar of TBD serving coffee while discussing the bar fight last night and Theresa's return to Salem with JJ. He isn't surprised to hear Theresa was with Vargas. They talk about Jack being gone a whole year and JJ thanks him for his note of sympathy.

    A Big Pile Of Blow.

    Thursday, August 22 2013

    Cameron makes it to the grand opening of the club in time to pull Vargas off of Chad. When Vargas is arrested for assault and possession, Theresa runs. Will and Tad help Chad inside. Cameron follows and hovers, irritating Chad. Outside, Sonny asks the crowd to head back inside. Hope arrives, surprised to find Vargas arrested. The cop finds five more grams of cocaine on him and they add 'intent' to his arrest. Hope starts reading him his rights and hauls him to SPD. Back inside, Cameron privately tells Chad that he can't take risks like that in his condition. Kate arrives and Will tells her about the fist fight. EJ turns up and congratulates his brother. He heard about the fight and playfully punches Chad. Stefano enters with Cecily, causing the brothers to frown. Stefano hands his cigar to Tad to put out and tells Chad the place looks magnificent. He walks away and Abby leaves the brothers alone. They talk about Sami. Chad's sorry he shot that video but EJ blames Stefano. Nearby, Tad offers to help bounce at the club which makes Will and Sonny laugh. Will decides to go home to let Gabi have a turn partying. Sonny worries Gabi's been feeling lonely. Outside, Tad and Kate gab until Stefano and Cecily arrive. Things are tense. Kate says she knows why Stefano sent Bernardi to Rafe's hospital room. It was sick and twisted. Stefano laughs that she's sick for what she did with Rafe. She vows he won't get away with it. He mocks her. EJ gets Abby alone inside. She makes his brother happy. She stammers. He kisses her hand and goes to Cameron who asks if Chad seemed alert and focused. EJ assures the doctor Chad's fine. Inside, Tad kisses Robin and 'the mime speaks'. She needs a drink. He happily follows her to the bar while Sonny gapes. He and Chad discuss Gabi and her free pass for what she did to Melanie. Chad thinks maybe Gabi has changed. Nearby, Abby accuses Cam of ignoring her all night. He brushes her off.

    Will arrives home to Gabi and they discuss the club opening.

    Soaked In An Old Gym Sock.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    Gabi, Will, and Sonny are all dolled up for the grand opening of the club, but the sitter has cancelled and they can't find anyone else. Gabi offers to stay home and forces the guys to leave.

    At the club, Chad flashes to telling Cameron he's dying. Abby arrives and they flirt. Tad arrives with his date, Robin. Abby sips her Abitini and they joke about creating Tad his own drink which would be really cheap bourbon, soaked in an old gym sock. Chad and Abby slow dance to some emo music until Tad puts on dance tunes. Sonny and Will arrive and meet Tad's date.

    Vargas and Theresa arrive at the club. Theresa finds the crowd tame, so Vargas pulls out the coke. Theresa takes it to the ladies' room. Will, Sonny, and Chad drink to their grand opening at the bar. Theresa returns to her table and Vargas takes the vial of coke to the bathroom while Theresa flirts with some guy. Back at the bar, Will and Tad talk about how hot Robin is but she is as quiet as a mime. Vargas returns to the table, dancing. Theresa kisses him and runs to greet Will and asks for a family discount on drinks. Meanwhile, Brady and Kristen show up and Kristen knocks on wood while telling Chad she and Brady have reunited. A high Vargas paces the dance floor looking like a caged animal. Kristen interrupts Will showing baby photos to Brady to take Brady home to bed. Chad and Abby head out for fresh air and Vargas follows. He fumes as he watches Theresa flirting with some dude. Kristen and Brady push by him, leaving the club and nearby, Chad and Abby look up at the roof. He tells her that's where the garden is kept. They grow their own food for the club. Chad jumps in when Vargas picks a fight with the guy Theresa's with and is punched out for his efforts.

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