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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton (Past) Played by Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chandler Massey (NBC)

    Birthday: September 10 1990
    Birthplace: Norcross Georgia USA
    Real Name: Chandler Massey


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    Gonna Dog You Relentlessly...

    Wednesday, September 11 2013

    Gabi sees Nick at the square on her way to see Rafe. She mentions needing a job. Will and Sonny walk up and shoo Gabi away while they tell him to stop incriminating Sami. He's baffled. They tell him what happened in court and Nick tells them the story about Sami stealing his money and how she pulled a gun on her when he became angry about it. Just then, Nick's served. Will tells him not to make things worse and Sonny tells him to do right by his cousin. Nick's speechless.

    Back To That Rock I Found You Under.

    Monday, September 09 2013

    At home, Will has a nightmare about being arrested for perjury, obstruction of justice. He wakes up and Sonny tells him it was just a dream, not an omen. From now on, Will says no more lies. "I hate secrets." Sonny's smile fades.

    In the court room, DA Trask starts opening statements and makes liberal use of the word 'murdered' throughout her statement. Justin's rebuttal consists of him defending Sami's story, saying it's not possible it was invented. Why would she make up these lies if they couldn't be corroborated? Chad is called to the stand and Trask talks about the video Chad recorded of Sami and Bernardi. She plays it. "Nicely done, Mr. Scorsese," she says. Why did he hide it? He knew it'd have made things look bad. Trask learns EJ knew and advised him to leave it alone. Outside, Sonny tries distracting Will so he doesn't implode. Will blames himself for everything but Sonny calls him rather egocentric. Will fantasizes that he is visiting Sami in a few years with Arianna and a beaten down Sami tells him she can't spend the rest of her life like this. Sonny takes the stand later and Trask asks what Chad said when he handed over the attack video. Sonny tells her he warned him about what he was getting himself into. He admits EJ asked him to keep the video from Will but he didn't. Trask brings up Sonny knowing Sami was lying when she said she didn't know the cop before the attack. Justin cross examines Sonny, who says his reasons for not sharing the video was because he knew Sami could never murder someone. Trask questions whether or not Sami has lied to them before. He can't say that... Will goes up. He has difficulty when he has to admit Sami asked him to lie for her. He heads outside and falls into Sonny's awaiting arms, worried he has just sent his mom to jail. Kate is called up.

    Magic? Voodoo?

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    In Abe's office, Sami, dressed in a tight clubbing dress for her court appearance, is happily shocked when Abe and EJ let in her kids and Arianna to visit. The kids worry about how their mommy will take care of them. EJ promises to take care of them. The kids go and Will wants to go to Trask to confess to shooting EJ. EJ won't let him do it. Sami plasters a smile on her face and assures her son she'll be fine. He leaves and Sami cries and feels ashamed she considered taking Trask's deal. EJ promises he'll do anything to fix this but Sami wonders what he can do at this point. Magic? Voodoo? In another room, Adrienne rushes to tell Abe Timmy's balance in his passbook was a hundred grand. Maybe it proves Bernardi was a dirty cop after all! Abe thinks if they can prove this, it'll be thanks to her. Abe goes to tell Sami and EJ Trask is asking for a continuance.

    You Finally Found Your Brain.

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    At the pub, Nick wants to be friends with Will but that's not going to happen since he wasted the one chance everyone gave him. Caroline butts her head in and says 'amen' to that. Nick apologizes for letting Caroline down. She expected a letter of apology but he was certain she didn't want to see him so didn't write one. He thought right, she tells him. He goes and Caroline dishes out some ice cream for Will. He plays with it and hopes Nick got the message.

    Will returns home and tells Sonny about his conversation with Nick. They agree Nick isn't allowed near Ari unless one of them is present. Sonny's about to tell Will about fighting with Gabi when she arrives. Will goes to Ari and Gabi makes a veiled threat. If she is to continue living there, they can't tell her how to live her life. She knows Will would choose the baby over him... Sonny grits his teeth and agrees to try to get along.

    Shove It.

    Friday, August 30 2013

    At their apartment, Sonny updates Will about jury selection. Will is eager to talk to EJ. They discuss Gabi and Sonny suggests that Will was too easy on her. He reminds him of everything Nick did. Will says that even bigots need motivation to change. His boyfriend offers to try to keep the peace.

    Nick follows Will into the pub. He wants to talk. Will hopes he gets help but admits he hated seeing him with the baby. Someone needs to let Nick redeem himself but it's not going to be him. Will can't forgive him for his manipulations and the danger he put the baby in.

    It's Official.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013

    At the apartment, Gabi and Will argue heatedly about Nick. Sonny arrives and warns that Ari can hear them. Gabi gets even more upset. She wonders what happened to it being all three of them in this together. Sonny asks what started the argument. Will and Gabi start arguing about Nick again. They disagree on whether Nick has changed. Gabi storms out. Will and Sonny discuss the situation. Will says he’ll never trust Nick. Sonny feels they should bend a little for Gabi. Will marvels at Sonny’s endless understanding. He wonders how long it can work out. Sonny assures him he'll do whatever he can to make it work, but they have to realize it's not easy for Gabi. Will just hopes she opens her eyes about Nick.

    Deaf, Dumb And Blind.

    Monday, August 26 2013

    At home, Sonny looks at his subpoena to testify against Sami. Will phones. He has one too. Sonny says he'll ask his dad what to do next. They agree to meet at the courthouse. Sonny texts his father. Gabi appears. He tells her she'll have to miss class because he and Will have a meeting. She says they'll have to figure it out - she's leaving. Sonny says, "No you're not." He says they were subpoenaed. "Will's mom could go to prison." Arguing ensues . Sonny exits.

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