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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton (Past) Played by Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chandler Massey (NBC)

    Birthday: September 10 1990
    Birthplace: Norcross Georgia USA
    Real Name: Chandler Massey


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    You Ruined My Life!

    Thursday, July 08 2010

    EJ and Sami are getting close at the picnic when he gets Stefano's call. When he tells Sami he has to leave, she asks, "Do you really have to go?" EJ beams, and says they'll have plenty of other family nights together. Gaby comes back and sings a song to Sydney. Sami tears up and says Rafe used to sing that to Grace! Will sits down beside Sami and suggests she call Rafe. She can't. He asks if that's because of EJ. Sami feels Rafe can't deal with parts of her life. Will apologizes for being a jerk about EJ, saying he's trying to be decent.

    Famous Last Words.

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    Will and Chad are fighting at the beach after Chad insults Sami. Will tells him at least his mother isn't a prostitute like his was! More fists fly! A police officer arrives and breaks it up. He is about to take Chad in, but Will tells him he is Commander Brady's grandson. The cop tells them to behave and leaves. Chad wants to know if Will lied about his mother. Will says he didn't, adding that if he doesn't believe him he should ask her himself. Chad presses Will for details. Will admits he heard her talking to Kate about it. He thinks there is a lot about his mother he doesn't know - including who she used to be!

    Romantic Rival.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Standing outside the great room, Will is shocked to hear Kate referring to Maddie as a former prostitute. He leaves and Stefano shows up. Maddie says she needed closure but Stefano thinks she’s up to something and reminds her she blackmailed him. Madeline yells that she took the tape for insurance. He leaves to take a call while Madeline steps out. When he returns, Kate hands him a drink and he mentions Will is going to work for DiMera Enterprises this summer. Kate’s touched when Stefano says he thinks of Will as family.

    At the beach, T complains it’s difficult to look masculine while eating an ice cream cone. He gets a call from his mother and Chad pokes fun at him and then divulges to Gabi he and his own mother aren’t fighting anymore but he doesn’t think he’ll ever measure up to his parents' standards. T returns and he and Gabi think it’d be fun to visit Chad at University in Wake Forrest in October. Kinsey calls and T goes running to the pub to meet her. Will arrives and overhears Gabi planning to visit Chad. After Gabi goes to work, Will confronts Chad for making moves on Gabi so soon after Mia. Chad denies this and wonders if Will’s working on his dweeb badge. Chad sarcastically says he can’t sit in his room listening to Kurt Cobain 24/7. They squabble about their mothers and after Chad disrespects Sami, Will brings up Maddie being a hooker. The fists fly.

    Ten Word Text.

    Monday, July 05 2010

    Chad, T and Will finish swimming at the beach and towel off on the shore. T goes off to find Kinsey. Chad tells Will about how his mother has always been on his back about his homework. Will shares that his got on him when he was failing algebra until Rafe stepped in. Chad chastises Sami for not being a good mother and Will stands up for Sami. Chad apologizes. He’s wrong and has been feeling strange lately, especially since Mia disappeared with a ten word text. T and Kinsey show up and want to check out a movie, but Gabi’s still in court because of her sister’s criminal activity. Will goes off to find her.

    Gabi hangs up with her mother as she approaches Will on the pier. She fills him in on Ari’s arraignment and they agree to go the beach.

    Will and Gabi wind up at the beach and Gabi shares Arianna’s news. T flirts with Kinsey as Chad sends Will off to the mansion to get food while he offers to help Gabi wakeboard.

    Back at the DiMera mansion, Madeline reminds Kate she’s the one who got her into prostitution. She stole the tape for insurance and wonders if Kate hates her that much that she’d spill. Kate doesn’t hate her at all. They were good friends and one of Stefano’s best girls. She won’t purposefully bring up what’s on that document. Madeline’s thankful. Will shows up outside the door and overhears Kate say there’s no reason why anybody should know Maddie was a prostitute.

    They’re Like Besties.

    Monday, June 28 2010

    Back at Alice’s place, Julie, Doug, Kayla, Roman, Ciara, Jennifer, Will, Stephanie and Nathan, and Hope recall Alice playing the part of Groucho Marx in a play. Roman pulls Kayla aside and they discuss seeing Shane at the cemetery. Bo arrives and Ciara asks her mommy to tell her when Great Gran saved her and daddy. Hope recalls her and Bo in New Orleans with Alice. Ciara wishes Great Gran could save her mommy and daddy now. Bo and Hope eye each other.

    In the kitchen, Marie and Maggie take the food outside and Carrie comes to say goodbye to Lucas. He asks her to give Austin his best. Carrie apologizes for the way things turned out. They hug.

    Back in the living room, Bo looks through photos as Kayla urges Hope to get back together with Bo. She thinks it’s a sign that Bo didn’t bring Carly there. Nathan and Stephanie have found a tape in Gran’s things. Maggie, Jennifer, Doug and Julie, Marie, Melissa, Kayla, Hope and Bo watch Tom and Alice’s wedding. Bo glances at Hope. Carrie says goodbye to Bo and Roman and they head outside while Ciara tells Theo that she hasn’t found her treasures yet but that they were her mother’s wallets and they disappeared the night she saw mommy hugging that strange man. Hope interrupts telling Ciara to stop spreading stories. Ciara denies lying and runs to daddy.

    In the kitchen, Maggie and Will discuss Mia leaving town so abruptly.

    Back in the living room, Alice and Lexi say goodbye, Julie tells Jennifer that Maggie’s always thinking of others. Bo and Roman discuss Arianna’s case. He wants to take a look at the case but Hope jumps in and tells him he’s not taking this case away. Bo thinks she needs help is all, as the case isn’t getting solved. She’s offended when he tells her she’s spreading it thin. Doug and Julie interrupt with Ciara and Bo leaves.

    In the kitchen, Marie says goodbye to Maggie and Melissa. Hope takes one final walk around Alice’s place before bursting into tears and leaving.

    Here’s To Your Next Adventure, Gran!

    Friday, June 25 2010

    At the cemetery, Bo and Hope discuss the service and those who spoke, saying everyone had many great memories. Doug, Julie and Marie chat nearby while Abe and Lexi think it’s a shame Theo couldn’t be there. Kayla learns he’s in public school and is happy. Nearby, Lucas hugs Carrie while holding Allie and Carrie kisses Julie and Doug. Nearby, Kimberly chats up Caroline and Bo while Jennifer decides it’s time to start things off. Justin goes to Hope to lend support. Bo, Kimberly and Caroline watch as Justin hugs Hope and Caroline thinks Hope should be in his arms. Caroline tells the family that she turned to Alice when things got rough. Julie admits Gran didn’t always approve of her life choices but she never stopped loving her. Doug calls Alice fair and great. Maggie cries and remembers how Alice taught her to try harder. Lucas remembers Alice helped him through finding out he was a Horton. She was like royalty to him and finding out she was his flesh and blood was intimidating, exciting and rewarding. Melissa shares an anecdote about Alice that makes everyone laugh. Nathan says Alice always made them feel loved. Bo says Alice taught them to live their life with integrity and humor and encouraged him to do what was right. Jennifer goes from Melissa to Laura and Bill and says, "Here’s to your next adventure, Gran." Shane shows up and Hope finds herself at a loss for words. Everyone’s suddenly holding yellow roses as Hope says she was the woman she hoped she could be. Ciara watches as Hope cries and calls Gran a friend. Hope knows Gran will look after them for the rest of the days of their lives. A photo montage is shown and Lucas places a photo of Tom in a larger one of Alice, over the casket which is filled with beautiful yellow roses. The family wipes their tears away and places roses on Alice’s casket. Ciara goes off with Doug and Julie and Kimberly gets upset when she sees Shane.

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