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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton (Past) Played by Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chandler Massey (NBC)

    Birthday: September 10 1990
    Birthplace: Norcross Georgia USA
    Real Name: Chandler Massey


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    Days Recap: Strike A Pose.

    Tuesday, November 19 2013

    Nick runs into Will at Horton Square and asks about his time at Berkeley. Will had a blast. Nick asks if he's still writing and encourages him to write an autobiography.

    Throwing Me To The Wolves.

    Monday, November 18 2013

    At the apartment, Will questions Gabi about her reluctance to do the modeling thing. He tells her how glad he is that he went to school and therefore he thinks she should go for it. Gabi says if she does it, it will change his life too. He says he'll pitch in more with Ari. Gabi stammers, but Will is distracted by a computer message about Eric. He takes off.

    EJ joins Sami at home and she asks about his meeting with Justin. EJ says it was business. She brings up his secret-keeping. He doesn't want to fight. Sami says they need to resolve this. EJ says he was protecting her. Sami scoffs. "You are so good." Will arrives and gets up to speed on the Eric/Kristen scandal. EJ changes the subject to Berkeley. Will tells them all about it. Once alone, Sami thanks EJ for being interested in Will, but returns to the issue of the secret.

    Only A Complete Fool...

    Friday, November 15 2013

    At home, Gabi panics when Sonny questions her about the modelling contract from Sparkle. Will hears the ruckus and comes out. Sonny tells him about the contract. They're excited for her. She says she hasn't signed yet and keeps the location of the job from them. Sonny texts Justin to have him look over the contract for her.

    A Fully Grown Psychopath.

    Thursday, November 14 2013

    At the apartment, Gabi looks at the modeling contract. Meanwhile, Sonny is stunned to see Will come through the door. They kiss. Gabi is thrilled to see him. He goes to look in on Ari. Gabi leaves. Will and Sonny chat and make love. After, they talk about Will being happy. Sonny tells Will that he and Gabi are getting along and she seems really excited about something, but won't tell him what.

    Grammie Sami.

    Wednesday, October 30 2013

    Nick stops Will outside the Brady's Pub to congratulate him on the fellowship. They get into it when Will thinks Gabi told him. Nick says Kate did but he thinks Gabi's life is her own. They argue about who took advantage of Gabi more.

    Will arrives at the hospital Hallowe'en party. Everyone grins when Ciara flirts with another kid. She goes off with the kid and his mother to trick-or-treat at the nurses' stations. Back in Chad's room, Abby tells the guys it doesn't matter that she chose Cameron. She kicks Cam out and dumps Chad. He's not the person for her for now. She needs to work on herself. They hold hands and he tears up. She wishes him well and goes away, crying. Back at the Hallowe'en party, Hope and Gabi toss popcorn in their mouths and Ciara returns without candy. She traded it all with Tommy for his leather jacket. It reminds her of her dad. She misses him more and more. Hope gives her a hug. Sonny and Will take Ari to see Chad. He tells them about the break-up and blames himself. He holds Arianna. Gabi arrives to the hub and greets Cameron. He wants to see photos of Ari but when he sees Abby, he suddenly has to go. Gabi questions Abby, who tells her about the break-up but ensures she knows nothing's going on with Cameron. EJ strolls into Chad's room. He says karma really is a bitch. EJ assumes Abby ditched him. Chad thinks he had it coming. They laugh and EJ receives the 8th text from Stefano, wondering where they are. At least he won't be alone. EJ says he'll never walk alone. Chad tears up and Karin arrives with a wheelchair. A helicopter landed on the hospital for him. She goes and EJ helps Chad into the chair. Chad will miss the kids. They make plans to Skype a lot. EJ calls him a hero. He'll be forever grateful. They hug. Outside, Abby says she'll fill Gabi in on the debatable later. She plans on taking time away from dating. Some don't know how to be alone and that desperation leads to bad decisions...

    Sami and Will walk with Arianna outside Club TBD. They discuss the fellowship and how his first novel will be dedicated to her. They laugh and Sonny calls Sami 'Grammie Sami'. She tells him to call if he needs anything while Will's gone and then talks to Will about how happy she is with EJ. He's glad she's happy and hugs her goodbye.

    The Lie Just Slipped Out.

    Friday, October 25 2013

    Will talks to Arianna at Club TBD about how long of a week it's going to be away from her, especially on her first Hallowe'en. Sonny promises to take tons of videos. He gifts him a new shirt for his trip and gets a kiss in return. Sonny read Will's essay. It was amazing. Will's a bit embarrassed but Sonny hopes he can live up to how Will sees him.

    Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ takes a call from Chad, who needs him. EJ leaves and Sonny takes Arianna off to see the kids while Will explains he's leaving tomorrow. Will asks if everything's okay with her and EJ. She just wants to make sure she doesn't make another mistake. Will thinks if she loves EJ, she should marry him.

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