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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton (Past) Played by Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chandler Massey (NBC)

    Birthday: September 10 1990
    Birthplace: Norcross Georgia USA
    Real Name: Chandler Massey


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    Days Recap: She's So Wasted.

    Wednesday, November 27 2013

    At home, Sonny and Will make amends. Sonny says he ran into Sami who knows about New York. Will is surprised she's not there and hopes she hasn't done something crazy again. Lucas arrives and Will fills his dad in on Gabi's modelling contract and the move to New York. Lucas doesn't seem happy but agrees to try to sell Sami on it. Sonny says New York needs a Club TBD. Lucas goes and the guys wonder where Gabi is.

    Gabi arrives home and flashes to her crazy night. She tells Sonny and Will she can't move to New York. They cheer and Will hugs her.

    Days Recap: Give Her Hell.

    Monday, November 25 2013

    From home, Will tells Sonny not to make him choose between him and his daughter. Sonny's shocked. He's the one who got them this apartment, he's been super supportive and loves Arianna as his own. Will knows all that but he can't live apart from his daughter. They bicker and try to come to some compromise. When the baby cries, Will goes to her and Sonny takes off.

    Back at Will's, Sonny returns and hears Will promising Ari he'll always take care of her. They apologize and make up with a kiss.

    Days Recap: Theresa From Drugsville.

    Friday, November 22 2013

    Kate arrives at Sonny and Will's with a gift for the baby's six month birthday. The guys aren't in a celebratory mood. They tell her Gabi wants to move to New York with Ari and Kate flashes to Nick saying he's moving to New York. She says they'll just have to change Gabi's mind. She won't let anyone take Ari from them. She leaves and texts Nick while Sonny worries Will is going to do something crazy like kidnap Ari. Will won't but he's decided to talk to EJ about getting a job in New York. Will can get transferred to NYU. Sonny can't go. Will asks him not to make him choose between them.

    Days Recap: Fairy Tale.

    Thursday, November 21 2013

    At Sonny and Will's, Sami can tell the guys are upset about something and puts on the pressure to get them to talk. Finally, Will tells her about Gabi's job offer in New York. Sami starts to freak out and the baby cries. Sonny goes to her while Will fills Sami in on the details of Gabi's amazing contract. Sami calls it a fairy tale. Sonny returns. He and Will admit they understand how Gabi feels. Sami's annoyed and wants to help but Will begs her to leave it alone. She calms some and leaves. Once she's gone, Will doubts Sami will back off. Sonny leaves soon after and Abby shows up. Abby holds the baby and calls Ari blessed to have a mommy, daddy, and an 'extra daddy'.

    Sonny returns home to Will holding Ari. He can't and won't lose her.

    Days Recap: Double-teamed.

    Wednesday, November 20 2013

    At home, Sonny calls Gabi a selfish 'bitch' after hearing from a caller that she's moving to New York to work for Sparkle. When was she going to tell them she's moving? She tried to tell them there were issues with the contract but since it's a chance of a lifetime, she's taking it. Will walks in and Gabi fills him in. Will doesn't want to have shared custody. Things escalate and the baby cries so Will goes to care for her while Sonny threatens to tell the agency about "the real Gabi Hernandez and her friend Melanie's kidnapping." Gabi regrets her past and reminds her Chad'll go down with her. Sonny says Chad will beat that charge. Will returns. Maybe she can work out of Chicago? Gabi reminds Will he can work anywhere and Sonny can open a club in any town but this opportunity is only in New York. She feels double-teamed and goes off to think. Sonny says his father tells him the deal sounds good. Their only option is to prove Gabi's an unfit mother. Will refuses. Sami arrives and sees the cake for Gabi. She assumes Gabi got a modelling job.

    Days Recap: Strike A Pose.

    Tuesday, November 19 2013

    Jordan and Rafe are at the lake when Will walks up. He meets Jordan and kisses her hand. He heard Jordan was at the club last night with Gabi and Abby. Rafe's surprised and presses her for details but she's uncomfortable and runs off to take a call. Will says EJ changed the subject when he brought up the wedding fiasco. Rafe says, "Yeah well if my sister drugged my fiancée’s priest brother and made a sex video I'd probably change the subject, too." They wonder if EJ was in on it. Will leaves and Jordan returns. Rafe again asks for details and as they leave, Kate comes out of the woods.

    Will arrives at Club TBD. He and Sonny discuss Kristen drugging Father Eric for sex. Tad wonders if he's defrocked. Sonny calls him Mr. Sensitive and says Kristen left town. Tad sighs. If she was that desperate she could have called him. "No drugs needed." Sonny scoffs. He doesn't take anything seriously. Sonny shows Will a cake for Gabi just in case she takes the job. It reads, "Strike a pose." Tad boasts about Sonny calling his work 'not half bad'. Sonny and Will joke that Tad's working so much he'll be running the joint soon and calling it Club T.

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