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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton (Past) Played by Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chandler Massey (NBC)

    Birthday: September 10 1990
    Birthplace: Norcross Georgia USA
    Real Name: Chandler Massey


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    Get Your Irish Up.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    Will returns home to Sonny, Chad and Abigail. He hears Sonny asked Justin to resume Sami's case.

    Cupid Couldn't Fix This.

    Friday, July 26 2013

    From the doorway of Jenn's office, Theresa watches Daniel write a brief love note to Jennifer with the magazine. She leans across the desk and introduces herself. Meanwhile, Rafe is all worked up in his room after reading that Sami shot his friend and fellow officer, Joe Bernardi. He demands to know what happened. Will and Gabi interrupt and Rafe meets his beautiful niece and learns that Gabi and Nick are no longer together. He's glad Will's doing well after surgery and is glad Gabi and Ari are alright. They tell him Gabi and Ari are living with Sonny and Will, and Rafe busts a gut laughing. Back in Jenn's office, Daniel's oblivious to Theresa's blatant interest. He leaves and Theresa puts her feet up on Jenn's desk and takes a call from her friend Jade. Theresa gripes about how Salem's not L.A. but she met a cute doctor today. No wedding band, not that it's ever stopped her before! Kayla shows up and Theresa hangs up but claims she was talking about Sami. Kayla lectures her about focusing on her job and leaves. Theresa decides to focus on Daniel instead.

    Abby finds Daniel at the hospital and begs him not to give up on her mother. He's not but cupid couldn't fix this. "It is all up to your mother." Jenn heads into her office, shocked to find Theresa working hard. Theresa says Dr. Jonas left her a note, but the note isn't the same as the one he wrote... Daniel goes to examine Rafe in his room. He kicks Kate, Gabi, and Will out. Rafe flirts with Kate, asking her to return later. Gabi returns Jenn's library card to her mother. In the waiting room, Kate worries to Gabi and Will about Rafe's physical therapy being a long road ahead. In Rafe's room, Daniel repeats the same thing to Rafe, whose strength is gone. They'll have a physical therapist evaluate him. Rafe feels Daniel's keeping something from him. He's not. He leaves, passing Kate on the way out. Rafe thanks Kate for telling him the truth. He asks why Sami shot Joe. "She did it to save your life," Kate shares. Back in Jenn's office, she and Abby talk about Theresa's 180. She tells her mother to stop pushing Daniel away before it's too late. By the hub, Theresa listens to JJ's message in the waiting room, about the cocaine. She leaves JJ a message. When he gets 'the good stuff' they'll meet up. She sees Daniel and tells JJ not to call until he gets it. She'll be really busy...

    Gabi and Will are at home with the baby. They talk about Gabi and Nick's separation. Gabi loved Nick but is okay with it. She's really happy now, thanks to Will and Sonny.

    Do You Feel Safe?

    Wednesday, July 24 2013

    At home, Sonny is almost in tears. He confesses he gave his mother the video, accidentally. Will holds him close. Justin arrives. He wants to know everything. Will takes the blame. He tells Justin he shot EJ, not Lucas and Sami was just trying to get the evidence from Bernardi. Will explains everything. Justin tells them Sonny can't be charged with obstruction and they lie that nobody else has seen the video. Justin takes a dollar from each of them so their discussion is privileged information.

    People Can Marry In Prison.

    Tuesday, July 23 2013

    Abe places Sami under arrest at St. Luke’s Academy. Everyone’s confused considering the grand jury already dropped charges. Bishop White takes Eric aside. Has he heard correctly? Eric thinks this is a mistake since Sami wasn’t indicted. DA Melinda has the cop cuff Sami and she forces Abe to read the Miranda Rights. EJ calls Justin while Roman accuses Melinda of showboating. Abe hushes him. He’s only making things worse. Everyone whispers and though she’s told to keep quiet, Sami makes a speech, asking everyone to concentrate on the reception and apologies to Eric. She’s proud of him. She’s hauled off to SPD. Some man, Mr. Deluca, refuses to donate to the school now and asks Eric to refund his check. Hope heads off to the station, promising to keep everyone informed. Bishop White decides to move ahead with the reception. Everyone heads into another room while Nicole comforts Eric. Sonny takes Will aside and they discuss the mess. Roman and Marlena arrive and Roman theorizes there must be new evidence in the case. In another room, Kristen finds Nicole and they commiserate over Sami ruining Eric's day. Nicole assumed Kristen would be the one to ruin the day. Why is she there, anyway? "You have something up your sleeve, don't you?" Nicole asks. Kristen points out she's a major contributor to the school and leaves. Nearby, Sonny and Will leave for SPD. Eric tells Nicole he wants to lie low. Nicole asks if the bishop's blaming Eric for 'this mess Sami got herself in'. Eric's blaming himself for being too involved in his work. Nicole's confused. Eric couldn't have changed Sami's actions. Nicole hates that Sami was selfishly parading herself around and calls Eric a victim. He yells at her to stop it. She's making things worse. She cries that she cares about him. He tells her, "Stop. Because we're done." Back outside, Brady asks Kristen to hear him out before they make any hasty decisions. He talks about feeling betrayed and hating Kristen until his father made him realize she really loved him. He started missing her. He thinks she misses him. She wonders if he's setting her up - she deserves it. He's not. He asks if she has moved on and she flashes to sex with his brother, the priest.

    John Is Acting Like A Bad Word.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    Adrienne flashes to arguing with Sami and shows up at Sonny's door. Will answers. They're almost late for the bishop's reception. Adrienne attempts to tell Sonny she saw the video of Sami attacking the cop but Sonny yells at her and leaves. She watches the video and says the truth will come out.

    Will and Sonny arrive at the school. Will and Marlena discuss John, who Will says is acting "like a bad word." Sami and EJ discuss whether or not to share their wedding news on Eric's special day. Nearby, Nicole can't believe Victor is being nice to her today. Victor claims he's focusing on their mutual hatred of the DiMera family. They gossip. EJ and Sami start telling guests they've set a wedding date. After telling Will, they tell Caroline and Roman. Will's happy for them but the others have an issue with it. They all just want to see Sami happy and safe. Everyone chuckles when Ciara says she loves weddings and one day wants to marry as many times as Sami. Maggie drags Eric off for an interview with a reporter and urges Nicole to take her share of the credit. Nicole refuses. This is Eric's day. Elsewhere, Victor, Caroline, Sonny, and Will joke about how Sonny's now in direct competition with the pub because the coffee shop now has a liquor license. Sami and Eric make small talk with the bishop about how different they are, but how Eric's the good twin.

    Kristen and Brady return to the reception. The bishop has time to hear Kristen's confession. She looks around nervously but says she's ready. She takes the podium and says she has a check but she can't seem to find it. She vows to support ten more scholarship students. Though everyone claps, most look suspicious. The bishop thanks her but wonders about the sin she committed with Father Eric. Kristen says she let petty differences distract her from coming to the aid of children for a time. The bishop thinks she's being too hard on herself. Sami interrupts to get a photo of Bishop White with Father Eric and Marlena goes to Kristen. The bishop may have bought that she had a troubled conscience but she doesn't. Marlena knows Kristen doesn't have one. Kristen calls her paranoid and snacks on cookies. Hope interrupts and Kristen leaves to get her photo taken while Marlena tells Hope they need to ensure they're not underestimating the DiMera. Abe, another cop, and the DA arrive. Abe reluctantly arrests Sami. The media snaps photos.

    Defrocking A Priest.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013

    At the coffee shop, Sonny is happy to tell Will that Chad says they've got their liquor license. Will's happy for him. Sonny leaves the room and Brent arrives. Sonny told him about the liquor license earlier and asked him to drop by. Sonny returns and asks for Brent's help renovating. Will offers to help as well but this is Brent's niche. Brent gets out his tablet and he and Sonny go off to look at samples. Will's left behind. He takes a call from Sami who warns him that Adrienne's on the warpath.

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