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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Frankie Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Brady Played by Billy Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Warlock (NBC)

    Birthday: 1961-03-26
    Birthplace: Gardena, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Julie Pinson Saturday August 26th, 2006
    Real Name: Billy Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Join in the festivities!

    Friday, November 24 2006

    Bo arrives at the Brady Pub, with flowers for Caroline. His mom is thankful and comments that she has never seen Hope this happy since Zack died. Shawn and Frankie come out from the back room while Hope arrives with Stephanie. Hope takes Bo aside, telling him she missed him last night. He blames EJ for that, and doesn't put up any fuss when she asks him back in her bed - tonight! Stephanie isn't going to be home tonight, she tells him. With Patrick out of the picture, Bo tells Hope that he feels that tonight will be very special. He kisses her, and Frankie spies them, joking, "That's all you've got?!" Bo then bends Hope over, taking her in a passionate kiss… just as Chelsea and Nick and Abby walk in! Hope gives Chelsea the cold shoulder, as she wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving. Bo gives her a hug and she thanks Caroline for letting her stay. After Caroline comments, "Behave yourself," Chelsea mumbles 'Cow', under her breath. Nick catches it and suggests she not blow this chance he has given her.

    Mimi is uncomfortable with all the family stares, when she and Max show up to the Pub. Max explains that Mimi's family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so she is welcomed by Caroline, with a hug! Mimi apologizes to Bo and Hope for her lies.
    Bo cautions Max about getting to close to Mimi, because of what she did to Shawn, and Max tells him not to worry. They're just friends!
    Max asks Nick for help with their search for Philip. They're not getting anywhere, Max explains, so Nick suggests lying to the journalist the next time he calls. Mimi comments she can't do that, because she's off lying, but Max pipes up saying that he has no problem with that!

    Kayla and Steve show up to the pub, much to the delight of the family. She is welcomed home, with photos and speeches from everyone. She thanks the family for their support. Bo says,"It's a miracle that Steve and Kayla are home for Thanksgiving," and toasts to Nick, who has his own speech! He jokes a little, but then tells them that they all saved Kayla, not him! "I never saw love pull someone back from the edge," he says, and reads an inspirational quote to them. Chelsea watches the display and is jealous of him. She cries out to Nick that her family has welcomed him so quickly and she can do nothing right, so Nick encourages her to go to the family to tell them how she feels. She goes to Hope, crying, and tries to apologize for Zack not being there, but Steve interrupts, pulling Hope aside. A hurt Chelsea walks home in tears.

    Clearing his "Good Name!"

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    At the Brady Pub, Shawn Sr. shows up with two huge turkeys! He and Caroline can't remember the last time they had such a large gathering for Thanksgiving! Billie shows up to meet with Hope. She's happy to hear that Kayla is well, but when Hope goes to relay her message Steve, Billie doesn't want to hear it. Hope decides she needs to know that Steve doesn't really remember Kayla. Billie is puzzled so Hope goes on to say, "He remembers a few things but not the emotional connections that should go with the memories." Billie is upset by this news, "How could he do this to Kayla," she asks! Hope tells her that it was for a good cause - Kayla's health! Billie isn't sure why she's being told this so Hope goes on further to tell her that he still has feelings for her. Hope forces Billie to admit that she too has feelings for Steve, and asks that she clear up any unfinished business between them now. Billie wonders if Hope isn't pushing her to Steve so she will stay away from Bo.

    Frankie sits his parents down and tells them he's leaving town within a week, to move to Washington DC, where he has accepted a job. He admits he needs to get away from memories of Jennifer and his asks for their blessing. They give it to him, telling him, "We'll always be here with open arms," as they hug him. He watches the two, hoping someday he'll find what his parents have.

    The Jester and The High Priestess!

    Tuesday, November 21 2006

    At the Brady Pub, Frankie shows John and Bo that he has written up a false will, and gives the two fake names to get into the safe deposit box. He tells them he's more than happy to do this! His sister was almost killed!

    Everything is .. almost right, in Salem!

    Thursday, November 16 2006

    Back at the hospital, Kayla tells Steve, "I love you. I will always love you," then flat lines. Steve starts to yell, "Kayla! Kayla! Nurse!" Caroline arrives at the hospital just then, and cries out to Kayla, in shock. Dr. Myers calls the time of death as 19:43 as Bo runs in with the serum but Caroline tells him, "It's too late!" Steve looks to Bo, then to Kayla, yelling, "NO."

    Steph and Frankie go out for air, while Hope hugs Bo. She tells him she meant it when she asked him to come home, and asks, "If it's still what you want?" He tells her, with a smile, "You know it is, but what are you going to do about Lockhart?" She explains how she has broken things off with Patrick, telling him while he'll be a part of their child's life, he won't be a part of hers. Bo hugs her, telling her he loves her! She smiles, asking that he not fight with Patrick anymore. "I can't risk losing you. I won't! I couldn't take it, think of Shawn," she begs. They're interrupted by Abe, who pulls Bo aside to give him the news about the sabotage.

    "Silent Partner"

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    Frankie wheels Stephanie back to Steve and Kayla's room, to watch them through the glass. She's upset and yells at her dad, finding blame with him. Frankie tries to stop Stephanie from yelling at Steve, but she presses on. She tells Steve to put himself in her place, telling him she doesn't think that he cares about her mom. Steve denies this. He does care but doesn't know what to do. Stephanie begs him to talk to her, and give her a reason not to give up.

    New beginnings for some...

    Wednesday, November 01 2006

    At the garage, Max tries to talk Frankie out of moving back to D.C. Frankie tells his brother that he'll be just fine without him. They start to talk about the black gloved person, with Max confessing he would like five minutes alone with the guy! Mimi wanders in, asking if there is news about Kayla and Steve. Max reports that they're still unconscious but that they have an antidote that may help them! Frankie gives attitude to Mimi, and wanders off to the office, leaving Max to explain his behavior. He tells Mimi that Frankie's been like this since Jen left him. Mimi shares she will be able to pay him soon. She isn't making enough money, so he hires her as an accountant! Frankie and Max dash off to the hospital while Abby shows Mimi the books. They hear someone outside.

    Frankie is in the office asking Abby what is wrong with Max, and why he's hanging out with Mimi. Abby explains that he is a caring person and Mimi needed work done on her car. Frankie starts to laugh and she stands up for Max. When he asks, "You like my brother, don't you," she denies it. He receives a call and grabs Max, 'hightailing' it over to the hospital to be there for Kayla and Steve.

    In the waiting room, the family agrees to give Kayla more of the experimental drug, even though it could mean she has more side effects. Max and Frankie show up at the hospital and they all agree to have faith and keep praying. Bo takes Max aside, asking him for a second chance for Shawn, not only for him, but for his daughter. Max agrees that Shawn is a hell of a mechanic, but just hired Mimi as a part time book keeper. If Shawn wants his job back, he'll have to find a way to get along with Mimi. He tells Bo he'll try to come to an agreement with Shawn.

    Hope comes back to the room with Grandpa Shawn and Caroline. They tell Billie and Steve that Kayla isn't waking up. They're confused, not understanding why Steve is awake but Kayla is still in trouble. The doctor gives more serum to Kayla as they wait things out. Stephanie comes out, thrilled that her father is awake but torn, upset that her mom is not awake yet. Steve comforts an emotional Stephanie, asking her to have faith. She tries, but then Kayla starts seizing and the doctors use defibrillators on her.

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