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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lawrence Alamain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lawrence Alamain Played by Michael Sabatino on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Sabatino (NBC)

    Birthday: June 25 1955
    Birthplace: Venice, California
    Marital Status: married to Crystal Chappell January, 1997
    Real Name: Michael Sabatino
    Height: 6'1"


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    Don't Let That Cobra Make The First Move.

    Wednesday, August 03 2011

    At Quinn's, Carly has nightmares while she's detoxing. Quinn wakes her up and soothes her. She falls asleep and he calls somebody to look after Carly and ensure she doesn't leave while he goes out. Carly thanks Quinn for his generosity. He saved her life. Quinn thinks she's playing Russian Roulette with her life. He takes off and she gets out of bed, sweaty and shaking. She falls to the floor unconscious. Daniel finds her and helps her to the bed, and starts in on her for worrying them. Melanie turns up and confronts her for ruining their family. They're through with her. They fade away... it's a nightmare. Carly awakens and worries she has lost everything. Vivian turns up and pounds on the door. Carly answers and Vivian calls her pathetic. She taunts her until Carly screams and wakes up from yet another nightmare. She sees Lawrence's ghost, who ridicules her and invites her to come to where he is. She quickly calls Melanie, but says nothing. Crying, she calls the drug dealer.

    She's Made Of Teflon.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    Carly paces the pier as she wrings her hands. Lawrence's ghost shows up and tells her she can't beat this.

    Raindrops And Roses.

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Carly sits in her room at Salem Inn and hallucinates Lawrence speaking in German, asking her, "What is this?" Carly hides her eyes and Lawrence taunts her about her drug abuse and being lonely and pathetic. Later, Carly calls in a prescription for "one of her patients" under the name of Katerina Von Leuschner.

    Going Rogue.

    Thursday, November 04 2010

    Vivian dreams in her sarcophagus that she’s walking through the cemetery. She thinks she must be dead and in either heaven or hell. Lawrence pops up in front of her and she assumes she’s in hell but he tells her this is the waiting room. Vivian is adamant this is not her time. She wakes up and tries to daydream about the Baldwin brothers. She thinks there has to be somebody out there who cares.

    Philip meets Brady in the Kiriakis lounge. Philip’s sorry for Ari’s passing. He tells Brady that Victor doesn’t want them moving in yet because they’re renovating the east wing. Brady pauses but says it’s true. Philip sees right through him. Later, at the crypt, Brady says hello to Vivian, who thinks he’s Lawrence. Philip catches them talking and asks who else is in there.

    He Was My Jewel.

    Friday, February 26 2010

    Vivian winds up at the Kiriakis mansion talking to dead Lawrence about her epiphany and refusal to kill Melanie, who is innocent. She tells Lawrence they have to accept this but he refuses. She says goodbye, and he fades away. She goes inside and tells Victor she had an enlightening walk and realized she can’t kill Melanie. Victor’s pleased. They’re happy Carly will be going to prison for a long time and be haunted that her kid hates her and always will.

    Rafe, We Don't Need Another Hero.

    Tuesday, February 23 2010

    Back at Salem PD, Daniel calls Bo to let him know that Melanie’s conscious and Carly’s there with them. Chloe overhears Daniel’s conversation and Vivian overhears Bo’s. She is beside herself. Lawrence’s ghost pops up and asks aunty what she’s going to do about this. If she cared about him, she’d do as he asked. What if Carly persuades Melanie that she was really aiming at Vivian? He doesn’t think Vivian should underestimate her. Later, Lawrence’s ghost tells her to finish what she started. She realizes she does have to avenge his death. He asks if he can count on her and she puts her hands to her temples, closes her eyes and when she opens them, he’s gone.

    Blah Blah Blah...

    Thursday, February 18 2010

    At Salem PD, Vivian tells Bo he’s squandering both of their time. Bo says she kidnapped Carly, almost got Hope killed, tried to kill… All Vivian can say is, "Blah blah blah blah blah." Bo reminds him Hope can corroborate Carly’s story, when she wakes up.

    Carly paces in Bo’s office and Lawrence claps, as he gloats.

    Nearby, Philip asks Victor if he knew about all of this. Victor says Vivian acted alone and he wants Melanie to recover. They hug as Kate watches. Later, Kate is floored that Victor’s protecting Vivian. Nearby, Bo takes a call and tells Vivian she’s free to go. Vivian gloats. When she’s alone, she tells Lawrence she did this all for him and may he rest in peace.

    In Bo’s office, he tells Carly that everything she has done has been to protect her daughter. When Melanie recovers, her life will change. She’ll finally know a mother’s love. Carly prays for Melanie. Bo holds her tight.

    Sounds Like Armageddon.

    Wednesday, January 27 2010

    Vivian has a fantasy that she found Carly on the pier and tried to kill her with a big machete. She arrives home with a headache and as she’s sitting down, Lawrence’s ghost taps her on the shoulder. Vivian cries out and jumps up, happy to say a final goodbye. He has a warning for her. He appreciates Vivian trying to avenge his death but doesn’t want to see Carly dead. "Look at me. If this is dead… not so bad, right? What’s the suffering in that?" He doesn’t want to spend eternity with the witch who betrayed him. Carly deserves hell on earth, every day of her miserable life! He begs Vivian. "If you ever loved me, take Carly’s daughter away from her. Forever." Vivian admits Melanie gets on her nerves and agrees to do his bidding.

    My Son's an Idiot.

    Thursday, November 05 2009

    At the house, Carly paces, worried Hope will turn her in but Bo reminds her she has 24 hours. She should calm down. She can trust Hope. Carly thinks he’s rather loyal to somebody who just moved out on him. Bo changes the subject and they discuss Rafe and how Carly liked having the mystery man around. When Bo suggests she go to bed, she refuses, considering that’s where Hope found her. Bo thinks she should tell Justin why she murdered Lawrence but she won’t. This leaves Bo frustrated but respectful of her protectiveness. She asks about his family. He tells her Shawn’s a father now and tells her about Zach and that he doesn’t think he and Hope have gotten past his death but he loves Hope and if she knew why Carly killed Lawrence, she’d be the first in line to help her. Later, Carly has fallen asleep and dreams that Lawrence has come for her. In the dream Bo tries to save her from him but winds up being stabbed by Lawrence. Carly wakes up screaming and Bo rushes downstairs to calm her.

    And Miss the Soufflé?

    Tuesday, October 06 2009

    On the flight to Salem, Carly flashes back to Lawrence watching her pack and demanding to know what she’s doing. He grabs her and tells her he owns her. She flashes back to fighting with him and ultimately stabbing him in the abdomen. She thinks to herself that Bo can help her. He has to! She flashes back to a flight, years ago, when she and Lawrence were happy, and then flashes back, once again, to killing him. She falls asleep and flashes to a few scenes from the past, and then calls 411 for Bo’s number.

    Carly calls Bo and due to turbulence, they’re disconnected. Passengers on the flight worry, while Justin asks Bo who was on the phone. He can’t tell who it was but says that though he couldn’t get a good read on the voice, it sounded familiar. Justin hopes it’s Hope, on her way home. Meanwhile, Carly is told that though they hit a batch of bad weather, everything is fine, now. She flashes back to killing Lawrence and his last words…"You’ll never find…"

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