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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lawrence Alamain

    Full detailed profile on Lawrence Alamain Played by Michael Sabatino on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Sabatino (NBC)
    Lawrence Alamain

    Actor: Michael Sabatino

    Who played Lawrence Alamain over the years

    Michael Sabatino (From 1990 - 1993 then September TBD 2009 - present)
    Jeremy Kutner (1991 in a flashback)
    Evan Miller (1990 in a flashback)

    Useful information on Lawrence Alamain

    * Lied about his identity to find Carly and the Von Leuschner fortune.
    * Mastermind behind JenCon Oil Foundation.
    * Hurt Steve when trying to injure Bo in a trap.
    * Developed a virus to kill ISA agents
    * Was stabbed by Carly and killed October 5 2009.
    * Keeps returning to taunt Carly as a ghost.


    Current: President of Alamain International
    Past: Alamain Industries and Owner of JenCon Oil


    Lawrence Alamain had been searching for Katerina Von Leuschner, who was later known as Carly Manning. Lawrence had lied about his identity to her, calling himself James, and when Carly found out, she ran. He came to Salem in 1990 looking for Carly and the Von Leuschner fortune.

    Lawrence was the mastermind behind the Jencon Oil foundation that was causing trouble in Salem. When Bo Brady’s son, Shawn Douglas, became deaf after an accident at one of Jencon’s oil sites, Bo started sabotaging anything related to Jencon. Lawrence also recognized Bo as the man that stopped a fight between him and Carly years before. Lawrence planned to get rid of Bo by setting a trap for him, which Steve Johnson fell into instead and was seriously injured from. Lawrence saw Steve as a threat and had his IV tampered with, killing Steve.

    Years before, Carly had Jennifer Horton promise to pose as her if anyone asked for Carly. Since all Lawrence wanted was the family fortune, Jennifer agreed to pose as Carly and marry him so that he could inherit the fortune. However, Lawrence ended up raping Jennifer on their wedding night, knowing that she was not actually Carly. He also held Frankie Brady, Carly’s brother, captive and told Carly he’d release Frankie only if she gave him the family fortune and Bo Brady. Carly first agreed, but couldn’t give Bo up.

    In 1991, Lawrence developed a virus to kill ISA agents, which later accidentally infected Bo. Kimberly Donovan, a spy for the ISA, befriended Lawrence and developed feelings for him.

    Eventually, Jennifer Horton filed rape charges against Lawrence, but Lawrence claimed that he couldn’t remember raping her as he had suffered from blackouts since childhood. Kimberly worked with Lawrence and discovered that the cause of his blackouts was a medication that Lawrence had taken all his life for what he believed was a blood pressure problem. The drug had actually suppressed the memory of watching Forrest Alamain, his youngest brother, drown in the family pool. While spying on Lawrence, Kimberly found a secret room that had security camera tapes, including a tape that had Lawrence confessing to raping Jennifer. Kimberly gave the tape to Jack Deveraux, and he got Lawrence arrested.

    When Lawrence was released later that year, he was desperate to get Kimberly's friendship and love back. Lawrence discovered that Emmy Borden, the woman who had poisoned Bo with the virus he had created, had been kidnapped by a Kiriakis henchman. Lawrence bribed the henchmen into letting him use Emmy as bait to lure Bo to a warehouse where he’d receive the cure to the virus. The plan went awry and before Emmy died from the virus the henchman had injected her with, she confessed to poisoning Bo.

    Victor Kiriakis offered Lawrence a trade: the “John Black” file in exchange for the cure to save Bo. During the trade, the vial containing the cure broke but Carly was able to save some and eventually saved Bo’s life.

    In 1992, Lawrence convinced his aunt, Vivian Alamain, to return to Salem when her told her that John Black was really Romulus, a notorious thief who had pulled off a huge jewel heist back in 1984 at an Alamain party. Lawrence knew that Vivian wanted a stolen Alamain heirloom back.

    Vivian found out that John had the heirloom, a locket, because he claimed it revealed his true identity. When she told Lawrence this, Lawrence realized that John was actually his dead brother, Forrest Alamain. Vivian had Forrest’s body exhumed, but the coffin was empty! Vivian then stole some of John’s hair and had a DNA test run which revealed that they were in fact brothers! When John found out, he planned to go after his inheritance that his, Leopold, and Lawrence’s father had left them. He found out that Vivian had already taken the money for herself back when they all thought Forrest was dead. With Victor’s help, John re-inherited all his fortune and threw Vivian out.

    Lawrence’s fling and Alamain Industries’ lawyer, Lisanne Gardner, found out that Carly was pregnant years ago. When Lawrence questioned Carly, she initially told him that the child wasn’t his, but later revealed that it was his son, except he had died after birth. Soon, nine-year old Nicholas Alamain arrived in Salem and Vivian tried to hide him until Victor found him. Vivian claimed that she adopted Nicholas from one of her servants back in France. Eventually, Lisanne Gardner found out that Nicholas was Lawrence’s son, and blackmailed Vivian. During a confrontation with Vivian, Nicholas pushed Lisanne in an effort to protect Vivian, causing Lisanne to accidentally fall to her death. Ivan Marais, Lawrence’s servant, hid her body and later made it look like she was killed in a car accident.

    Lawrence eventually found out that Nicholas was his son, causing Vivian to have a heart attack. He learned the truth from Vivian: that she had taken Nicholas from Carly and raised him as her own. Despite her begging him to not tell anyone, Lawrence told Carly. Carly vowed to take Nicholas back, and Vivian later unsuccessfully tried to run away with Nicholas during Carly and Bo’s wedding.

    Everyone in Salem knew that Nicholas was Carly’s child, except for Nicholas himself (all he knew was that Lawrence was his father). Eventually, Lawrence told him the truth and Carly pursued custody. Desperate to keep Nicholas, Vivian planned to murder Carly by tampering with her braked and causing her to get in an accident, but Billie Reed saved Carly.

    In 1993, Lawrence planned to break up Bo and Carly. He hired Taylor McCall, Bo’s partner, to help him frame Bo for beating up a drug dealer. Lawrence hoped that this would cause a rift between Bo and Carly, but his plan was unsuccessful and Bo was cleared of all charges.

    Due to Vivian’s vengeance against Carly, Lawrence thought that Carly was dead, but Vivian revealed to him that she was buried alive! He immediately had Carly’s grave exhumed and saved Carly. When Carly came to, it seemed that she had amnesia, and thought that Lawrence was James, the person he pretended to be years ago. Lawrence went along with this and tried to escape Salem with Carly, but when Billie Reed brought Nicholas to her, Carly remembered everything!

    As Vivian was sent to a psychiatric institution for what she had done to Carly, Carly’s love for Lawrence remained and they left Salem together with Nicholas at the end of 1993.

    Carly and Lawrence were seen in their bedroom October 2, arguing. Carly says to Lawrence, "I can’t believe I married such a total monster." He lashes out that he can’t believe he married such a witch, and she stabs him in the abdomen! He died from the wound and Carly left town.

    Lawrence has returned to Vivian as a ghost several times when she returned to Salem. He returned in the Kiriakis mansion to ask her to avenge his death, and to the sarcophagus when she was locked inside.

    Lawrence has returned more since then just to taunt Carly as a ghost.


    Carly Manning Kiriakis Brady Alamain (Katerina Von
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux


    Carly Manning Kiriakis Brady Alamain (Katerina Von (married)
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux (married/divorced)
    Kimberly Brady
    Lisanne Gardner


    Leopold Alamain (deceased father)
    Philomena Alamain (deceased mother)
    Vivian Alamain (paternal aunt)
    Daphne DiMera (maternal deceased aunt)
    John Black (adoptive brother)
    Tony DiMera (deceased maternal cousin)
    Brady Black (adoptive nephew)
    Belle Black Kiriakis Brady (adoptive niece)
    Claire Brady (adoptive grand-niece)


    Nicholas James Alamain (son with Carly)


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    Wednesday, August 03 2011: Don't Let That Cobra Make The First Move.

    At Quinn's, Carly has nightmares while she's detoxing. Quinn wakes her up and soothes her. She falls asleep and he calls somebody to look after Carly and ensure she doesn't leave while he goes out. Carly thanks Quinn for his generosity. He saved her life. Quinn thinks she's playing Russian Roulette with her life. He takes off and she gets out of bed, sweaty and shaking. She falls to the floor unconscious. Daniel finds her and helps her to the bed, and starts in on her for worrying them. Melanie turns up and confronts her for ruining their family. They're through with her. They fade away... it's a nightmare. Carly awakens and worries she has lost everything. Vivian turns up and pounds on the door. Carly answers and Vivian calls her pathetic. She taunts her until Carly screams and wakes up from yet another nightmare. She sees Lawrence's ghost, who ridicules her and invites her to come to where he is. She quickly calls Melanie, but says nothing. Crying, she calls the drug dealer.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011: She's Made Of Teflon.

    Carly paces the pier as she wrings her hands. Lawrence's ghost shows up and tells her she can't beat this.

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