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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez Played by Lindsay Hartley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley (NBC)

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    It's A Little Late For That.

    Friday, October 08 2010

    Sami returns home to find Ari questioning her son. Ari tries to tell Sami she’s just glad nobody was in the house when EJ was shot but Sami tells her to stay out of it and kicks her out. She tells her son Arianna can’t be trusted.

    Stupid Cow.

    Monday, October 04 2010

    In the loft, after flashing back to shooting EJ, Sami tries to tell Rafe she’s EJ’s shooter. She’s interrupted when Arianna and nu-Gabi arrive with gifts. Rafe admits this isn’t the best time for visitors, so on their way out, the girls notice a Green Mountain Lodge pamphlet on the desk and realize they’re getting married. Ari wonders what this will do to EJ but Rafe could care less. He’s not putting their life on hold for EJ.

    Arianna visits EJ, who is thinking about how he’s going to make Sami pay. Ari hands him a book she used to read in prison.


    Monday, September 27 2010

    EJ wakes up in bed at the hospital with Ari at his side. Lexi arrives and EJ asks for his wife, Samanther. Lexi furrows her brow.

    Back at the hospital, EJ goes into shock and Lexi tries to calm him. Rafe and Sami show up and Lexi and Ari fill them in on EJ’s state. Rafe goes in to straighten things out with EJ, who he thinks is faking amnesia, but Lexi stops him. She takes him out of the room and explains upsetting EJ could cause a dangerous rise in his blood pressure. She wants Sami to visit so a reluctant Sami takes off her engagement ring, kisses Rafe and goes to EJ.

    Loose Cannon.

    Friday, September 24 2010

    Nicole arrives at Chloe's house, where Melanie warns her not to ruin the party. Nicole is about to call her a name when Carly intervenes. Chloe appears and says she needs to go. Angry, Nicole brings up what she did to Daniel. Melanie says she's not leaving until she explains. Nicole claims she's just drunk. Melanie asks Chloe to tell her. Carly says they should drop this, and Nicole tells Melanie to lay off of Chloe. The shower continues. Carly tells Nicole to be careful. Melanie wonders why Carly is being nice to Nicole - she still feels something happened, and that maybe Carly knows about it. They open gifts and play games, and Nicole looks increasingly down. Carly notes it must be hard for her. The party breaks up, and Carly and Chloe whisper about Nicole being a loose cannon. Chloe sees Carly and Melanie off at the door.

    Arianna visits EJ and tells him about Nicole's antics at the shower. Ari wonders how he married her. She holds his hand. He squeezes her hand and says, "Where's Samantha?"

    Dumped Me Like Nuclear Waste.

    Thursday, September 23 2010

    Arianna visits EJ. She rubs his arm as she tells him the police department has no idea who shot him. She isn’t surprised considering one of their own was doing all that mugging. She’s thankful for his support and won’t stop until she finds his shooter. She massages the other arm and goes. Will talks to EJ, wondering what it’ll mean to his mother when EJ wakes up. Will urges EJ to stop fighting. It’d be best if EJ died.

    Melanie arrives at Chloe’s with a massive cake. Nicole lets her in and the two start arguing. Nicole slams the door and leaves while Melanie thinks to herself that Chloe needs a new best friend. Maggie, Ari, Carly and Maxine arrive and when Ari hears Nicole’s expected, she wants to leave. Chloe’s the only one who can stand Nicole. Chloe says Nicole’s trying and asks if they could try to welcome her. Maxine tells a rather illuminating and scary birth story as Maggie makes the slash across the neck motion, hoping not to put the fear into Chloe.

    As Mel’s telling a story, Nicole arrives at the party drunk and miffed that things are underway. She starts bashing the ladies and when Chloe kicks her out, Nicole says fine. They won’t talk about what she did to Daniel!

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