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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez Played by Lindsay Hartley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley (NBC)

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Cautiously Optimistic

    Friday, October 22 2010

    Back out in the hall, Bo asks Sami about her fight with Arianna, and Sami says it was just sisters-in-law arguing. Will explains that he was just asking Arianna about the fight when she ran off. Bo warns them he'll interview Arianna when she wakes up, and leaves. Sami and Will hope that no one finds the camera. A cop brings Arianna's purse and Bo tells her to leave it with a nurse. Lexi tells Bo to question Arianna later. EJ tells Lexi he needs to see Arianna because she may have the evidence he needs to get his children back. Bo tells the cop to call when Arianna wakes. Bo tells Sami and Will to call him if they want to add to their statements. He leaves as Sami recalls her fight with Arianna. Maxine puts Arianna's purse under the desk. Sami tells Will they need to get the camera from the purse. Will pretends he's a hurt student and asks Maxine for an ice-pack. When Maxine goes to get one, Sami sorts through the purse. The cop catches her and Sami explains she's Arianna's sister-in-law and wants to keep her purse. Maxine says she can't take it without Arianna's consent. The cop tells Maxine that Arianna's things were scattered by the pub. Sami tells Will she's going to check the pub for the camera. Sami tells Rafe she's going to check on the kids. A doctor tells Rafe that Arianna's condition isn't stable yet.

    EJ enters Arianna's room. She opens her eyes and mumbles that she has to tell him something.

    Family Matter.

    Thursday, October 21 2010

    Arianna holds up a voice recorder in Sami's apartment and tells her EJ will know exactly what to do with it. Sami says he'll never see it and they fight! Kayla comes in and Ari tells her she gets to be the first to know what her niece has done. Arianna makes a run for it out the door and Sami follows, informing a bewildered Kayla she won't let her ruin her life!

    At the pub, Arianna watches the playback of Sami confessing and says she's got her, and there's only one thing left to do. She sees messages on her phone, but thinks there is only one person to talk to - EJ. Ari calls EJ and tells him to meet her at the pub - there is something he needs to see. Will appears and tells Arianna she can't do what she's planning. She pulls away, but Will says not until she hears him out. He insists that EJ is responsible for what happened to him and she's going to ruin everyone's happiness! EJ appears and Arianna runs. There is a screech of tires as she gets hit by a car!

    A Chip Off The Old Block

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    At the pier, Rafe begs Arianna to keep Sami's secret. Arianna insists she'll tell the police. Rafe says it would be her word against Sami and his. Arianna can't believe that Rafe would tell the police that she's lying. Rafe says he'll protect Sami in a heartbeat. Arianna cries that she doesn't know him anymore. When she leaves, Rafe calls Sami and says he couldn't get through to Arianna, but it'll be her word against theirs. Sami tells him about Bo's visit. Rafe says he has to tell Will to stay quiet if Arianna speaks. Once off the phone, Sami tells herself she can't let everyone keep lying for her and must stop it. She calls Arianna and asks to meet up with her for Rafe's sake.

    At her place, Sami welcomes Arianna and wants to explain why she shot EJ. She recounts Kate's call and says she wanted to stop him from taking her children. In tears, she explains that she shot EJ because she wanted to stop him from hurting her family. Sami admits she never wanted to tell Rafe but had to when he accused Will of being the shooter. Arianna calls Sami a piece of work, saying that Sami shot a defenseless man, lied to Rafe and made her son cover for her. Sami reminds her that EJ enjoyed kidnapping Sydney. Arianna says she's going to police but Sami reminds her that Rafe and Will will be charged as accessories. Sami warns it'll be her word against theirs. Arianna reveals a video camera and says it's her own words. The truth is coming out.

    Any Means Necessary.

    Tuesday, October 19 2010

    Rafe asks Arianna to curb her suspicions about Sami. They argue in the living room as Sami walks in. Sami tells Rafe to go ahead and tell her. Ari turns to Sami and says she's brought nothing but trouble to her brother's life. Rafe gets between them, but Ari's on a tear. She points her finger at Sami and yells that she knows she shot EJ! Rafe says she has no proof, and Ari shouts that she doesn't know what's worse, that Sami did it, or that he's lying to protect her! Arianna exclaims that Sami is ruining Rafe's life and she's going to report her crime. Sami counters by screaming at Arianna about defending EJ, who made her believe her daughter was dead! Rafe adds that she can't accuse people of crimes without proof. She leaves, saying she's going to tell the truth. Rafe follows. Sami thinks of the shooting. Will comes in. She tells him Arianna knows and is going to tell EJ. Will wants to run away, but Sami says they can't do that. Sami tells him Arianna has a crush on EJ and won't change her mind. Will leaves, vowing to protect his mom.

    Rafe catches up with Arianna at the pier and warns that if she accuses Sami of shooting EJ, she'll sign her death warrant with the DiMeras. He admits that it's the truth - Sami shot EJ. He calls EJ a monster, but Ari counters that doesn't give her the right to shoot him. Rafe says Sami learned that he was going to kidnap her children and was terrified. Rafe lays on the family guilt and asks her to keep quiet for him - Sami's the love of his life. Arianna wants to tell the truth. Rafe says he won't let her.

    Curb Your Suspicions.

    Monday, October 18 2010

    Arianna calls EJ back from the park. She thinks back to Will and Sami's conversation about the shooting. He asks what she meant when she said she could help him get his children back. Arianna says she has to see him face-to-face.

    Rafe awakens Sami with breakfast in bed at home. He jokes about being a chef, and Sami feels bad. Rafe reassures her again that no one will find out about the shooting. They make love, and Sami talks about jinxing herself in relationships. Rafe believes in them. The baby wakes up and the doorbell rings. Rafe goes to the door - it's Arianna saying she needs to talk to him. Sami comes out and Ari acts weird. Sami leaves and Rafe asks Arianna what is going on. She works up to it, then announces it was Sami who shot EJ. Rafe asks how she knows this. Ari admits she overheard Sami. Rafe says it wasn't a confession. Arianna tells him to face it and accept it. Rafe reminds her he is Sami's alibi. Arianna doesn't know what to believe. They argue and she calls him a liar. He tells her to get out. She blurts, "You already knew Sami shot EJ." Rafe tells her to let it go, and says none of what she's told him leaves this room.

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