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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez Played by Lindsay Hartley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley (NBC)

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Exhibit A.

    Friday, May 14 2010

    Brady and Ari set the date for their wedding and discuss where to go on a honeymoon. They kiss as Nicole arrives at the pub. She goes outside and calls Dick, saying today they put their plan in motion. Dick suggests an easier way to Brady’s heart is to make pot roast. Nicole can’t cook and already has his heart. They hang up just as Brady bumps into Nicole. She’s jumpy and says she’s protecting a source. He advises her to be careful being outside alone. Nicole doesn’t have much of a choice, she says. He reminds her he’s a friend to her and wants what’s best for her. Arianna interrupts and Ari tells Brady they can finish making honeymoon plans after work. Nicole’s about to be sick and turns away. Brady leaves and Ari thinks Nicole’s up to something when she won’t open up about the undercover story. They agree to have a drink together as long as Ari can watch the bartender make the drink. She doesn’t trust Nicole! They drink wine and Baker calls Ari, disguising his voice. He has a tip. Ari runs off and Nicole bags a few strands of hair from Ari’s hairbrush and says, "Exhibit A."

    Bubba In Cell Block C.

    Wednesday, May 12 2010

    Arianna and Brady are having sex in Brady’s bed when they’re interrupted by a text message about Nicole checking out Ari’s equipment at work without her knowledge. Ari curses Nicole. This could cost Ari her job! She stalks off to find Nicole. Brady tries to stop her and asks that she not let Nicole become a priority in her life.

    Hope arrives home and apologizes for being away from Ciara. She hands her a book and promises she’ll be back with a glass of water. She goes downstairs and finds Ari and Brady talking. She interrupts and says it’ll be an all out war if Ari goes toe to toe with Nicole. Hope thinks they can learn something from Nicole. She wishes Ari good luck in dealing with Nicole. Hope wouldn’t want to see anybody else added to the list of people Nicole has hurt over the years. Hope asks if Brady’s holding a torch for Nicole. Brady isn’t and Hope apologizes. She’s being cynical and was out of line. Brady defends Nicole, saying she wouldn’t brand anybody. It’s not her style. Hope agrees and thinks whoever is doing this is just getting started. Hope brings Ciara her water and Ari calls work and tells Brady she’s not going in to work. She’d rather stay there with him. Brady thinks sex is on the agenda, so they race upstairs to do just that.

    Hope gives Ciara her drink and learns that Kellen, a boy at school, was mean to her. Hope apologizes for her luck and says the problem with people is that they can always let you down.

    A Version Of Dead.

    Tuesday, May 11 2010

    Brady and Ari are kissing on the sofa at the Kiriakis mansion when Roman calls, asking him to come to the station to sign his statement and go over theories on the attack. Arianna wants to tag along.

    At SPD, Roman tells Brady and Arianna that the branding means female empowerment. Roman leaves them alone and Arianna brings up how Nicole is in love with Brady and thinks she has a chance with him. Brady’s exasperated and says he doesn’t care what Nicole thinks. Arianna feels invalidated and wonders why he’s so uncomfortable about talking about Nicole. Brady shuts her down with a kiss just as Nicole walks into the room, disgusted. They leave and Nicole wonders why Arianna gets a free pass, considering she’s the one without the alibi.

    Brady and Arianna make out at the Kiriakis mansion while ignoring his cell phone.

    I'm Not A Saint.

    Monday, May 10 2010

    Arianna finds Brady getting dressed in his hospital room. She thinks he's going after the mugger and demands he leaves that to the cops. Brady tells her not to fight him on this and Arianna insists she'll join him instead.

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady refuses Arianna's help. Arianna thinks he'll refuse her help but he'll take Nicole's. She knows Nicole was there the other night. Brady reassures her that he told Nicole to leave. Arianna wants Brady to tell her that he doesn't have feelings for Nicole. Brady decides not to go after the mugger, and to concentrate on her. Arianna says she won't think about Nicole anymore and they kiss.

    Good Looking, Yes, But Not Nice!

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    At the Brady Pub, Gabi takes Chad and his mom’s order. Madeline repeats that she doesn't want Chad associating with Will or the DiMeras. She leaves to go to court. Chad says Madeline's judgmental. As he leaves, he asks Gabi to say "no" if his mom asks her whether he hangs out with Will. Arianna enters and frantically asks if Gabi's seen Rafe. She complains that her fiancé is in the hospital, her boss is a bitch, and she has cramps. She takes a Midol as she gets a message from Rafe. Arianna calls Rafe, but he says he can't talk. Arianna tells him not to give up on finding Sydney's kidnapper, so that it works out between him and Sami. Rafe says it's complicated and hangs up. Arianna tells Gabi that Rafe is close to finding the kidnapper. Arianna is sure that he'll solve this case and be "Sami’s hero." Gabi says they both have someone that loves them very much and Arianna promises that she will too.

    A Loan From A Marlin.

    Wednesday, May 05 2010

    Vivian and Victor visit Brady at the hospital. Ari arrives with a kiss for Brady. She was worried about him and mentions she was at the mansion. Victor and Vivian are surprised. They didn’t see her there. Ari maintains she was there and Nicole overhears and realizes Ari doesn’t have an alibi. Victor promises that they’ll find who attacked Brady. He and Vivian leave the room. Ari follows and Nicole accosts her, demanding an apology. Ari refuses. Nicole goes to see Brady. He admits he hasn’t been easy on her lately and apologizes for not realizing she’s a friend. Nicole says whether or not he’s engaged, she’s got his back. Ari returns with flowers and says she’s taking the morning off but gives Nicole a message to call the boss. Nicole leaves and once she’s outside the room, wishes she could wipe Ari’s smirk off her face. Vivian overhears.

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