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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez Played by Lindsay Hartley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley (NBC)

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Well Played!

    Monday, May 24 2010

    At the station, Arianna reassures Gabi that she's innocent but Gabi is worried about Arianna's juvenile records. Gabi asks if she's ever told Brady. Arianna says it was a long time ago, and her boyfriend at the time got her into trouble. Gabi says that Arianna has a great guy now and Arianna agrees. Brady and Hope walk in. Gabi excuses herself and Hope asks Arianna to explain her juvenile record. Arianna explains that her ex-boyfriend piled the charges on Arianna to get his own charges reduced. Hope leaves to check on the test results. Brady asks why she didn't tell him, and says she can trust him with anything. Arianna says she will never keep anything from him again, and they hug.

    Hope returns to Arianna and says the hairs found on Roman's body belong to her. She arrests her for Roman's mugging. Brady looks stunned and Arianna says he doesn't believe her. She tells him to leave her alone. Hope walks Arianna out and Nicole tells Brady she's sorry.

    Sex-Addiction Therapy.

    Thursday, May 20 2010

    At the hospital, a shocked Arianna learns her DNA was found on the flashlight found near Roman after the attack. She’s never seen it before but Abe says hers are the only fingerprints on it. Can anyone give her an alibi? Later, he calls Hope to explain what’s going on. Hope is on her way. Brady urges Ari not to talk. He’ll call Justin. Nicole acts as though she’s defending Arianna, but gets Ari into more hot water when she reminds them Carly saw a dark-haired woman fleeing the area. Abe remembers Carly said the woman had her hair pulled back like Ari did. Hope arrives at the hospital and Brady tries to plead Ari’s case. Hope’s keeping an open mind, she says. Ari and Brady discuss how ridiculous this is as Nicole eavesdrops. Bo and Carly arrive looking for Roman. Hope leaves Roman’s room and she and Bo stare at each other. Hope welcomes him back and he shares how well both he and Kimberly are. He’s happy to hear Roman’s doing fine. Hope says she thinks a female is involved and needs to question Arianna. Nearby, Nicole starts to question Ari, causing Ari to exclaim, "You think I did it!" They bicker and Nicole threatens to take her down if she hurts Brady. Hope interrupts. They both need to meet her at the station. They leave Carly and Bo behind.

    High Octane Drama Queen.

    Wednesday, May 19 2010

    Arianna can’t sleep until she settles things with Brady.

    Roman leaves the pub and is conked over the head by Hope. Upstairs at the pub, Ari hears a noise. Downstairs, Baker is almost caught by Hope, planting evidence on Ari while Hope ignores an incoming call from Carly, who leaves a message that Hope received a package at the house. Hope and Baker steal Roman’s cash and Hope brands Roman’s wrist. They run off as Carly arrives on the scene. She calls an ambulance.

    Inside the pub, Caroline almost bumps into Arianna downstairs, and assumes she’s the one who was making the racket. Caroline asks why Ari’s so pale.

    Outside, Nicole and Brady show up and Caroline and Ari wander outside, gasping at an unconscious Roman on the ground. The paramedics arrive and take Roman away. Carly explains she saw a woman with dark hair pulled back. Everyone leaves for the hospital except for Ari and Brady, who go over Ari’s insecurities and discuss the case.

    Nicole paces the hospital and tells Caroline she’s sorry for her loss. Caroline jumps up. "My son’s not dead!" Nicole apologizes and Caroline says she despises what Nicole did to Sami but asks if she’ll do an expose on the muggings instead of on the Brady Pub. Nicole calls Baker and he tells her it’s done, but she blasts him for targeting Roman. Baker reminds her it wasn’t his idea.

    Carly goes to Caroline. Roman’s condition isn’t serious. Caroline goes to call the family, with the exception of Bo, while Nicole tries to find out how Roman is. Brady and Ari show up and Brady goes off to talk to the doctor while Nicole questions Ari, asking where she was. She explains how she went to the Kiriakis mansion and her and Brady couldn’t get a hold of her on the phone. Brady is annoyed to come upon the women when he hears Ari having a conniption.

    In Roman’s room, Abe, Caroline and Carly watch as Roman wakes up. They’re relieved he’s going to be alright. Caroline agrees to go home and rest while Abe says the perp finally left evidence behind. He finally thinks they’ve found the attacker. He goes off to take a call and then tells Nicole, Ari and Brady about the DNA they got from the flashlight. It belongs to Arianna Hernandez.

    Meryl Streep You Are Not.

    Tuesday, May 18 2010

    At Java Café, Arianna blasts Brady, thinking he’s addicted to Nicole. Brady’s insulted. Ari runs out on him as Kinsey walks in, asking with a sneer, what her problem was! Later, Brady leaves a message for Ari to call him back. She doesn’t answer, thinking he’ll never get Nicole out of his system. Nicole runs into Java and asks Roman if he has any leads on the mugger. He doesn’t give her a comment and talks about justice not being served with her getting out of prison. From nearby, Brady listens as Nicole lets Roman know she regrets the Sydnapping. He doesn’t believe her and warns her to stay away from his granddaughter. Nicole turns to Brady to ask him never to turn his back on her. He jumps up and rushes out and Kinsey tells Nicole not to worry. Brad’s in a bad mood after his diva girlfriend had a temper tantrum and ran out on him.

    Nicole stands outside the pub and notices Ari’s light on. She calls her and asks to discuss her expose. Ari is off the clock and tells her not to call back. She’s shutting off her phone. They hang up and Nicole thinks everything is working out perfectly. Ari has trouble sleeping.

    Nicole goes to Brady at the Kiriakis mansion and tells him Ari seems really on edge. He says they had an argument and calls Ari. Meanwhile, Ari realizes she can’t sleep until she resolves things with Brady.

    'Jonesing' For EJ.

    Monday, May 17 2010

    At the pub, Ari asks why Nicole’s stealing glasses. She says she’s planning on doing a story about stealing from restaurants. Kinsey interrupts and tells Ari to keep it down. Kinsey learns Nicole’s doing a story on theft and offers to give a quote. Nicole is happy that Kinsey approves of her story and walks off with the glass.

    At Java, Brady wonders if Sami’s still jonesing for EJ. Sami reminds him he’s still pals with Nicole. Brady says he’s moving on with his life and is engaged to Ari. Sami says if Rafe asked her to take him back, she’d do it in a heartbeat. Later, Sami has left and Ari arrives, telling Brady about what Nicole did. Brady asks if she’s trying to prove something by staying? Ari is turning her life around. She likes the job and is good at it. Brady’s not sure he can live with Ari while she’s working alongside Nicole. She asks if he’s addicted to hearing her name. He’s angered at her outburst. She races off as Kinsey walks in the door.

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