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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez Played by Lindsay Hartley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley (NBC)

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Life In The Fast Lane.

    Monday, November 08 2010

    Brady and Nicole arrive at the pub and Sami promptly warns her to stay away from Syd. EJ tells Sami that soon he’ll ensure neither of them have anything to do with Sydney again. This piques Nicole’s interest. Justin tells Sami she technically shouldn’t be there since she’s not in the will and shows them it’s on DVD. Gabi sits quietly at the bar while it’s played and Ari gives her rosary to her mother. She bequeaths her car to Rafe which she deems always cooler than his. She asks him to call their mother once a week and tells him he is the best big brother anybody could have. She gives Gabi her jewelry and DVDs and asks her to remember the fun they had watching together. She asks her to take care of Rafe and tells them she loves them. Gabi asks Justin to pause the DVD and goes to Rafe for a hug. She can’t take anymore so goes off to think. Justin tells them Ari added a codicil for EJ DiMera and left the contents of the box to him. EJ is surprised to receive a Saint Anthony figure. The DVD is resumed and Ari leaves the rest of her estate to her fiancé. Brady. He cries as she says she loves him.

    I'm Worm Food.

    Tuesday, November 02 2010

    Sami arrives home and sees Arianna’s ghost playing the recording of Sami’s admission. Ari tells Sami somebody will find her camera. Sami tells her to go away and leave her alone.

    Broke And Alone, Cookie.

    Wednesday, October 27 2010

    Kate walks in on Brady by Ari’s bedside, admitting he did something to Vivian. Kate steps outside the room and goes to Melanie at the nurse’s station and questions her about Vivian. She learns Vivian has disappeared. Kate’s intrigued. She brings up Arianna, upsetting Melanie who didn’t know she was dying. Inside Ari’s room, Brady apologizes for treating Ari like dirt and thinks she was right about him. She opens her eyes and tells him she was wrong about him and squeezes his hand. Brady lets her hold his mother’s rosary. In the lounge, EJ tells Rafe that his sister was desperate to tell him something and thinks it’s time he fessed up. Rafe thinks it’s time to stick his fist down his throat. EJ blames Will for badgering Ari enough so she ran into oncoming traffic and doesn’t want Sami mothering his children considering she can’t even be a proper mother to Will.

    Gabi goes to Ari’s room, crying. Outside her room, Will beats himself up about the accident and Lexi comforts him. Nearby Melanie comments to Brady that she knows he still loved Arianna. Brady wipes away tears and thinks maybe he did. In the lounge, Sami interrupts Rafe and EJ’s quarrel, telling EJ he’s making things worse. If it were Lexi in the hospital, Rafe would back off. EJ slightly nods and leaves to find Lexi. She tells him he shouldn't be there. He can’t leave without the evidence that Sami shot him and worries she’ll destroy it. A code blue is heard over the hospital speakers and it brings everyone to Ari’s room. Melanie attempts to assist Lexi but cries over Ari’s bed, remembering they’re supposed to go shoe shopping. Lexi brings Ari back, then updates the family. Ari doesn’t have much time. Sami talks to Brady about EJ calling him to the hospital. She thinks he did it in the hopes that Ari would open up to him about what she knows. Meanwhile, EJ goes to Will, who admits he knows EJ’s been stalking them. If he shot EJ, he wouldn’t have stopped at one bullet. EJ knows Sami shot him and like Ari, Will knows it. He badgers Will to talk until Lexi kicks him out. In the waiting room, Sami and Brady tell each other how much they mean to each other while Gabi questions Rafe in Ari’s room about why they were arguing. Rafe says none of that matters now. Sami pokes her head in and they have a group hug as EJ hovers near the door. Rafe takes a call from his mother and Ari calls for her mum but Rafe’s gone. She sees Sami and grabs her arm and croaks. "You won’t get away with this." Rafe and Gabi return and Sami tells them Ari told her she loves them. Ari flatlines and Lexi’s unable to save her this time. Arianna passes on. Everyone sobs and EJ returns with flowers but realizes he’s too late.

    A Sudden Reversal.

    Tuesday, October 26 2010

    Ben explains to Rafe that he could put Arianna off life support but wouldn’t be able to wean her off. Arianna’s lungs are so weak. Too weak for a transplant. She’s going to die. Ben calls this a sudden reversal and tells Rafe to call a priest. Rafe goes into Ari’s room to reminisce with her about a time when Arianna saved a cat’s life. He breaks down crying and asks her to ask God for a miracle. EJ remains outside moping about Ari being the only person to help him figure out who shot him. He asks a nurse for Arianna’s phone in order to contact Ari’s friends to fill them in. The nurse can’t find the purse. Inside Ari’s room, Ben examines Ari while Rafe calls for a priest. Ben’s apologetic and caring. Rafe calls Gabi with the bad news and breaks down again, apologetic to Ari for their recent arguments. Outside the room, Stefano arrives and EJ shares that it’s only a matter of time. EJ says Ari knows who shot him and tells his dad she’s one of the best friends he has ever had. Stefano figures Will might have it.

    Will arrives at the hospital with Gabi and Father Matt holds Ari’s hand and asks if she wants to be forgiven for her sins. EJ wants justice for himself and for Arianna who has had a rough time this past year. Brady arrives at the hospital to see Ari and is thrown that EJ wasn’t lying. He’s sorry and asks for a minute with Ari. Rafe leaves and Brady asks what happened to them. He remembers their dreams and his happiness with her. He starts to cry and tells her he still cares for her. Kate walks in and eavesdrops as Brady admits he’s been ignoring her and torturing some woman. Outside, EJ brings up how Ari urgently wanted to tell him something. He asks Rafe for the truth.


    Monday, October 25 2010

    At the hospital, Dr. Ben explains to Rafe that Ari may have issues speaking and may have no memory of the accident. He thinks memory loss may be the best thing for all of them and explains to the doctor he and Ari haven’t been getting along. He thanks the doctor for helping Ari. Inside Ari's room, EJ tells Ari she’s such a loyal friend to him. Her eyes roll in her head a little and he tells her to keep quiet and let him do the talking. He asks if she has proof that Will or Samantha shot him. She has nothing she says, with tears running down her face. Outside Ari’s room, Will concocts a story about a person creeping around the nursery. She goes to check on it while he takes Ari's purse. Gabi shows up and takes it from him, saying she'll keep it for her sister. They decide to take a walk. Back inside her room, Ari’s about to tell him who did it when Rafe interrupts. He kicks EJ out but Ari asks him to stay. Ari codes and the doctor kicks Rafe and EJ out. EJ tells him what Ari was about to admit but Rafe maintains his composure. EJ says if Ari dies in there, Rafe’s to blame. Rafe throws a punch and they start fighting. Lexi and security arrive and pry the men apart. Lexi goes to check on Ari and Ben returns and explains that Arianna has taken a turn for the worse. Her lungs are too weak for a transplant. She’s not going to make it. It’s just a matter of time so Ben suggests he call a priest. EJ’s livid.

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Friday, October 22 2010

    In front of the pub, Will pleads with Arianna to keep Sami's secret as EJ arrives. Arianna runs into the street and a crash is heard. Later, Bo arrives and questions Will and EJ. They explain a car hit Arianna and drove off. From the stretcher, Arianna tries to tell EJ something. The paramedics wheel Arianna away. Sami calls Will and he tells her about Arianna's accident. Sami turns to Rafe and tells him about Arianna. Rafe takes the phone and Will tells him he's sorry.

    The paramedics bring Arianna to the hospital and into the operating room. Rafe, Will, and EJ arrive. Rafe asks Will why Arianna ran into the street. Sami arrives and Rafe walks off to take a call from Gabriella. Sami asks Will what happened, and he blames himself for Arianna's accident. Sami admits that she confessed to Arianna, and she got it on tape. Will says EJ was there and wonders if Arianna told him the truth. Will says Bo is questioning him.

    In Arianna's room, Rafe and Gabriella tell Arianna they love her. Rafe asks Gabriella to call their mom. Rafe recalls his argument with Arianna and tells her they'll make it through this.

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