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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez (Past) Played by Felicia Terrell on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Felicia Terrell (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: March 16 1979
    Birthplace: Illinois, USA
    Real Name: Felicia Terrell


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    To Hell With Her!

    Friday, July 17 2009

    Arianna brings Rafe cupcakes and he’s so happy, he wonders how he can repay her. He shows her the painting of the dogs playing poker and she laughs! “You can’t be serious.” She jokes that she’ll hang it in the den, right above the bearskin rug. She comments on him moving in with Sami, wondering what took him so long. She doesn’t approve, doesn’t think Sami’s a bad person but thinks he ought to take it slowly. Rafe tells her it’s not like it was with Emily and asks about her love life. She tells him she had to stay away from the really nice guy she likes, who challenges her, doesn’t put up with her crap, but when it came time for them to go on a date, she changed her mind about him. Rafe questions her and she admits he’s a recovering addict. She likes her uncomplicated life.

    Arianna finds Melanie soothing herself by eating an ice cream sundae. Melanie says she thinks she bombed her exam. She used her own answers instead of buying them on the internet for $50. Melanie turns talk to Brady and asks why Arianna turned him down. Arianna can’t take the risk of being with a recovering addict, but Brady has been sober for ages, Melanie says. "Give him a chance…" Arianna goes off to work and Melanie texts Brady.

    Birthday Buddies!

    Thursday, July 16 2009

    At the Horton cabin, Philip apologizes to Stephanie and wants to give her a proper goodbye. He tells her he’ll always love her as Melanie watches from outside. Brady walks up behind her and asks her what she’s up to. Melanie jokes that she’s working on her sunburn, but Brady says she’s trying to get Philip and Stephanie back together. They both look on as Philip asks Stephanie how she could say it’s over if she still loves him. Philip kisses Stephanie, as Melanie tells Brady that she is “two for two.” Brady tells her that he and Arianna flopped since she turned him down. Melanie tells him not to give up. Brady says what Melanie’s doing is great but wonders what’s in it for her. He reminds her that she had a crush on Philip but Melanie says that’s in the past and she just wants to see them happy because she feels guilty for what she did to them before. Inside the cabin, Stephanie tries to explain to Philip again why they can’t be together but he doesn’t want to hear it. Stephanie tries to leave but Philip stops her and pleads for another chance. Stephanie says it doesn’t matter how many times they pick up the pieces, and walks out as Philip follows her. Brady stops Philip and leads him back inside the cabin. He reminds Philip that women hate being pressured. Outside the cabin, Stephanie tells Melanie she can’t believe she did this, but cools off and says she doesn’t blame her. Melanie reminds Stephanie that she still loves Philip, but Stephanie says that even if you're madly in love, it is not enough. Melanie apologizes for interfering but Stephanie says it’s okay since her heart was in the right place. She leaves to catch the ferry. Brady walks out and asks Melanie how it went, Melanie tells him it didn’t go well and Brady excuses himself to catch the ferry. Melanie walks into the cabin and tells Philip that he must hate her for what she did. Philip reassures her that he doesn’t because she meant well. Philip says there’s nothing he can do to change Stephanie’s mind and it’s finally over this time. Melanie says she’ll help him get Stephanie back, but Philip says he’s not going to pressure her anymore. Philip thanks Melanie for her help and calls for his speedboat to get them off the island.

    What's Best for the Kids?

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    Brady finds Arianna working behind the bar at the pub. She apologizes for being so abrupt, but Brady appreciates her honesty. He asks to meet her on her break and goes to take a seat, elsewhere. Later, they talk and Arianna says it’s not him. She has her own history. This is tough because she really likes him, but she had a beau who was an addict. Brady leaves and Arianna thinks to herself how she can’t tell him the truth!

    Tommy Bear!

    Friday, July 10 2009

    Melanie says it’s getting a little stuffy in the cabin and Arianna smirks. She feels overdressed. Melanie deals seven card stud and Arianna asks if they should let one of them win so they’re not completely humiliated but Melanie reminds her they made fun of them and Brady catches her counting cards! Nathan laughs. He’s not surprised. "It’s not the first time this body has driven women to desperate measures." He flexes as the girls roll their eyes! Melanie and Nathan argue when Nathan urges Melanie not to spill cranberry juice on his designer clothes. Melanie notes the shirt is a knockoff and tells him he’ll have to buy it back! Arianna thinks it’ll be fun to see how they get back to Salem in their boxers! Nathan asks Brady to borrow $30 for the jeans, until pay day. Melanie asks him to dinner, and he’s in. He wants to know where she learned to count cards. They should take on Vegas, he suggests! Brady asks Arianna to dinner as well, in exchange for his clothing! Melanie and Nathan take a rain check as Nathan’s got rounds to make and Melanie has studying for a test for nursing. They banter and he admits he can’t help her study because he’s her teacher’s assistant! Melanie secretly tells Brady to go after Arianna, but he tells her not to match him up with anyone again. The foursome leaves for the ferry.

    Arianna and Brady arrive at the pier and discuss where they’ll go eat. Arianna asks why he looked so intense when Nathan asked them to play poker for beer. Brady lets her know he was a coke addict, and tries to stay as clean as he can. He explains the situation and asks if she’d like to get Thai food. Arianna says this isn’t going to work. She’s not having dinner with him – ever.

    Strip Poker. Melanie Style.

    Thursday, July 09 2009

    Nathan walks in on Melanie showering outside the cabin. He keeps staring at her and she yells for him to cut it out.

    As they’re about to kiss, inside the cabin, Brady and Arianna hear Melanie scream. They rush outside and Brady grabs Nathan, thinking he’s an intruder.

    Inside the cabin, Brady gets to know Nathan and asks how he got there, considering Melanie told them there was no way off the island until tonight, on the ferry. He glares at Melanie when he finds out that he took the Horton motorboat there! Later, Melanie notices how Brady and Arianna are gazing at each other, so she pulls Nathan outside on the pretext of bird watching. Once they’re gone, Melanie watches as they start playing poker. She storms in! “You guys have the cabin to yourself and all you can think of doing is playing cards?” Nathan comes in and they’re all dealt in. Melanie suggests strip poker! The guys are all for it but Arianna’s not so sure. Nathan suggests Melanie get her beach towel ready. "You’re going to need it!" Melanie, all wide-eyed and grinning, says, "Oh yeah?!" Later, the guys have lost most of their clothing and Arianna say she’s out. Brady and Nathan are forced to remove their pants when Melanie gets a full house!

    Like Hell You Will!

    Wednesday, July 08 2009

    Arianna arrives at the Horton cabin just before Brady does and both are shocked to see the other, until Melanie comes out of another room to greet them. They see they’ve been set up! Melanie denies matchmaking and tells them she simply wanted help cleaning the cabin and preparing for summer. Arianna wants to leave but Melanie says there’s no ferry until this evening! Brady and Arianna aren’t happy with her so Melanie tells them there’s plenty of work to do. They’ll do it in silence if that’s what they want. Later, Brady asks what possessed Melanie to do this. She felt good doing something nice for somebody else when they were searching for Stephanie and wanted to do it again. Brady asks her to butt out of his love life in the future and she laughs. Arianna comes into the cabin, ready to dust but she falls off a ladder into Brady’s arms when she starts dusting! Melanie giggles to herself while Brady and Arianna gaze into each other’s eyes. Arianna and Brady glare at Melanie but she acts innocently. "I’m just sweeping," she says. Arianna dumps a bucket of water over Melanie’s head and acts as though it was a mistake. Melanie goes off to shower and Arianna and Brady have a laugh. Arianna says there’s no need to be hostile or walk on egg shells around each other. Brady agrees. They admit they like each other and Brady takes paint off of Arianna’s hair. She thanks him for catching her when she fell. "It's okay. You’re light," he says. Arianna thinks he’s strong, and looks at his half nude torso!

    I'll Make You Pay!

    Monday, July 06 2009

    Rafe meets Arianna at the pier and she tells him the good news about managing the pub. Talk turns to Sami and she assumes Sami will keep digging until she finds out the truth about Emily. Rafe asks Arianna to give Sami a little credit. They agreed to leave things in the past, he shares, but Arianna still doesn’t believe that Sami will stay out of it! "Ten to one right now, she’s at home, doing an internet search," says Arianna. Rafe says they trust each other and sometimes he feels as though he should tell Sami about Emily. Ari doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Rafe says it’s all about trust and he knows everything about Sami. Arianna asks him to leave it alone, for her. "Yeah, for now," he says. He’d never do anything to hurt her. Arianna relaxes a little and knows he’s just trying to protect Sami. Rafe loved Emily too, he says and Rafe grabs the Chinese food and leaves.

    Who is Emily Hudson?

    Wednesday, July 01 2009

    Arianna comes out of the pub and bumps right into Brady. She turns to leave, but stops and asks if he can talk Sami into stop seeing Rafe. Brady finds her request to be bizarre. Later, Brady finds Arianna at the pier. She jokes that he’s following her. He says he’s concerned. She seems wired. Arianna’s insulted but Brady thinks she could use some relaxation. Arianna thinks Brady’s nice – creepy, but nice, but she’s not looking. Neither is he, Brady admits. He says Salemites seem to think those who are single need to be pushed together. Both of them enjoy their own company and Arianna says they’re friends. They go their separate ways, but look back at one another on their way.

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