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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Arianna Hernandez (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Arianna Hernandez (Past) Played by Felicia Terrell on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Felicia Terrell (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: March 16 1979
    Birthplace: Illinois, USA
    Real Name: Felicia Terrell


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    The Plot Thickens!

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    At the pier, Chloe convinces herself to take the pregnancy test she’s holding. Arianna bumps into her and Chloe drops the test. Arianna asks if she’s pregnant, and Chloe says if she is, it would be a good thing. Arianna hopes she’s pregnant, but Chloe says if she is, things could go wrong and she can’t tell Daniel. Chloe explains the pregnancy won’t last because of the chemo she had, so she can’t give Daniel false hope.

    It's Like Niagara Falls!

    Tuesday, August 25 2009

    At the pub, Rafe talks to Arianna about Nicole, her secrets and Dr. Baker. Arianna thinks that Rafe should drop this and save both him and Sami the pain. Rafe realizes there was another person there that night and makes a call to the convent, but Sister Theresa is gone on a retreat for a few weeks. He remembers one more person who knows where Dr. Baker is.


    Friday, August 21 2009

    Melanie goes to the pub and tells Arianna exactly what happened with Philip, Stephanie and her. Arianna asks if she’s going to tell Stephanie, considering Philip won’t. Melanie rants that she didn’t tell Stephanie the truth and Arianna thinks that’s a good thing. Melanie takes a call from Philip, who asks if she can return to the mansion.

    I Will Hunt You Down!

    Thursday, August 20 2009

    Rafe continues doing research on Dr. Baker and says somebody on the clinic’s message board has agreed to meet him with information about Dr. Richard M Baker. He posed as a former disgruntled patient of Dr. Baker’s and is meeting this person within an hour.

    Melanie jumps on a stool at the pub and tells Arianna about her night with Philip. Arianna agrees to keep it quiet and is happy for Melanie, thinking they’re together. Melanie says not yet. He has a family crisis and is talking to Philip’s ex-fiancée. She’s sure Stephanie won’t take him back after she learns the truth.

    Don't Get Too Attached.

    Tuesday, August 18 2009

    Brady asks Arianna where the cocaine came from. She has no idea, she lies. Could be from anyone. Brady asks if she thinks it’s his. She doesn’t, so he tells her to call the police. She refuses. What if Brady’s a suspect? Also, she doesn’t want Caroline’s good name tarnished. She convinces Brady not to call the police when she makes up a story about some business men lunching there earlier. She remembers how they came in for a meeting and she thought it was unusual for them to make so many bathroom trips, but thinks they must have been doing the coke. Since they paid in cash, there is no way to trace them. Brady looks at the packet of coke and with determination, tells her about his past with coke and how it almost ruined his life.

    Back at the pub, Arianna thanks Brady for opening up about his past with cocaine. He gets a text message from Victor, saying there has been a family emergency. He leaves and Arianna calls somebody about the next shipment.

    He's All Yours, Princess!

    Friday, August 14 2009

    Arianna finds Brady by the pool at the mansion, wet and looking buff in swim trunks. She gives him a gift certificate for another picnic in the park. Brady grins and wonders who to go with on the picnic. Arianna suggests Paris Hilton but he’d rather take her! They flirt and Brady says they can go for a swim. They make plans to do so after she closes the pub. She has to get her swimsuit first, but Brady says swimsuits are prohibited in his pool! He grabs her and kisses her.

    Arianna and Troy meet at the pub. He shares that people are impressed at how quickly she is moving their product. "Make sure you don’t get pinched," he tells her. Arianna asks if she’ll be taken care of if she’s caught, but Troy is certain she won’t get into trouble.

    Rafe drops by the pub to use Arianna’s lap top. He wants to know what the connection from Dr. Baker is to Sami. Rafe starts a search. He finds out Nicole must have met Dr. Baker from Brookville Clinic but wonders how they met and why.

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