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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nathan Horton

    Full detailed profile on Nathan Horton Played by Mark Hapka on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark Hapka (NBC)
    Nathan Horton

    Actor: Mark Hapka

    Who played Nathan Horton over the years

    Mark Hapka (June 16 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Nathan Horton

    * Intern at University Hospital
    * In love with Melanie.
    * Moved to Baltimore to work at John's Hopkins.
    * Returning from Baltimore.


    Current: John's Hopkins internship
    Past: Intern at University Hospital
    Past: Student


    Nathan Horton is Melissa Jennings son. He came to Salem to intern at Salem University. He resides with Maggie and Mickey Horton, along with Mia and Melanie. He's a decent guy, caring and is getting friendly with Melanie and Stephanie. He fell in love with Melanie, but she married Philip Kiriakis, so Nathan tried moving on with Stephanie. They moved in together, got engaged, but when Nathan learned that Stephanie lied about Parker (Jonas) Kiriakis' paternity, he left her. He also admitted to himself he never stopped loving Melanie. Nathan felt there was nothing left for him in Salem when Melanie rejected him, so he moved to Baltimore, for an internship with John's Hopkins. He will return to Salem shortly.


    Stephanie Johnson (current) Briefly engaged December 2010, since broken off.
    Melanie Layton Kiriakis flirtation


    Maggie Horton (grandmother)
    Mickey Horton (Grandfather)
    Alice Horton great grandmother
    Melissa Jennings (mother)
    Will Roberts Horton (Current) (cousin)
    Lucas (Roberts) Horton (uncle)
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux (aunt)
    Jeremy Horton (cousin)


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    Monday, March 28 2011: Scrapbook Packrat.

    At the hospital, Carly and Nathan lose a young man while trying to save his life. Upset, she leaves the room and bumps into Bo, who wanted to get a statement from the kid. The mother rushes in and Carly tells the woman her son passed on. The woman bawls and rushes to her son's side. Nicole finds Lexi nearby and rants about what's going on at the mansion. Lexi thinks she knows about EJ and Taylor's flirtation and almost spills the beans.

    Monday, March 21 2011: You Didn't Die. You Never Do.

    At the hospital, Nathan talks to Dr. Cooper on the phone about the fellowship at John's Hopkins. Stephanie overhears and he tells her he's leaving. She assumes he feels too awkward working around her but he insists that's not true. He tells her things are over between him and Melanie and she blames herself. If she hadn't been so desperate to hold on to him, he'd be with Mel. He blames himself for trying to convince himself he was in love with her. He knows it wasn't fair. In spite of it all, he thinks she's a great girl and wishes her the best. Steph tears up and smiles. They hug.

    At the Horton house, Nathan and Maggie discuss the fellowship. Nathan thinks a change sounds good and Melanie doesn't want him in her life. Maggie's sorry. He deserves to be with somebody who loves him. He wanted that to be Melanie. He says he told his mother and asks if Maggie will be alright. Maggie will miss him. She assures him she has family and friends nearby. He should take this opportunity. They hug and cry and he goes off to pack.

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