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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Justin Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Justin Kiriakis Played by Wally Kurth on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth (NBC)

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana USA
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz (2003) 2 daughters, a baby on the way.
    Real Name: Wally Kurth
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Do You Want A Replay?

    Monday, June 17 2013

    At the square, Justin and EJ discuss the shooting. Abby spots them and wanders off while EJ tells Justin the weapon can't be found. Each has different theories as to where the weapon went and Justin tells him to get the case thrown out. EJ needs him as Sami's lawyer. "I need a fighter. Somebody who won't blink." Justin will think on it.

    Back at the hospital, Abby visits Sonny and when Justin drops by, she assumes he's Sami's lawyer. Abby takes off and Justin says he isn't sure he can take the case - Sami's family.

    Sonny begs. Adrienne pokes her head in and starts yelling. No way is he taking Sami's case! Sonny and Adrienne state their cases and Justin's head spins. He calls EJ and tells him Sami's got a lawyer. Adrienne walks out crying.

    Ride The Wild Tiger.

    Monday, June 03 2013

    EJ catches Justin in the park. He wants assurance their plans are solid. They talk about a father's love. EJ is ashamed of turning his back on Sydney but he didn't deny her because real love is conditional. Not like Stefano. Justin warns EJ that Stefano will defend himself to the death.

    Nails In Stefano's Coffin.

    Wednesday, May 22 2013

    EJ and Justin meet at the park. EJ hands over some documents - the final nails in Stefano's coffin. Justin's amazed EJ got three of the most respected men on Wall Street to sign over their proxies to him. EJ tells Justin that Stefano's distracted over Kate's affair with Rafe, so the timing is perfect. He receives a call from Sami, who is in tears and tells him to meet her at the hospital.

    Every Last Fingernail.

    Tuesday, May 21 2013

    Outside the pub, Kate and Justin discuss Rafe. She thinks that a member of the DiMera clan will get away with a crime again. They talk about EJ perhaps trying to ensure Rafe never puts him behind bars by doing this. Later, Justin runs into EJ, who winds up defending himself. He says he had nothing to do with Rafe's attack and doesn't believe Stefano did either. Justin gives him permission to reveal it was him on the phone, but EJ says no one needs to know. Nothing will stop him from taking Stefano down. EJ gives Justin three envelopes; the last three nails in his father's coffin.

    Happy Trails.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara stares at the photo of Kristen and Sy and hides it when Justin, Hope, and Adrienne walk in. She mopes about Bo and tells Adrienne he's likely never coming home. Hope assures her that's not true but when Justin takes Ciara for a snack, she overhears Hope admit to Adrienne that she doesn't know when Bo's returning.

    EJ and Justin meet at some bar. Justin says he couldn't find a loophole in EJ's plans to take down Stefano, but asks if he's prepared for the consequences. EJ's aware of them but just doesn't care. Justin says he's in.

    Just Like Your Mother.

    Friday, May 03 2013

    In Justin's office, EJ asks for help in bringing about the total destruction of Stefano. Justin throws his head back in laughter for a few minutes. EJ's serious. His target date's for mid-summer. Justin asks for an explanation. EJ has never and will never forgive Stefano for disowning him. Justin agrees to consider it and warns EJ, hoping he knows what he's in for. EJ thinks Stefano's distracted and won't see it coming. Later, he makes plans for dinner with Adrienne over the phone, reviews EJ's files and thinks EJ may pull it off.

    Justin arrives home. Adrienne wants to watch "The Voice" and eat pizza with him in bed. His mind is on EJ's case but he likes her idea better. They kiss. Gabi and Nick return to their room upstairs. Nick gets a text from Vargas putting the pressure on about his money. Downstairs, Adrienne goes on about Sami's engagement to EJ. Justin's distracted and she wonders if he's apprehensive or excited about his new case. He's not sure.

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