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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Justin Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Justin Kiriakis Played by Wally Kurth on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth (NBC)

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana USA
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz (2003) 2 daughters, a baby on the way.
    Real Name: Wally Kurth
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Well Move Over John Wayne.

    Friday, August 23 2013

    From her cell, Sami asks Justin's opinion on the dress she's wearing for jury selection. He thinks it's fine. Trask comes up. She asks Sami to accept a plea deal. Plead guilty and she'll get ten years. Sami sneers. She can't spend ten years in jail! Trask also says she wants Stefano. If Sami gives her EJ, she'll do the rest of the work. Sami's jaw hinge breaks off and falls to the floor. She's not going to betray her fiancé. Trask gives her time to consider it. She'll make sure Sami has great visitation rights with the kids.

    EJ arrives at the cells and wonders why both Justin and Sami look dour.

    Eat You Up And Spit You Out.

    Thursday, August 15 2013

    Justin interrupts EJ doing business at home and starts lecturing the DiMera about sabotaging Sami's case. EJ doesn't want to hear it but Justin knows he planted evidence at Bernardi's. It backfired and made Bernardi look like a saint! Justin tells him to can the shenanigans. EJ grouses about the children wondering when mommy's coming home from her business trip. EJ hands over an envelope with DA Trask's next move, causing Justin to snap. "By the book from this moment forward," Justin says. EJ wants Sami home.

    Sami meets EJ and Justin in court. Justin makes a request to free Sami on bail considering she has had an attempt made on her life twice already. He presents EJ and Sami's passports and documentation on which shows EJ impounded the DiMera jet. When Justin brings up the children, Trask reminds the judge brings up EJ and Sami going on the run last year. Justin introduces the envelope EJ gave him which reveals Trask's plan on filling the courtroom with uniformed cops which wouldn't provide his client with a fair trial. The judge takes a break to go over the information provided and Justin grins. He thinks there's a good shot Sami can go home tonight. The judge returns and denies bail. Sami gasps and starts to cry while EJ grabs his head in frustration. Justin gets the prosecution witness list which includes Abe, Hope, Roman, Will, Sonny, Adrienne, Kate, Will, Rafe, Kayla. Sami's unimpressed and hauled back to her cell. Justin's just happy Marge isn't going to be on the stand. Maybe it means she's hiding something!

    A Shyster With A Posh Accent.

    Friday, August 09 2013

    Adrienne asks Justin point blank if he's done with their marriage. He thinks she is after all she has done. She asks when he's coming home but he doesn't know. She pushes, he yells. She tells him she's sorry she didn't come to him first, and that it was hurtful and embarrassing, but she's not sorry for protecting their son.

    At home, Victor catches Brady gearing up to call John to let him know he has reunited with Kristen. He tells his grandson he needs to learn to mumble and calls this a big mistake. Brady knows what he's doing. "So you're okay with pain and heartache?" They argue. Victor's been in his shoes with Kate, Vivian, and Nicole. Until he married Maggie he didn't know what happiness was. Brady denies being gullible and Victor asks what he and Kristen have in common other than sex. Brady refuses to answer but is a big boy. He leaves and Justin arrives. Victor asks him 'how's tricks' and jibes him about being in the DiMera's pocket and snarks that his wife's being the only man in the situation. Victor doesn't respect Justin for what he and EJ did to Stefano. EJ would be nothing but a shyster with a posh accent if it weren't for Stefano.

    You've Got Your Crazy On.

    Thursday, August 08 2013

    Justin finds Rafe bored to death in his hospital room. He's looking forward to walking soon. Though Kate discourages it, Rafe wants to help Justin with Sami's defense. Kate reluctantly leaves and Rafe calls Joe a good cop - a family man. They were friendly at work but he doesn't know much else. Adrienne finds Kayla in her office. She needs a friend but Kayla doesn't agree with her throwing Sami under the bus. Adrienne defends herself. She's paying for what she did with her marriage and her son. Kayla concedes she's not sure what she'd do in Adrienne's shoes. It's a mess for their family but she gets it. Adrienne's relieved someone understands. Kayla talks her into going to tonight's book club. Kate interrupts and drags them to Rafe's room. In his room, Rafe asks about the attack video but Justin calls it unrelated. Kayla and Kate arrive and Justin's told to leave. Rafe's blood pressure is elevated so she orders him to rest. Kate secretly gives Kayla the name of Rafe's new physiotherapist and Rafe admits he likes her protectiveness. He opens up about his frustrations and concern he'll never walk again. Kate doubts that'll happen. Justin meets Adrienne by the elevators. They go off to discuss their marriage. In her office, Kayla asks Seth over the phone to offer Jordan Ridgewood the physiotherapist job.

    Justin takes Adrienne into the woods and yells at her for hanging him out to dry. She doesn't respect him while he's in EJ's pocket. He tells her he's done with it. She wonders if he means their marriage.

    Snag That Dude.

    Tuesday, August 06 2013

    Marge interrupts a call Justin's on in his office about exhuming Joe's grave. She rants that it'll never happen. Justin explains the bullet may not have been fatal and they simply want the truth. Marge lashes out, "Even your wife thinks the case is a joke." Justin tells her there's nothing she can do to stop the court order but she says she had her husband's remains cremated. Justin's let down but Marge can't wait for his client to hear the news.

    Not Getting Any.

    Monday, August 05 2013

    In Kayla's office, EJ asks her if they have enough evidence to exhume Bernardi's body. Kayla tells him and Justin that she's convinced another autopsy would exonerate Sami. They have to get a judge to agree. Rafe thinks about Marge's words in his hospital bed. Nicole is there. She can't afford to lose him since she has few friends. He reassures her. She says he must be relived he rid himself of Sami. Rafe wishes he could talk to her. Nicole goes on about how Sami ruined the school opening for Eric. Rafe smirks. It's obvious to him she really cares about Eric. Nicole sniffs that he's a good friend. She tells him about Eric getting sick. Rafe wants to look over the case notes, but Nicole says he can't say anything.

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