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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Justin Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Justin Kiriakis Played by Wally Kurth on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth (NBC)

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana USA
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz (2003) 2 daughters, a baby on the way.
    Real Name: Wally Kurth
    Height: 5' 11"


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    And Miss the Soufflé?

    Tuesday, October 06 2009

    At the pub, Bo and Justin discuss Hope and how much they’ve been through. They’ve always worked out their issues in the past but Bo wonders if they’ve pushed it too far, after Zach died. Talk turns to Justin. He admits that he and Adrienne are going through a tough time as well.

    Cooling Off Period?

    Monday, October 05 2009

    Justin walks into the pub and asks Bo if he can join him. He sits down and remarks that it must be difficult not having Hope and Ciara around. Bo thanks him for trying to keep them from leaving. Bo then says he needs some advice, and may need a lawyer! Bo expresses his anger that after all his daughter went through, Hope decides that the best thing is to take her away from her father and home - he doesn't even know where they are! Justin asks if he wants a lawyer to make the separation legal. Bo says he doesn't, but he can't deal with the idea that Hope can make decisions for Ciara on her own. He asks Justin to help him out. Justin warns him to beware of issuing ultimatums - a cooling off period may not be so bad. Bo says he doesn't cool off when someone takes his child away from him! He's never been this angry in his life.

    Not in a Million Years....

    Monday, September 14 2009

    Daniel and Justin arrive at the court house and the DA offers Daniel a deal – no contest. Daniel thinks it’s the same as pleading guilty. If Chloe dies, he won’t be charged with murder. Daniel refuses the offer, knowing if Chloe dies, what the consequences are. Daniel wonders if he knows what they are if she wakes up!

    It's Poetic!

    Friday, September 11 2009

    Hope falls into the fireplace after a struggle with Dean. Justin jumps Dean and the gun goes off. Justin is shot. Dean gets up and Hope says she’s got to find out if Justin’s alright. Dean kicks Justin, who doesn’t move and accuses Hope of killing him! Dean blames her for the deaths of everyone and she agrees that they screwed up. He has the money now so she begs him to let her go. He can’t, knowing Salem’s finest will be on his back.

    Back at the house, Hope acts as though Bo has walked into the room behind Dean and yells out his name, making Dean turn around. She pounces on him and they struggle with the gun and Ciara tries to run out the door as Hope wants but Dean grabs her. Hope threatens Dean not to touch her daughter and asks for the duct tape, bleach and rope. Justin sneaks out his cell phone and makes a call to Bo when nobody’s looking.

    At the house, Hope wants to leave Ciara here and asks why he kidnapped her. She took his job, he said, leaving him for a fool. Hope agrees it’s her fault but not Ciara’s. They head upstairs to get the supplies as Bo runs home. Before he arrives, as Dean and Hope return to the living room, Justin groans, and Dean’s ready to kill him until Bo arrives. A struggle ensues and Bo winds up beating Dean to a pulp. The police arrive and Dean’s cuffed. He taunts Bo and accuses him of killing three people. None of this would have happened if he had paid the ransom! Hope and Bo make eye contact and Dean is lead off.

    Dios Mio!

    Thursday, September 10 2009

    Justin finds Bo at the pub, angry. Why can’t Justin stay out of things with him and his wife and leave it alone. Justin can’t do that and Bo assumes Justin thinks he’s being reckless – some fool with an agenda. Justin disagrees but doesn’t like the way Bo handled the kidnapping. He went rogue and because of that, Ciara could have been killed. Victor arrives as Bo is yelling at Justin about how the department never pays the ransom to a kidnapper. Justin leaves and Victor agrees with Bo. Justin should stay out of it. Bo did what he knows is right and thought by now that Hope would have perspective. Victor reminds Bo she has been through trauma and still isn’t herself. Victor urges him to work things out and save his marriage. Bo takes a call and tells Victor that his lead didn't work out. They're both glad that there is one less kidnapper on the streets.

    Back at the house, Dean takes out his gun and Hope tells him she won’t turn him in if he leaves now. Dean answers by putting on a silencer. Justin arrives and Dean motions for her to get the door and get rid of whoever is there. Hope gets the door and tries to get rid of Justin, but it doesn’t work. "You know how I love to cook and I’ve something on the stove. I’m trying to get out of here," she says, knowing Justin won’t buy that she loves cooking. She closes the door and Justin busts it open and attacks Dean. Hope grabs Ciara and moves away from the struggle, then tells Ciara to get upstairs while she moves to her gun. Dean’s too quick and pushes Hope, who falls into the fireplace! Justin gets up and struggles with Dean and a gunshot rings out!

    A Little Dutch Courage...

    Thursday, September 03 2009

    Bo comes downstairs after Ciara falls asleep and wants a drink but he’s got a concussion so herbal tea it is! Bo asks if Hope can forgive him and her silence speaks volumes. He decides to sleep in the guest room. They should go to their separate bedrooms and be done with it, but when Ciara calls for her mommy, Hope and Bo rush up the stairs. Later, Dean arrives and Hope leaves for the kitchen with Ciara. Bo asks if Dean needs counseling but he wants time off and figures he can use the reward money to distance himself from work for a while. Bo apologizes but he’s not eligible for the reward money! Department rules are that officers on duty are not compensated for anything other than regular salary. Bo wishes he could give it to him. Hope comes from the kitchen and tells Dean that she’ll call her lawyer and try to find a way to work this out. Dean is uncomfortable and apologizes. He leaves and Hope yells that Dean saved their daughter. Bo reminds her she’s a police officer. What’s going to happen if the department finds out she’s violating policy? "I’m sure you’ll tell them," she says, bitterly, before Ciara demands to know why they’re arguing. Later, Ciara is back in bed and Hope thinks they need to stop arguing in front of her. Hope doesn’t want to go back on their word and thinks Dean deserves the reward. Bo’s clearly upset and leaves the house for some air. Later, Justin arrives on Hope’s doorstep. He raises his voice to Adrienne about when he’s due to return home and Hope opens the door. He hangs up and apologizes and Hope admits Bo is out for a walk. Justin’s not the only one arguing with their spouse tonight.

    At the pub, Justin wonders why Victor would ask Daniel to live with him with Kate under the same roof, knowing Daniel blames Kate for Chloe’s poisoning. Victor claims he doesn’t believe Kate’s responsible. Victor realizes Justin’s investigating Kate and asks him not to. He wants Justin to defend Daniel and don’t forget how he feels about those who defy him. He leaves and Justin starts to wonder what’s really going on.

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