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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Justin Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Justin Kiriakis Played by Wally Kurth on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth (NBC)

    Birthday: July 31 1958
    Birthplace: Billings, Montana USA
    Marital Status: Married Deb Yuhasz (2003) 2 daughters, a baby on the way.
    Real Name: Wally Kurth
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Do You Feel Safe?

    Wednesday, July 24 2013

    At home, Sonny is almost in tears. He confesses he gave his mother the video, accidentally. Will holds him close. Justin arrives. He wants to know everything. Will takes the blame. He tells Justin he shot EJ, not Lucas and Sami was just trying to get the evidence from Bernardi. Will explains everything. Justin tells them Sonny can't be charged with obstruction and they lie that nobody else has seen the video. Justin takes a dollar from each of them so their discussion is privileged information.

    Defrocking A Priest.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013

    Justin provides EJ the last of the documents to sign at the pub. EJ now has complete control of DiMera Enterprises and offers Justin a permanent job. Justin's surprised EJ trusts him, especially since he's a Kiriakis. EJ doesn't care. He trusts him and knows this will cause issues at home but asks that he give it some thought.

    Adrienne finds Justin at the pub. She tells him about her blowout with Sami. He chastises her for doing so and tells her to give it a rest. He takes a business call and she fumes. She finds the paperwork EJ drew up for Justin to work exclusively for EJ and orders him not to get in bed with the DiMera family. Justin doesn't take orders from her. He leaves and she watches the video once more.

    You're A Fool.

    Thursday, July 11 2013

    Adrienne barges in on Justin at home to yell at him about inflicting drama to their lives. Justin is just doing his job but Adrienne worries about Stefano retaliating because of the takeover. She thinks her husband has morphed into someone without integrity or morals. Justin's offended and hurt but tells her the deal was on the up and up. He calls her a hypocrite. They debate about whether or not Sonny should be with Will and Justin slams the door on his way out. Later, Maggie visits with Parker. Adrienne shows Parker a video of Will and Arianna while she helps Maggie get drinks. After the video ends, Parker watches as the video of Sami attacking Bernardi plays.

    If It Looks Like Fun, Don't Do It.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    At home, Sami tells EJ she's stoked things are finally going her way. They kiss until Justin calls with bad news. EJ gets rid of Sami by telling her to be at Rafe's bedside once he wakes up. She takes him up on his offer and leaves. EJ immediately calls Justin. Mr. Shin is holding them up. EJ freaks out and demands Justin get over there, now. EJ gets on the phone to Mr. Shin and then a Mr. Benedict from London Subsidiary. Justin pulls something out of his sleeve and EJ worries if he uses it, Stefano will be on to him. He makes a call anyway and bribes Shin. Soon, they both take calls and are informed EJ's now in control of DiMera Enterprises. EJ hugs Justin and swings him around, happily. Justin congratulates EJ. He says Stefano put the deed to the mansion in the name of one of his corporations. Now, EJ owns the mansion, too!

    I'm Tied To You.

    Friday, July 05 2013

    At the lake Chad, Cam and Theo goof around with a ball. Cam introduces his buddy T. to the group. They organize teams and Tad wonders if Abby is coming. He heads off to round up his team while Cam and Chad play with Theo. Justin, Adrienne, Sonny, Will, Gabi, Arianna and Abby arrive nearby and set up their picnic. Abby grabs Will and he thanks her for keeping quiet about Sami's video. Nearby, Gabi notices that Sonny and Ari have a special thing. Jenn and JJ show up and Abby makes a snarky remark to her brother about getting grounded. He snaps back that mom hit the lecture quota of the day and heads over to meet the baby. Jenn watches and tells Adrienne and Justin she hasn't seen JJ smile like that in a long time. She gets a call that she's needed at work and asks them to make sure JJ stays close. She tells JJ to stay with the family and heads off. Soon Adrienne and JJ share a moment remembering Jack. She knows he wouldn't have wanted Jenn to be alone. An emotional JJ goes to get changed. Brent shows up and mentions to Sonny and Will how mature their life is. Nearby, Abby wanders off after JJ and gets caught between Chad and Cam. There's an awkward moment but the group heads off for a swim and nearby JJ makes plans on the phone. Justin catches up with Gabi. He's sorry it didn't work out for her and Nick. Brent approaches Sonny about going to the rave but Sonny can't. Abby and Cam towel off after a swim while Chad and Theo grab ice cream. Cam's happy she's there. Abby leaves the boys to go help Gabi. After a swim, Brent mentions to Will that Sonny must love him to have given up so much. Soon, Adrienne apologizes to Will for being insensitive and Abby hears that JJ texted that he went home sick. Later Adrienne watches a video of Will at the hospital before Sonny calls her over to see the baby. She leaves her phone behind and the video of Will abruptly ends and the video clip of Sami attacking Bernardi plays.

    You Don't Swing That Way.

    Tuesday, July 02 2013

    At the courthouse, Sami, EJ, and Justin learn that the Grand Jury voted not to indict. Bernardi's widow says Sami's father must have done this; she's getting away with murder! Justin tries to calm her. The woman warns Sami she'll see to it that she pays. Bernardi's cop buddy offers to take her home. Sami and EJ embrace.

    At home, Adrienne and Justin discuss Marge Bernardi. Adrienne doesn't know what she'd do if she ever lost Justin. They embrace. Justin is happy it's over so he can spend evenings with her again.

    A Good Sign?

    Monday, July 01 2013

    Justin tells EJ, at the DiMera mansion, that his plan has hit a snag that is so big it could upend his empire. He says Mr. Shin has reservations about backing the takeover. EJ sniffs that the little bastard can't just change his mind. He's calling Tokyo. After EJ is confident he's put the fear of God into him, they discuss Sami's predicament being Stefano's fault. Justin marvels that he'd skip town and leave his grandchildren's mother to fry for this.

    At the courthouse, Justin introduces EJ to Linda, the special prosecutor on Sami's case. She's beaten Justin before. Sami arrives. She tells EJ and Justin about her run-in with Bernardi's wife. Sami is called in to the Grand Jury. She describes the scenario the night she shot Bernardi. The prosecutor questions her about the 'knife' becoming a 'straight razor'. She mocks Sami for being hypnotized by her mother. Sami is grilled about whether she had prior animosity toward Bernardi and flashes to their fight in the park. Sami lies that she'd never interacted with him before and says she didn't recognize him in the hospital. She says she didn't aim to kill or hurt Bernardi, her only motive was to protect her ex-husband.

    At Bernardi's funeral, Abe and other officers speak about Joe Bernardi's heroics and good nature.

    Bernardi's wife shows up at the courthouse as Sami has just told Justin and EJ she thinks it went well. The woman thinks the jury will believe she deserves to rot in jail. Justin tries unsuccessfully to get her to leave. After, he gets a text that Mr. Shin is back on board. He sees it as a good sign for EJ and Sami. Justin then gets word that the Grand Jury decision is in.

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