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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carly Manning Kiriakis Brady Alamain (Katerina Von Leuschner) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carly Manning Kiriakis Brady Alamain (Katerina Von Leuschner) Played by Crystal Chappell on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Crystal Chappell (CBS)

    Birthday: August 4 1965
    Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
    Marital Status: Married Michael Sabatino January 6, 1997
    Real Name: Crystal Chappell
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Awaken The Beast.

    Friday, January 27 2012

    Carrie walks in on Rafe gluing a tiara together at the office without luck. "I'm lousy at making tiaras," he tells her. Carrie's an expert. She glues a tiara together and they talk shop. Carrie finishes the tiara and Rafe's impressed. Is there nothing she can't do? Carrie relives the last party her mother Anna threw for her. The party made Carrie realize Anna really did love her, considering she always threw big parties for her friends. She opens up about wanting kids but says she and Austin keep putting it off and now the time isn't right. Rafe takes an upsetting call.

    Mascara Running Down My Face.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    At the loft, Carrie yells at an officer at SPD on the phone when she can't get in touch with John. Rafe assumes he's in the yard getting exercise. He's impressed at her prowess. They agree they're a good team and Rafe brings up wanting to renew his vows at the square. Carrie thinks Sami's lucky. He's a romantic. Hope and Bo arrive and learn the time stamp has been falsified in the photo of John. They assume it's Stefano's doing. Hope fills Carrie and Rafe in on the IOU. They hope Stefano will allow them to collect on it in Alice's name. Stefano could exonerate John. They debate whether or not it'll work. Rafe asks if they're ready to let the DiMera's walk again. All Carrie is interested in doing is clearing John's name.

    Starting Fresh.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    Melanie, Nicholas, Daniel, and Jennifer meet at the rehab center where Carly is due to be released. In her room, Carly is on the computer and asks her doctor how she should go about making amends with her co-workers at the hospital. Carly says if she can't write this letter, she's not ready to leave today. As she finishes, Melanie and Nicholas come in. Carly asks if they've got the trip itinerary - they're definitely going! They walk out, and Carly says her goodbyes to Jennifer and Daniel. Carly and Jennifer have a private conversation. Jennifer wants the same happiness for Carly that she has found with Daniel. They hug and say they'll miss each other. Melanie runs over and tells Carly she might meet with her and Nicholas in Portugal. Daniel asks for a moment with Carly and she tells him to stick with Jennifer after they hug. Jennifer gets a call but the person won't talk. Carly receives a box of black roses and Nicholas shakes his head about Vivian. Carly laughs it off. Carly's doctor says there's only one thing left to do - forgive herself. Jennifer gets another silent call.

    Pushed To The Edge.

    Friday, September 16 2011

    In her room, Carly is asked by her son what's wrong - she's been doing so well. He wants to know if she really needs a break all of the sudden or if she's scared to meet with Jennifer and Daniel.

    In the doctor's office, Daniel and Jennifer discuss Carly. He gets a call that there's been no change in Chloe's status. He tells Jennifer she's got to wake up soon. They wonder what's holding up Carly. The doctor comes in and Carly and her son appear behind her. Carly talks about how facing up to the pain she caused her kids was more difficult than detoxing. Carly wants to apologize to them. Daniel talks about her also needing to apologize to her co-workers at the hospital. Carly promises not to tempt fate again and muses that she may not have a career to go back to. Daniel says that would be a loss. Carly apologizes for keeping Melanie from Daniel, and tells Jennifer she wouldn't be there today if she hadn't been so persistent. She then admits that part of what pushed her to the edge was Jennifer dating Daniel - she still can't handle it. Carly explains when she sees Daniel she gets stuck on what might have been. She believes Jennifer and Daniel belong together, but she can't make these feelings go away. Jennifer asks her to let the guilt go. Carly thinks she should stay out of their lives. They disagree. The session ends and everyone is proud of Carly. Carly asks Jen to stand with Daniel and says that's as it should be. Carly's son takes her aside and asks if she's okay. She reassures him that pushing her was the right thing to do. They hug.

    I’ll Kill Him.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    At the clinic, Carly can't get over the people she's hurt but she's really excited about the trip. Dr. Norman wonders if the trip is such a good idea. Carly doesn’t know how to forgive herself so the doctor suggests she apologize to the people she's hurt. She’s ready. Melanie visits and asks Carly for advice. She explains Dario’s job details and worries that he will find out how he really got the job. She’s mad at Brady. She says if you care about someone, you have to wish them well. The number of miles apart isn’t the issue. Carly hugs her and says she knows she’ll make the right choice. Later when Melanie leaves, Dr. Norman asks her to prioritize her casualties.

    I'm Scared.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    Carly mopes to Dr. Norman that she's tired of sharing her feelings, at Salem Oaks. Dr. Norman knows that Carly had to compartmentalize to get through the day when she lived with Lawrence. She has to now wade back into the world of feeling. Nicholas and Melanie show up for a lunch date, and share a group hug. They have lunch and Carly gloats about how close her kids are. Carly cries that she gets to have a family - something she has always dreamed about. Later, they compare photos of where they stayed in Barcelona, until Dr. Norman interrupts. After therapy is over, Carly agrees she'd like to go on a road trip with her kids. They go off for more food while Carly thanks her doctor. Dr. Norman asks if Carly can finally forgive herself.

    There’s Only One Person Who Can Set You Free.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    Melanie sees Nicolas at the hospital. They chat, then go to see Carly together. Dr. Nolan walks into Carly's room and the kids soon join them. The doctor wants Melanie and Nicolas to stay for the session. This time she wants to focus on Melanie’s relationship with her mom. Melanie says they are fine but Carly doesn’t agree. They have lots to talk about. She tells her mom even though she gave her up at birth, she never gave up on her. Melanie forgives her. Nicolas agrees and is compassionate too. He knows she loves both of them. Carly cries and apologizes for the pain she’s inflicted and says honesty is paramount. Melanie cries as she talks about being given up. Nicolas tells his mom it doesn’t erase the pain but it makes forgiving easier. Carly is frustrated and walks out on all of them. They follow her. The doctor says she needs to set herself free. Until she forgives herself, there’s no moving on.

    In another part of the hospital, Bo calls Taylor and asks her to bring the files on the case to the hospital. They need to catch this guy. When she brings the files, Daniel asks Bo and Hope to go easy on Mandy when they question her. Suddenly Brady runs in with a bloodied and unconscious Chloe. Kinsey and Nicole look on in shock. Lexi rushes into the examining room and begins working on Chloe. Brady asks so many questions, they kick him out and shut the door. He's not impressed and can't believe she was hooking. Kinsey tells him why she did it. Nicole comes along too. If this gets out Chloe will lose her chance to get Parker back and that would kill her. Bo and Hope talk to Mandy in an office. On the side he tells Taylor there was another attack. That victim is unconscious. Taylor leaves. Bo joins Hope and Mandy again. Mandy can’t find the attacker's face in the mug shot books. When they are alone Hope tells Bo their timing for the party is all wrong. Bo says by the time the party comes around the case will be solved. When they go back to Mandy they tell her there has been another victim. Hope suggests they get a sketch artist on it.

    Brady sees Roman and tells him that Chloe was brought in. Brady wants to see Chloe. Lexi forbids it. Chloe is lucky to be alive. Roman says this attack doesn’t fit the profile. Brady blames Roman for not catching the guy earlier. Lexi is called to Chloe’s room and rushes in. Roman asks Nicole, Kinsey, and Brady what they were doing in that bad part of town. They explain that they were looking everywhere for Chloe. Brady lies and says as far as he knows Chloe didn’t have any reason to be in that alley. Roman hopes Chloe comes to and remembers everything and leaves them. Nicole’s not sure they should be lying to the police. Brady is sure they should. Lexi emerges and tells them Chloe’s in a coma. Nicole goes to her bedside crying uncontrollably.

    I'm Checking Out.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011

    An orderly finds Carly is in the rehab garden. Carly figures Nicolas hates her and kisses his picture. Nicolas shows up and tells her it was a mistake to come. He knows his dad was dreadful but he can’t forget she killed him. Carly hopes he just needs time, but he’s going back to Europe. He says to get well and leaves. Melanie runs into Nicolas and introduces herself. It’s awkward but they are glad to meet. He apologizes for not recognizing her and says it’s weird. He says he got her emails but didn’t answer. Melanie’s glad he’s there when their mom needs him the most. He says it was a disaster and regrets coming at all. She wants to know what the hell is wrong with him. He reminds her that their mom killed his father. She argues with him about being a loyal son and calls him a selfish bastard. She has no idea what he’s been through. His trust is gone. Melanie asks if her mom was good to him growing up. He says absolutely. She says Lawrence made Carly give Melanie up. She missed out on a childhood with her. It’s time for him to forgive their mother.

    The Gay Guy Goes, Or I Go.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    At Salem Oaks, Carly's nervous about opening up to the psychiatrist. Nicolas offers to walk her to her appointment. Inside the office the female doctor asks Nicolas to stay and join the session. Carly doesn't want him to. Dr. Norman says addiction problems often have something to do with family and suggests they tell each other the truth for a change. She asks Carly how she felt when she saw Nicolas at the clinic. She was grateful. After more pushing Carly admits she was terrified. Terrified of hurting Nicolas. Her son apologizes for all the horrible things he said in the past and says he loves her. Dr. Norman thinks Nicolas wouldn't be there except to offer his help. Carly doesn't buy it. Carly's afraid he can't forgive her for killing his father. Nicolas gets angry at the doctor. She's curious why he's angry at her but ignoring his mom. She thinks he needs to look at his mom and explore how he feels. He's not sure where to begin but asks Carly if his dad really deserved to die. Nicolas becomes agitated with Carly about the finality of it all. The doctor tells Carly that she needs to explain things to Nicolas so they can move forward. Carly describes the disease that took over the man. She cries and says when he threatened her daughter she didn't have a choice. If he had threatened Nicolas she would have done the same thing. Carly wishes there was something she could do to make things better. The doctor asks Nicolas if he can forgive his mom.

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