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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    Baby Baby, Who's Got The Baby?

    Monday, November 16 2009

    At the pier, Mia feels a bond with Carly who seems to understand her. Bo interrupts and takes Carly aside. What’s she doing here? He saw her using his computer and knows what she’s doing. She jokes that she could never pull the wool over his eyes but he’s not laughing. She’s got an extradition charge against her and somebody out to get her. She has to hide! Carly tells Mia she’s got to go and they hug, before Bo and Carly leave.

    At Java, Mia drops a plate and Vivian stoops to help her and mentions how unhappy she looks. Did somebody upset her? Mia is uncomfortable and has to get back to work so Vivian makes a call to Gus. "Carly’s not going to run and she’s not going to hide."

    About to Lose Everything...

    Friday, November 13 2009

    Carly finds Mia moping on the pier. She thinks she could use a friend. She had a gut feeling, considering that when she used to live in Salem, she used to come to the pier to think. Mia admits she has loads of problems to think about. She doesn’t know where to begin. Chad comes upon them and thinks she should start with why she’s a liar. Chad yells at Mia to tell this woman why she was sleeping around. Carly tries to defend Mia while Chad says he got the DNA test results and knows he’s not the father of Sydney. Mia screams that she gave her baby to a good mother. Carly tells Chad to stay the hell away from Mia. Once he leaves, Carly comforts Mia and calls Chad rude and cruel. Mia tells Carly about giving up her child. Sometimes she feels she has made the right choice but she misses her so. Carly thinks Mia must be a good mother. It’s not easy to make a decision like she has. How are her parents with all of this? Mia cries as she admits her parents aren’t a part of her life anymore. She never saw her dad much anyway and things were rough with her mom. She’s been on her own since she became pregnant. Carly feels for her and asks about the people who adopted her baby. Mia says they live in Salem and though she does see her sometimes, the couple is having relationship issues. Still, she knows the right woman is raising her baby. Nicole loves Sydney as though she was her own and Sydney’s the cutest girl in the world. When Carly asks if she looks like Mia, Mia realizes she doesn’t.

    Sydney’s Really My Little Girl?

    Thursday, November 12 2009

    Maggie finds a saddened Mia at Java and lets her know that she once adopted a child and hopes Mia can concentrate on the good adoption can bring. They discuss Mia’s family and Mia says her mom has a lot of problems. They share their dreams of wanting to dance and for Maggie, it wasn’t in the cards. Mia says the same for her. The dance company in Japan turned out to be bogus. She cries that she has failed at so much at sixteen but Maggie asks her to let the past go.

    Carly bumps into Mia at the pier. She thinks Mia could use a friend.

    My Jail. My Town. I Call the Shots!

    Tuesday, November 10 2009

    Mia catches Nicole leaving a message for Stefano on his cell phone, saying she’s worried about how this is going to go down. Mia overhears and asks why she’s so upset. She told her that nothing would go wrong. Nicole says Stefano will ensure everything goes according to plan. Mia has ruined her life for her, she says but Nicole reminds her this is for Sydney. Nicole thinks if she can’t have EJ she can at least have Sydney. Mia cries. "And I’ll have nothing. Take good care of my baby, Nicole." She will. Whatever it takes.

    Will walks up to the Brady pub and into Mia. He walks away but she catches up and tries to get him to listen to reason. She didn’t want to lie to him… "Yeah well, it didn’t stop you. You’re sorry you didn’t get found out. You only care about you," he says and thinks her baby won’t get to know what a horrible mother she is! Mia’s jaw drops and Will stalks off.


    Tuesday, November 03 2009

    Nicole comforts Mia at the park with Sydney. Nicole tells her she did the right thing as Sami walks in and asks if Nicole is telling Mia that telling Chad about Chicago was the right thing to do. Sami asks Mia if it’s true and asks Nicole if she knew that Mia had slept around. Nicole says that Mia just told her, but Sami can’t believe that her telling everyone about Chicago was the right thing to do. Nicole thinks it’s a good thing that her past came out, but Sami insists that Mia hurt a lot of people with this news. Mia says the last thing she wanted to do was hurt everyone. Sami vents and asks how Mia could hurt Will with her lies. Nicole reminds Sami they all made mistakes and were able to fix them, so Mia deserves this chance too. Sydney starts to cry and Sami suggests Nicole take her home. Nicole is hesitant but Sami insists she will be fine now that she’s vented. Nicole tells Mia that what she did was the right thing, and leaves. Sami tells Mia that the paternity test is tomorrow and asks what would happen if Chad really is the father. Mia just hopes he’s not so Nicole could keep Sydney. Sami compassionately says that Mia made a major sacrifice for Nicole. Sami couldn’t do what Mia did, even if it meant that her kids would have a better life. Mia says she did a good job, especially with Will. Mia still loves Will and asks if there’s any way he could forgive her. Sami says she’d have to ask Will. Sami gets a call from Arianna, who asks her to come over. Sami apologizes for being hard on Mia before and Mia says she understands. Sami gives her a hug and leaves.

    Mia sees Will at the Java Café and says even though he is angry with her, she loves him. She asks him if there’s any way he could forgive her, even if she doesn't deserve it. Will says she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven and walks off.

    My Dear Katherine.

    Monday, November 02 2009

    At the pier, Will comes upon Mia and Chad when discussing her having numerous partners. Chad asks if Mia’s going to tell Will the truth, she reluctantly tells him the lie about having numerous lovers. Will asks why she’s saying this and where it’s coming from. Mia says when Chad takes the DNA test, he may learn Sydney’s not his. "I don’t know who the father is," she whimpers. Will doesn’t believe her and thinks that she lied to Chad so he wouldn’t go after custody of Sydney. Mia confirms it’s true and Will worries about what else has been a lie. When she told him she loved him? He leaves Mia crying.

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