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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    The Party Doesn’t Have to End Now!

    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    At Maggie’s place, Maggie wonders why Carly wouldn’t rather live someplace else. Carly needs to get out of Bo’s place as soon as possible and doesn’t want to be alone. She promises to explain to Maggie why she’s back in Salem. Maggie’s got to run this by Mickey. Mia interrupts and Maggie realizes they’ve met. When Mia learns Carly may move in, she says it’s fine with her. It’s up to Maggie. Carly leaves and Maggie can see Mia’s still in such pain. Each time she thinks about Grace, she feels she should have known she was her baby. Maggie says Mia can’t blame herself. Mia says Will and Chad feel bad for the way they treated her but she doesn’t care. She’d have them hate her forever if Grace could still be alive. They hug and Maggie says it’s helpful to keep busy when going through bad times. She suggests they bake together. Mia’s not in the spirit of Thanksgiving at the moment. Maggie tells Mia about her drinking days when she felt low and lost and that she learned the importance of being thankful at her meetings. Mia has a choice. Go up to her room and be sad or help her bake the pies for the homeless. Mia decides to bake and later admits she feels like she has family, now. Family is everything. Maybe some Thanksgiving, she’ll be as happy as Sami is right now.

    I've Read Twilight.

    Tuesday, November 24 2009

    Chad and Mia put flowers down at Grace’s gravesite and Chad assures Mia that they’ll get through this together. Will arrives and apologizes to the two for their loss. Will leaves them to talk and Will apologizes for the nasty things he said to her. Mia lied to him but she thought she was protecting her baby but it turns out Sydney’s not hers. Grace was. Mia lost her reputation, self-respect, and most of all, him. Will says it’s not too late for them but Mia disagrees. Will offers her to call if she needs anything and when Chad returns, he takes Mia home.

    Carly visits Maggie who is thrilled to see her and was happy to hear she was exonerated in Lawrence’s murder. Carly wants to stay in Salem indefinitely so Maggie offers to recommend her to work at University Hospital. She takes a call in another room and while she’s gone, Mia comes in and greets Carly. They remember each other from the pier. Carly says she’s old friends with Maggie and asks after Mia, who says things got worse. She tells Carly about the baby switch and that her own daughter is actually dead. Carly holds her close and whispers apologies. Maggie returns as Mia heads upstairs and Carly has one more favor. She’d like to rent out an extra room in her house!

    Stale Air.

    Monday, November 23 2009

    Chad finds Nicole on the pier and assumes she got what she wanted with Sydney. Mia comes upon them and asks why Nicole is out of jail, causing Chad to perk up. Mia says she was on her way to find him and tell him the truth how Nicole lied to everyone about Sydney. Mia admits she has never had sex with anybody else but him and Nicole convinced her to lie about it so he wouldn’t think he was Sydney’s father. Chad’s confused. Why didn’t the DNA tests reveal him as the father? Mia says Sydney’s not their daughter. Nicole switched babies with Sami Brady to raise her with EJ. Chad asks where their baby is. Mia cries and tells him, "She’s dead. Our little girl, Grace, she’s in heaven now."

    Mia and Chad visit Grace’s gravesite and Mia apologizes for all of the lies and most of all she’s sorry he never got to know his little girl. Chad holds her close.

    Up To Your Neck...

    Thursday, November 19 2009

    Mia confronts Nicole in jail. Nicole thinks with Mia’s help, they can get Sydney back. Mia starts to cry and tells Nicole, "My baby is dead. I will never get to see her again, because of you." She cries and says nobody believes any of her lies anymore. Sydney belongs to Sami and Grace is dead. She can’t believe Nicole traded Grace for Sydney but Nicole had to do it, she claims. Mia finds Nicole disgusting but Nicole felt that she gave Grace a wonderful life with Sami. "How was I supposed to know that she’d let Grace die?" Mia is stunned by the accusation so Nicole backs up. She knows Grace died from a virus. Nobody could have saved her. Mia is hurt that she wasn’t aware Grace was hers and asks, "What kind of monster are you?" Mia lost Will Horton and her own self-respect because of Nicole. She yells that giving up her little girl to Nicole was the worst thing she has ever done. She hates herself and Nicole for it. Nicole tells Mia to look in the mirror. She’s not exactly blameless. Mia can see Nicole doesn’t have any idea of what she has done to her but Nicole doesn’t agree. She thinks she knows how Mia feels. Not only has she lost her baby, she lost Sydney. She starts to cry, realizing she may never see her little girl again! Mia calls her sick and self centered. She doesn’t care if Nicole’s in jail forever.

    Bury the Hatchet!

    Wednesday, November 18 2009

    At the Brady Pub, Mia cries to Chloe that Sydney is hers and no one would switch babies. She realizes Grace is really her baby and cries. Maggie consoles Mia and Chloe tells them how Nicole switched the babies. Mia cries that she sensed Grace was hers. Maggie leaves to call Roman and get to the truth. Mia never understood why Nicole made sure she held Grace before she died until now. It all makes sense, except Mia doesn’t know why Nicole would switch the babies. Chloe explains that Sydney is Sami and EJ’s daughter. Maggie comes back and confirms it’s all true. Mia breaks down and realizes Nicole made her lie about everything too. Maggie says Nicole will pay for her lies. Mia thanks Maggie and says there’s something she has to do.

    Nicole is placed behind bars and cries for Sydney. After the guard reads her the offenses she’s charged with, Nicole calls Chloe and begs her to bail her out. Chloe refuses and asks how she could do it. Nicole begs Chloe for help as her only friend, but Chloe says Nicole is where she belongs and hangs up on her. Nicole gets a visitor: Mia!

    I Did It For You!

    Tuesday, November 17 2009

    Mia speaks to Will in the pub. He asks if there was any news about the paternity results. She says Chad isn't the father. Will says that's good, and then awkwardly tells her he needs to get back to studying. Mia leaves in frustration and runs right into Maggie. She tells her she had to cancel their dinner plans - Will's in there and he hates her! Maggie hugs her. They discuss Sydney, and Maggie urges Mia to tell the truth. Mia says she can't - she gave her word to Nicole!

    Chloe seeks out Will at the pub, asking where Lucas is in rehab. Will says she's the reason he's in there - why would he tell her? Chloe says that this is concerning Sami - and Lucas will want to know what's happened and be there for her! Will wonders what she is talking about, but Chloe won't tell him, and says maybe Will is right - Lucas doesn't need to have anything else to think about right now. She urges Will to go to Sami if he wants to know what's happened. Will heads out, and Chloe leaves a message on Nicole's phone about how awful it is what she did. Mia comes up behind her and demands to know what she's talking about?! Mia asks why she said Sydney was Sami's baby? Maggie joins them, and Mia tells her what Chloe said - that the babies were switched!

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