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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    Unsavory Types.

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    Mia, T and Kinsey study for a test on Emily Dickenson in Maggie's kitchen. Kinsey is tired of Mia’s doom and gloom. Will, who doesn’t know where his little sister is, always tries to be optimistic. Maybe they could cheer him up by going caroling? Mia’s against the idea and leaves the house. Mia’s getting on Kinsey’s last nerve. T tries to reason with her. Outside, Mia blames herself for Sydney’s disappearance and when she returns, Kinsey apologizes for bringing it up. She thought things were looking up for her. She heard Mia and Will were back together. "Sort of," says Mia. Later, Maggie shows up and gives her a pep talk. Mia feels moving on is a betrayal. Maggie felt that way when she lost her daughter. Everyone who knew Grace talked about her smile. Wouldn’t a baby like that want her to be happy? Mia grins.

    Gabi and Chad introduce themselves at Java. She comments that she’s visiting Salem and considering moving there and transferring schools to Salem High. Chad blurts out, "That’s awesome," and then tries to act calm. Mia arrives and is introduced to Gabi. She knows Rafe and when Gabi asks if Mia and Will are dating, Mia says they’re friends. Gabi leaves and Chad consoles Mia. He knows a little of how she’s feeling right now but deals with it by keeping busy. Mia’s tired of feeling sorry for herself. Chad wonders how she feels about going to the dance. Mia says it’s scary but fun. "Great. Then it’s a date."

    In her kitchen, Maggie discusses the winter dance with Will. Will comments that Mia’s alone, aside from Maggie.

    Have Fun Bickering!

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Mia goes to see Will at home and apologizes that his little sister is missing. Can she help? He lets her in and goes to check on the twins. Lucas makes amends with Mia. He apologizes to her for misjudging her. Mia’s forgiving and Lucas grins and asks what’s up with her and Will, but when Will comes into the room, he blasts Lucas for judging Mia. Mia lets him know that Lucas made amends and Mia apologizes to them both, saying she brought this on everyone and is sorrier than they can know. Later, they discuss the cross country season which went well for Will. He got roped in on the planning committee for the winter dance and asks her to go with him. She readily accepts.

    Nothing More Than a Gestation Device.

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    Mia returns home and tells Maggie she returned to get her purse and has to go back to work to cover Karen’s shift. Maggie makes her a sandwich. Mia says no chicken for her. It’s all she ate when she was pregnant. Mia mourns Grace and Maggie asks her to talk with her mother again and asks that she not let what happened to her change her. She’ll be happy again soon. Mia’s not sure what she’d do without hearing that from Maggie and is happy she always tells her the truth.

    Hope goes to Java for coffee and picks Mia’s brain, asking who else is living with them at Maggie’s place. Mia says just Nathan and Melanie and there was a woman, Carly, who was going to move in but she’s not any longer. Hope says she knew Carly from years ago and asks how Mia felt about her. Mia doesn’t want to talk poorly about her but didn’t trust her and wants to stay away from her. She has to get back to work so Hope leaves. On her way out she calls Mia a smart girl!

    Boo to a Goose.

    Monday, December 07 2009

    At Maggie’s place, Mia and Melanie declare they don’t want Carly to stay at Maggie’s place so Carly apologizes. Mia knows it’s not up to them but she’s uncomfortable that she opened up to her that day. Carly understands but she doesn’t need to be embarrassed about what she shared. Melanie thinks she’s laying it on thick. "Do you need help with your bag?" Maggie returns home and thinks that’s nice of Melanie to offer but Carly says she’s leaving. Melanie fills Maggie in and thinks Carly will be happy elsewhere. She leaves and Maggie apologizes for her. Melanie’s not nearly as tough as she thinks she is and Carly’s welcomed to stay, but Carly doesn’t think it’d work out. Mia leaves the room and Maggie pries for information. Carly explains that Mia’s embarrassed about opening up. Maggie knows that doesn’t come naturally to her. Melanie’s similar but she shoots first and asks questions later. Mia wouldn’t say ‘boo to a goose’! Carly likes that Melanie stuck up for Mia. Carly takes her bags and leaves. Mia returns later, knowing she’s not being fair, but she can’t deal with Carly. Maggie hugs her. Outside, Carly watches.

    It's Darkest Before the Dawn!

    Friday, December 04 2009

    Melanie and Arianna have a heart to heart about Melanie’s complex love life. Mia arrives at their table having forgotten their order and Melanie, who is in a mood, snaps at her. Arianna wonders why Melanie’s so afraid of being with Philip and thinks she should be with a guy who turns her on rather than be with somebody who looks good on paper but doesn’t float her boat. Melanie’s embarrassed and says Nathan’s a good guy but Philip isn’t. She goes to Mia to apologize for snapping at her and brings back muffins for her and Ari, who argues that Philip gets her on a different level than Nathan. Why does that bother her? Because Philip is self-centered and arrogant, Melanie says but Ari thinks that’s exactly what Melanie wants. Melanie sighs. If that’s what she wants, she’s wrong! That’s not what she needs!

    Nearby, Carly arrives for coffee, unaware Mia worked at Java. She mentions she’s moving into Maggie's tonight and asks several questions about Mia working while going to school until Mia cuts her off. She’s not allowed to chat up customers and when Carly moves in, she’d like her to leave her alone! She’s uncomfortable that Carly knows so much about her. Carly backs up to leave and bumps into Melanie, spilling coffee all over her forearm. Melanie yells at Carly, "What the hell’s the matter with you?" Carly gazes at her sadly and examines her arm, saying she’s a doctor. Melanie asks if she’s drumming up business and insists she take care of it herself. She’s a nurse. Carly gazes at Melanie with more than a passing curiosity. Melanie gets bandaged up and rants and raves to Ari that they’ve a clumsy doctor on staff. When Gabi arrives to see if there’s word on Nicole, Melanie leaves them to talk and Gabi brings up the drugs. Ari grabs Gabi by the arm and drags her outside and admits she’s working undercover and she should kindly keep her mouth shut from now on! Gabi thinks she is lying. She should tell Brady so they can get back together but he already knows. Gabi assumes Nicole’s the reason they’re not together, but Ari won’t say. Instead, she tells her kid sister to go home.

    Mia finds Bo at the pub and learns they’ve good news about Sydney. Bo figures this has to be tough on her. Mia denies it. Sydney’s not her baby. Bo smiles. Those feelings don’t go away and that’s what moms are like. "Not my mum," says Mia, sadly. Once Mia has left, Philip arrives at the pub and he and Bo discuss Melanie. Suddenly, Philip doesn’t need Bo’s advice, causing Bo to laugh and tell his brother that he has screwed things up with some pretty amazing women in the past. Philip’s not going to blow it this time.

    Melanie arrives home and bumps into Carly’s luggage. She heads to the living room just as Carly’s coming into the kitchen and they bump into each other. Melanie yells, "Oh! Don’t hurt me!" Carly introduces herself and says she’s moving in. Melanie didn’t know and thinks Maggie ought to up her homeowner’s insurance! Mia arrives home and Carly tells her if this is going to be a problem, she’ll leave. Melanie thinks she should go.

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