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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    Knock Yourself Out!

    Tuesday, December 29 2009

    Outside the shops, Gabi tells Mia that her family is very overprotective. Mia asks her what she likes to do. She says she was in a pre-med club. Mia asks her if she wants to be a doctor. Gabi says she's not sure yet. Mia doesn’t know what she wants to be yet. She talks about this woman doctor who was all up in her business and hopes she never sees her again.

    Over-selling It!

    Monday, December 28 2009

    Mia asks Chad, at the cafe, if he's going to see Gabby again? He says she went home and may not be back. Just then, Gabby walks in and announces that she'll be staying in Salem for good! Will, another boy, and Kenzie come in, and Gabby tells them all that she will be staying in the pub in the room beside her sister's. Chad tells Gabby that it's awesome that she's staying in Salem - so they can hang out. Mia looks dubious. She asks to speak to Will for a moment. He says Christmas must have been rough for her. She agrees, and remarks that it must have been tough for him too - worrying about Sydney. Chad walks over and says Mia should cut her break short - he's leaving early. Will decides to go and says goodbye to Mia. Gabby and Mia discuss the other kids as Gabby worries about fitting in. Mia reassures her, saying she's got her back.

    Philip Pops The Question.

    Wednesday, December 23 2009

    Mia and Will run into T and Kinsey at the pub. Kinsey is in her usual sarcastic mood. Chad joins them and overhears Mia saying that she was worried about him. She sees the corsage and he tells her that it’s for his date with Gabi. She says she’s glad he has a date. Chad says he wants her to have a dance with him. Meanwhile, T asks Will if he’s okay about Mia.

    Gabi tells Ari upstairs that she hates the dress. Ari suggests she stay home and do lots of chores in the restaurant or she can go and have a good time. Gabi comes downstairs and declares that Chad looks amazing. She introduces him to Ari. Kinsey takes photos of Gabi and Chad. Ari tells Gabi she looks beautiful and says to have fun. Just as Will and Mia are leaving he tells her they need to talk. She admits what she did about the date faux pas. He admits he still wants to go to the dance with her.

    Outside the dance Chad notices that she’s shivering and puts his scarf around Gabi. They chat about their childhood. She says she’s not a dancer, but he plays his iPod and asks her to dance. He takes her hand tenderly and holding her close they dance slowly. As Mia watches from an open doorway, he tells Gabi she’s a natural.

    Kate Is Off The Hook.

    Tuesday, December 22 2009

    At the Horton's, Chad says he’s taking Mia to the dance, then Will asks Chad what he’s talking about. Mia is silent then she says it’s complicated. She says Chad misunderstood. He’s ticked and tells them to have fun and leaves. Will wonders why she talked to Chad last night. He’s ticked too and asks her pointblank who she really wants to go to the dance with. She explains that she didn’t want to hurt Chad’s feelings. Just then Maggie walks in. He says he’ll pick her up at 7:00 PM and leaves. Maggie apologizes for interrupting. Mia tells her the whole story and Maggie smiles as she tells her sarcastically that she’s going to have a good night and they both laugh.

    At Sami’s, Will leaves for the dance. Sami reaffirms that Rafe still has faith that they will get Sydney back. They hug and there’s a knock at the door. EJ bursts in and says he has an idea but needs their help. He suggests a Christmas Eve vigil, offering a reward and is also hoping that he and Sami pray together. She says it’s a wonderful idea. She says she’ll do anything to get Sydney back.

    At Maggie’s, Mia asks Maggie if she’s mad at her. Maggie makes excuses for Mia and suggests that when Will shows up they should go and have fun. They deserve it. Will arrives to pick Mia up and give her a corsage. Maggie takes photos of them. Will tells her that they are meeting T and Kinsey at the pub. She worries that they will run into Chad. He says he’s sure Chad will be okay.

    These Boots Were Made For Walking!

    Monday, December 21 2009

    Will is at Mia’s front door and asks Mia if he can pick her up around 7:00 PM? She says yes, then her cell rings and it’s Chad. He asks her the exact same question. When she hangs up, Will asks who that was, but Mia avoids the answer. She tells him that Aunt Maggie went to the market. He invites her to go with him to get a hot chocolate and he leaves. Mia shakes her head.

    T shows up at Mia’s door to get the cell phone he left at her place last night. He apologizes for Kinsey’s behavior last night. Mia is pre-occupied and admits she did something really stupid and horrible and doesn’t know how to fix it. Mia says she’s mad at herself for making two dates to the dance. He asks if she has early dementia or something. He suggests that she call Will and tell him that she’s going with Chad. She asks him not to tell Kinsey.

    Will returns to Mia’s later and she admits she did something and wants to tell him but they keep getting interrupted. Chad arrives and asks Mia to clear up the confusion about who’s taking her to the dance.

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