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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    Nothing Like A Roll In The Hay...

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Maggie goes upstairs and Mia starts to cry just as Will arrives. He goes to her and holds her. Hope leaves through the front of the house and bumps into Doug, who holds her close as Hope bawls and realizes she waited too long and lost Bo.

    Later, Nathan and Stephanie arrive at Maggie’s place. Stephanie asks what was going on with him and Melanie, earlier. Nathan chalks it up to being an emotionally tough day. He’s glad she’s there. They hug.

    You Slept With Her, Didn't You?

    Tuesday, January 12 2010

    Will finds Mia crying at Java. She tells him his uncle Mickey died. Will reacts with disbelief. He just saw Mickey.

    Rafe arrives outside Maggie’s place and bumps into Will and Mia. Rafe can see they have already heard the news. Sami tried to call him but Will says his phone is dead. Rafe asks him to pick up a casserole at Alice’s place. Mia leaves and Will says they've broken up. Rafe thinks they can be friends but Will says that hasn't worked.

    Doug arrives at Mickey’s place and tells her the office is rescheduling all of Mickey’s cases and Maggie asks what she’s going to do. Mia gets the door. Carly stands there.

    In the kitchen, Philip asks Melanie if she wants to wait to marry. He doesn’t think they could focus on their wedding right now. They go in and check on Maggie.

    Hope arrives at Maggie’s place and goes into the living room. She sees Carly and name calls. "You slept with my husband and then have the nerve to come here?"

    Mickey Horton Dies.

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Hope arrives at Maggie’s place. She doesn’t answer so Hope lets herself in and starts chatting about the cruise and how excited she is to show her the star charts she got for their trip. Upon noticing Maggie’s tears, Hope asks what’s wrong. Maggie says he was upstairs packing and she checked in on him. She just spoke with him minutes before. He was so happy about the cruise and taking time off to be together. "Maggie what happened?" Maggie tried CPR over and over but she couldn’t stay. She wasn’t brave enough. Hope’s face falls and she whispers. "Brave enough?" Maggie says he’s gone. Since she works in a hospital, she knows when somebody’s beyond help. She hopes it was quick and that he wasn’t in any pain. She breaks down and Hope asks if it’d be okay if she went upstairs. It’s fine, but Maggie can’t do it. She already held him in her arms and said goodbye. Does Hope think he’d be upset that she didn’t have the courage to go back up? Hope doesn’t think so and slowly makes her way upstairs. Hope returns in tears. She has called 911. Uncle Mickey looked very peaceful. She gives her condolences and they hug, sobbing. Later, the paramedics have arrived and wheel out Mickey’s body. Maggie holds his hand before they take him away and notices he’s missing his ring. She sees it on a table with his glasses and puts it back on him. He never leaves the house without it on, she cries. "I love you my darling. I always will," she says, before he is taken away. Hope stands by, in tears, while Maggie breaks down. "What am I going to do?" Hope offers to make some phone calls and tell the family, because Maggie can’t do it. Maggie worries about Alice. She’s so frail. They can’t tell her! Maggie sobs, "She’ll never be able to take it." Hope knows they’ve got to do it and calls Alice and makes plans to come right over. After she hangs up, she sees she has missed a call from Bo. Maggie says she’s got to call Melissa and Sarah.

    In another room, Will confronts Mia about what he overheard with Gabi. Mia won’t tell him the truth so he goes after Gabi with Mia trailing him.

    Mia and Will arrive at Java but Gabi’s not there. Will says Mia won’t lie to her again. He won’t let it happen. They’re through. He breaks up with her.
    Back at the hospital, Bo helps the maintenance man open the door to the elevator as he’s walking by and out pops Carly, freaking out. He holds her.

    You’ll Always Be With Me Brady, Forever.

    Thursday, January 07 2010

    Gabi rants at Chad at Java for not telling her that he and Mia had a baby. Chad thought her sister and brother would have mentioned it. He goes back to work and Mia hides a smug expression and apologizes for not saying anything to her. She builds on how she and Chad are going through a lot – not just as friends. Gabi gets the picture but wonders why she went to the winter dance with Will. Mia thinks Chad’s her soulmate but asks Gabi not to repeat that. She doesn’t want Gabi to get played by Chad. Later, Mia tells Chad and Gabi that Nicole got 20 years. He hoped she’d get more. He gets back to work and asks Gabi to stick around. After he’s out of earshot, Mia calls him controlling and leaves. Gabi tells Chad to stay away from her, causing Chad to get mixed signals. He says this is all in the past but Gabi is skeptical.

    At Maggie’s place, the only place Mia wants to be is in Will’s arms. They hug. She needs him now, more than ever. They make out until Will hears a noise.

    Lexi and Maggie bring in Maggie’s box containing the things from her desk at the hospital. Lexi is happy to see an old photo of Alice, Tom, Maggie and (previous) Mickey. They discuss Maggie’s life with Mickey, and their ups and downs. She’s lucky to have found the man of her dreams. Talk turns to Lexi’s marriage and Lexi says she and Abe have worked out their issues. They’ve learned from Maggie and Mickey. They hug.

    In the other room, Mia doesn’t care if somebody’s in the house. She starts kissing Will deeply. Gabi shows up with Mia’s scarf and can tell the two have been hot and heavy on the sofa. While Will goes to the kitchen to talk to Maggie, Gabi questions Mia. Why is she stringing Will along? Isn’t that immoral? Mia doesn’t have to explain herself to Gabi, she sneers. She apologizes immediately and Gabi thinks if she really cares about Chad she should leave Will alone. Mia rolls her eyes. Will has overheard the talk and asks what Gabi meant.

    She Deserves Mercy.

    Wednesday, January 06 2010

    At Java, Chad comforts a nervous Gabi about her first day at Salem High tomorrow. Mia watches, pouting. Nearby, Troy flashes back to hiring Al to kill Ari. Mia tells Chad she’s going to testify against Nicole and he goes to get time off to help. Mia asks Gabi to come with them, thinking Chad would appreciate the support. Gabi agrees and Mia smirks.

    Rafe, Will and Sami run into EJ at court. Nicole is brought out and Mia, Gabi and Chad arrive. The DA tells his son, not to testify but to keep their name out of this, but Chad doesn’t care. He’s testifying. Gabi’s confused as to why she’s even there, so Mia tells her simply to listen to what’s said. Sami asks EJ quietly if he has the money. He’s working on it. She assures him she kept this from Rafe, and feels terribly about it. Judge David Goldberg presides and says Nicole is guilty on three counts to do with switching babies and kidnapping the child. The DA wants punishment to the fullest extent of the law, which is 70 years! EJ testifies that Nicole didn’t come clean about Grace being his child when she died of meningitis and Sami takes the stand, saying she thought Grace was her daughter when she died, a part of her died. Nicole looks morose as Sami struggles to keep it together on the stand. Mia testifies how Nicole badgered her not to tell the truth about her baby and how she hates herself for lying. Chad talks about wanting to raise his child but not getting the chance, because Nicole’s lies prevented him from doing so. Gabi’s face shows surprise at this admission. EJ tells the court Nicole made a mockery of their life, while Sami says Nicole was at her side when Grace died, but never told her the truth. Mia talks about how Nicole made her lie about sleeping around in order to throw Chad off the trail and EJ tells the court how Nicole tried to leave the country. Lastly, Sami tells the court how Nicole kidnapped Sydney and because of her, somebody else has stolen Sydney. The judge thanks those who testified and Brady arrives to speak on Nicole’s behalf. EJ smirks and shakes his head. Brady explains Nicole’s miscarriage to the judge and says it cut through her mind and heart. On some level, she went insane. She loved EJ so much and there was a disconnect. It was as if she thought she gave birth to Sydney. Nicole sobs as Brady tells the judge that no sentence could be worse than what Nicole is feeling now. It’s Brady’s hope that the court is kind. As Ari walks into the room, she hears Brady say, "She deserves mercy." Nicole takes the stand and tells everyone there’s no excuse for what she has done. It was unforgiveable. Every choice she made was a disaster and the court should give her the worst sentence possible. She doesn’t care if she goes to prison. She only cares about bringing Sydney home. Nicole breaks down in tears and apologizes for everything. The judge admits he hasn’t met anyone so repentant. EJ gets up and interrupts, yelling, and the judge finds it ludicrous that a DiMera would stop the proceedings, considering how many times he has gotten off free. Sami gets up to scream at the judge, who reminds her she hasn’t been blameless in this, either. He reminds her of her past custody hearings and starts to sentence Nicole.

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