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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    That Little Green Gecko.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Mia arrives at Java and watches Chad invite Gabi to the Olympics. When Chad leaves the table, Mia stops by Gabi’s table to say Chad only asked her to the Olympics to make her jealous. Gabi doesn’t believe it. Mia asks why. He’s charming and could sell life insurance to that little green gecko. Later, Mia sits with Will and watches as Gabi tells Chad excitedly that her mother gave her permission to go to the Olympics with him. She looks at Mia, smugly. T and Kinsey arrive and while the girls go off to discuss clothing for the trip, Chad tells T that it looks like he and Mia are history. Gabi returns and says she had aspirations as a kid to become a figure skater. Chad wanted to be a swimmer but needed water wings, he says, laughing. Nearby, Mia tells Will she’s got to return home to get a book. She makes a production out of telling Will she’s glad they’re back together and kissing him. Chad watches.

    Mia goes to Grace’s grave with flowers. She misses her and is sure if her dad got to know her, he’d miss her, too. She cries that Chad likes another girl. She knows now she’s not over him. Though it’s wrong to like Chad and Will, she can’t help wanting them both. "I can’t lose another person in my life."

    Samantha Deceived Me, So I Shall Return The Favor!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    At Maggie’s place, Melanie doesn’t think Mickey’s death has hit Maggie yet. Mia agrees and they discuss what it would be like to have a supporting mother such as Maggie. Melanie’s own mother died when Melanie was little and her dad raised her. She says he was awful and angry and now he’s dead. Max is her only family and he’s not around now. She misses him.

    Will arrives at Maggie’s place and takes Mia to Java. Melanie cries as she thinks about telling Mia how amazing it would have been to have a mother like Maggie.

    At Java, Mia apologizes for screwing up with Will, so he takes her back. They kiss and Kinsey and T stop them. Kinsey makes fun of Mia’s eyes that are swollen after all the crying she’s been doing over Mickey. Mia says Will’s uncle died and Kinsey makes light of it, saying she heard he keeled right over. T tries to tell her to keep her mouth shut. He’s sorry to hear about Mickey, who he has met once. He was a nice guy. Kinsey asks if Mia and Will are back together. Mia confirms it just as Chad arrives to hear the news. He’s not happy to hear but tries to cover. Kinsey tells Mia she needs tea bags for her eyes and then leaves. Mia watches as Chad says his parents invited three of his friends to go with him to Vancouver to see the Olympics. He invites T, Kinsey and Gabi, who is hesitant.

    The Horse's Mouth.

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Mickey’s funeral is over and Hope hugs Maggie while Julie comments that Alice is in the den visiting with Bill and Marie. Doug wonders where Bo is. Maggie gets the door to Melissa, who is in tears about missing the funeral. They hug and later, EJ shows up. Brady tells him he doesn't belong there. EJ wanted to give his condolences. Mickey was a good man. Hope thanks him and hopes Sydney will soon be returned to him.

    Mia and Melanie bring flowers from the funeral to the hospital while Bo arrives at Maggie’s place with Alice’s medication. He is ready to leave when Hope says he can stay if he likes. Doug and Julie leave the room and Bo apologizes for hurting Hope. Hope calls herself a fool. She thought she had time to think. She knows she comes off as self-righteous when she’s upset, but she takes half the blame. Still, she feels like there’s no going back now. Later, Hope remembers Zach’s funeral and they hug. Justin interrupts with an apology for missing the funeral. Uncomfortable, Bo leaves to give them privacy. Hope tries to stop him.

    In the living room, Melissa meets Stephanie but mistakes her for Melanie. She’s embarrassed but Stephanie doesn’t mind. Maggie interrupts to take Nathan to see Aunt Sarah. Melissa takes the opportunity to apologize to Stephanie again. She should have known Stephanie wasn’t Melanie. "My mother told me Melanie was a bit of a troubled soul, and clearly that’s not you." Maggie and Nathan return and Nathan is happy to learn that his grandfather got his last arrest record expunged. Melissa overhears this. "Jail?" She’s upset, but Nathan makes light of it. "Both times were so stupid." Melissa is not happy to find Melanie was involved but Nathan points out that they’re through anyway. Melissa’s worried about her son and hugs him.

    Vivian finds Carly at the hospital reading. Carly jumps and leaves the room, so Vivian sets her sights on Melanie and Mia, who have just come to the hospital with the flowers. Vivian reminds Melanie they’ve got wedding plans to make but Melanie wants a small wedding. She introduces Mia. Vivian’s intrigued by her and once she leaves, the girls agree she’s strange. Melanie sees Carly. "Speaking of strange…" Carly greets them. They turn to leave but Carly notices Melanie’s engagement ring and asks if she’s marrying Dr. Horton? Melanie says she’s out of the loop. She’s marrying Philip Kiriakis. Carly congratulates her and apologizes for her loss. The girls leave, unimpressed.

    Back at Maggie’s place, the family is seated in the living room. Each member has something pleasant to say about Mickey. Julie says everyone’s a better person for having known Mickey Horton. Hope shares a story about the last time he visited with Ciara, who thought he was the kindest man in the world. Nathan talks about how Mickey used to visit them in Nashville and tell them stories about his love for Maggie. He hopes he can meet somebody he can love that much one day. Melissa talks about her parent’s unconditional love and how lucky she is. Melanie tells everyone Mickey was away a lot, so they didn’t know each other that well, but he was smart. He chose the most caring and generous woman in the world to share his life with. Melanie hopes she is like Maggie when she grows up. Maggie thanks everybody and reminisces about living on the farm when a handsome stranger came to them. The scene is shown in a flashback and Maggie thanks them all for lifting her spirits today and always. Doug raises his glass to Mickey. Later, Julie, Doug, Hope, Nathan, Stephanie and Melissa leave and Maggie stays behind to reminisce. She flashes back to marrying Mickey, spending Christmas with him and struggles not to cry as she kisses Mickey’s photo goodbye.

    Later, in the kitchen, Melanie cries as she looks through a photo album.

    Nothing Like A Roll In The Hay...

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Hope finds Carly at the door to Maggie’s place and calls her names, yelling for her to get out. Hope comes to her senses and noticing the family is watching, apologizes. Everyone goes to the kitchen and Hope tells Doug she’ll handle this. He’s to stay with Maggie. Carly didn’t think Hope would be there. Bo said she was at Mickey’s office. "You have to be careful of what Bo says," Hope tells her. Carly offers to leave but Hope wants to talk. She accuses Carly of only wanting to inflict pain. Carly doesn’t think this is the place and time. Hope thinks it’s good and sound advice from somebody who is sleeping with her husband. Carly reminds her she’s not the constant wife. She made it clear she didn’t want him as her husband. Hope says thank God she was there to comfort him. "Just what the doctor ordered." Nothing like a roll in the hay to forget your troubles. Carly’s sorry for her uncle but not sorry for what happened with Bo.

    In the kitchen, Maggie says Melissa’s flight was canceled. Philip and Melanie arrive. Philip thinks he can help. He leaves to make a call and Maggie and Julie discuss Alice’s health. She’s not up to making the service. Doug and Lucas discuss how upset Doug is about what Bo did. Lucas looks outside. Carly’s car is still there. "Want to do something about it?" Doug says it’s Hope’s call. Melanie goes into the living room.

    Back in the living room, Hope accuses Carly of returning to Salem to sleep with her husband. Carly says she returned for help and didn’t expect to fall in love again. "You stabbed Lawrence Alamain in cold blood and never batted an eyelash." Melanie overhears this. "Excuse me? You’re a murderer, too? You’re just a bad person, aren’t you?" Melanie tells her to get lost, but Carly says she doesn’t know the whole story. Hope tells Melanie she’ll handle it.

    Melanie goes into the kitchen and Carly closes her eyes, upset. "God, she hates me." Hope snidely wonders how that happened. The ladies continue to harp at each other and when Bo arrives, Hope gives him a tongue lashing, before he tells Carly to leave. Bo wants to clear the air. Did anybody else hear? Since Melanie has, Bo will ask her to keep it to herself so that Maggie can get through the funeral without knowing their business. Hope sighs. Everyone knows. She lost it when Carly arrived. Hope asks him to leave. She can’t take much more, so Bo quietly leaves as Hope breaks down.

    In the kitchen, Mia wants to stay with Maggie. She loves her. Maggie is touched and they discuss Will. Maggie doesn’t want him to be alone. She breaks down.

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