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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    I Shot My Own Daughter!

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    At the wedding reception, Philip asks Brady when he's going to take the plunge - Arianna's a great girl! Brady muses that he's thinking about it. Arianna asks Melanie if she's having second thoughts. Melanie insists she's not - she just wants everything to be perfect. They discuss photos with the wedding party and Arianna goes looking for Stephanie - she's outside with Nathan, who wants her to leave with him right away! Stephanie tells him she thinks they can find true love together, and they leave. Vivian comes in and Melanie greets her, saying, "You made it!" Viv says she wouldn't miss this for the world. She tells Melanie she has another gift for her - a life-changing one! Vivian says she found information about her mother - and suggests they find some privacy. Mia and Will stand chatting - he has a Valentine's gift for her - a necklace. He's glad they're together again. Mia kisses him. Brady finds Arianna and says the wedding feeling is contagious - he might go down on one knee right now! They giggle and kiss. Mia approaches Lucas to show him the necklace Will gave her. Lucas insults her, and Philip drags him away. Will tells Mia they should sneak out the back way.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Kiriakis.

    Friday, February 12 2010

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe arrives. Brady goes to Melanie with a snack while Arianna asks Chloe if she’s pregnant. She confirms it’s true. Ari goes upstairs and Lucas and Allie find Chloe. Chloe compliments Philip’s attire and Victor, Lucas and Kate rush off while Chloe wonders if she should be there.

    In the den, Kate finds Stefano and they discuss how Vivian’s still missing, but it’s not his doing. His people who he hired to detain her can’t find her!

    Upstairs, Stephanie lies that Nathan didn’t want to read her letter, so Melanie sadly tells her, “Let’s do this.” Stephanie leaves the room, Melanie starts to cry, and becomes dizzy. She falls to the bed, unconscious.

    Justin walks Maggie down the aisle. Vivian and Kate discuss Vivian’s disappearing act in the foyer and Lucas walks Kate down the aisle. Victor takes a seat and Stephanie and Arianna walk down the aisle. Brady goes to the foyer, closes the doors and the guests await Melanie. The doors open again but Brady’s alone, looking nervous. The guests start looking from one to the other, wondering where Melanie is. Brady goes to find Melanie while Lucas and Justin notice Vivian’s nowhere to be seen.

    Upstairs, Brady knocks on Melanie's door.

    Downstairs, the guests mill around, wondering if Melanie is a runaway bride. Brady shows up with Melanie on his arm. Philip tells her how beautiful she is and the wedding music begins. Brady walks Melanie down the aisle and Maggie kisses her. Abe starts the ceremony. Philip says his own vows, as does Melanie. She tears up. Abe asks if there are any objections.

    Speaking Of Buns In The Oven...

    Thursday, February 11 2010

    Maggie, Mia, Will and Allie wait for the wedding to begin. They reminisce about Mickey, which makes Maggie smile and laugh. Lucas and Justin, who is filling in for Bo, are happy about this and Lucas calls Nathan to share the news. Allie goes upstairs to play with Ciara and her nanny while Lexi and Maggie chat. Lexi worries about Stefano. He’s on his best behavior and that always spells trouble.

    In the foyer, Victor and Philip look for Vivian, worried when she can’t be found. In the den, Lexi stops Stefano from eating sweets, but badgers him about keeping the truth of Sydney’s paternity from EJ. Nearby, Justin asks Victor if Vivian will cause trouble. Victor tells Justin what he told Hope - they’ve nothing to worry about from Vivian.

    Back in Melanie’s room, Ari, Brady and Melanie discuss how pushy Vivian can be but after she got the comb in Melanie’s hair, it was easy for her to leave. They find this odd, but go off to get Melanie a snack when Stephanie shows up. Melanie grills her about the note. Stephanie lies that Nathan refused to read it once he saw it was from her, so Melanie says they need to get the show on the road. Stephanie steps outside while Melanie cries and becomes dizzy. She falls to the bed, unconscious.

    Which Psychotic Ex-Wife?

    Monday, February 08 2010

    Nathan, Melanie, and Stephanie stumble into Maggie’s house where Mia is doing her homework. Nathan drops Melanie’s things and breaks her phone. They both bend down to pick it up and share an intense stare. Stephanie helps Nathan up and he says he has to go home but forgot his keys at the pub. Stephanie volunteers Melanie to get them. Melanie hesitantly leaves.

    Back at Maggie's, Mia offers Nathan coffee and excuses herself. Nathan mumbles about something he said to Melanie. Stephanie asks what he said to her. Nathan says he should’ve told Melanie to stop looking at him with pity, but that he’s probably just paranoid. Melanie returns with Nathan’s keys and Stephanie says she’s driving Nathan. Melanie offers to follow them but Stephanie reminds her that she should rest for her wedding. As Nathan leaves, Melanie asks what he was going to say, but he says it’s not important.

    Carly looks for Melanie at Maggie’s, but Mia says Melanie’s phone is broken, and she doesn’t know where she is.

    My Family Rents Storage Units.

    Monday, February 01 2010

    At Java, Kinsey remarks that there’s something cool about a guy whose family rents a cottage for him in Vancouver. "My family rents storage units. I can get the key anytime you want,"says T, grinning at Kinsey, who ignores him and tells Gabi that Chad wants more from her than friendship. Nearby, Mia and Chad listen in. Chad arrives and they all dish on how exciting they are to go to Vancouver. Mia tells Will she’s got to check on Maggie and rushes off.

    Will meets with Mia at Java, who explains why she wasn’t at Maggie’s place. She was in a bad mood so went for a walk. Nearby, Chad learns the Vancouver trip is off and grins as she tells them it’s not the end of the world.

    Blonde Barbie Doll.

    Monday, January 25 2010

    Maggie hangs up from an emotional call when Carly arrives. Carly’s happy to hear Mia and Melanie aren’t there at the moment. Carly apologizes for causing a scene. Maggie asks her not to worry about it and edgy, she jumps up. She has to get some rest. Carly is about to leave when Mia comes in the door and tells Carly to get out. Maggie asks her to cut it out and ushers Mia out of the house with an apology to Carly. After both ladies are gone, Maggie gazes at photos of Mickey and cries.

    Carly finds Mia at the pier and asks why the animosity. Mia thinks she pushed too hard. Carly apologizes for bothering her and promises not to bug either her or Melanie again.

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