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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    Poker Chip.

    Friday, March 26 2010

    Mia and Chad agree that Java has been like a zoo today. Mia tells him she broke up with Will. Chad’s the only one she wants. They kiss. Gabi arrives with an order and asks if they can stop pawing at each other long enough to make it. Chad makes the coffee while Gabi rants to Mia about two-timing Will. Chad overhears that Will is the one who dumped Mia and dumps her. Mia plays the baby card and Chad blasts her for using Grace to make him feel bad. He accuses her of being the reason Grace is dead and tells her she’s all alone now.

    Engineering Rockets for Nasa.

    Monday, March 22 2010

    Will arrives at Java Café and shows Mia the medal. Why did she give it to Chad? She tells him she lost it but Will says she’s lying. He knows. He grew up with Sami as his mother and can tell. He breaks off with her and leaves.

    Ari and Brady arrive and refuse to let their siblings squabble upset their mood. Ari finds Gabi nearby, and Gabi sadly tells Ari that guys suck. Mia watches, smirking from the counter. Gabi explains what Chad said and wonders why Chad likes Mia. Ari says they’ve a bond from having a baby together. Gabi notices Ari’s ring and Gabi’s thrilled that she’s marrying Brady, but refuses to be her maid of honor. Gabi thinks she and Brady should elope. Mia drops by when Ari leaves and tells Gabi it’s a smart move on Chad’s part to dump her. Gabi tells Mia to drop dead and leaves the café. Mia warns she’ll be more upset when she’s through with her.

    Nearby, Ari and Brady decide to elope. Vivian walks in and tells Gus she will do Lawrence proud.
    Vivian arrives to Salem PD and makes cracks about Carly’s relationship with the police commissioner. Daniel and Carly leave the room while Bo warns Vivian. She laughs it up and then tells him goodbye. Once she’s gone, Bo tells Carly that Vivian’s going down. Bo drags Carly into his office and wants to discuss their future. They kiss but Carly’s pager goes off. She leaves the room and Bo calls somebody to let them know this craziness with Vivian’s going to end.
    Anna leaves the Kiriakis mansion and fantasizes she’s being shot by EJ. She calls Nicole, saying she couldn’t get the pardon. Lois isn’t happy Nicole’s getting calls on her cell. Anna has one more idea. Nicole gives her 12 hours and slams the phone shut in a rage. She’s got to talk to somebody. She calls Rafe.

    Play Poker?

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    Chad is standing with Gabi at Java when Mia and Will arrive. He flashes back to kissing Mia and Gabi asks about his plans for March break. He’s distracted and she asks what’s going on. Nearby, Will tells Mia he’s glad to see her wearing his medal. They’re exclusive. Mia says he’s the best thing that has happened to her in a long time. They kiss and Gabi follows Chad’s gaze. She can see he’s watching Mia. Chad admits he’s not over Mia and it’s unfair to Gabi. He breaks it off with her and she takes off.

    Nearby, Will receives a call from Kate, who wants to spend money on him. She misses him so they plan to meet at the townhouse. They hang up Will tells Mia he’s leaving. She’ll wait for him there, she says. Will leaves and Chad gazes at Mia, longingly. He goes to her and says he broke it off with Gabi. It’s bogus to keep seeing her when all he thinks about is kissing Mia. She nods that she still thinks about him, too, and she and Will aren’t serious. Chad asks her out. She asks to keep it a secret from Chad’s dad and Will. Mia can’t dump Will so soon after all he has been through. She kisses Chad to prove she wants him.

    Mia and Chad make out in the park until Mia stops things. Somebody could see them. She doesn’t notice that her medal has dropped from her neck. She goes back to Java to get her paycheck, while he makes plans with T on his cell phone. She leaves and Chad finds Mia’s medal. Gabi comes up on him while he holds it. He puts it on the bench. Gabi’s trying to contact Kinsey and asks Chad for her information He shares it and leaves, leaving the medal behind. Gabi notices but he’s already gone, so she leaves him a message that she found it. Will walks up, asking where she found the medal. She says Chad had it.

    Consolation Prize.

    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    Mia leaves Chad a message, asking if he’s doing alright after their kiss. She hears a knock at the door and assumes it’s him, keeping the line open. It’s Will. He grabs her once she opens the door and kisses her. He shares his happiness over Sydney’s return.

    At the hospital, Melanie blasts Stephanie for keeping the letter from Nathan. Stephanie isn’t about to apologize. They bicker and sling insults. Melanie knows that she did this to get into bed with Nathan. Stephanie thinks Melanie ought to be thankful and reminds her that when Steph and Philip were on a break, she and Philip had sex. If she had class, she’d have told Philip she couldn’t go through with the wedding. Stephanie threatens to show Nathan and Philip the letter. Melanie doesn’t want to hurt Philip and sees that Stephanie can make things rough on her. Stephanie reminds her that Nathan chose her, making Melanie chuckle. She thinks it’s a rebound but Stephanie lets her know they’ve been seeing each other for a while, secretly. Melanie doubts that. Stephanie tells her to stay away from Nathan. When Melanie gets a call from Philip, Stephanie leaves.

    Mia and Will arrive at the hospital and hang out while Rafe sarcastically says to Sami that they’re one big happy family. Close by, Lexi can’t believe EJ’s spending the night at Sami’s place. She grins when he says this is all about the kids, not Sami. Lexi doubts it. He smirks and denies it, kisses her head and leaves. Lexi laughs and to herself and says that he can keep lying to himself.

    Outside, Will gives Mia a medal. St. Christopher’s medal, hoping it’ll mean they’re exclusive. Mia says, "Oh," and Will hugs her.

    From Paris With Love.

    Tuesday, March 02 2010

    Gabi drops by Java to see Chad. They make a date to get pizza and see the new flick in town, "From Paris With Love," as Mia watches, annoyed. She goes to Will’s table, and they hug. He’s happy he has her. Mia asks him to get her a coffee and while he’s gone, she makes plans with Chad to talk about how they can help Will. They decide to meet later, at Maggie’s place, but Mia urges him to keep it between him and not to bring Gabi. Later, Gabi asks Chad what time they should meet. He asks if she’s sure she’s alright with him about what happened with he and Mia with Grace. Gabi’s fine with it, but sad that he didn’t know the truth. Chad admits some of the guys thought he was a dirt bag for not stepping up, but he didn’t know. Gabi doesn’t care what they think. Chad hopes she knows what she’s in for. He is ready to head out, and tells Gabi he’ll call her later. "Like I said," she says, smiling, "My phone is always on." He leaves and Gabi gives her condolences to Will, who thanks her and tells her it’s been hard, but he’s thankful he has Mia there for him. Gabi wonders if he’s sure about that. She thinks Mia’s got issues and isn’t into having a relationship. Will is letting Mia have her space, certain they’ll make it.

    Chad arrives at Maggie’s place and Mia tells him maybe they shouldn’t have met, because it might upset Gabi. Mia thinks he’s still upset with her for avoiding him in the past and placing blame on him. He says it’s understandable. They agree they’re more mature after what they’ve gone through and Mia’s glad they can be friends. Chad gulps. "Is that all we are? Friends?" Chad didn’t think they were anything. He has felt as though she has wanted to get rid of him. She rehashes the past and apologizes for hurting him. She can’t stop thinking about him. Chad’s shocked. Does he think about her? He almost says no, in order to get her back for hurting him but he admits he still thinks about her. A part of them will always love each other. They move toward one another and kiss, passionately, but Chad pushes her away. He can’t do this. It’s not right. He walks out on her, confused. After he leaves, Mia says she gave up worrying about what’s right, a long time ago.

    Rafe, We Don't Need Another Hero.

    Tuesday, February 23 2010

    Mia arrives home to find Chad there, waiting for her. He heard about Melanie. Mia calls it a nightmare, but refuses to visit Melanie, because of her aversion to hospitals. Chad says because of Grace, and then wishes he could have been there with her. He hugs her and apologizes. Gabi arrives, saying she gave Chad the idea to check in on Mia. They were together when they found out. Chad leaves the room when his dad calls and Mia sniffs around for information on Gabi’s relationship with Chad. Serious and Chad don’t mix, she explains, warning her away from Chad. Chad returns, wondering what he missed.

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