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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mia McCormick - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mia McCormick Played by Taylor Spreitler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Spreitler (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: October 23 1993
    Birthplace: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
    Real Name: Taylor Spreitler


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    If We Proceed?

    Monday, October 19 2009

    Sami arrives home to Mia and Will, looking for advice. Will tries to explain but Sami says EJ already did. She knows Mia and Chad are Sydney’s parents. Mia begs Sami not to let EJ take her baby from Nicole. Sami can understand why she kept this from Chad, who isn’t putting Sydney first. Sami understands now why she felt so close to Grace. Mia talks about how it’s fate that Grace and Sydney were born on the same date. Sami asks if it’s fate that Mia met Nicole. Mia says her doctor introduced them. She could tell that Nicole loved her baby from the beginning. Sami promises to help them ensure Nicole keeps Sydney.

    Back at the hospital, EJ comes upon Lexi and Sydney playing. EJ’s angry with the scene and that Nicole’s nowhere to be found. Lexi doesn’t mind. She’s loving being with her niece and admits she understands Nicole’s pain. She knows her whole world is caving in on her. EJ reminds her this is killing him. She knows that. They watch Stefano and Lexi worries that there has been no change. EJ has faith. Lexi asks him to help Nicole and Sydney. If he has a chance at happiness, he should take it. EJ pops into Stefano’s room frustrated. He wishes he could talk to Stefano. He has to let this go, and knows he hasn’t a choice. He leaves and Stefano moves his fingers.


    Friday, October 16 2009

    Mia asks Chad, in the Horton kitchen, what he has done. Chad says he went to see their baby. Chad explains that it was EJ who let him in - he told him he's the baby's father. Mia says he's ruined everything! Will appears and Chad says that Nicole shouldn't be keeping the baby anyway - she's their baby! Will steps in when things get heated. Chad hisses that he never should have believed that Mia had broken up with him. Chad says what Mia's done makes her a tramp! Mia says that Chad is right - what she did was dishonest, but she loved the baby enough to do anything for her! Mia asks Will to give them a moment. Chad wonders what she is going to do now. Mia apologizes for hurting him. Chad snipes that those are just words. Mia says he has a great future ahead of him, and she cares - just not the way he wants her to. Chad says the best thing for their baby is not Mia, or crazy Nicole. Chad tells Mia he hates her. She says that's fine, but he should think about Sydney. Chad says he's going to get custody, then leaves.

    Will goes back into the Horton house after Chad leaves and gives Mia a hug. He asks if she's okay. Mia tells Will as long as she has him, she'll be fine. They kiss. Will tells her he loves her, and she says it back. He vows they'll find a way to get through this together. Mia says they have to find someone who can help them stop Chad from taking Sydney.

    A Bad Romance Novel.

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    Will goes to Maggie’s to see Mia. She explains she lied to him and to Chad and says Nicole’s the one raising her baby, Sydney. Nicole helped her deliver her baby and can do a better job raising her than her or Chad. Will is surprised but thinks it all makes sense. Now that he knows the truth, Will wonders what Chad will do. Mia admits that Chad was supposed to stop searching for his baby and if he did that, she’d give up Will, in return. She broke up with Will because of her baby. Her relationship with Chad isn’t real and the only person she wants to be with is him!

    Chad returns to Maggie’s place and wants to know why Will is there. Mia ignores him and asks what he has done.

    Where's my Baby?

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    In Maggie’s kitchen, Nicole tries to keep Mia quiet, but she needs to think about Chad. She wonders how he’d feel if he found out her rehab counselor adopted a baby. Chad walks in after overhearing that and wonders what they’re talking about and why Mia is upset. Why would Nicole adopting a baby upset her? Nicole blames Mia’s mood on Chad and Mia asks him to leave her alone. He won’t and reminds her that he’s her boyfriend. Nicole calls it a sacrifice but Chad admits he doesn’t want Mia back if she’s simply going through the motions to shut him up. Mia admits to Nicole that she got back with Chad so he wouldn’t ask any more questions about the baby. She tells Chad that she was alone and scared and that’s when she met Nicole. Nicole tries to shut her up but Chad wants to hear it. He starts to put two and two together and asks how old the child is that Nicole adopted. When neither woman responds, he asks, "My God Mia, did you give this woman our baby?" Nicole denies it but Mia admits it’s true. She didn’t want to lie, but it’s true. Nicole adopted their baby. "She’s married to EJ DiMera and they have our baby Sydney." Nicole flashes back to telling Sydney she almost told Sami that Sydney was her daughter. Chad demands to see his daughter but Nicole refuses. "Mia, Sydney is not your baby," she confesses. Chad asks for DNA testing. Nicole ignores him and says Sydney’s not her child. It’s more complicated than she thinks. Mia tells Chad that Sydney’s with a good family. She’s not their child. Nicole tells Chad he has no rights. He was the irresponsible sex partner who impregnated a young girl. "And now you want to step up and play father of the year?" Chad wants what is his! Nicole says this is all about his ego and Sydney’s not his! She asks what he’d do if she handed Sydney to him right now. Quit school and look for a job, in this economy? Chad can’t answer but he wants his kid to know him. If he had known the truth, he’d have come home and taken responsibility. Mia asks him to back off and let it go. Sydney will have a good life. Nicole apologizes for coming on too strong but says Mia’s right. He’s young and has a whole life ahead of him. Chad rushes off.

    The Truth is Out!

    Tuesday, October 13 2009

    Mia is about to leave the house when Nicole appears at the door. She says she needs a favor for Sydney - her future depends on it. Chad tries to call to see Mia later, and she looks at her phone. Nicole tells her to focus on her right now - the truth is out! Nicole says EJ flipped and asked her and the baby to leave the house, but she is certain that she can convince him to come around. Nicole asks Mia to just stay quiet. Mia says, "I'm sorry, Nicole. I can't do that." They argue, as Mia says the only reason she gave her the baby was to raise it in a secure, loving home. Nicole says she has it all under control - she just needs Mia to stay quiet. Mia says EJ may come around where the baby's concerned, but what about Nicole? Mia can't believe it turned out this way! Nicole is puzzled - her role hasn't changed! Mia explains that she had to break up with Will to keep Chad from digging around - now it's going to come out anyway! Nicole says they've all given up something for that little girl - and she's worth it. She begs Mia not to screw things up!

    As Mia and Nicole continue to argue in the Horton kitchen, Mia hollers, "How do you think Chad would feel if he knew my rehab counselor adopted the baby?" The door slams - it's Chad!

    Cooling Off Period?

    Monday, October 05 2009

    Brady talks to Mia in the park. He says they're in the clear for now, but notices she's acting weird. He asks what's going on. Mia admits that she told Chad that she had a baby, and he told his mom. She says Maggie knows too, but they don't know she gave the baby to Nicole. Brady asks how she got Chad to keep quiet - she says she agreed to get back together with him. Brady is sorry she had to give up Will. When he leaves, Chad appears and says she looks upset. They bicker about Will - Chad doesn't want her pining for him. Mia says she needs time. He tells her to forget the whole thing! Mia asks if he's going to look for the baby. Chad says he should, but he doesn't want her to hate him. They agree that life changed after the baby. Chad hugs her just as Will appears!

    Will confronts Mia about reconciling with Chad the day after she broke up with him. Mia asks Chad to give them time alone. Chad kisses her before leaving. Will asks Mia if this is payback. Mia sighs, and says she realized she still had feelings for Chad. Mia assures him her feelings for him were genuine, but she and Chad have things to work out. Will starts to walk away, and Mia stops him, saying, she wishes things could have been different - he'll never know how much!

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