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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Roberts Horton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Roberts Horton (Past) Played by Dylan Patton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Denton (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: July 13 1992
    Birthplace: Denton, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Dylan Patton
    Height: 5 '9"


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    That Little Green Gecko.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Mia arrives at Java and watches Chad invite Gabi to the Olympics. When Chad leaves the table, Mia stops by Gabi’s table to say Chad only asked her to the Olympics to make her jealous. Gabi doesn’t believe it. Mia asks why. He’s charming and could sell life insurance to that little green gecko. Later, Mia sits with Will and watches as Gabi tells Chad excitedly that her mother gave her permission to go to the Olympics with him. She looks at Mia, smugly. T and Kinsey arrive and while the girls go off to discuss clothing for the trip, Chad tells T that it looks like he and Mia are history. Gabi returns and says she had aspirations as a kid to become a figure skater. Chad wanted to be a swimmer but needed water wings, he says, laughing. Nearby, Mia tells Will she’s got to return home to get a book. She makes a production out of telling Will she’s glad they’re back together and kissing him. Chad watches.

    Samantha Deceived Me, So I Shall Return The Favor!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    Will arrives at Maggie’s place and takes Mia to Java. Melanie cries as she thinks about telling Mia how amazing it would have been to have a mother like Maggie.

    At Java, Mia apologizes for screwing up with Will, so he takes her back. They kiss and Kinsey and T stop them. Kinsey makes fun of Mia’s eyes that are swollen after all the crying she’s been doing over Mickey. Mia says Will’s uncle died and Kinsey makes light of it, saying she heard he keeled right over. T tries to tell her to keep her mouth shut. He’s sorry to hear about Mickey, who he has met once. He was a nice guy. Kinsey asks if Mia and Will are back together. Mia confirms it just as Chad arrives to hear the news. He’s not happy to hear but tries to cover. Kinsey tells Mia she needs tea bags for her eyes and then leaves. Mia watches as Chad says his parents invited three of his friends to go with him to Vancouver to see the Olympics. He invites T, Kinsey and Gabi, who is hesitant.

    Nothing Like A Roll In The Hay...

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    At the pub, Officer Dillon hands Bo an envelope. There’s possibly new information on the kidnapping. Bo reads it but the child isn’t Sydney in the photo. He tells Will that it’s a dead end. He has to sift through the opportunities that come through, before he tells family, so they don’t get their hopes up. Bo offers to give Will a lift to Maggie’s place but he refuses. Bo wonders if this day can get any worse and makes a quick call to Carly. He leaves a message telling her that Hope knows about their affair.

    Melanie arrives at the pub looking for Philip. Nathan hasn’t seen him. She says they’re not marrying today, and Nathan wants to discuss the kiss. Melanie doesn’t want to think about that. He’s with Stephanie and she’s with Philip. The kiss meant nothing to her. Stephanie and Philip arrive and Philip asks what’s up with Melanie. Nathan says everyone’s a little emotional. Philip notes that Melanie looked the way she did when he walked in on her and Nathan in the kitchen. What’s going on with them?

    Lucas arrives and finds Will. They hug and Lucas calls the whole thing unreal. The Hortons are hanging from the rafters and Mia’s upset, not to mention this whole thing with Bo and Hope. Will is confused and Lucas says Mia will tell him but they’ve broken up, reports Will. Lucas is sorry to hear, but says he can still be there for her, even if they’re not together.

    Maggie goes upstairs and Mia starts to cry just as Will arrives. He goes to her and holds her. Hope leaves through the front of the house and bumps into Doug, who holds her close as Hope bawls and realizes she waited too long and lost Bo.

    Later, Nathan and Stephanie arrive at Maggie’s place. Stephanie asks what was going on with him and Melanie, earlier. Nathan chalks it up to being an emotionally tough day. He’s glad she’s there. They hug.

    You Slept With Her, Didn't You?

    Tuesday, January 12 2010

    Will finds Mia crying at Java. She tells him his uncle Mickey died. Will reacts with disbelief. He just saw Mickey.

    Rafe arrives outside Maggie’s place and bumps into Will and Mia. Rafe can see they have already heard the news. Sami tried to call him but Will says his phone is dead. Rafe asks him to pick up a casserole at Alice’s place. Mia leaves and Will says they've broken up. Rafe thinks they can be friends but Will says that hasn't worked.

    Mickey Horton Dies.

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Hope arrives at Maggie’s place. She doesn’t answer so Hope lets herself in and starts chatting about the cruise and how excited she is to show her the star charts she got for their trip. Upon noticing Maggie’s tears, Hope asks what’s wrong. Maggie says he was upstairs packing and she checked in on him. She just spoke with him minutes before. He was so happy about the cruise and taking time off to be together. "Maggie what happened?" Maggie tried CPR over and over but she couldn’t stay. She wasn’t brave enough. Hope’s face falls and she whispers. "Brave enough?" Maggie says he’s gone. Since she works in a hospital, she knows when somebody’s beyond help. She hopes it was quick and that he wasn’t in any pain. She breaks down and Hope asks if it’d be okay if she went upstairs. It’s fine, but Maggie can’t do it. She already held him in her arms and said goodbye. Does Hope think he’d be upset that she didn’t have the courage to go back up? Hope doesn’t think so and slowly makes her way upstairs. Hope returns in tears. She has called 911. Uncle Mickey looked very peaceful. She gives her condolences and they hug, sobbing. Later, the paramedics have arrived and wheel out Mickey’s body. Maggie holds his hand before they take him away and notices he’s missing his ring. She sees it on a table with his glasses and puts it back on him. He never leaves the house without it on, she cries. "I love you my darling. I always will," she says, before he is taken away. Hope stands by, in tears, while Maggie breaks down. "What am I going to do?" Hope offers to make some phone calls and tell the family, because Maggie can’t do it. Maggie worries about Alice. She’s so frail. They can’t tell her! Maggie sobs, "She’ll never be able to take it." Hope knows they’ve got to do it and calls Alice and makes plans to come right over. After she hangs up, she sees she has missed a call from Bo. Maggie says she’s got to call Melissa and Sarah.

    In another room, Will confronts Mia about what he overheard with Gabi. Mia won’t tell him the truth so he goes after Gabi with Mia trailing him.

    Mia and Will arrive at Java but Gabi’s not there. Will says Mia won’t lie to her again. He won’t let it happen. They’re through. He breaks up with her.
    Back at the hospital, Bo helps the maintenance man open the door to the elevator as he’s walking by and out pops Carly, freaking out. He holds her.

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