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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Serena hears Nicole and Eric's discussion

    Wednesday, July 15 2015

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa calls the nanny and tells her to wait in the park for thirty minutes. Anne and a bespectacled man enter. Upstairs, the young man helps Theresa doctor the nanny cam. Downstairs, Anne runs into Henderson, but Theresa saves her. When Hayley arrives with Tate, Theresa texts someone that she's back and to do their thing. She goes inside, where the nanny says Tate is in his crib and criticizes Theresa. Theresa goes up to Tate's room, pours milk in a diaper and starts the camera as she soothes the screaming baby. Theresa phones someone, asks how they made out and if they slipped out the back. Victor and Brady arrive home. Theresa tells them the nanny left Tate screaming in a sopping wet diaper. They accuse her of lying. Victor says he installed a nanny cam. Theresa pretends to flip. When the footage backs Theresa's accusations. Brady says Hayley must be fired. Theresa will put off her apartment search.

    Days Recap: Theresa's scheme to get rid of Nanny Hayley takes shape

    Friday, July 10 2015

    From home, Eric's door is open as he takes Serena's call, agreeing to see her. They disconnect and Brady asks why he'd give that woman the time of day. Brady says she had them all snowed. It was a bad judgement call. Eric flashes to kissing Nicole and Brady says he's just being a brother. Eric feels bad he hasn't been a good one. He asks how things are going with Theresa living at the manse. Brady calls it a challenge. Eric offers to talk to her. He knows she loves Tate. They discuss putting Xander away for good.

    Anne and Theresa arrive at the Kiriakis mansion. Anne is mesmerized by how beautiful and expensive everything is. She parks herself in an antique chair and groans as she relaxes. Theresa pops upstairs to the nursery, surprising Hayley. She claims she wants to start fresh with the nanny. Hayley's caught off-guard but likes the idea of that. Theresa leaves and grins to herself. She races downstairs and thinks the laptop on the desk must have the video footage of what goes on in the nursery. She easily finds it and sees the nanny reading. "Fifty shades," Anne sings. Hayley crosses to the door. They assume 'nature calls'. Theresa says she can send this to herself and loop the footage to make it look as though the nanny's ignoring Tate. They get up to go and run into Brady. Anne takes a hike and Theresa says she found a place to live. They should be out of there in a few weeks. He's glad. She doesn't want the baby to pick up on the tension between them.

    Days Recap: Abigail's period is late, causing alarm

    Thursday, July 09 2015

    Theresa eavesdrops at the door to the nursery at the mansion. She asks the beautiful nanny to look for her tablet and is met with this: "I'm not your maid!" Theresa asks where she gets off and Brady says she's following his orders. He drags Theresa away and asks why she hasn't gotten a place yet for her and Tate. She starts bellyaching and he yells to cut it out. He reminds her that her arrangement states that she's to make herself scarce when he's with his son. Angry, Theresa stomps back into the nursery and sarcastically thanks Hayley for making her look bad. Hayley retorts that Theresa does a good job of that on her own. "Let's get a few things straight, cookie, I'm the mother here and you are the hired help." Hayley ignores her and goes to get Tate's bottle. Theresa looks up and sees what appears to be a smoke detector. She yells, "Oh my God. Seriously?" She stomps back out. She spots John in the living room with Brady and Tate. Things are uncomfortable so Theresa heads out, thinking she needs a new plan. Inside, John tells Brady that if Paul accepts the job with MadWorld he'll stay in Salem. Before he goes he asks Brady to get Theresa out of the house as soon as possible before she causes trouble.

    Days Recap: Sexy guitar music plays as Will and Sonny reunite

    Friday, July 03 2015

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel wants answers from Victor about Xander. Victor tells them when Xander was charged with murder, he helped him because he's family. Since then, Xander has been good. Up until now.

    Eric goes to Nicole's room at the hospital and Nicole stammers as she tries to get him to see that what they went through happened because they were close to death. He asks what it meant when they almost made love. She tells him they can put it in the past, but he can't. He punished her for way too long. Nicole lets him down gently. "Just knowing you cared kept me going, but I love Daniel," she says, and wants to be with him. They disagree on whether to tell Daniel or not. Nicole doesn't want to hurt Daniel over something they 'didn't do'. Brady and Daniel arrive and things are tense. Nicole says they were rehashing what happened and when Eric leaves, Brady follows. Daniel asks Nicole back to his place. She asks, "For tonight?" He says, "For good." She's surprised. He admits he has trust issues but wants her by his side. She calls him sweet and tells him she loves him. She gets her release papers and Daniel sees Roman by the hub. Roman's upset to tell him he can't find Eric and needs to tell them all that Xander's out. Daniel's pissed but Roman's doing all he can to change this.

    Brady finds Eric in the park. He says his brother seemed off at the hospital. "Do you wanna talk about what really went on when you were locked in that room?" Elsewhere, Xander calls Victor from a burner phone to touch base. Victor tells him he'll call when things are safe. He doesn't want anyone to know they're connected. He threatens that if any one of them finds out, "You don't want to think about what's going to happen." They disconnect and Xander pulls out the cell phone's SIM card. Meanwhile, Eric can't explain how he feels and just wants to be alone. Brady says that's fine but to drop by to meet his son, later. He goes and Serena walks up. He starts yelling at her.

    Days Recap: Eve's plan to ruin Jenn is in motion

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    From the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa tells Brady she wants to be a full-time mother. Brady doesn't want her to be financially dependent on him. Theresa snarks that he still thinks of her as a gold digger. Brady shrugs. He tries not to think about her at all. The beautiful nanny arrives. Tate needs his bottle. Brady wants to feed him so Theresa gets mad and has a hissy before stomping off. Brady apologizes to Hayley who doesn't seem to care. When John calls, Brady takes off to meet him.

    Brady meets John at TBD. They discuss Tate and the new nanny and he warns John that Theresa's staying with them temporarily. John asks, "Before I come over to see the baby, would you mind asking Henderson to remove all the fireplace pokers?" Brady says, "That's funny. I think Maggie took care of it already." From nearby, Paige watches Brady. "That could work." Daphne exclaims and Paige says to relax. "Maybe not him but someone his age or his dad's age." Daphne soon realizes this is about getting back at her mom and JJ. Paige nods.

    Brady returns home to Tate and tells him he missed him.

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