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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Braxton Hicks

    Monday, January 19 2009

    EJ arrives at the pub and sees Brady. He wants to know why Brady's always at his house, but Brady tells him he's wasting his jealousy on him. "I've really had it up to here with Nicole and her drama," he says, and walks away, leaving EJ confused.

    John sits with Brady at the pub. Brady tells him that Dr. Taylor isn't who she says she is.

    Leave Salem Forever.

    Friday, January 16 2009

    While watching the video of John's hypnosis, Brady is shocked to find John remembering Marlena. He is happy about this but wonders what the doctor's up to.

    Dr. Taylor juggles her files as she tries to open the door to her office. Inside the office, Brady scrambles, but Marlena saves him, unwittingly by asking Charlotte to talk. Dr. Taylor asks if she has more questions about her personal life but Marlena has questions regarding a patient – John. She wants to discuss his therapy and asks what her thoughts are for him. Dr. Taylor is angry with Marlena and when Marlena sees Brady, behind her door, she stalls for time. Marlena tells Dr. Taylor that John told her he'd never get his memory back. Dr. Taylor is even angrier by this, but Marlena says John told her himself. Kayla hears the arguing and interrupts. Dr. Taylor plans on reporting Marlena for undermining her career and thinks a restraining order is needed. Kayla has had enough and tells them to get into her office. When they leave, Brady runs out of the office.

    Outside the office, Dr. Taylor apologizes for jumping the gun. There's no need to discuss things further. She runs off, leaving Kayla and Marlena mystified.

    Meanwhile, Marlena arrives home to Brady, pulling up John's hypnosis video. She blasts him for being in Charlotte's office, but he tells her he found something she needs to see. He forces her to watch the video where John says the love of his life is Marlena!

    Screw It!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    At the pub, Brady tells Marlena that he has done digging in John's past and knows there's one thing there that means the world to him – Marlena, and John wants her back. John has told him that he doesn't feel a connection to anyone else and Brady assumes his dad is lost to him forever.

    Back at the pub, Brady blames himself for not being there more often for John, but Marlena knows he had his own life to lead. John interrupts, and Brady gives them time alone as John explains that Dr. Taylor's packing it in, now that he hasn't remembered anything. Marlena's surprised and spontaneously leans in for a lingering kiss. She promptly apologizes, but John liked it and thinks it's incentive to get his memory back. He doesn't recognize her charm bracelet when she shows him, so she explains he gave it to her nine years ago. He tries to recall, and she asks him to keep trying. If John doesn’t remember, he wonders if she'll still want him. She doesn't get the chance to answer, when Dr. Taylor shows up, asking to spend time alone with John. Marlena leaves and John admits he was just asking Marlena for help in remembering. Charlotte is angered by this, stating he shouldn't go behind her back to discuss this. John notes her bitterness and says Blondie couldn't help him anyway. Dr. Taylor tells him he could have a good life without the past memories and tells him there are people there who aren't good for him. He could leave town and start over, and she thinks he should.

    Outside the pub, Marlena discusses her lack of trust for Charlotte. Brady's shocked that Charlotte's giving up on John. Marlena has a feeling that it is working, but wonders if it's wishful thinking. She knows her hands are tied, because she's not his wife or therapist. Before she leaves, Brady asks her to hang in there and gives her a big hug. To himself, Brady says, "Your hands may be tied, but mine aren't!"

    Brady goes to Marlena's office, but she's not there. He goes into Dr. Taylor's office and starts snooping in her computer, and finds the tape of John remembering Marlena!

    Out Of Control!

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    John meets Brady at the pier. He relays to his son how he tried hypnosis, but it didn't work. Brady suggests another doctor but John accuses him of not knowing John that well. Brady admits he doesn't even know if John actually wants his memory back. John claims to want them back, knowing Blondie's in there. He's doing it for her, and maybe some other people, too. Brady has to leave, but tells John that he always did go all out for what he wanted. "And you always got it."

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