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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    You've Got It Bad!

    Monday, June 29 2009

    Philip runs into Brady at the pier and asks if he’s seen Stephanie. Brady says no and Philip runs off. Arianna walks by and asks Brady to talk to her. She mentions that Nicole was trying to set them up, and hopes that Brady didn’t think it was her idea. She admits that she only sees him as a friend, and that she’s not pushy or desperate. Melanie walks by and exclaims that Arianna “has it bad!” for Brady. Arianna denies that as Melanie tells her she’s blushing. Arianna excuses herself, as Melanie teases that Brady has it bad for her too. Brady says he doesn’t want to be harassed about this and leaves.

    What Have You Done!

    Thursday, June 25 2009

    Brady runs into Nicole at Java Café and asks her what’s wrong. Nicole tells him about EJ punishing Sami with a court order for sole custody of Johnny. Brady notices that she doesn’t seem to agree with this. Nicole tells him that she will try to help Sami see Johnny. Brady asks if she’s still worried about Mia, but Nicole says she’s not worried anymore. Before leaving for a meeting at St. Luke’s, Brady tells Nicole he wants her to be happy, and she thanks him.

    Rafe shows up at St. Luke’s and sees Mia. Rafe says he’s just there to get Grace’s picture and talk to Father Matt, but he wants to talk to her afterwards. He leaves as Father Matt walks in and introduces himself to Mia, but realizes he knows her as the girl who stopped the DiMera wedding. He asks her why she did that and Mia says that she doesn’t remember and quickly changes the subject by telling him that Rafe was looking for him. Father Matt leaves as Brady walks in and sees Mia. She explains to him that she’s saying a prayer for Grace. Mia says she never felt as close to Sydney, but she’s glad that she’s safe, although it’s with the DiMera family. Brady reassures her that everything is fine, and they agree that Nicole is a great mom. Rafe interrupts and questions how they know each other. Mia explains that they ran into each other at a 12-step meeting, as she is a recovering addict. Brady tells Rafe to give her a break and Rafe wonders if they’re hiding something. Brady says he understands why Rafe is inquisitive, but insists that things are just the way they are. Rafe apologizes and Mia tries to leave, but he reminds her that they should talk about Will. Brady leaves and Rafe asks Mia whom she and Brady were talking about. Mia explains that they were talking about Nicole. Rafe asks how she knows Nicole and Mia nervously says Nicole helped her with a program, but that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Father Matt interrupts and says he has to lock up, so Mia excuses herself. As she leaves, Rafe asks Father Matt if he knows her. Father Matt tells Rafe about Mia interrupting the DiMera wedding. Rafe then ponders how Mia knows Nicole and EJ.

    Nicole walks into the Brady Pub and asks Arianna what’s going on between her and Brady. Arianna says that she hopes EJ doesn’t find out that she’s asking questions like that. Nicole asks her what her problem is, but Arianna says Nicole has a problem with her and Brady. Nicole insists that she doesn’t mind that Brady sees other people, but to be nice to him since he was burned before. Brady walks by and overhears. Annoyed, he asks Nicole where she gets off discussing his personal life. Nicole quickly excuses herself and Brady tells Arianna to just ignore her. While Nicole spies on Brady outside the pub, Mia walks by and thanks her again for arranging for her to hold Grace. Before she leaves, Mia tells Nicole that she doesn’t think about Sydney anymore and she knows that she’ll be a good mother.

    Goodbye Chloe. Goodbye Daniel.

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    Melanie quits working at University Hospital and leaves Maxine standing with a dropped jaw. Melanie bumps right into a cute intern on her way out, who asks for directions. She stumbles over her words and watches him walk away. Brady finds her and pokes fun at her. She tells him she’s moving to London. Brady’s surprised but she explains that Max is leaving. Brady thinks she has a very good reason to stay there. He knows that the minute her life doesn’t seem perfect, she runs. He tells her him, Maggie, Philip and Stephanie are friends of hers. He decides to stand in for Max and be her "bro," and says, "How about that guy you just ran into?" Melanie laughs. She has no idea who he is. Brady’s got to stand in for Victor at the hospital board meeting and makes her promise not to leave town. He leaves and Melanie asks Maxine who the new guy is. The new guy comes up behind her as she asks and embarrassed, Melanie turns to him. She finds out he’s an intern but he doesn’t say his name. She offers to show him around, but he takes a call and makes plans to meet somebody at the Brady pub. He tells her he’ll take her up on the tour later and apologizes but has to dash. Maggie stops by and hands Melanie her wallet that she forgot. Maggie wanted to talk to her about living arrangements at the house but Melanie says that there’s no need. She’s completely fine with it! She has to run and leaves.

    Brady walks in on Stephanie kissing Philip. Brady apologizes and Philip tells him about the truce with the DiMera’s. Brady thinks it’s great. "As long as it’s real!" Stephanie latches on to that and while Philip leaves the patio, Brady says he doesn’t exactly trust the DiMera’s. Talk turns to Grace and Stephanie says she’s supposed to go to the funeral. Brady admits the baby wasn’t adopted. It was Sami’s baby and fathered by EJ DiMera. Stephanie hears EJ’s name and her knees buckle. She feels for Sami and confesses she too would have kept it a secret if it were her child. Brady wonders if it’s a good idea that she attends the funeral, but she has to, she says. Philip may have to leave for Chicago, instead of going to the funeral, he says.

    I’m Not A Good Person.

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    Brady stops Nicole at Java Café and confronts her about Grace. He heard about Sami lying to EJ about Grace and wonders what EJ will do to Nicole, when he finds out about Sydney. Nicole yells that he’s not going to find out! She and EJ are closer than ever, and though it’s sad that Sami lost Grace, EJ despises Sami now, making Nicole’s marriage solid. Brady reminds her that one simple blood test and she’ll be outed.

    At Java Café, Nicole says she has covered all her bases and thinks she’s safe. "Unless Dr. Baker returns," says Brady, but Nicole brushes his concern aside. When Mia walks through the door, Brady tells Nicole that there’s always somebody who can out her! He gets coffee while Mia thanks Nicole for allowing her time with Grace. Nicole says not to mention it and she leaves. Brady returns and Nicole again tells Brady that Mia’s not going to be a problem. Nicole says if he’d stop haranguing her, he’d be more fun to hang out with. She says she has the perfect life, but Brady argues that love has nothing to do with it.

    Owen Has Escaped!

    Monday, June 15 2009

    Stephanie hangs up the phone with her uncle Bo as Melanie and Brady enter the Kiraikis mansion. They came to see how she was. She’s upset as she just learned Owen has escaped.

    On the patio, Philip tells Victor that the DiMera’s allowed Owen to escape so that he couldn’t implicate them in the kidnapping. Victor wants to take a meeting with the DiMera’s to set up a truce, but Stephanie can’t implicate EJ, or there won’t be one.

    Bo and Hope arrive to the mansion and question Brady, in the living room. He has no idea who Owen is but thinks Stephanie could.

    Outside on the patio, Philip tells Stephanie and Melanie about the DiMera/Kiriakis truce and asks if they’d be able to lie about the DiMera connection to Owen. Melanie’s fine with it but Stephanie can’t lie to her uncle. Philip tells Stephanie that if she doesn’t lie, EJ will come after them with a vengeance.

    Back inside, Bo and Hope question Melanie and she says she has no idea who Owen was working for. Melanie asks if they can pull strings because she received a parking ticket, earlier in the week. She receives a blunt, "No," from Hope! Melanie leaves and Hope asks the same question of Stephanie. She doesn’t know who Owen worked for, she lies, and when she becomes upset, thinking of being kept in that drawer, Philip tells Bo and Hope to leave. After they’re gone, Philip promises Stephanie, no more secrets and lies.

    Brady goes to the Kiriakis crypt and is followed there by Arianna, who says she likes to walk through the cemetery from time to time. Brady tells her the flowers are for his mother, who passed a long time ago. He has decided to come by more often. Melanie runs into the crypt, wanting to talk. Arianna leaves Brady with a lingering look and Brady turns talk to Melanie’s conversation with Bo and Hope. Melanie tells him to never mind that. She wants to talk about Arianna. "You’ve got the hots for her, don’t you," she teases.

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