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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Lucas Starts To Remember...

    Monday, May 25 2009

    Bo asks if Brady knows where Philip and Victor are but he doesn’t, though he’s worried something has happened to Stephanie, who has gone missing. Brady knows something’s going down tonight and thinks it’s connected to the DiMera’s. Bo knew something was up. He makes a call and rushes out of the Java Café, leaving Brady behind. Melanie comes in, noticing something’s wrong. Later, she asks for advice, saying his last advice was lousy. She was going to sell Stephanie’s earring she found on the terrace… Brady is irritated when Melanie won’t give him the earring.

    Brady receives a call from the police, and though the connection is bad, Brady thinks they’ve found Stephanie. He runs off, leaving Melanie confused.

    One Hour.

    Friday, May 22 2009

    At the mansion, Victor and Philip discuss the swap for Stefano and Stephanie and Brady arrives, asking what’s going on. Philip says they’re ending the feud peacefully, and apologizes for their altercation at the pub. Philip admits they thought they could get an eye for an eye and messed things up, so they’re fixing everything, now.

    Brady worries that things are worse than Philip’s letting on. Philip takes a call and EJ tells him where to meet him with Stefano. Brady tells Philip he just realized what’s happening. He asks, "You never did find Stephanie, did you?" Philip says they did and she was off giving him time to rest. He runs out.

    Brady calls Bo and asks him to meet somewhere. He has something to discuss with him. Later, they meet and Brady tells Bo he thinks something happened to Stephanie.

    Sell Your Jewelry Online.

    Wednesday, May 20 2009

    Brady removes his shirt at the Java Café and jokes that he may need skin grafts. Arianna forces him to take a seat while she gets him ice, and apologizes. Since they’ve met, things keep getting better and better, says Brady, who then apologizes for being such a jerk the first time they met.

    Melanie finds Arianna and Brady at Java Café and Brady lets Melanie know that Arianna spilled coffee on him. Since Melanie’s training to become a nurse, she asks to see it. She can use the practice. She yelps and then laughs. He’ll live. She tells him to use aloe and says she’s off to the computer. She gives Brady a sly wink and thumbs up sign and leaves. Brady makes plans to play baseball with one of the servers and Arianna’s face falls when Brady tells the guy that he has to pick up his gear from Sami’s place. When asked, Brady admits Sami’s his step-sister. Arianna can tell by his voice that they don’t get along that well.

    Nearby, Melanie says to the earring, that in the olden days she’d sell it, but she can hear Maggie’s voice telling her to give it back! She calls Stephanie.

    Back at the Java Café, Melanie text messages Stephanie to let her know she has her earring. Brady comes up to her and assumes she’s trying to sell jewelry. She’s not. Her conscience got to her. Brady is shocked and says he likes the new Melanie, but she lets him know she’s not completely reformed! They discuss Stephanie and Philip’s engagement and she knows she has to give him up, just like Brady had to give up Nicole. She’s through with Philip and says she’s no longer jealous of Stephanie. Later, when Melanie doesn’t hear from Stephanie, she wonders if maybe Stephanie doesn’t need it back, now that she’ll be a Kiriakis.

    Smile For the Camera!

    Tuesday, May 19 2009

    Brady is outside the pub on a business call. When he hangs up, Arianna appears and returns his credit card that he left behind. She is nice to him and he comments on the turnaround - he asks if it's due to him being rich. She denies it, saying she doesn't care about his money - he's egotistical! She informs him that she was trying to be nice, and was definitely not flirting! He tells her he is divorced - and he is flirting! As she leaves, he tells her he thinks she's cute!

    Philip approaches Brady outside the pub and asks if he's seen Stephanie. Brady tells him he doesn't look good. Philip says he's not the one he needs to be worried about! They go inside the pub, and Philip is rude and impatient. He confronts Brady about going to Bo and ratting out his own family! They argue, and Philip tells Brady to make up his mind if he's a Kiriakis, a DiMera, or a Brady! Philip accuses him of only looking out for himself. Brady sighs, and asks Philip if he needs help, but Philip has his back up and refuses his offer. Arianna comes back in and sits down to chat with Brady, but she spills hot coffee on him!

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