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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Impromptu Date Night!

    Tuesday, March 24 2009

    At the pub, Bo tells a Salem Spectator reporter, Jake Donahue, that he’s having a hard time not taking things personally. Jake wonders what it’s like being his big brother’s boss. Hope comes up behind him and jokingly tells Jake to forget about Bo’s brother. "Ask him about his wife," she says with a big grin. The man asks how her job affects them and Hope says they try not to take their work home. Roman arrives and Jake steals him away to ask a few questions for the piece. They hope Jake didn’t suspect anything off about Bo’s visions. Hope makes light of his vision and jokingly asks Bo if he has seen her in the backseat of a car with this mysterious man. Bo is extremely uncomfortable, but Hope tells him they have to take this lightly, because it’s never going to happen! Bo admits he doesn’t know who the man is but the last vision was more intense. "It seemed like you really wanted to be with this guy," he says. Hope wants him to ignore this vision, but Bo reminds her that the last ones came to fruition. Hope asks him to trust in their love. Bo does, he says and kisses her hand. He agrees he’ll find a way to let this go. Hope calls him her life and says nothing will change. Bo tells her to call the sitter. "Impromptu date night," he says. They grin and start kissing. At a nearby table, Jake and Roman watch and Jake comments on what a great couple they are. Roman agrees completely and says nobody could ever break those two up! Hope goes off to call the sitter and Roman is happy to know she and Bo are back on track. Roman takes off and Bo grins to himself, but then has another vision. This time, the man in the vision is his brother, Roman! "Can’t be. It’s impossible," he says.

    Brady arrives on the pier, about to call Philip again. Philip is there and says he turned off his phone. He needed to think. Victor needs him, says Brady. Brady assumes he took his advice and didn’t go after Tony. Philip makes a joke about it and insults Brady, who leaves. To himself, Philip says he’s not going down without a fight.

    Upstaged by Sami!

    Monday, March 23 2009

    Rafe calls Sami from the pub and demands to know why the heck she disappeared like that. He hangs up and Brady asks if he’s talking to Sami and they introduce themselves. Rafe finds out Sami’s Brady’s step-brother. Rafe asks if they’re close, but Brady says it’s not the best blended family. Rafe wishes that weren’t so. Sami could use somebody to talk to. They discuss Sami’s history and Rafe admits mostly, when you’re stuck in a safe house with somebody, it’s boring. Sami was different. Brady laughs and calls Sami an ‘in your face’ type. Rafe laughs and says she’s tough. Talk turns to the DiMera’s and Rafe asks if Brady likes any of the DiMera’s.

    Brady gets Rafe updated on what they’re really like and Brady assumes Sami’s still in trouble. Brady realizes Rafe’s Sami’s new protector, and they’re interrupted when she runs into the pub, telling Rafe something awful happened. She hugs Brady and says she was talking to Marlena and heard John’s doing well. Brady agrees and tells her they’ll catch up later. Sami’s surprised to find out that Rafe and Brady are friendly now and then tells Rafe they need to get Grace. They argue and he reminds her that this isn’t a game. Sami says this is her decision and he doesn’t have a say! Rafe is insulted and they argue. Rafe tells her to have a nice life, before leaving.

    I Don't Know Anyone Named Mia!

    Thursday, March 19 2009

    At the manse, Stephanie tells Brady that there’s another set of blueprints floating around that Melanie sold to Tony DiMera. Philip’s trying to find Tony and she’s freaking out, because of it. They rush out to find Philip.

    Philip drinks at the Cheatin’ Heart and curses Tony. Stephanie and Brady find him there and Philip says he hasn’t found Tony yet. Brady wants to find Victor to tell him of the situation, but Philip refuses. He wants to crush that bastard, Tony DiMera. "He won’t know what hit him," Philip warns. Brady is concerned, but Philip reassures them he just wants to reason with Tony. Brady tells Philip that Tony’s at the Christening and he’s not going to let him crash it. Brady recommends making him an offer.

    It's a Family Affair!

    Wednesday, March 18 2009

    Inside the manse, Brady tells Nicole he got through to Philip, who now understands there’s nothing going on between them. Nicole’s happy to hear. She hugs him just as EJ walks in. He wonders why Brady’s there. Nicole invited him, but EJ’s not happy. It’s a family affair. Nicole reminds him Sami’s not family and she’s going. Brady goes off to take a call and EJ says Johnny’s not feeling well. EJ suggested Johnny stay with Mary. EJ wishes Nicole would have let him know Brady was coming, and he assumed they weren’t seeing each other anymore. Nicole complains about Sami attending and EJ assumes she invited Brady out of spite. Nicole picks up a crying Sydney and changes the subject. This day is about celebrating, she says. Stefano arrives with Brady and Tony and takes a family photo and tells them how happy he is to have Sydney christened, since it’s a family tradition. He calls Sydney a DiMera, now, and forever more. Brady doesn’t look pleased.

    EJ, Nicole and Sydney arrive at the church. EJ goes to find Father Matt, while Nicole says she did the right thing giving up Grace. “Today we claim you as our own,” she tells Sydney. Sami arrives and tells Nicole she almost didn’t come. She realizes it’s upsetting to her. Nicole wants her there and says it’s a big day for them all. Nicole wants Sami to see that they’re a good family and tells her they’re going to live happily ever after. Nicole refuses to let anyone tear her family apart. Sami tells her she’s clear and she has a full life. She’s not spending her time coming up with ways to tear Nicole and her family apart. Will shows up and EJ shortly thereafter and Sami asks where Johnny is. Nicole says he has a fever and is at home. Sami’s not happy to hear they didn’t tell her. Will decides to go home. Sami stays behind and Nicole tells her she’d love Sydney’s christening gown. She’ll go get it. Nicole runs into Brady on her way out and he tells her he can’t stay. It’s making things uncomfortable. He wishes the best for her and hugs her.

    Until Death Do You Part!

    Tuesday, March 17 2009

    Melanie is at the Brady Pub. She speaks to Tony on the phone, who promises her a big check. She is pleased. At a nearby table, Brady tells Bo about the sabotage at Titan. Bo is shocked that Philip didn't tell him. Brady says it was a virus, and only some was saved. The alternative fuel project was wiped out. Brady says Philip is probably trying to handle it before Victor finds out. Bo says it's clearly sabotage. Max approaches and says, "Let me guess, you think my sister is part of this?" Melanie pipes up, "What'd I do now?" She tells Bo that she lost more than anyone - yet still they want to blame her. Bo asks if she has any contact with the DiMeras on this project. She says they had an offer on the table but took it back. Brady asks Max if he has any notes from working with Nick that would help them reconstruct the formula? Melanie looks panicked, but Max says he doesn't think he can help. Bo and Brady leave, and Melanie says Max is a good liar! Max notes that he has blueprints locked in the safe. Melanie remarks that you can't trust anyone! Max tells her that whatever she's planning - she shouldn't do it! She says it would be cool to have all that money though - he wouldn't have to work in a bar anymore. He says he's fine. She urges him to check on the blueprints - he accuses her of wanting to spy on the code. She says she'll leave. She does, but leaves her camera phone on the bar - it is taping as Max opens the safe!

    You and I Aren't Going to Happen!

    Friday, March 13 2009

    At the pub, Melanie finds out her fuel project is DOA and confronts Brady with it when he arrives. She asks if Titan’s database was restored and if he has her project. Brady says it wasn’t and everything was a total disaster. Brady wonders if Melanie sabotaged the files. She asks why she’d do that, and he says she’s in bed with the DiMera’s. One of the staff shows up and Brady thanks him for showing up early. They can’t believe somebody destroyed the files. Melanie listens, intrigued.

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