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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    She's Just Not That Into You!

    Monday, July 20 2009

    Outside, Nicole sees Brady and Arianna kissing and when he goes outside, Nicole tells Brady she has a bad feeling about Arianna and Rafe. Brady doesn’t want to hear it and leaves, so Nicole goes into the pub and orders ice tea from Arianna. She asks if Rafe comes around a lot. "From time to time," Arianna says. Nicole asks if they’re close and Arianna refuses to gossip about her brother, especially to somebody who has it in for him. Nicole leaves and Melanie arrives. Arianna tells her in no uncertain terms to stay out of her life. "Just back the hell off!" When Arianna gets a mysterious call, and tells the caller she’ll make "it happen," Melanie thinks that there’s another reason why she’s staying away from Brady. Melanie’s an expert at lying and can sniff a lie out anywhere! Arianna’s shoulders slump, and when Melanie leaves, Arianna admits she is indeed lying!

    Maggie finds Brady brooding on the pier. She asks what's going on.

    To Hell With Her!

    Friday, July 17 2009

    Brady comes into the Kiriakis manse, dripping wet from a dip in the pool and Victor invites him to the Brady pub. Brady is hesitant and explains he’s uncomfortable with one of the waitresses. Victor assumes she’s messing with his head and worries it could affect his work and sobriety. Brady calls Victor a misogynist but Victor says he’s merely concerned that Brady should be with somebody good for him. Victor assumes something’s wrong with Arianna, and asks why she’s not trying to get her claws into him. Brady says she knows about his past and is protecting herself. Victor tells Brady if she can’t see him for who he is, “To hell with her. She doesn’t deserve you.” Later, Brady has dressed and Victor calls him a man of great strength and integrity. The right woman is out there for him.

    Brady meets Melanie on the pier, and she tells him that Arianna really likes him but Brady refuses to get suckered in by this and walks away. Melanie is surprised he’s walking away from love. Brady doesn’t want to get caught up in Melanie’s fantasies.

    At the pub, Arianna tries to work but flashes back to almost kissing Brady.

    Birthday Buddies!

    Thursday, July 16 2009

    At the Horton cabin, Philip apologizes to Stephanie and wants to give her a proper goodbye. He tells her he’ll always love her as Melanie watches from outside. Brady walks up behind her and asks her what she’s up to. Melanie jokes that she’s working on her sunburn, but Brady says she’s trying to get Philip and Stephanie back together. They both look on as Philip asks Stephanie how she could say it’s over if she still loves him. Philip kisses Stephanie, as Melanie tells Brady that she is “two for two.” Brady tells her that he and Arianna flopped since she turned him down. Melanie tells him not to give up. Brady says what Melanie’s doing is great but wonders what’s in it for her. He reminds her that she had a crush on Philip but Melanie says that’s in the past and she just wants to see them happy because she feels guilty for what she did to them before. Inside the cabin, Stephanie tries to explain to Philip again why they can’t be together but he doesn’t want to hear it. Stephanie tries to leave but Philip stops her and pleads for another chance. Stephanie says it doesn’t matter how many times they pick up the pieces, and walks out as Philip follows her. Brady stops Philip and leads him back inside the cabin. He reminds Philip that women hate being pressured. Outside the cabin, Stephanie tells Melanie she can’t believe she did this, but cools off and says she doesn’t blame her. Melanie reminds Stephanie that she still loves Philip, but Stephanie says that even if you're madly in love, it is not enough. Melanie apologizes for interfering but Stephanie says it’s okay since her heart was in the right place. She leaves to catch the ferry. Brady walks out and asks Melanie how it went, Melanie tells him it didn’t go well and Brady excuses himself to catch the ferry. Melanie walks into the cabin and tells Philip that he must hate her for what she did. Philip reassures her that he doesn’t because she meant well. Philip says there’s nothing he can do to change Stephanie’s mind and it’s finally over this time. Melanie says she’ll help him get Stephanie back, but Philip says he’s not going to pressure her anymore. Philip thanks Melanie for her help and calls for his speedboat to get them off the island.

    Stephanie enters the hospital and asks the nurse where orientation for her new job is. Brady calls her to check up on her but Stephanie says she doesn’t want to talk about Philip anymore. Her voice cracks as she reassures Brady that she’s fine and hangs up. Brady doubts that Stephanie is okay. Crying hysterically, Stephanie walks into the locker room and Nathan asks her if she’s okay. Stephanie falls apart in his arms.

    What's Best for the Kids?

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    Daniel tells Brady that he realized how much he loved Chloe when he almost lost her. He tries not to show his feelings to her but Chloe knows him. She’s trying to make it work with Lucas. "What a way to live," Brady says. "That’s not really living," Daniel admits, and says he wonders sometimes how Brady let Chloe go. Brady says they were two different people and weren’t meant to be. Daniel thinks he and Chloe are, but there’s nothing he can do about it. Brady thinks it’s best if he spent less time with Chloe. "You mean like not doing a TV show with her?" Daniel asks. Brady smirks and tries not to laugh at the irony. "Why don’t you take a hammer and hit yourself in the head with it, instead?" Daniel doesn’t want Lucas to be suspicious and smirks, in spite of himself, considering how ridiculous that sounds. Daniel wants Brady to share something funny about his life and Brady jokes that his is perfect! After Brady leaves, Daniel leaves a message for Chloe to meet him at Maggie’s before the shoot, before anyone else is there!

    Brady finds Arianna working behind the bar at the pub. She apologizes for being so abrupt, but Brady appreciates her honesty. He asks to meet her on her break and goes to take a seat, elsewhere. Later, they talk and Arianna says it’s not him. She has her own history. This is tough because she really likes him, but she had a beau who was an addict. Brady leaves and Arianna thinks to herself how she can’t tell him the truth!

    Someday, Somebody’s Going to Pay.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    At the pub, Melanie ignores Philip when he tells her that Stephanie broke off their engagement. Stephanie always breaks up with him. Melanie says she could come around Titan and help out until Stephanie returns but Philip doesn’t think she is returning. Brady comes upon them and asks Philip what he did, now! Later, Philip leaves and Melanie tells him that Stephanie broke off their engagement. Brady’s on a roll today. First he loses his clothes in poker and then alienates Philip. Melanie wonders why he’s not with Arianna, after all she did and tries to make a call to Philip in order to help him win back his soul mate, but Brady stops her and says this isn’t her job. They both snort with laughter when Melanie says she has a giving heart. She asks if he can talk Philip into letting her work for Philip. Brady asks her to be careful around Philip right now, since he’s hurting. He could be ready to blow. Melanie sighs but agrees with him. She leaves the pub and on her way out, says to herself, "As if!"

    Brady finds Daniel running on the pier. He notices he’s in a bad mood and Daniel shares that he almost lost Chloe last night.

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