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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Friday, October 16 2009

    Arianna pays Brady a visit at home. She says she needs to ask his forgiveness. Arianna says she feels bad about everything that has happened with Nicole, although it's not Nicole she cares about. Brady feels she's there to get a free pass because she feels guilty - he says he absolves her. Arianna says he's acting strange. Brady realizes she's worried about him starting to use drugs again. He says he's hurting, but he's not using. Arianna brings up Nicole again, and Brady wonders why she keeps asking about her - it has nothing to do with her! Arianna claims she's not threatened by Nicole, and starts to leave. Brady says she's always so anxious to get away from him! Arianna says she hurt him, and he's a great guy. He mocks her for having said he's boring. Arianna stops him, saying she was confused at the time - he's actually amazing, smart, and strong. Brady kisses her.

    A Bad Romance Novel.

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    At the pier, Sami tells Brady that what he did for Nicole was un-Brady-like, but Brady explains that Nicole had a miscarriage and wasn’t aware that she lost her baby. He was told about it first and had to tell Nicole. The baby represented a new life, a chance to redeem herself and just like that, it was gone. Sami feels bad, knowing Nicole was desperate. She realizes Brady’s still in love with Nicole and that’s why he did this for her. It must have been so hard for him, seeing her self-destruct. Brady’s upset so Sami apologizes for saying he’s in love with Nicole. She meant to be empathetic. She knows what it’s like to love somebody who doesn’t want to be with her. Sami will never forget how Nicole was on her side when EJ tried to take Johnny from her.

    Brady finds Victor on the pier and asks what’s wrong. Victor calls Daniel an idiot when it comes to women. He refuses to let her ruin Daniel’s life.

    Where's my Baby?

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    At the pier, EJ calls Brady names. "You knew about her secrets and you helped her." Brady moves closer to EJ and says he did and he’d do it all over again! EJ lost his family because of him, he rants, but Brady thinks it’s EJ’s fault. EJ asks why he helped Nicole. Nicole’s a friend, says Brady and he was trying to make her happy. He asks if EJ thinks he’s completely blameless. EJ knows Brady loves Nicole and says it was very noble. Brady says Nicole did everything to make him happy. It’s not like EJ’s a paragon of virtue. He’s punishing her. "Damned right," he answers, but Brady wonders why he’s punishing Sydney. They argue about whether or not he deserves Sydney as a daughter.

    Sami is running on the pier when she finds Brady. They discuss Nicole and what happened with her and EJ. Sami says she sees it from Nicole’s perspective, but knows EJ. He’s not the type of guy who forgives and forgets. She understands why Nicole lied about the miscarriage but wonders why Brady was in on it. "Aren’t you the good guy? What the hell happened to you, Brady?"

    The Truth is Out!

    Tuesday, October 13 2009

    Melanie encounters Brady at the docks - he isn't in a good mood. She asks him about Nicole. He remarks that it was only a matter of time before someone said the wrong thing - it was him - and the cards have come crashing down! Melanie says she thought saying the wrong thing at the wrong time was her specialty. Brady explains that he thought the wrong person was on the other end of the phone - he's angry at himself. Mel thinks if you do something out of love you're not really culpable. Brady sighs, and tells Melanie the whole story. She grimaces, then asks what the secret was - he tells her about Nicole's miscarriage and subsequent lies. Melanie insists that Nicole would have done it with or without him - he can't blame himself. Brady admits he knew from the beginning it wouldn't work - he feels he was cowardly in letting her do something so self-destructive - but he didn't want her to end up with nothing. Melanie says his heart was in the right place. He wants to be alone. She tells him to call whenever he needs to - she's on his side.

    Brady encounters a drug dealer as he struggles to come to terms with what has happened - he fights temptation. Just then, EJ appears, saying he's looking for someone to blame - anyone who had a hand in destroying his life!

    I'm a Dinosaur. Somebody Excavate Me!

    Friday, October 09 2009

    At Cheatin’ Heart, Nathan and Philip disagree about who is the better man for Melanie.

    Nearby, Melanie asks if EJ found out Brady’s still in love with his wife. Brady says no, Nicole loves EJ and he’s going to make sure it stays that way! Melanie goes back to Philip and Nathan and realizes they’ve been fighting over her. She grins. Nathan takes a call from the hospital and leaves the bar, while Melanie asks who won! Philip grins but denies fighting over her. Philip asks if she’s sure about Nathan. She says he’s pretty dreamy, a doctor, and a Horton, but Philip’s not so bad himself! Nathan returns and Philip leaves them alone. They eat and discuss a patient who used to be a rocker, once upon a time! Maxine saw him on some reality show. "I am a dinosaur, somebody excavate me," laughs Melanie. When Nathan doesn’t ask Melanie what she and Philip were discussing, he says she’s here with him. That’s what counts. She can see he’s trying to impress her. He admits he is and takes her hand and does a party trick with her. He finds her pressure points for her back, her thigh and another strategic spot that makes her squirm in her seat and laugh. He only does this with girls he really likes, he says. Later, they’re outside of Chez Rouge, discussing going home. Melanie asks if he has more party tricks up his sleeve. "No tricks this time," he says and leans in for a kiss. When his phone rings, he ignores it. It was Maggie! They lean in to kiss once more, but Maggie calls Melanie’s cell phone. Nathan asks her to ignore it and they start making out!

    Nicole sits on a bench at the park and when Brady shows up, she tells him Stefano might not make it. Her sadness and shock is visible on her face and she hugs Brady and says everything’s gone wrong. EJ knows the truth. Brady is bowled over as she tells him he had her followed and taped their conversation. Brady worries he hurt her but he didn’t, physically. He’s angry and threw them out of the mansion. Brady feels bad but Nicole doesn’t believe him. He warned her that she’d never get away with it. Brady wished he could have been wrong about this. Nicole blames him for the lie getting out and begs him to admit he wanted this to happen. Brady is disgusted. He lied for her, told EJ he fell off the wagon for her because he didn’t want EJ to find out about Sydney. He didn’t slip up to EJ on purpose! Nicole thinks he did it because he’s in love… Brady screwed up but that’s all he did. He promised from the beginning, he’d help her and he still will! "I’m here for you," he tells her, quietly. She has enough money to stay at the Salem Inn for a night. Nicole almost blurts out that EJ doesn’t know Sydney’s his child. Brady wonders if EJ will decide to take Sydney from her or what if Mia wants her back. Nicole panics. She can’t deal with Mia. Nicole thinks EJ will come to his senses and take them back, but Brady doubts this! Nicole tells him to leave and before he does, he offers her help when and if she needs it. Nicole apologizes, thinking of Sami, saying it didn’t start out this way. She just wanted to keep EJ and give him the daughter he lost. Nicole tells Sydney she can’t give her up. "You’re mine and I’ll never let you go."

    Onward and Upward.

    Thursday, October 08 2009

    Philip finds Melanie at Cheatin’ Heart. She’s surprised to see him. They didn’t finish their conversation, he says and Melanie looks uncomfortable as Nathan arrives with drinks! "You guys on a date?" Melanie says they are and she sees Brady nearby and needs to talk to him.

    Nearby, Brady leaves a message for Nicole on her cell phone and flashes back to telling EJ he’s back off the wagon. Melanie goes to him and says to try the hospital. That’s where Nicole is. "What did he do to her?" Brady worries. Melanie says Stefano had a heart attack. Why would he think EJ did something to her?

    Back at their table, Nathan and Philip butt heads when Philip makes fun of Nathan pulling out all stops on their first date.

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