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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Unsavory Types.

    Thursday, December 17 2009

    Back at the pier, Ari is ashamed of herself for playing these stupid games with EJ, acting as though he was the enemy, when he only wanted to make sure she was alright. EJ isn’t used to somebody feeling sympathy for him. Ari says Rafe tells her she hasn’t met anyone who she couldn’t spar with! EJ thinks the tough exterior of hers is due to her warm interior getting her into trouble and asks if she thinks Rafe’s following any leads. He’s terrified he’ll never see his little girl again. Ari puts her hand on EJ’s but before she answers, Brady comes upon them and thinks EJ should ask Rafe himself, instead of manipulating Ari. She tells Brady off and lets EJ know Rafe wouldn’t keep that from him. EJ tells Ari he enjoyed sparring with her. He’s sorry for the intrusion, and leaves. Ari doesn’t think Brady needs to watch over her, not from EJ. Brady says Victor admitted he was a drug lord, who believes he’s absolved from responsibility because he sold it. At least Ari doesn’t have to turn his grandfather over to Roman, she points out, but Brady worries she’s working for somebody more dangerous than Victor.

    Poster Boy For Sanity.

    Wednesday, December 16 2009

    In her room, Ari tells Brady she has a new plan to get to the head of the drug operation. She calls Troy who puts her on speakerphone. Ari hints at meeting the head of the drug operation and Troy promises to consider it. He hangs up, asking EJ how he’d like to handle it. Later, Troy returns Ari’s call. He ran her request by the boss and says to be at pier 37 in ten minutes – alone! Once they hang up, Ari lies and tells Brady that the meeting isn't confirmed. She says she has to run errands before work, and ushers Brady to the door. Once he has left, she takes off for the pier.

    Philip leaves the mansion, causing Victor to brood. He doesn’t like that Philip resents Vivian and hates his mother. Vivian thought it was fun. On the bright side, Kate thinks they’re a couple! Victor thinks he has lost his mind. "You're a poster boy for sanity, compared to that Botox witch," says Vivian. Brady arrives and asks if his grandfather’s feeling alright since the accident. He’s fine. Victor asks about Arianna. They’re together, says Brady, but Victor says no good can come from being in love with a drug dealer.

    The Mayan Scroll.

    Tuesday, December 15 2009

    Chloe finds Brady at the pub. Will he visit Nicole? Brady doesn’t think Nicole’s hiding Sydney but refuses to see her. Somebody recently pointed out to him that he’s addicted to Nicole, and therefore, he can’t see her right now.

    Arianna is accosted by Troy, outside the pub. The next shipment is delayed. Arianna’s not happy. What’s she supposed to do with her clients? Troy says they can check into rehab for a while.

    Arianna goes back into the pub. She has overheard some of Chloe and Brady’s conversation regarding Nicole and is proud of Brady for refusing to see Nicole. Brady tells Ari he loves her. He has never stopped. Can she keep that in mind? Arianna gives him a big kiss, and later Arianna lets Brady know that Troy has told her there’s a delay in the shipment. She gets an idea on how to meet the man in charge of the drug operation.

    Have Fun Bickering!

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Rafe grabs Nicole in anger, at the bus station and demands she tell him where Sydney is. Brady and Ari show up and Nicole starts to sob and worry about Sydney and passes out cold. Once she does come to, Rafe taunts her. She'd better tell them where Sydney is or she’ll go to prison. Brady asks where Sydney is and she apologizes for getting him involved in her lies. She will regret for the rest of her life if she caused him pain because she loves him. He’s the best friend she has had. Brady asks for a moment alone and says if that’s true, she needs to tell him where his sister’s baby is. Nicole confesses Brady made her think twice about bringing Sydney to Canada and that’s why she called Sami. She was using the pay phone and knew what she was doing was wrong, before she was attacked. "I woke up in the hospital and that’s when I learned my baby – Sami’s baby was gone." She starts to have a vision but can’t make it out. "What have I done?" Brady hugs her and nearby, Ari is sure she’s telling the truth. She doesn’t know where the baby is. Rafe leads her away.

    The cops bring Nicole to EJ and Sami at the hospital. Fay asks why she lied to her about Sydney being her own. Fay hates that because of this, Sydney’s missing. Roman leads Fay away, Nicole gets examined, Rafe comforts a crying Sami and EJ looks on. EJ takes a call and tells his henchmen to be available to him at all times. Once Nicole returns, she apologizes to everyone, saying she wants Sydney to be with her mommy and daddy. EJ tells Roman to get her out of there, so Roman leads her away. Ari tells Brady he did all he could but he says it wasn’t enough. Sami has to call Will with an update, but Rafe tells her they should return home and stay positive with the kids. They all leave EJ standing alone.

    Crack The Code!

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    Brady and Roman talk with security, outside the hospital. They’re glad Sami wasn’t there to hear that. She’s at a hotel near the hospital and Roman hopes she’s resting. Brady agrees to talk with Nicole again. Ari comes upon them as Brady thinks Nicole is telling the truth. Roman gets a call and goes to the train station while Ari approaches Brady. She’s there to help find Sydney, but he knows better so she admits she’s there, wondering why he tells her he loves her but can’t get Nicole out of his heart. Ari can understand it if Nicole was a wonderful person but she’s not.

    Back outside in Cleveland, Brady stops her and stands up for Nicole and Ari calls Nicole a drug to him! Brady thinks that’s ridiculous but Ari starts rhyming off the 12 questions for any alcoholic, thinking he can answer yes to them. Roman calls Brady and tells him Nicole escaped so both Ari and Brady rush to find her.

    Brady and Ari arrive at the bus station and Brady grabs Nicole from Rafe’s clutches. "She doesn’t know anything," Brady yells.

    Nothing More Than a Gestation Device.

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    At the hospital in Cleveland, EJ, Rafe and Sami accuse Stefano of taking Sydney. EJ asks where she is and Stefano admits he has an idea of who took her, and it wasn’t him. He treasures her and tells them to ask Nicole. Sami says Nicole told Brady she knows nothing, and she never lies to Brady. Stefano comments that Brady is in love with her and will believe anything she says. They go back and forth and Sami knows they’ve all been lying but wants to focus on Sydney’s safety. Stefano has no idea where Sydney is, though EJ accuses him once more. Stefano has an idea of where to find Sydney. He had his best people tracking Nicole since she left Salem. EJ did too, he thinks. EJ admits he did and Stefano thinks they should have their men join forces. EJ doesn’t trust Stefano’s spies and tells Sami so. Stefano’s angry to be turned into the villain here. He just wants his granddaughter back.

    Nicole is in bed, dreaming about Sydney and calls for her, telling her mommy’s coming. She wakes up saying she has to find her. She tries to get up but in pain, falls back on the bed. Later, she holds her head and winces, then gets up and looks outside her door, where she sees a guard. She gets upset when she tries the other door and finds it locked.

    In the waiting room, Roman arrives. Rafe tells him he spoke with a friend from the FBI. He thinks it’s a professional but Roman disagrees. He has a contact at Cleveland PD and they might have a lead on who took Sydney. Nicole’s mother Fay visited Nicole several times at the hotel according to the Cleveland PD, who spoke with the manager. Rafe thinks it doesn’t add up and Roman agrees. Fay’s not the best mother but a good person and wouldn’t hurt Nicole or Sydney.

    Meanwhile, Nicole paces her room and tries to unlock the door with some object she finds.
    Rafe goes to the security guard and asks if he can see Nicole. The guard refuses him but Rafe used to work with the FBI and thinks he can get some answers from Nicole. He convinces the guard to let him in. He searches the room but Nicole’s gone.

    Outside Nicole’s room, Stefano calls Kate to tell her what’s going on. Kate worries that he’ll get all worked up again, causing Stefano to become upset with her. Elvis, Nicole and Sami are keeping Sydney away from him and they’re going to pay for it! Kate’s confused. "Pay? How?" Stefano says not to worry about it.

    Nearby, Sami worries they’ll never find Sydney. EJ comforts her.

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