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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    These Are My Secrets.

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    Back on the pier, Baker takes off just as Chloe arrives, worried she’s going to lose Daniel. Nicole reminds her that nothing she could do will ever top anything she has done herself. Nicole suggests marriage would solidify things. Later, Chloe has left and Brady finds Nicole alone. He reluctantly admits what’s up with Arianna but Nicole is sure Ari will come back to him. If he needs a friend, she’ll be at Cheatin’ Heart.

    Treasure Box.

    Monday, May 31 2010

    Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Hope and Ciara wonder why all the cars are there. Inside, Vivian throws the bouquet to Chloe but Carly catches it, just as Hope and Ciara enter the mansion.

    On the patio, Melanie tells Philip he’s the perfect husband. He flashes back to sex with Chloe and denies that he’s perfect.

    Back inside, Bo fills Hope in on the wedding. Ciara wonders if Carly catching the bouquet means daddy’s marrying her. Once she’s out of earshot, Hope laments how hard this is on their daughter. Nearby, Maggie chats with Ciara while Justin and Carly discuss Hope’s recent personality changes. Nicole stops Brady from heading to SPD, saying Ari’s busy with her lawyer. Brady congratulates Chloe and Daniel and takes off, with Nicole following. Maggie congratulates Daniel and Chloe, and Victor watches as Daniel says he hates the fact that Victor married Vivian but Daniel still cares for Victor. Carly takes Chloe aside and asks her to make Melanie part of her wedding plans. Nearby, Victor expresses his annoyance over Daniel marrying Chloe. Vivian and Kate listen in as Victor says there’s no proof that Vivian tried to murder Melanie. Vivian is visibly hurt as Victor confesses there’s no chance he’ll fall in love with his wife.

    Back on the patio, Philip heads inside as Melanie tells Carly she doesn’t like the idea of her dad marrying Chloe.

    Philip finds Chloe in the foyer and they discuss their romp. Philip feels luckily they’re in the clear. He doesn’t want to lose Melanie. Melanie overhears and asks why he’d lose her. Philip thinks fast, saying he doesn’t want to screw up.

    On the patio, Hope and Bo discuss Ciara’s stories. Justin and Ciara overhear and Ciara maintains that mommy does have the treasure box – under her bed. She flashes back to looking through the driver’s license and upset, thinking Bo doesn’t believe her, she runs off with Justin in pursuit. Hope suggests they look under her bed, so they head inside.

    In the drawing room, Maggie tells Victor that in spite of the boneheaded things he does, people love him. He asks if she does just as Vivian interrupts for photos. Kate watches, smirking. Ciara compliments Vivian on her beauty before they head upstairs. Vivian declares that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to her all day.

    Nicole follows Brady to the pier. She again advises him to leave Ari for the night but he refuses to do it. Nicole tries to make Ari look bad but he pays her no attention and leaves. Baker arrives and asks for money in return for his silence.

    The Ex-wives of Victor Kiriakis.

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    Vivian is angry to find Victor using her boudoir for a tête-à-tête with Maggie and complains. Victor tells her to shut up. Vivian cries, thinking Victor’s not going to marry her. She blames Maggie. Victor doesn’t want her trash talking Maggie, who is a far better person than either of them have the right to know. Victor agrees to marry her but says this isn’t amusing or romantic. He thinks his family will turn their backs on him and warns Vivian to toe the line.

    Downstairs, Nicole finds Kate and tells her Carly Manning’s there. They could have their own reality show. "The Ex-wives of Victor Kiriakis." Kate chokes on her martini and the ladies start to giggle when Nicole suggests Victor wants another baby.

    In the foyer, Melanie, Carly and Chloe listen to Maggie, who thinks Victor’s trying to protect his family by marrying Vivian. Maggie worries Vivian will try to alienate Victor, so it’s important they make it clear that by marrying Victor, Vivian’s taking on the whole family!

    In the drawing room, Bo tells Daniel and Philip he’s to blame for this circus after underestimating Victor. Daniel worries about what happens to their families when Vivian marries Victor as Chloe, Carly, Melanie and Maggie saunter in.

    In the foyer, Vivian tells Victor she’ll always be there for him, even though his family is judgmental.

    Philip finds Kate on the patio with Nicole. Melanie follows and tells him they need to stay for the wedding. She’s sure it’ll help Victor if they support him. Bo interrupts and Philip kisses Melanie and leaves. Bo thanks Melanie for doing the right thing and tells her this is his fault. Melanie laughs at his honesty and they share a laugh before going inside.

    Victor and Vivian walk into the drawing room, shocked to see the whole family waiting.

    The ceremony begins on the patio. The groom looks grim, Maggie rolls her eyes, Nicole sips her martini, and Carly whispers to Bo, "Are you going to stop this?" Bo says the ball is in Victor’s court. Justin arrives, explaining to Philip he just received a text that something was wrong with Victor. Philip explains that there’s a wedding taking place. Victor gives a speech to the family, saying it means a lot to him that they’re there. He cares about their happiness - most of them anyway! He knows they’re wondering why he’s doing this and tells them ‘you always get what you want’. "Let’s get this over with," he barks. Kate flashes back to her own wedding to Victor as does Nicole, Carly and Vivian. Victor and Vivian say their vows and Vivian is incensed when she has to prompt Victor to put the ring on her finger. Once the wedding is over, Victor heads to the drawing room for a drink. Vivian cues the music and the family smirks as she trails off after her new husband, calling out his name.

    Later, the party is in full swing in the drawing room. Victor asks Kate why she’s alone. Is Stefano in a coma or has he been indicted? Kate takes his jokes and exchanges a few barbs of her own. Nearby, Philip broods, asking Melanie if they can leave. Victor asks if Bo’s happy now. Neither men are, they admit and Bo says Vivian deserves to be in jail. Victor laughs and says, "If my wife…I hate saying that. If my wife deserves to be in jail, so does your precious Carly." Chloe stares at Carly while thinking about her secret being out and Nicole interrupts her thoughts, asking why she’s so jittery. Daniel and Brady get a drink while Daniel enlightens Brady about his own upcoming nuptials. Melanie overhears and voices her concerns. Nearby, Victor wants to know why his bride isn’t mingling. Vivian complains nobody wants to talk to her. Nicole butts in and thinks they should take a photo of all Victor’s ex-wives. They do so and Vivian declares she’s the last Mrs. Kiriakis. Later, Maggie berates Victor for hurting Vivian’s feelings several times throughout the ceremony. Victor assures Maggie that she has made the mistake of thinking Vivian’s human. Maggie thinks one would have to be an idiot to marry Victor. Daniel issues an announcement that he and Chloe are marrying right away. Everyone congratulates them except for Carly, who shakes her head, and Melanie, who leaves the room. As Chloe recovers from shock from Daniel’s announcement, Carly gives Chloe an icy stare. Philip follows Melanie and she suggests her dad and Chloe work out their issues before they marry.

    Inside the manse, Bo congratulates the happy couple, and Vivian tells Chloe it’s time. She’s about to throw the bouquet. Just as Hope and Ciara come into the foyer, Vivian throws the bouquet. Carly catches it, much to Hope’s regret.

    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

    Tuesday, May 25 2010

    Brady visits Arianna in prison, insisting that he wants to get her out. Arianna cries that she knows Brady doesn't believe in her innocence. Brady says he was just shocked at the DNA results, and thinks someone is framing her. He promises to get her the best lawyer. Arianna wants a public defender, but Brady insists he wants to help. He says she's stuck with him but Arianna tells him he's a free man.

    In front of the Brady Pub, Nicole is on the phone with Baker. She reminds him not to mug people anymore since Arianna is "looking guilty as sin." Baker says his partner will come after Nicole when she finds out about this. She hangs up, just as Philip asks if there's a problem. Nicole says her problem is Philip not letting her report this story. Philip allows her to, but says he'll be watching closely. Later, Nicole continues her report about the mugging. Melanie and Philip watch, as Nicole reports that Arianna is innocent until proven guilty. Afterwards, Philip hugs Nicole with gratitude. Brady walks by and thanks her too. Later, when they're alone, Nicole offers Brady advice on Arianna, saying that she'll be begging him to come back. Brady thanks her again. Nicole apologizes, saying that she lied to him. She is happy for him and Arianna, but will always love him. Brady gets a text message about Victor.

    Well Played!

    Monday, May 24 2010

    At the station, Nicole drops an envelope with Arianna's name on it. Brady and Hope ask to see it so Nicole reluctantly hands it to Hope. Hope says the information puts the case in a new light, and asks how she got it. Nicole said her researcher dug it up. Hope explains that Arianna had a juvenile record since she used to be in a gang called the "Red Dogs," but Brady had no idea. Hope demands that Nicole leave, so Nicole tells Brady to hang in there.

    At the station, Arianna reassures Gabi that she's innocent but Gabi is worried about Arianna's juvenile records. Gabi asks if she's ever told Brady. Arianna says it was a long time ago, and her boyfriend at the time got her into trouble. Gabi says that Arianna has a great guy now and Arianna agrees. Brady and Hope walk in. Gabi excuses herself and Hope asks Arianna to explain her juvenile record. Arianna explains that her ex-boyfriend piled the charges on Arianna to get his own charges reduced. Hope leaves to check on the test results. Brady asks why she didn't tell him, and says she can trust him with anything. Arianna says she will never keep anything from him again, and they hug.

    Hope returns to Arianna and says the hairs found on Roman's body belong to her. She arrests her for Roman's mugging. Brady looks stunned and Arianna says he doesn't believe her. She tells him to leave her alone. Hope walks Arianna out and Nicole tells Brady she's sorry.

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