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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Kiriakis.

    Friday, February 12 2010

    Back at the mansion, Stephanie gives Melanie a drink of water and flashes back to keeping the note from Nathan. Melanie says, "I do," and they pledge their love with the rings. Abe pronounces them husband and wife. Philip tells Mrs. Kiriakis "Happy Valentine’s Day," and they kiss. The guests cheer and everyone mingles. Lucas gripes at Kate and Stefano.

    Outside, Nathan sends a text message to somebody.

    Back inside, Melanie kisses Maggie. She was relieved to see her. Maggie apologizes. Philip takes a call from his brother while Melanie admits she used to dream about having her mother at her wedding. Maggie made that possible.

    In the foyer, Vivian takes off her gloves and mutters how she has to get Melanie alone.

    Speaking Of Buns In The Oven...

    Thursday, February 11 2010

    Maggie, Mia, Will and Allie wait for the wedding to begin. They reminisce about Mickey, which makes Maggie smile and laugh. Lucas and Justin, who is filling in for Bo, are happy about this and Lucas calls Nathan to share the news. Allie goes upstairs to play with Ciara and her nanny while Lexi and Maggie chat. Lexi worries about Stefano. He’s on his best behavior and that always spells trouble.

    In the foyer, Victor and Philip look for Vivian, worried when she can’t be found. In the den, Lexi stops Stefano from eating sweets, but badgers him about keeping the truth of Sydney’s paternity from EJ. Nearby, Justin asks Victor if Vivian will cause trouble. Victor tells Justin what he told Hope - they’ve nothing to worry about from Vivian.

    Back in Melanie’s room, Ari, Brady and Melanie discuss how pushy Vivian can be but after she got the comb in Melanie’s hair, it was easy for her to leave. They find this odd, but go off to get Melanie a snack when Stephanie shows up. Melanie grills her about the note. Stephanie lies that Nathan refused to read it once he saw it was from her, so Melanie says they need to get the show on the road. Stephanie steps outside while Melanie cries and becomes dizzy. She falls to the bed, unconscious.

    The Plot Thickens!

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    At the Java Café, Daniel helps a kid play a computer game, Brady walks in and jokes that Daniel could show his children how to play. Daniel coldly tells him to drop it. He apologizes for snapping and explains that Chloe can’t have kids. Brady says he had no idea, and Daniel reassures him there are other options for having kids.

    At the Brady Pub, Brady greets Arianna with a kiss. He gives her a ring box and Arianna opens it to find a bracelet. Brady says it was his mom’s and he wants her to have it. Brady notices the look in her eyes since it was a ring box with no ring, but Arianna thanks him. Brady didn’t know his mom well, but says she would’ve been proud of him for choosing and loving her.

    Lying Through Her Fangs!

    Friday, February 05 2010

    Sami opens the door to Brady. She says Anna visited her, it was kind of strange - she got really upset when they discussed Sydney. Brady remarks that Anna's not totally insensitive. He asks what is going through Sami's mind. She admits she is thinking about the times they had as kids - how much they loved each other - she wants that for her kids. Brady reassures her that Sydney could be on her way back to her as they speak. Brady asks about what happened with Rafe. Sami says it is easier when he's by her side. Brady suggests they get back together, but Sami thinks he needs to just stay away during all this insanity. Brady leaves, and Sami recalls Rafe bringing Sydney back to her arms the first time, and heads out.

    Brady and Daniel meet up down by the docks. They discuss Chloe and Brady mentions that she's always wanted to be a mom. Daniel gets a weird look on his face, and Brady asks if he said something wrong. Daniel says no, and he wants to be a father someday, but timing is everything.


    Wednesday, February 03 2010

    At Java, Rafe tells Brady that Arianna’s not going to prison, but he’s worried that Mr. Big might want revenge on Ari, now.

    Ari and EJ arrive at the pub. EJ’s happy to learn she’s not going to prison and doesn’t think she should worry about the big boss coming for her. Ari remembers the last time they discussed this. He said she should worry! EJ thinks if he wanted to hurt her, the big boss would have done so already. EJ invites her to have a drink with him. Reluctantly she does and gets a Cervaise with lime. EJ ponders that. "Why would you put lime into perfectly good beer?" They drink up and EJ enjoys it. Rafe and Brady arrive and see the cozy scene. The men congratulate Ari and EJ offers to buy them a drink. Brady declines and EJ assumes there’s no point in asking if there’s news about his daughter. There isn’t, so he leaves and Rafe sulks. He’s doubting himself. Ari doesn’t think there’s reason to. Rafe leaves and Brady kisses Ari and they move things to her room, where they have sex.

    Thorn in My Side.

    Friday, January 29 2010

    Brady finds Roman at Salem PD, looking for Arianna. He’s worried the drug cartel king knows she’s working undercover and her life could be in danger. Roman assures Brady that there’s a guard on her 24 hours a day. Brady wants a team on her and offers to pay for it. Roman is certain she’s not in trouble but Brady can’t blindly believe it and runs off to look for her. Rafe arrives and he and Roman discuss how Arianna’s release is temporary. They hope it’ll be permanent soon. Roman brings up Rafe and Sami’s problems with the kidnapping. Roman would have done the same thing Rafe did in his shoes. Rafe asks, “Even if it meant losing the woman you loved?” Roman learns Rafe moved out and is sorry to hear it. Rafe’s sad that Sami’s now going through this ordeal alone. Roman says she has her family… "And EJ," says Rafe.

    Brady shows up at Sami’s door looking for Rafe but learns he moved out. Brady heard the drop didn’t go well and Sami says if it wasn’t for Rafe, they would have had Sydney back. Brady says she doesn’t know that for certain and asks if they can move on. Sami says they’ve betrayed each other’s trust. It’s not that easy. After Brady leaves, Sami puts on Rafe’s ball cap and reminisces about better times with Rafe.

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