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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    The Horse's Mouth.

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Brady arrives at the pub and offers to help open it with Arianna but she refuses him. He thinks something is bothering her but she’s fine. Once he leaves, Al shows up with a ski mask and a gun that he aims at her head. He orders her to put up her hands and then demands all the money in the cash register. Ari grabs all of the money she can as Brady returns. He quietly comes in behind Al and grabs his gun arm. They wrestle and during the scuffle, the gun falls. Ari reaches for it and Al runs off with Brady hot on his trail. Later, Brady returns. He couldn’t find the masked man and neither can identify him. Brady holds Arianna close, realizing how much she means to him. What would he do if he lost her?

    Nothing Like A Roll In The Hay...

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Chloe, Daniel, Ari and Brady arrive at Java. Chloe teases Brady for falling asleep during the opera they just came from. He thinks she would have done a better job in the part. The men go off to check their sports scores on their cell phones while Ari tells Chloe she likes how she and Brady get along. Chloe thinks they’ve grown up a lot. They discuss Nicole. Chloe assumes Ari wants to know if Brady’s in love with her. Ari’s hoping he’s trying to make up for his past mistakes. Troy stops by Ari’s table, making her uncomfortable. Brady interrupts and Troy tells them to enjoy their evening and leaves. Brady calls him one of Ari’s pub groupies but Chloe found him a little hostile and is unnerved that he’s staring at Ari, still. Brady tries to make light of it.

    Later, Ari and Brady are on a park bench when Ari realizes she’s missing her cell phone and runs back into Java.

    Back inside Java, Daniel asks Chloe what happened with her and Brady. Chloe thinks they make better friends than a married couple. The drugs were merely a result of the other issues. She was focused on her career and Brady didn’t know what he wanted. He somehow ended up feeling like a baggage handler and took care of her when she needed to be saved and when she didn’t need her, it ended. Ari overhears this. Chloe says Brady saw her as a project. She thinks it’s been odd going through this with Nicole and seeing the same behavior. Chloe mentions that Ari asked her about it earlier and wonders if Ari plans on keeping Brady, she’d better start acting like she needs to be saved. Ari clears her throat and is noticed. She tells them she lost her phone, so Daniel finds it for her and she leaves. Chloe hopes Ari didn’t overhear her. Later, Daniel and Chloe decide to head home, to bed.

    Outside Java, Ari looks worried. She finds Brady, who is upset after learning Mickey Horton died. Ari is upset for Maggie. That must be why Caroline asked her to open the pub late. Brady heads to Maggie’s place while Ari heads home and Troy follows. He tells Al on the phone that tomorrow’s the day.

    Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

    Monday, January 11 2010

    At the mansion, Victor throws the paper at Brady, where Nicole’s sentencing has made headlines. They argue about people changing and Brady says Nicole was desperate and a little nuts and she’s suffering. Give her a break. "I think I liked you better when you were high," spits out Victor. Brady is disgusted and says people change. "They get older. That’s about it." Brady calls Victor a broken record and reminds him he’s shacking up with Vivian Alamain.

    Outside the pub, Troy calls Al and tells him to get the silencer, already. They hang up.

    Inside the pub, Ari ignores Brady’s calls and stares at the newspaper. Melanie interrupts. She’s got her wedding gown and is ready to get out of dodge. Ari shows her the newspaper and whines that Brady went to bat for Nicole. Melanie thinks if she’s going to make things work with Brady, she’s got to let that stuff go. Ari gives Melanie something blue. She’s off to Maggie’s and will borrow something old from her and since the dress is new to her, she’s set. The girls hug and Melanie promises Brady loves her. Soon, there won’t be an issue of Nicole.

    Outside the pub, Al calls Troy with news. He has the silencer. Troy hides out when Brady arrives. Brady goes into the pub and tells Ari the obligation he has felt toward Nicole is over, but she’s skeptical. After some talk, Ari agrees to try again, and they hug. Brady decides the next thing on their agenda is to bring down the drug operation but Ari wants to put that on hold and work on their relationship.

    Outside the pub, Troy gets a call and assures someone that soon, she will be dead.

    You’ll Always Be With Me Brady, Forever.

    Thursday, January 07 2010

    Back at the pub, Arianna doesn’t think she’ll ever understand Brady. He asks for her compassion. Ari can’t believe he wants Nicole to be free after what she did to his sister. Brady admits it’s true. Ari asks what he’d do if Nicole didn’t go to jail. He’s not sure. Ari urges him to say goodbye to Nicole before she leaves and they’ll discuss this later.

    Chloe goes to Nicole’s side at court, apologizing that she got 20 years. Nicole deserves it and feels that they may know the kidnapper. They agree to remain pen pals and Chloe will visit. She asks Chloe to hang on to Daniel. Nicole threw Brady away while she was chasing the illusion of love. She wishes she could take it back. They hug and Brady shows up. He blames himself but she made her mistakes in spite of him. He’s the only one who ever cared. He doesn’t deserve to be hurt and she asks him to check out Arianna. She’s a drug dealer. Brady already knows and it’s a misunderstanding. She asks him never to let anyone hurt him again like she did. "Don’t ever call or write because I won’t take your calls or write back." It’s her gift to him to let him go. Brady begs her not to do it but it’s time for him to go. The guard comes to get Nicole, so she says goodbye. "You’ll always be with me Brady, forever." They kiss and Nicole starts to cry as she’s lead away.

    She Deserves Mercy.

    Wednesday, January 06 2010

    Al quietly makes his way into the pub, armed. He puts his gun away when Brady arrives, asking why Ari didn’t lock the door. Ari asks Al what he wants. The pub’s closed. Didn’t he see the sign? Al just wanted a coffee and apologizes. After he leaves Brady says he returned to make sure she was safe. Ari has to meet with Troy so will stop by the hearing once he has left. When Brady leaves. Ari flashes back to telling Brady he’s addicted to Nicole.

    Rafe, Will and Sami run into EJ at court. Nicole is brought out and Mia, Gabi and Chad arrive. The DA tells his son, not to testify but to keep their name out of this, but Chad doesn’t care. He’s testifying. Gabi’s confused as to why she’s even there, so Mia tells her simply to listen to what’s said. Sami asks EJ quietly if he has the money. He’s working on it. She assures him she kept this from Rafe, and feels terribly about it. Judge David Goldberg presides and says Nicole is guilty on three counts to do with switching babies and kidnapping the child. The DA wants punishment to the fullest extent of the law, which is 70 years! EJ testifies that Nicole didn’t come clean about Grace being his child when she died of meningitis and Sami takes the stand, saying she thought Grace was her daughter when she died, a part of her died. Nicole looks morose as Sami struggles to keep it together on the stand. Mia testifies how Nicole badgered her not to tell the truth about her baby and how she hates herself for lying. Chad talks about wanting to raise his child but not getting the chance, because Nicole’s lies prevented him from doing so. Gabi’s face shows surprise at this admission. EJ tells the court Nicole made a mockery of their life, while Sami says Nicole was at her side when Grace died, but never told her the truth. Mia talks about how Nicole made her lie about sleeping around in order to throw Chad off the trail and EJ tells the court how Nicole tried to leave the country. Lastly, Sami tells the court how Nicole kidnapped Sydney and because of her, somebody else has stolen Sydney. The judge thanks those who testified and Brady arrives to speak on Nicole’s behalf. EJ smirks and shakes his head. Brady explains Nicole’s miscarriage to the judge and says it cut through her mind and heart. On some level, she went insane. She loved EJ so much and there was a disconnect. It was as if she thought she gave birth to Sydney. Nicole sobs as Brady tells the judge that no sentence could be worse than what Nicole is feeling now. It’s Brady’s hope that the court is kind. As Ari walks into the room, she hears Brady say, "She deserves mercy." Nicole takes the stand and tells everyone there’s no excuse for what she has done. It was unforgiveable. Every choice she made was a disaster and the court should give her the worst sentence possible. She doesn’t care if she goes to prison. She only cares about bringing Sydney home. Nicole breaks down in tears and apologizes for everything. The judge admits he hasn’t met anyone so repentant. EJ gets up and interrupts, yelling, and the judge finds it ludicrous that a DiMera would stop the proceedings, considering how many times he has gotten off free. Sami gets up to scream at the judge, who reminds her she hasn’t been blameless in this, either. He reminds her of her past custody hearings and starts to sentence Nicole.

    Leave Her Body Wherever You Drop It.

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Rafe answers Sami’s door to Brady, who notices a note from Sami, saying she left. Brady admits he saw Nicole last night and tried persuading her not to give up on figuring out who that voice belongs to. Rafe’s upset that Brady hired a lawyer for Nicole and says if his sister gets hurt, he’s coming after him.

    Brady drops by the pub. Ari forgot to lock the door, but says they’re closed. Brady doesn’t like that she’s all alone here. She is in more danger, now that Victor’s spreading the word that she’s a dealer. Arianna tells him that Troy sent a signal out that destroyed the contact list in the cell phone. They feel they’re in the clear. Brady admits he saw Nicole and as he shares what transpired, Al comes to the pub. When he notices Brady there, he calls Troy, explaining the delay. Back inside, Ari and Brady decide to put on their own New Year’s party. They make out until Gabi returns. She had a good time with Chad, who bought her a latte. Ari doesn’t think that counts as a date, considering he works at Java! Gabi goes to do inventory and Ari decides to have a chat with her sister. Brady leaves and the skeevy Al returns. "Alone at last," he says. He sees Gabi and is annoyed. Inside, Ari and Gabi find a pie from their mother. Gabi thinks they should invite people over to help eat it! They reminisce about past Christmases with their mother and Ari remembers being alone last year. This year she has Gabi, Rafe and her friends. Ari wants to discuss Chad, but the two are interrupted when Troy calls, asking to meet her. Ari asks for privacy and says they’ll continue their lecture about Chad, later. Gabi leaves and Al returns.

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