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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    What a Diva!

    Tuesday, March 30 2010

    On the plane, Ari returns to her seat with a note from the pilot, who knows Brady from Titan. Brady hesitates to go say hello but Ari doesn’t need a babysitter. He leaves and Ari sits with Nicole and they compare past transgressions. Nicole says Brady doesn’t love Ari. Ari reminds Nicole that she kidnapped Brady’s niece and Brady won’t forgive that. She goes back to her seat. Nicole follows and says she’s not concerned. Brady’s been there for her, in spite of everything. Nicole can see Ari’s more insecure than she thought. Brady returns and Nicole goes back to her seat.

    Brady and Ari arrive to the Kiriakis mansion. Ari rants about Nicole until Brady changes the subject to how much he loves Ari. They discuss wedding plans. Once he’s alone, Brady leaves a message for Nicole to call him.


    Monday, March 29 2010

    In Santo Domingo, the JP tells Arianna and Brady a hurricane is on the way. Tourists are being evacuated. Ari moans that they’re supposed to be getting married. Brady calls the airlines and Nicole taunts Ari about her tough break. They both mark their territory and Arianna excuses herself to pack. Brady returns. He knows why Nicole came to Santo Domingo and apologizes. Nicole says there’s nothing to apologize for. She was being foolish. Brady asks her to rethink going back to Salem but Nicole argues that Salem’s her home and she has friends there, like him. Brady reminds her he’s starting a new life with Arianna. Fay runs up and shouts that they’ve got to get off the island.

    Arianna packs and takes a call from Gabi, who learns Ari and Brady have yet to marry and are on their way home, because of the hurricane. Gabi gasps and tells her sister to get home safely. Brady comes in and apologizes. He intends on finishing what they started. They make out and Brady rushes downstairs to get their boarding passes. Ari says to herself that nobody’s going to take what’s hers.

    In the lobby, Nicole tells Fay that Brady’s still in love with her. Fay doubts it. Brady returns downstairs and Fay asks if he still has feelings for Nicole. He says he feels concern and worry and wants Nicole’s happiness. Arianna rushes down and they take off. Nicole comes upon Fay, who tells her she could see it in Brady’s eyes. He still has feelings for her.

    Arianna and Brady are on the flight to Salem discussing plans for their wedding. Nicole takes her seat and tells Brady she’s headed back to Salem. She thinks to herself that she’ll never give Brady up.

    Poker Chip.

    Friday, March 26 2010

    In Santo Domingo, Brady still wants to marry Ari. Nicole tells Ari, "You know you don’t have a prayer, right?" Brady tells Nicole to butt out or he’ll knock her on her butt. Nicole leaves them alone and Ari says Nicole’s a threat to them. If he can’t forget her she doesn’t want to marry him. Brady never thought he could be this happy. Ari feels the same and Ari wants to marry him but feels Nicole’s in the middle. Brady says he’s done with helping Nicole. They agree to follow through with their wedding while nearby, Nicole’s eyes fill with tears. They kiss and search for the JP, Gordon. They leave and he arrives, looking for the couple. Nicole hits on him until Fay arrives and tells Gordon to ignore Nicole. Fay hands over borrowed money she was supposed to wire. Fay airs Nicole’s dirty laundry and tries to figure out who sprung Nicole from prison. Gordon takes a hint and leaves while Fay learns Nicole’s there to see Brady. Brady and Ari wander in the bar and Nicole congratulates them on the fastest wedding ever. They didn’t go through with it yet as the garden’s muddy. It’s been moved to the sanctuary. Nicole gives her mother the evil eye as Fay wishes them a lovely wedding before they head outside. Fay touches on Nicole’s history with men and thinks her daughter should let go of Brady. Nicole thinks it’s different this time and kicks herself for overlooking Brady in the past. She rethinks things and decides her mother’s right. She has to start fresh and will do it. Fay’s happy she got through to her daughter and calls Nicole strong.

    Ari and Brady go back to their room and Ari tells Brady her pearls broke and Paca said it was a bad omen. Brady says they are making their own fate and can get her pearls restrung. Ari thinks the universe is telling them to wait to marry. She blathers on about being in her dress since the morning, so Brady unzips and it falls to the floor in a heap. They have sex. Afterward, they receive a call. The car’s waiting for them. They can go marry. They head downstairs, where Gordon tells them there has been a shocking turn of events. Ari yells at Nicole, assuming she messed things up.

    Restraint of a Drunken Frat Boy.

    Thursday, March 25 2010

    In Santo Domingo, the justice of the peace bumps into Nicole, looking for Brady. He mistakes her for the bride and she explains she’s not but can see she’s just in time, but then realizes it’s over and thinks she should do the right thing. Brady sees her and she tells him she was pardoned. He promptly calls for confirmation and says she should have called him. Nicole explains now that she’s free, everything has changed. He tells her he’s marrying Ari today. Nicole rants that Ari is a drug dealer, but decides to stop throwing stones, considering her own history. Brady says she hurt him the most and she has to leave.

    Local woman Paca, helps Arianna dress. The pearl necklace Brady gave her breaks and litters the floor, causing Paca to call it a bad omen. Some man takes Paca away because she’s making Ari nervous and Ari flashes back to a discussion with Brady about his lack of feelings for Nicole and realizes everything will be fine.

    Downstairs, Nicole gives Brady a kiss goodbye. Ari finds them and yells that Nicole needs to get her butt back to prison. Brady explains the warden confirmed she was pardoned. Nicole explains she didn’t know Brady was marrying Ari and was kissing him goodbye. Ari thinks she’s there to break up their wedding and rants up a storm. Nicole rolls her eyes. Ari tells Brady she doesn’t want to get married, now. Brady tries to reason with her and Nicole accuses her of being the only one to have doubts. Brady knows what he wants. The ball is in Ari’s court.

    The People Have Spoken.

    Wednesday, March 24 2010

    Brady chases Arianna through the hotel and they kiss, knowing they’ll soon be married. They sit and discuss wedding preparations that have been taken care of. They’re happy nobody is going to interfere. A call comes in and Brady says nobody was there. Ari feels guilty about not telling her family. Brady knows he’s in for it from Victor and matchmaker Melanie will be surprised! Brady goes off to hammer out details and Ari calls Mel from his phone. Melanie’s crying and doesn’t say why, so Ari tells her the news about the elopement. Melanie wishes she was there but promises to have a party for them once they return. They hang up and Melanie calls Philip to profess her love and they make a date to meet up. Melanie keeps seeing apparitions of Nathan everywhere as she rushes out the door! "Goodbye Nathan."

    Brady returns to Ari in Santo Domingo dressed all in white. She tells him he’s handsome and he gives her pearls. Excited, Ari runs off to dress. The justice of the peace arrives, apologetic for being late. He runs into Nicole looking for Brady, while going to get the license. He assumes she’s the bride!

    Engineering Rockets for Nasa.

    Monday, March 22 2010

    Will arrives at Java Café and shows Mia the medal. Why did she give it to Chad? She tells him she lost it but Will says she’s lying. He knows. He grew up with Sami as his mother and can tell. He breaks off with her and leaves.

    Ari and Brady arrive and refuse to let their siblings squabble upset their mood. Ari finds Gabi nearby, and Gabi sadly tells Ari that guys suck. Mia watches, smirking from the counter. Gabi explains what Chad said and wonders why Chad likes Mia. Ari says they’ve a bond from having a baby together. Gabi notices Ari’s ring and Gabi’s thrilled that she’s marrying Brady, but refuses to be her maid of honor. Gabi thinks she and Brady should elope. Mia drops by when Ari leaves and tells Gabi it’s a smart move on Chad’s part to dump her. Gabi tells Mia to drop dead and leaves the café. Mia warns she’ll be more upset when she’s through with her.

    Nearby, Ari and Brady decide to elope. Vivian walks in and tells Gus she will do Lawrence proud.
    Vivian arrives to Salem PD and makes cracks about Carly’s relationship with the police commissioner. Daniel and Carly leave the room while Bo warns Vivian. She laughs it up and then tells him goodbye. Once she’s gone, Bo tells Carly that Vivian’s going down. Bo drags Carly into his office and wants to discuss their future. They kiss but Carly’s pager goes off. She leaves the room and Bo calls somebody to let them know this craziness with Vivian’s going to end.
    Anna leaves the Kiriakis mansion and fantasizes she’s being shot by EJ. She calls Nicole, saying she couldn’t get the pardon. Lois isn’t happy Nicole’s getting calls on her cell. Anna has one more idea. Nicole gives her 12 hours and slams the phone shut in a rage. She’s got to talk to somebody. She calls Rafe.


    Friday, March 19 2010

    EJ finds Sami applying for a job on her laptop. He wants to take financial responsibility for the family. She wants a job. Brady arrives. EJ goes into the other room and Brady says he feels like he wandered into an episode of "Gangster Knows Best." EJ’s good with the kids and is protecting them from Stefano, Sami informs. Brady wonders how Rafe feels about this. Sami says he understands. Brady urges her to get rid of EJ, who listens from the hallway, saying he’s not going anywhere! Brady wants to tell Sami his news so EJ comes into the room and asks them to take a walk and he’ll look after the kids.

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