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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Brady Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brady Black Played by Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eric Martsolf (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27, 1971
    Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Kouchak on October 10, 2003
    Real Name: Eric Martsolf
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Thursday, March 11 2010

    Daniel and Maggie arrive at the hospital and Maggie sees the chief of Neurology. Daniel visits Melanie. They make small talk and Melanie says something went wrong in the gene department. He’s a brilliant, world renowned surgeon and she’s a nursing school dropout. Daniel says she was the best candidate.

    Later, Maggie returns, saying they’re starting a course of medication and she’s fine. She heads in to visit Melanie and Maggie accidentally smashes the vase Melanie’s flowers are in and freaks out. Melanie can tell something’s up so Maggie explains about the Myasthenia Gravis and Melanie starts to cry. She has to be okay. They hug.

    Brady stops by the nurse’s station and tells Daniel to tell Melanie he stopped by. He has something to do. He’s trying to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Daniel raises an eyebrow.

    Consolation Prize.

    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    At the resort, Brady is surprised when Arianna refuses his proposal. She stammers and the phone rings. Brady needs to take it and leaves the room. Ari gets a call from Gabi, who complains about a minor issue at the bar. Ari tells her about the proposal and Gabi’s ecstatic but shocked that her sister said no. Brady returns and tries to pretend what happened didn’t happen, but it’s not working. Ari’s not good at saying what she feels so she shows him with a kiss. Brady pushes her away, wondering what that was. Arianna’s not ready to marry him but she wants to be with him. He asks if that was his consolation prize. Arianna says this isn’t just about love. She loves him enough to marry him but she doesn’t feel she’s grown up enough to. Brady grins. She ticks him off but makes perfect sense. He reserves the right to make future offers. They start kissing and head to bed.


    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    Brady and Arianna arrive at a resort and Brady jokes that they’ll be ice fishing, to make Ari laugh. They fall into bed kissing, and have sex. Afterward, Brady dresses and leaves to get them sustenance. Once he is gone, Ari calls Gabi, who tells her to follow her heart with Brady. Arianna admits she thinks Brady could be the one. She feels she’s finally over her insecurities but won’t be Pollyanna. Outside their door, Brady tells the bellhop that he’s asking the woman inside to marry him. He shows the man a beautiful diamond ring and says he has wanted to do something special for a while. The bellhop thinks that’s wonderful and Brady drops the ring inside a champagne glass, smiling. He fantasizes that Ari has said yes to a proposal but chokes on the ring when she swigs the champagne. He frowns and decides it’s a bad idea to put the ring in the glass! He returns to the room with the champagne and each professes their love for one another. Brady’s happy she gave him so many chances and doesn’t want it to end. He wants them to be for life. He shows her the ring and proposes on bended knee. Arianna is shocked and declines.

    From Paris With Love.

    Tuesday, March 02 2010

    Brady heads into the pub and asks Ari how he’s supposed to work things out with her when she won’t talk to him. She apologizes. He’s too late. He grabs her and takes her into a kiss. She kisses him back and then pushes him away, stating that’s not fair. Roman arrives and tells Brady that he called the warden to arrange time with Nicole, as he asked. Ari is upset and goes back to work. Roman says Nicole refused to see anybody, especially Brady Black. Roman’s pretty sure Nicole doesn’t know what’s going on. Brady doesn’t think it’s fair. Nicole deserves a friend to tell her that Sydney’s dead. Sydney was her world. Nearby, Ari tells a waitress she’s stepping out. Meanwhile, Brady urges Roman to call Nicole again. Roman notices that Ari has left and wonders if Brady’s sure.

    Brady follows Ari to a park bench and tells her she has no reason to worry. Ari’s not worried about Nicole. She’s worried about Brady. Brady says this time Nicole deserves to be told the truth. Arianna says her mother can do it. Nicole’s a liar. When will he realize that Nicole will never be out of his life? They argue. Brady’s tired of coming to this point. Ari remembers not too long ago that he told her he loved Nicole. Brady reminds her that was in the past tense and he refuses to abandon a friend in need. Ari reminds him Nicole’s a kidnapper and blames her for Sydney’s death. Brady says he loves Arianna, but she can’t believe him. Brady asks if she can take off work to go somewhere with him. It’s a surprise. She’s reluctant.

    The Three Stooges on Crack...

    Monday, February 22 2010

    Brady says goodbye to Ari at the pub and heads out to meet EJ at the pier while Rafe arrives, yelling to somebody on his cell phone about dragging the river. He sees Ari and tells her he’s losing it. He explains finding Sydney’s bloody clothing in the river. Ari apologizes but Rafe holds out hope she could still be alive. He admits Sami and EJ blame him for all of this and Sami has pushed him away again. Ari thinks Rafe should do what he thinks is right and let Sami deal with this in her own way. Later, Rafe makes a call and asks the team to back off Sami for a few days, since she’s not in good shape. He hangs up and looks at a photo of Sami with Sydney, then leaves the pub.

    From the pier, EJ takes a call from Anna, who is complaining that what he’s doing is beyond cruel and so much more than what she signed up for. He doesn’t care and doesn’t have time to talk. He hangs up on her as Brady arrives. EJ says he can’t do it so Brady will have to tell Nicole that Sydney’s dead. They bring up Nicole and EJ thinks he should tell her, considering he gives a damn about Nicole. Brady’s sorry. EJ hopes Sydney didn’t suffer. Arianna finds them and tells EJ she heard from Rafe about Sydney. She’s sorry. EJ blames Rafe and then leaves Ari upset, telling Brady that Rafe put his life on the line for Sami, who wouldn’t even know Sydney was her child if it wasn’t for him. She’s acting like she’s the only one in pain. Brady knows. Everyone is grieving, says Brady, but she’s curious as to why he told Brady the news. Brady says EJ asked him to tell Nicole. Ari angrily yells that she hopes the news kills her. They argue and Ari feels like Nicole’s getting between them once more.


    Friday, February 19 2010

    Ari and Brady lie in bed, glad Ari’s not in prison. Her thoughts turn to Melanie and she feels guilty. Brady is upset about Melanie but is glad she doesn’t give up. He tells himself she’ll be alright.

    Brady arrives at the hospital and Philip wants him to spend time with Melanie, so she’s with those who love her. Brady worries that Philip’s not eating or resting, but Philip’s only thoughts are for Melanie. Maggie leaves Melanie’s room and encourages Philip to take care of himself. Brady goes to Melanie and admits he’s used to her doing all the talking when they hang out. He reminds her of those who love her, including him.

    Carly dons scrubs and walks towards Melanie’s room, at the hospital.

    In the waiting room, Daniel and Maggie discuss Melanie’s recovery and Maggie leaves a message for Nathan to call her as soon as he can. Daniel finds Philip and orders him to go home for a while to rest. Daniel finds Carly and pulls her into the doctor’s lounge and tells her this is too risky. She can’t be there and she can’t see Melanie, who won’t want to see her. He orders her to take off the scrubs and leave. Carly thinks Melanie needs to know she’s loved and was wanted. Daniel’s sorry, but he can’t allow it. Carly begs and Daniel agrees to it.

    Inside Melanie’s room, Brady tires of telling Melanie stories and asks, "Will you please wake up?" She has become like a sister to him and he loves her. He kisses her head.

    Later, Carly and Daniel enter Melanie’s room. He gives her five minutes. Carly apologizes to Melanie for hurting her and says she has never loved anyone like she has loved her. She asks her to wake up for her and remembers her pregnancy and how she had such dreams for her. She kisses her head and tells her she loves her. Melanie moves and wakes up. Carly holds her head in her hands, happy she’s awake.

    Pray Vivian. Pray for Life. Pray for Recovery.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010

    Lexi yells for Abe to call the hospital as she works on Melanie. Brady holds Carly back as she admits Melanie’s her daughter. The EMT arrives and the party moves to the hospital while Victor has questions for Vivian. If Melanie dies, Philip will be heartbroken and I’ll know exactly where to seek my revenge. If Melanie manages to survive with no permanent damage, Philip will be happy and Carly will spend years in prison. “Pray Vivian. Pray for life. Pray for recovery,” he tells her. They leave for the hospital.

    Downstairs, Kate is shocked to learn Carly was Melanie’s shooter. Victor and Vivian find Kate with Lucas. They wonder if Carly’s really Melanie’s mother. Vivian and Victor leave while Kate asks Lucas what’s going on with Vivian. Lucas assumes she’s concerned about Melanie but Kate doesn’t buy it. If Vivian hurt Philip, Kate promises she’ll pay.

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