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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Days Recap: A Real Game Changer.

    Tuesday, January 21 2014

    At the Brady's Pub, Lucas tells Sheryl head of marketing has been impressed by her. Sheryl's glad. She says she's glad to give up her apartment in Birmingham. After Jordan moved out, rent was hard to handle. Lucas questions her but she's not forthcoming. Rafe and Jordan arrive and Lucas pays Rafe - they had a wager about the football game on the weekend. Things are tense between the women and Rafe notices. Rafe comments on how 'nice' Lucas is being to Sheryl. It can't hurt that she's pretty... At the table, Jordan clears the air and apologizes for assuming Sheryl got the job at MadWorld because of Kate. Sheryl seems happy with this and Jordan admits she'd like to stay in Salem. Sheryl thinks a guy like Rafe could be a real "game changer" for her. Sheryl wishes she knew what happened - why she left. Jordan says it has nothing to do with her. The guys return and the girls tell a story about a stinky car they rented to go to Memphis in. Jordan reamed the rental car company out but it turned out that the car wasn't stinky, Jordan's new bottle of cheap perfume had smashed in her suitcase and the smell permeated through the car. They fall over laughing at their story. Later, Lucas and Sheryl leave. Outside, Lucas takes a private call from Kate about Sheryl. He lies that he hasn't seen her since the office.

    Days Recap: Chemical Lobotomy.

    Thursday, January 16 2014

    At Club TBD, Jordan tells Rafe she just found out Sheryl was in Salem. Rafe doesn't think she's happy about it. Jordan admits they've not been close, lately. Rafe hopes she can give him the inside scoop as to what they used to do down in Alabama. Jordan tenses. Sheryl doesn't know more about her. They kiss and Jordan leaves.

    Kate runs into Rafe at the club. Did she hire Sheryl because she knew Jordan in Alabama? Kate denies it. Once she's gone, Rafe calls. They discuss Sheryl and Jordan insists she's fine with her moving to Salem. She agrees to go to Arianna's christening with him.

    Days Recap: Pop The Question.

    Wednesday, January 15 2014

    Lucas and Allie surprise Will at Club TBD. Rafe arrives and everyone visits. Sonny texts Tad saying everything is set. Tad tells Will Sonny needs him at home.

    Back at the club, Sheryl meets with Lucas and is introduced to Rafe. She says she has seen him with Jordan. Sami arrives and Sheryl has trouble keeping up when Sami admits she was married to both Lucas and Rafe. Sami looks for Will but Tad says he's alone with Sonny and not to go looking for them. Rafe receives a text from Jordan and tells her to come to the club.

    Jordan arrives at the club and Rafe questions her about Sheryl.

    Days Recap: Misery Train.

    Friday, January 10 2014

    Jordan returns to Club TBD to pick Rafe up.

    Days Recap: Under The Sheets.

    Thursday, January 09 2014

    Jordan and Rafe arrive at Gabi's with the christening dress for Arianna. The christening is in two weeks which Rafe points out it's a year to the day she was preparing to marry Nick. Gabi makes light of it and says everything worked out. Rafe can't wait until the day Nick Fallon's out of her life for good.

    Kate arrives at Gabi's and Jordan and Rafe leave. Kate tells Gabi she should make sure Abby keeps quiet about Nick's texts.

    Rafe and Jordan return to Club TBD for coffee. While Lucas makes small talk with Rafe, Jordan spots Sheryl. Both pull a face.

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