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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Days Recap: Ready Or Not, Here I Come.

    Friday, January 31 2014

    At the park, Rafe warns Nick to stay away from his sister. Rafe reaches out when Nick starts to walk away and falls. Nick just stands there, looking on and Jordan walks up. "What the heck are you doing?" she asks. Nick says Rafe wouldn't have taken his offer of help. He warns Rafe to take care of his health and accept Gabi makes her own decisions. He goes.

    Back at Club TBD, Kate fills EJ in on Nick asking to work for her and making vague threats. Rafe and Jordan walk up and they all agree that Nick Fallon should have stayed out of Salem. Kate and EJ leave for work and outside, Kate receives a text from Nick asking when they should negotiate the terms of his employment. She watches Rafe and Jordan canoodle and says she has to deal with Nick first but soon, she'll deal with Jordan. Inside, the couple trades funny Super Bowl stories and kiss before she goes to work.

    Days Recap: For Zsa Zsa.

    Thursday, January 30 2014

    At Club TBD, Tad tells Rafe he heard Nick Fallon was at the christening and flipped Gabi out. Rafe almost spits out his coffee.

    With a picnic basket in hand, Nick guides a blindfolded Gabi to the spot they murdered him. He shoves her in the water and she wakes up with a gasp. She sees a note from Will and Sonny who took the baby out to breakfast. Rafe arrives and she runs to his arms. They talk about Nick's return and how he wants to put the past behind him. She wants the same. Rafe has major reservations and asks if there's something she's keeping from him. She flashes to "murdering" Nick and asks Rafe to leave Nick alone. Rafe only promises to protect her.

    Rafe stalks Nick at the Horton Square and follows him to the park. He warns him not to have contact with Gabi or the baby. Nick turns to go and Rafe goes after him and falls to the ground. Nick just stands there.

    Days Recap: Mausoleum Of Death And Despair.

    Monday, January 27 2014

    At Club TBD, Rafe gives his approval to T to date Gabi - he's an improvement on the last guy she was with. Lucas appears and jokes with Rafe about foregoing the reception at the mausoleum of death and despair. Rafe mentions Sheryl. Lucas says they're keeping things professional. Sheryl and Jordan arrive. Lucas talks to Sheryl about her designs, but she wants to know about the christening. At their table, Jordan notes how well Rafe's getting around. He makes a suggestive remark about what he'll be doing with her once he loses the cane. She looks unnerved until he says, "Dancing." They laugh. Rafe starts asking about her past unhappiness and Alabama. She says she never had friends who mattered except for Sheryl...and now. She warns there are some things she will never talk about to anyone. Outside, Lucas tells Sheryl he enjoyed talking to her.

    Days Recap: Sometimes I Really Like You.

    Friday, January 24 2014

    Rafe and Lucas discuss the christening at Club TBD. Rafe learns Jordan can't make it due to work. Rafe asks if Lucas is bringing Sheryl. Lucas grins. No, he barely knows her and she works for the company. He looks guilty about the reason for Sheryl's move.

    Kate and Sami arrive at the church. They gush about how perfect Abigail is as Godmother. Abby looks ashamed. Julie turns up. Doug's stuck in Miami. In another room, sexy guitar music plays as Gabi tells him the one mistake she'll never regret is the night they made Arianna. Will's the best dad she could have and Gabi's best friend. They hug. Elsewhere, Hope continues to grill EJ but he reminds her Gabi helped find his son's cancer and that's when he started caring about her. Sami and Kate enter the room and hope they can keep Gabi calm. Jenn arrives. She says Maggie and Brady are bowing out because they're ill and don't want to expose the baby. Rafe finds Sami and Kate and Sami asks about Jordan, his bossy coach. It's awkward. Rafe says they're friends. He takes a seat and Kate whispers to Sami, "Sometimes I really like you. It's so disorienting." In the vestibule, Lucas tells Sonny he hopes someday soon he and Will will have their own ceremony. Caroline arrives and hugs Sonny. Eric turns up and Caroline's been so worried. He assures her he's fine. When he goes into the church, Julie talks loudly to Hope. "So brave of him to show up. Last time was on a screen seven feet tall." Hope shushes her. Sami hugs Eric. Lucas notices Abby. He tells her she has the DiMera scowl on her face. She frets. He thinks she's thinking of Chad and tells her she'll find someone who deserves her. Meanwhile, Rafe tells Gabi he spoke to their mother and they'll send photos after the ceremony. Everyone heads in and Father Matt begins the ceremony. Sonny and Abby talk about what they'll do to help Arianna in her path. Father Matt baptizes the baby and Gabi flashes to Nick going underwater. Once the ceremony's over, Will invites everyone to the DiMera mansion for a party. Father Matt talks to Eric about how it feels to be back there. He says it's like home. They agree to meet later to talk. In the vestibule, Kate and Sami urge EJ to shut Abigail up once again. He flashes to sex with Abby and goes, "Not a good idea." They sigh, exasperated so he tells them he'll give it a try. They head inside. Jenn and Lucas agree to dinner next week. Once Jenn goes, EJ takes Abby aside. Marlena leaves and the party breaks up. Julie and Hope look for Abby but she's in a private room where EJ tries to get her to stay quiet. She questions his motives for having sex with her and he turns the tables and asks why she "slept" with him. He teases her and she stammers and runs out. EJ follows and as Abby's about to talk to Hope, someone enters the church. Everyone's jaw drops as Nick closes the doors behind him. "Sorry. Am I interrupting?"

    Days Recap: A Real Game Changer.

    Tuesday, January 21 2014

    At the park, Will thinks he knows who the guy is Abby's seeing. He asks what it is with her and older guys. He has seen 'them' together he says and asks if she took him to bed yet. "Oh my God you know," Abby says and swears him to secrecy. Will thinks she's seeing Professor Sutton. Abigail denies it and says Will doesn't know this guy. She asks him to drop it and gives him a hug. Meanwhile, at the Horton Square, Rafe tells Jordan a case he was consulting on cracked open. He's proud so they decide to celebrate at the pub.

    At the Brady's Pub, Lucas tells Sheryl head of marketing has been impressed by her. Sheryl's glad. She says she's glad to give up her apartment in Birmingham. After Jordan moved out, rent was hard to handle. Lucas questions her but she's not forthcoming. Rafe and Jordan arrive and Lucas pays Rafe - they had a wager about the football game on the weekend. Things are tense between the women and Rafe notices. Rafe comments on how 'nice' Lucas is being to Sheryl. It can't hurt that she's pretty... At the table, Jordan clears the air and apologizes for assuming Sheryl got the job at MadWorld because of Kate. Sheryl seems happy with this and Jordan admits she'd like to stay in Salem. Sheryl thinks a guy like Rafe could be a real "game changer" for her. Sheryl wishes she knew what happened - why she left. Jordan says it has nothing to do with her. The guys return and the girls tell a story about a stinky car they rented to go to Memphis in. Jordan reamed the rental car company out but it turned out that the car wasn't stinky, Jordan's new bottle of cheap perfume had smashed in her suitcase and the smell permeated through the car. They fall over laughing at their story. Later, Lucas and Sheryl leave. Outside, Lucas takes a private call from Kate about Sheryl. He lies that he hasn't seen her since the office.

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