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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Friday, September 04 2009

    Brady calls Ari from home and asks for a swim. She’ll be right over! They hang up and Rafe arrives. Things didn’t go well in the Dominic Republic, he tells her, and says Sami thinks Nicole’s been a better friend to her than him. He can’t hurt Sami again by taking that away from her.

    Rafe pays a visit to Mr. Hines, who says he’s no longer practicing and is moving his office. Rafe asks if he knows Richard Baker but Hines is evasive until Rafe shows him the business card he found on Dr. Baker. Rafe fishes for information, trying to find out who hired him. Rafe whips out a gun and tells the man to start talking! Eventually, Hines tells Rafe about the letters Dr. Baker wrote for Sami and a few others.

    Nicole signs for Sami’s letter once it arrives from Baker and reads how it details the truth about the baby switch. She hides it just as Rafe arrives.

    Take Your Pity and Shove It!

    Tuesday, September 01 2009

    Sami and Rafe are in a plane back to Salem. Sami asks what he was doing in the Dominican in Baker’s room. Rafe asks her the same. Sami says she was following him and explains that Baker had called her with something important to tell her. She explains that when she told Baker Grace was gone, he told her he was moving and started making excuses. Sami wonders if Baker meant to apologize or explain something about Grace that happened in the clinic. Sami says Nicole told her that Baker was trouble and to stay away. Sami asks if Rafe has real evidence against Baker about Grace. Rafe says he just wanted to ask some questions and he didn’t think he’d find Baker dead. Rafe says whoever killed him, they were trying to set him up. and that he doesn’t know what Baker did, but he was up to something. Rafe admits that he still wants to be the hero. He says they’ll never know if something happened to Grace at that clinic. Sami takes out a business card from Baker’s wallet and wonders who William Hines is.

    In a moment alone, Rafe calls Hines from the plane and leaves him a message asking Hines to return his call. Rafe then calls Arianna and explains that Sami followed him to the Dominican. He warns her not to tell Sami that Nicole is involved. Sami returns as he hangs up. Sami asks if they should call the lawyer. Rafe says he’s probably a nobody and Sami agrees. Back in Salem, Rafe walks Sami to her apartment and says it’s a good thing she showed up. Sami jokes that it was her turn to rescue him. They look at each other longingly and start to kiss, until Sami’s phone interrupts. Sami thanks him for everything and tells him to stay safe.

    For the Last Time!

    Monday, August 31 2009

    In the Dominican, Rafe enters Dr. Baker’s room and when Baker doesn’t answer, Rafe sees a rope around his neck. Two masked murderers attack Rafe from behind and they struggle. They leave Rafe unconscious, with the rope planted in his hand. Sami enters the room and runs to Rafe on the ground. Rafe comes to and asks her what she’s doing there. Sami notices Dr. Baker and screams as Rafe covers her mouth. Rafe tells her he won’t remove his hand until she promises not to scream. She agrees and he asks her what she’s doing here. Sami asks him what happened to Baker. Rafe says he didn’t kill him and she needs to trust him. Sami says she knows that. A housekeeper’s knock interrupts them and Rafe sends her away. Sami asks if Dr. Baker is really dead and Rafe says he’ll check. Using a handkerchief, he hands Dr. Baker’s wallet to Sami. She opens it, just as the police knock on the door. Rafe and Sami quickly escape through the window as Dr Baker’s hand twitches!

    Off to the Dominican!

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Back at the pub, when Dr. Baker calls, Rafe takes the call, but doesn’t say a word. He has traced the call, he tells his sister, and text messages him to ask what he wants. Dr. Baker texts back and says they’ve a lot to discuss! They text back and forth and can tell that Dr. Baker has something on Nicole. Rafe wants a favor from Arianna but she balks at this. He needs cash to go to the Dominican, she realizes, and against her better judgment, she gets her handbag and gives him her credit card and demands that he use it sparingly. She says bon voyage and thinks she’s a sucker. He leaves and she takes a call from Troy, asking to meet in the park. She gets Pete to cover for her and rushes off.

    You Killed Him! Why? Why?

    Wednesday, August 26 2009

    Rafe goes to talk to Nicole about Dr. Baker, Sami and baby Grace. Nicole admits she still has a hard time discussing Grace. Rafe finds that odd. Rafe can see that she cares about Sami. Nicole admits it’s true and Rafe thanks her for being such a good friend to Sami. Nicole lashes out that somebody’s got to do it after what Rafe did to her!

    Back at the mansion, Nicole thinks Rafe abandoned Sami. Rafe says he and Sami are none of Nicole’s business, and when Nicole gets a call from Dr. Baker, she reluctantly takes the call and tries to get rid of him. He asks why she didn’t tell him about Grace and why Sami had to tell him. Nicole gets him off the phone and Rafe becomes suspicious. Nicole makes up a story about who called and Rafe says he didn’t realize how much they had in common. She and Sami share a child. Nicole falters but Rafe says Johnny looks an awful lot like Sami. He swipes her cell phone when Nicole’s back is turned and leaves. Nicole searches for it afterward and realizes Rafe has it.

    Rafe goes to the pub and looks through Nicole’s phone. He finds a call from the Dominican Republic and knows Dr. Baker was there because of the flyers he found at Brookside Clinic. He tries to find a connection.

    It's Like Niagara Falls!

    Tuesday, August 25 2009

    Sami leaves a message for Nicole on her cell phone, thanking her for being there for her. Rafe comes upon her, outside the pub, and wonders how come she’s suddenly friends with Nicole. Sami shrugs and asks if he has a problem with Nicole. He wants Sami to be cautious when dealing with Nicole. Sami says losing Grace changed everything and Nicole’s a better friend than he is. Rafe apologizes but Sami says he’s not in her life, and doesn’t want to be, so she tells him to stay out of it.

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