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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    It Was Peaceful!

    Friday, March 27 2009

    Sami and Rafe prepare to take Grace home from the convent. Sami will miss the convent, she admits, and remembers that Rafe learned to change a diaper, here. Sami thinks Rafe has done so much for her and she’s thankful. Rafe gets a call and thinks it’s from one of the jobs he interviewed for. He goes off to take the call and Sami asks Grace if she’s excited to go home. Sister Agnes arrives and tells Sami that Grace is beautiful. She introduces herself and Sami realizes she knew Rafe. Sister Agnes admits she looked after him as a teenager, for several years. They were quite close, in their own way. Sami asks about his past. Sister Agnes knows he cares a lot about her and says he’s the strong silent type. Sami finds out that Rafe was stubborn, shy, and had a rebellious streak. There was also a tragedy in his life when he was young. Agnes can't tell her everything. Rafe has to be the one but she calls Rafe a good man and hopes he can find somebody to accept him for who he is and not try to change him. Rafe returns and asks if they’re talking about him. Later, Sister Agnes has to leave and Sami is upset to learn Sister Theresa isn’t there to say goodbye to. She's away, but asked Agnes to tell Sami to drop by anytime! The nun whispers to Rafe that he was right about this woman! She winks and leaves and Sami asks what that meant. Rafe says it means Sami's a handful, always sticking her little nose in where it doesn't belong! Sami says it's because he doesn't tell her anything! He lets her know the phone call about the job didn’t pan out. Sami's sorry to hear and asks Rafe to be Grace’s Godfather. She has given it a lot of thought and Grace wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. Rafe considers this and agrees to it. "I would be honored to be Grace's Godfather." Father Matt comes and says hello to Grace and wrongly assumes Rafe's the father. Sami says he's not and the father won't be in the picture. She's christening Grace now, without family. Father Matt christens Grace and Rafe accepts his role as the Godfather.

    Out Of My Life...

    Thursday, March 26 2009

    Sami sees Rafe at the pub, but he gives her the cold shoulder, so she is about to leave, but turns around and lets him know she’s going to pick up Grace today. Sami wants to know if he’s staying, but he thinks she has made it clear that what he does doesn’t matter. Abe arrives and hugs Sami. He invites her to stop by for a visit and they discuss how she’s adjusting to being home. Abe’s sorry he couldn’t help Rafe get a position at Salem PD. They’re trying to avoid layoffs as it is. Abe assumes Rafe cares a lot for her, considering all he has given up. Abe shouldn’t say but he admits Rafe was offered a position at NYPD in the Terrorism Force. It’s a prize position. Abe gets a call and Sami rushes off to talk to Rafe, who has just left the pub.

    Outside the pub, Sami admits she found out what he did for her. Rafe says he hates New York anyway, but Sami thinks he is lying and turned it down to stay in Salem with her. Rafe says maybe he did, but she makes him out to be the bad guy, when he’s only trying to help. Sami apologizes and did what she did because she cares. "You care too, right?" Rafe hesitates, then grabs Sami and kisses her, hard! Rafe says they’re still completely different. Sami is moved by her feelings and Rafe has logic. Sami says logic wasn’t what propelled him to stay in Salem! They start kissing again. Sami’s got to get Grace, so Rafe elects to go with her. Sami likes that idea and they leave.

    Sami and Rafe wind up at the convent. They fawn over Grace and Sami’s thrilled to take her home.

    Upstaged by Sami!

    Monday, March 23 2009

    Rafe calls Sami from the pub and demands to know why the heck she disappeared like that. He hangs up and Brady asks if he’s talking to Sami and they introduce themselves. Rafe finds out Sami’s Brady’s step-brother. Rafe asks if they’re close, but Brady says it’s not the best blended family. Rafe wishes that weren’t so. Sami could use somebody to talk to. They discuss Sami’s history and Rafe admits mostly, when you’re stuck in a safe house with somebody, it’s boring. Sami was different. Brady laughs and calls Sami an ‘in your face’ type. Rafe laughs and says she’s tough. Talk turns to the DiMera’s and Rafe asks if Brady likes any of the DiMera’s.

    Brady gets Rafe updated on what they’re really like and Brady assumes Sami’s still in trouble. Brady realizes Rafe’s Sami’s new protector, and they’re interrupted when she runs into the pub, telling Rafe something awful happened. She hugs Brady and says she was talking to Marlena and heard John’s doing well. Brady agrees and tells her they’ll catch up later. Sami’s surprised to find out that Rafe and Brady are friendly now and then tells Rafe they need to get Grace. They argue and he reminds her that this isn’t a game. Sami says this is her decision and he doesn’t have a say! Rafe is insulted and they argue. Rafe tells her to have a nice life, before leaving.

    The Big Guns.

    Friday, March 20 2009

    At the convent Rafe tells Sister Theresa that Grace is fussy. They assume the rash is worse. Sister Theresa brings up the fact that the biological father has a lot of legal clout if he were to find out about the baby. Rafe thinks they need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Rafe dislikes how arrogant the DiMera’s are and refuses to let them ruin Sami or Grace’s life. Sister Theresa says Rafe reminds her of St. Joseph, who took care of a woman and her baby. Rafe jokes. "Must have been good looking." The nun prays to St. Joseph for Rafe, but Rafe thinks the nun should pray for Sami

    Back at the convent, Rafe wonders what Sami’s up to. He says goodbye to Grace and the nun and after he’s gone, the nun asks St. Joseph to look out for Rafe, and then starts praying. "No offense, I’m calling in the big guns." She starts the Lord’s Prayer.

    Rafe finds Sami sitting on a bench at the pier. Sami goes into his arms and admits she went to EJ’s kid’s christening. She explains how Father Matt invited her and Rafe doesn’t seem happy. He asks if EJ’s father was there. "The one who tried to kill you?" Sami is startled and tries to explain, and Rafe apologizes. They anger him. Sami cries. She wants to christen Grace and wants to bring her home. Rafe is still angry about the hypocrisy of going to the ceremony. "It was nice," says Sami. Rafe asks if she wants them to take Grace from her. "No!" Rafe asks her to think hard about what would happen if this were put against a judge. They could say she endangered the child’s welfare. "I didn’t," she says, in a panic. Rafe’s tired of seeing her so unhappy and says he saw Grace, who is doing fine. Sami’s delighted to hear that. Rafe takes a call and Sami’s phone rings. It’s EJ, who tells her Johnny has an ear infection. She’ll be right over, she says, and runs off.

    I Don't Know Anyone Named Mia!

    Thursday, March 19 2009

    Rafe tells somebody he’ll bring them a check, later. Sister Agnes arrives and they greet each other with a friendly hug. Sister Agnes noticed how close he has gotten to Grace and Sami. Rafe can’t help himself. Once Sami brings Grace home, Sami will need him. The nun isn’t surprised. This isn’t the first time he has made a sacrifice for a woman. Rafe says Sami’s unlike anyone else and the way he feels for her is different. Sister Agnes says he’s limiting options, staying in Salem. Rafe’s sure he’ll find something. He says helping Sami isn’t a sacrifice. He wants to do this. He tells the nun what happened before, isn’t going to happen again! He picks up Grace and they reminisce about how he was a challenge, when he lived there. The nun calls him a fine man, now, but still sees a trace of his old rebellious nature! Rafe’s not so defiant, since he met Sami. "She changed me," he says. "Simple as that." Sister Agnes wonders if Sami’s ‘the one’. Agnes wants to hear about Sami, so Rafe says she’s sweet, impossible, smart, stubborn, tough, fragile, and beautiful. "She is the one," says Agnes, but Rafe doesn’t want to jinx it!

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