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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    I Will Hunt You Down!

    Thursday, August 20 2009

    Rafe breaks into a room in the now closed clinic and is surprised there’s power to the building still. He starts research on the computer. He finds a few flyers for the Dominican Republic but when somebody else arrives, he hides. A woman arrives and is taken aback. She tells him something terrible happened at the clinic.

    He's All Yours, Princess!

    Friday, August 14 2009

    Rafe wanders into the hospital and slips in a thumb drive before he starts searching for information on Dr. Baker. Melanie stops him. He lies that he’s looking for a patient’s room number. He tries to flirt his way out of the situation but Melanie’s on to him. He’s attractive but it’s not going to work, she says. He lies that he is attracted to one of the nurses there named Anita. He wants her last name. Melanie doesn’t know her and says the computer is confidential. She can’t help, and her matchmaking skills aren’t that great, anyway. He acts as though he’s leaving and by the time Melanie turns to leave, Rafe returns to the computer, inserts the thumb drive and saves all the information on Dr. Baker. He bumps into Sami, who explains she’s there with Johnny, who is fine. Rafe says he’s in Salem for a while longer and they find things awkward, so Sami tells him she misses him and leaves.

    Rafe drops by the pub to use Arianna’s lap top. He wants to know what the connection from Dr. Baker is to Sami. Rafe starts a search. He finds out Nicole must have met Dr. Baker from Brookville Clinic but wonders how they met and why.

    To Chillin' at the Pub!

    Thursday, August 13 2009

    Nicole tries to get Dr. Baker off the phone while Rafe listens into the conversation from nearby. Baker wants one hundred grand because he spent all the money she gave him and has gambling debts.

    Nicole goes into the pub and Arianna gets her take-out while Rafe comes by. He thanks her again for telling him and Sami about EJ changing the headstone. Nicole says she heard he was keeping secrets from Sami and wishes things could have worked out for them. Nicole pays Arianna $14.85 for her dinner and leaves. Arianna and Rafe wonder what was up with Nicole. Rafe isn’t leaving Salem right away he tells his sister and thinks Sami is going to need him to protect her.

    Rafe lets Arianna know about Dr. Baker being Grace’s doctor and he wonders if he’s the same doctor Nicole was talking with, thinking he’s Sydney’s doctor as well. He can’t help but think whatever the two have going on could hurt Sami. Arianna offers him her laptop to do research on Dr. Baker. Justin, Bo and Hope arrive at the pub and Bo tries to stop Hope from obsessing about Ciara. She agrees to stop hovering, but calls anyway! Justin apologizes for not being able to get to Shawn’s funeral but Hope and Bo know Dubai is not exactly next door! Hope makes another call for Ciara, but again Ellen doesn’t answer. Justin lifts a glass to "Chillin’ at the pub." As Bo lifts the beer glass to his lips, he has another vision about Ciara’s bear being found in the woods, just as Ciara drops her bear in the woods as the stranger takes Ciara off.

    Nearby, Rafe calls in a favor at the FBI and then rushes off with a lead.

    Didn't He Save Your Life?

    Wednesday, August 12 2009

    Sami begs Rafe to tell her that Emily’s death was an accident and there’ll be nothing more to explain. Rafe refuses. "I’m sorry; I can’t tell you what you want to hear." There are holes in his story that he can’t fill. He thinks she has lost her faith. Without that, they’ve nothing. Sami has faith and reminds him how much they’ve been through. She has to think about her kids. "You saw how Lucas was, and EJ?" Rafe is upset, thinking she doesn’t trust him around her kids, but that’s not it. Rafe’s hurt shows when he yells that he doesn’t give a hell about Lucas or EJ. He loves her, but tells her this isn’t going to work. They’re over. Sami tries to convince him to stay but he pushes her away and packs up. Sami gives Rafe a photo of Grace and they reminisce before he leaves and Sami beats up the pillows for a bit before she weeps.

    Will returns home to find Sami crying. She explains Rafe left and won’t be returning.

    Nicole gets another call from a Hawaiian shirt wearing Dr. Baker before she gets to the pub. He tells her to think of him as her albatross. "Ever read Moby Dick?" Nicole says, "No, Dick. I haven’t. Go to hell!" He tells her he’s in paradise, but she doesn’t care and has nothing to say to him. Rafe comes up behind her and overhears Dr. Baker’s name.

    Daniel Makes Bail.

    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Arianna thinks it’s wrong to leave Sami because he can’t tell her the truth about Emily. Rafe says there will be no more lies. He has to leave town and Sami. He asks her to come with him but she feels at home in Salem. Arianna blames herself for all of this but Rafe has decided this is the way he’s handling it. "You mean the way you handled Emily’s death?" Rafe knows neither of them can tell the truth on this one. Rafe says Arianna did what she did and Emily died because of it. They can’t make it go away or change what happened.

    Sami sits watching the phone at home and finally calls Rafe and leaves a message to call her. Lucas arrives and Sami asks how Chloe is. Lucas calls her lying and two-faced. Sami knows he still loves Chloe but Lucas cares about Allie and wants to spend the afternoon with her. Sami asks if he’s ready for a tea party, but he doesn’t do tea parties. He’s a man! He asks about how things are with her and Rafe and Sami lets him in on the Emily Hudson story. After listening to the story and reading the letter, Lucas thinks it’s possible that Rafe killed his fiancée. Sami says Rafe walked out on her when confronted with the letter, so Lucas assumes that makes him guilty. Sami doesn’t think he should be slinging dirt, considering he shot EJ in the back. Lucas says EJ deserved to die. "Can you say the same about Emily?" Sami thinks that Meredith is still mourning her sister. Lucas urges Sami not to let her love blind her. They argue and just as Lucas yells, "Do you really want your kids living with a murderer," Rafe walks in. Lucas takes Allie and leaves. Rafe asks if Lucas helped Sami work things out. She denies that and tells him she needs to hear the truth.

    We're Going to Crush Them!

    Monday, August 10 2009

    Rafe comes up behind EJ and they discuss how EJ thinks Rafe feels true love conquers all. As long as Rafe has Samantha, EJ thinks his attitude is to damn the rest of the world.

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