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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    My Dear Katherine.

    Monday, November 02 2009

    In her room, Ari explains to Rafe that everyone knows Nicole’s secret, that Mia’s Sydney’s mother. Rafe is relieved to finally learn the last piece of the puzzle he needed. Rafe says all of this goes back to Dr. Baker. Rafe spoke to Dr. Baker’s nurse and now knows his theory is fact. The baby Sami carried for nine months wasn’t Grace, but Sydney. Nicole switched babies the night they were born. Dr. Baker was an illegal baby broker and Nicole was desperate and freaked out that Sami would try to take EJ from her. He thinks it’ll be tricky, especially since Nicole has a restraining order out against him. Rafe thinks it’s time he spoke with Mia. Arianna thinks if he goes to Mia, she’ll go to Nicole, who will then make sure he comes up empty handed. Arianna agrees to go to Rafe’s place and bring back some supplies. Once she’s gone, Rafe makes a call to somebody for help and showers. Ari returns with clothes and they are both happy that Rafe threw away his stinky clothes that he had on while he was dragged out of the river. Rafe says he learned that Meredith is in a psych ward. After what she did to him, she went a little madder and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. They feel for Mia, who is going to have to find out that Grace was her baby.

    I Liked Being Anonymous...

    Friday, October 30 2009

    Rafe pounds on Arianna’s door and she lets Rafe in. She pulls him to her bed and wants to call an ambulance but he stops her. She comments on how beat up he looks and he tells her Meredith did this to him. She hit him from behind at Sami’s place and dragged him to her basement. She threw him in the river. Arianna asks how he survived but he’s not sure. He held on to a log or something and thinks Stefano DiMera was involved in this. He mumbles about a secret and that’s why there can be no police and she can’t tell Sami. He remembers the woman on the boat who saved his life and felt a little better so went up on deck and saw they were in Salem. He got off without saying goodbye because nobody was there! Besides, he was worried they’d go to the police. Arianna makes soup for Rafe and asks why he can’t tell Sami the truth. Ari can see Brady has left a message and she admits they’re back together but keeping it secret. She’ll explain later. Rafe hopes he knows how lucky Brady is to have her. Arianna says he does but hopes he always feels this way. Rafe tells Arianna that Sydney’s not Nicole’s baby but everyone knows that, already, points out Ari. Nicole bought her baby from Mia, she says and EJ threw Nicole out after learning this. Rafe is shocked.

    An Empty Crib...

    Thursday, October 29 2009

    On the boat, Rafe dreams that Sami’s caressing his face and kissing him. He repeats her name a few times. Omar wakes him up and Rafe asks where they are. Omar tells him on a boat in Salem.

    On the pier, Nicole asks Chad if he’s truly ready to be a fulltime father, as Rafe comes upon them. His eyesight is blurry and he sits on the grass, nearby as Chad says Sydney will forget Nicole as soon as she’s out of her life. Nicole has a meltdown. Sydney will never forget her! Chad yells, "Give me back my kid," and Nicole tells him she’s not his. Rafe watches and fantasizes about telling Sami the truth as Nicole tells him to stay away from Sydney until the DNA test.

    Back at the pier, Rafe gets up and ambles around. He finally makes it to somebody’s door.

    Chad's D.A. Dad.

    Wednesday, October 21 2009

    On the boat, Rafe writhes and mumbles that he needs to let Sami know that Sydney’s her baby. Later, Omar runs a cold compress on Rafe’s head and Rafe says he needs to tell Sami that Sydney’s her baby.

    Back on the boat, Carly has already injected Rafe with drugs and tells Omar she ran into somebody she knew at the hospital. She’ll take care of it after this mystery man arrives.

    A Hot, Old, Nymphomaniac!

    Tuesday, October 20 2009

    On the boat, Carly takes care of Rafe and tells Omar they need antibiotics. Rafe’s fever is spiking. Omar says they are in Salem. She doesn’t need baggage and they’ve got to pass him off. Carly refuses and Rafe mumbles something about somebody tried to kill him. Carly has a friend in Salem and promises to get help. She’s heading to Salem University Hospital. Omar worries about her and promises to take care of Rafe if she can’t make it back to the boat. Carly’s not worried. Nothing ever happens in Salem!

    A Bad Romance Novel.

    Thursday, October 15 2009

    On the boat, Carly tells Brian, a crew member, that she’s concerned about the mystery man (Rafe). He ignores this and says the tables have turned, and pulls out a gun! He thought she looked familiar. He tells her elements in the circle have demanded justice and he gets $100,000 for his role in this. "You’re about to be reunited with your dearly departed husband!" He cocks the gun but Rafe grabs Brian’s arm and Carly grabs the gun from Brian and Rafe falls to the floor, exhausted. "Where did you get the energy to do that," Carly asks, incredulously. Later, Omar returns and Brian’s gone with a promise from Omar that he won’t bother them again. Rafe wakes up and she thanks him for saving her life and he passes out before he can tell her who Sami is. He’s feverish, so Carly suggests to Omar that they get him to a hospital. She asks who Sam is but he passes out again and burns up with fever. Rafe wakes up and tells Carly to ‘tell her about the baby’.

    Where's my Baby?

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    Carly continues to do CPR on Rafe, who is arresting. Omar says they’ve very little to help the man except bandages and alcohol. Carly says they’ve got to get him warm. He has hypothermia and took a blow to the head. They’ve got to get him to a hospital or they could lose him. Rafe, meanwhile, dreams of Sami sponging him down after he was sick in the safe house. He says Sami’s name. Carly hears him and asks what his name is. Rafe opens his eyes and closes them while Carly applies warm water bottles to his skin. Lawrence’s ghost appears and wants to know what she’s doing. Carly is trying to save his life. She’s glad she killed Lawrence first, because he’d have killed her, or somebody she loves. "I have no regrets," yells Carly. Lawrence says his people will find and punish her, and then he vanishes. Rafe opens his eyes and sees Sami. He says her name but Carly asks if his name is Sam. Later, Carly tells Omar they’re almost in a cell phone reception area. He’s recovering, but she’s worried about his fever. Suddenly, a crew member pulls a gun on Carly!

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