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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Arabian Horse.

    Friday, November 20 2009

    Rafe finds Arianna at the pub and lets her know that Sydney’s back with her mother. Arianna jumps for joy and is thrilled she can talk to Brady about it. She asks how Nicole is and learns she’s in jail. Ari thinks her brother’s the hero but Rafe reminds her that EJ saved him from the hit man. The camera pans to somebody reading behind a newspaper, nearby. Rafe watches and once they’re done talking, he pulls the newspaper from the person and is surprised to see his sister, Gabriella there. "Mom told me to come. She’s worried about you guys," Gabi admits. They haven’t called home in a while and since she’s on winter break, she decided to check up on them. Rafe agrees to call their mom. Gabi reminds Ari about her drug dealing days and Ari knows she let everyone down. Gabi’s happy she’s out of jail early, at least, but says she dropped out of sight. Arianna has been busy. Rafe suggests they call their mother tomorrow and visit her next week. Gabi’s fine with that and says she’s staying a few days but Ari's not happy. Gabi points out that their mom went to see their grandmother for Thanksgiving. Rafe pulls her aside and asks what the problem is. Ari’s room is too small. Rafe suggests she stay down the hall from her and Ari reluctantly says there’s a vacant room, but appears worried. Gabi goes to her siblings and promises not to be a problem.

    Rafe and Gabi head to the pier where Rafe says Arianna’s seeing somebody new and probably wants her privacy. He tells Gabi that the new beau doesn’t know anything about her past. Nobody here in Salem does.

    Bury the Hatchet!

    Wednesday, November 18 2009

    At the pier, Nicole is handcuffed as Sami and Rafe walk by. EJ tells the police to keep Nicole away from Sydney. Rafe excuses himself to give EJ and Sami a chance to talk. EJ says Sydney is his daughter and Sami says she’s both of theirs. EJ blames himself, saying he should have known, but Sami says there’s no way he could have known about the lies. EJ promises that Nicole will pay for this but Sami says Nicole is already paying. EJ holds Sydney as Nicole watches. EJ can’t believe Nicole let him kick his daughter out and says both Sami and Nicole wanted to keep his children away from him. Sami says it’s not the time to rehash that as she approaches Nicole. She tells EJ that Sydney loves Nicole and they need to respect that. EJ refuses but Sami tells him to stop thinking like a DiMera. EJ hands Sydney over and Sami asks the guards to take Nicole’s cuffs off. Nicole holds Sydney and says goodbye. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Sami takes Sydney back, as the guards take Nicole away. Sami wants to take Sydney home but EJ says her home is with him. They start arguing and Rafe tells them to do the right thing for Sydney.

    Sami, Rafe, and EJ return to the DiMera mansion and Sami asks to settle this. EJ says he has a daughter and will forever be grateful to Rafe for it. Rafe says they can call it even since he saved his life. Sami reminds EJ that Rafe will be a part of his children’s lives, and EJ agrees he’s in no position to judge. Sami wants to use this as a new beginning, and they need to work it out together. EJ is glad that his children have her genes, and wants the same things she wants, even though it won’t be easy. Sydney cries and EJ says she wants her mother. Sami comforts Sydney and EJ thinks Sydney should stay with Sami tonight, though it’s not a precedent. Sami thanks him, as the doorbell rings. EJ answers the door to an officer who tells EJ they need to chat. The officer says they need to talk about the attempted murder on Rafe. EJ angrily accuses Sami and Rafe of distracting him until the police got there. He demands Sydney stay with him but Sami insists that it’s not true. She and Rafe take Sydney and leave.

    I Did It For You!

    Tuesday, November 17 2009

    As Nicole and Sami bicker about Sydney in Sami's apartment, Rafe opens the door - he has the baby in his arms. Sami looks at her and cries. Rafe hands her the child, and Nicole shakes her head with tears running down her face. She tells Rafe that Sydney is hers - don't they understand? Rafe tells Nicole that the police are on the way.

    As Nicole is rushing from Sami's apartment in tears, EJ appears in the hall and asks her what is going on?! Rafe sticks his head out the door and urges her to tell him - or does she want Sami to do it? Nicole runs off, and EJ follows her. Rafe goes back inside, where Sami says she and Sydney thank him. Sami muses that she always felt Sydney was special - now she knows why. They agree that they miss Grace. Sami tells Rafe if it hadn't been for him, Sydney would have been lost to her forever. She thanks him for not giving up. Rafe is glad he could make her smile and take away some of the pain she's been through. He says Sydney is part of her. Sami says she can be part of them. They exchange I love yous and a kiss. Rafe gets a call, and tells Sami they should go.

    EJ catches up with Nicole who is in a flood of tears at the dock. She says she's been punished over and over - and all she wanted to do was give him what was rightfully his - his daughter! EJ, confused, holds her as she sobs. Nicole hangs her head and says he'll find out soon - she hopes he'll see that she did the right thing. She rants that Sami would never have let him keep his child! EJ says Grace is dead. Nicole tells him that she is not the child he had with Sami - Sydney is! EJ gasps, "No." Nicole explains to him that Sami gave birth at the clinic. He shouts at her to tell him what happened - now! Nicole says she found out Sami was pregnant, then found out where she was from Chloe. She says something snapped in her when she found out Sami had exactly what she lost. She overheard Sami saying that she would never tell him about the baby, and describes how she made the switch with Dr. Baker's help. EJ shakes his head as she tells him why it was the perfect plan, and that she did it for him! EJ holds her face and with barely contained rage, tells Nicole she will pay for what she has done! He demands to know where his daughter is, asking, "Is she with Samantha?" Nicole says she is with his precious Samantha, who wasn't going to let him know his daughter existed! The police suddenly show up and arrest Nicole. Rafe, Sami, and the baby appear. They all look at Nicole as she sobs.

    Baby Baby, Who's Got The Baby?

    Monday, November 16 2009

    At the apartment, Chloe refuses to give up Sydney to Rafe, who reminds her she’ll be an accessory if she doesn’t. Rafe says it’s over and Nicole’s going down. "For what?" Rafe demands the baby and when Daniel arrives, he tells Chloe it’s okay and both Daniel and Rafe explain that Sydney’s Sami’s baby. Chloe finds it hard to believe and the men say there’s DNA proof. She still can’t believe it and when Rafe tells her about the baby switch Chloe realizes she is the one who set this in motion by telling Nicole that Sami was pregnant when Lucas asked her not to. She gives Sydney to Rafe and Daniel comforts her. Chloe’s afraid for Nicole, knowing she loves EJ and Sydney so much and was just doing this to be a family.

    Rafe takes Sydney to the pub, looking for Sami, but Arianna says she’s not there. Rafe calls Sami and when she doesn’t answer, he worries something’s gone wrong and takes Sydney to the townhouse.

    Back at Sami’s, Nicole tries to explain herself but Sami only wants to know where her daughter is. Nicole won’t tell her. "She’s mine and I will never give you Sydney!" Sami has DNA results and Sydney’s not Nicole’s daughter. Nicole disagrees. They scream at each other and Sami goes at Nicole while Nicole grabs a glass ornament as a weapon. The yelling stops and Sami cries when Rafe walks into the room with Sydney.

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