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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    My Jail. My Town. I Call the Shots!

    Tuesday, November 10 2009

    Rafe arrives at the pier to meet his FBI friend and hears footsteps approaching. Tim shows him the DNA results and hopes it’s what he’s looking for.

    At Pier 27, Rafe reads the DNA results. "I was right," he says, "Sami is Sydney’s mother."


    Monday, November 09 2009

    EJ finds Rafe on the pier and Rafe lets him know he and Sami are back together. EJ finds it’s funny, considering he was just with Sami and she said nothing. EJ says he also had a chat with his sister, Arianna. Rafe demands EJ stay away from her. EJ reminds Rafe that he and Sami share a child and a bond. There’s nothing Rafe can do about it. Rafe understands about the bond but warns him to keep away from Arianna. "Sorry, Rafael, old bean, she’s dealing for me now," says EJ, after Rafe walks away.

    Rafe arrives at Sami’s place and he tells her that his case is going well. He’s waiting on evidence and would rather wait with her. They start to kiss and Rafe says EJ knows he’s in town. Sami admits some people can be trusted to keep a secret. She told Nicole! Rafe is livid. She could have sabotaged the whole thing. Nicole’s not Sami’s friend and she’s the last person who should know he’s in town! Rafe says he was going to wait but he’s going to tell her everything.

    DiMera's Are Not Supposed to Forgive.

    Friday, November 06 2009

    At the pier, Rafe hands Tim, his FBI friend, Sami’s toothbrush and Sydney’s teething ring and urges him to get the results back soon. Arianna eavesdrops until Rafe comes upon her. She is surprised he’s going through with the DNA results considering it could push Sami and EJ back together. Rafe knows but it doesn’t make a difference. He doesn’t want Sami to grieve for the rest of her life or for Nicole to get away with what she has done. Of course he doesn’t want to lose Sami to an arrogant jerk like EJ, but he has to do this. Arianna thinks Sami’s going to want to murder Nicole. Rafe is disgusted that Sami has been so generous with Nicole and thinks he’ll be first in line to kill Nicole. Ari says he’ll be in line with EJ, and lets Rafe know that she spoke with EJ last night. She’s sure he has strong feelings for Sami and has a bad feeling that he’ll want her back when he learns the truth. Rafe doesn’t think it matters how he feels. Sami’s only close to him because of their bond with Johnny.

    Arianna arrives back to her room over the pub to find Rafe, reading a magazine. He admits today’s a tense day for him and knows she’s looking out for him but why is she talking to EJ? Arianna says it’s strange. She bumped into him and he kept on talking and gloating that Rafe was out of the picture. Rafe’s glad to hear they didn’t spend time together while he was gone.

    My Son's an Idiot.

    Thursday, November 05 2009

    Sami and Rafe profess their love for each other and make out on the sofa. When Nicole arrives, Rafe hides in the bathroom. Nicole can’t find him there! Sami stalls Nicole for time and Nicole rants about Sydney teething then snaps at Sami when she tries to take Sydney from the carriage. Nicole apologizes and they discuss Nicole moving out soon. Nicole won’t give up hope that EJ will take her back. Sami thinks EJ’s pigheaded pride is in the way and wonders if EJ would sue for sole custody, reminding Nicole that he did it with Johnny. Nicole takes off to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Sydney and Rafe turns up in the living room. Sami gazes at Sydney and admits she’ll miss having her around. It’s funny to Sami how she and Nicole trust each other these days. Rafe suggests she shouldn’t and though Sami understands what he’s getting at, she says that practically speaking, she has nothing that Nicole wants! Later, Rafe tells her things will get better, but doesn’t tell her where he’s staying. Sami seems fine with this and they kiss once more before Rafe leaves. Once out the door, Rafe calls his FBI friend, Tim, and tells him he’s on his way!

    Arianna arrives home to Rafe making a call to a friend at the bureau. Before long he’ll be able to tell Sami that Sydney’s is hers. Once EJ finds out, he thinks EJ will act like a real jerk. Arianna wonders if this will push EJ into Sami’s arms.

    Flying Under the Radar!

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    Rafe is leaving Sami's place just as she comes home. She looks puzzled and asks what he's doing there, and where he's been. He says he's been a lot of different places. She pleads with him to tell her, but he says he can't, and asks her to please be patient. He confirms he's back for good, then grabs her and kisses her! The kissing becomes passionate as they make their way into the apartment, but Sami pulls back and says, "Wait." She wants to know what's going on with him. He says he is doing it all for her - is that enough? Sami needs more if they're going to be together. He asks her to trust him. Sami says she's just afraid he'll leave her again. They kiss and things turn passionate - they make love on the sofa. After, Sami giggles, saying it's a good thing her roommate, Nicole, didn't walk in! Rafe is sobered by this news, and tells Sami she needs to do something for him - she can't let on to anyone that he's back - he has to fly under the radar for now because he's working on a case that involves their future. Sami promises to keep the secret. Rafe is about to leave when there's a knock at the door!


    Tuesday, November 03 2009

    Rafe and Arianna go over his plan to gather Sami’s DNA for the test. Rafe is sure that Sydney is Sami’s baby. Rafe says it’s time for the truth to come out.

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