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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez Played by Galen Gering on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Galen Gering (NBC)

    Birthday: February 13, 1971
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Jenna Gering (Eloped to Vegas 01/03/2000)
    Real Name: Galen Gering
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Monday, November 04 2013

    Rafe wheels himself through the park with Jordan and gets her to talk about football. She tells him she had a rehab patient who played in the NFL but won't say who. He offers to share his sister's famous Mexican chocolate chip cookies but she's dieting. Rafe scoffs. "With that body?" He's glad to see her having such a good time and hands her a cookie. They share a moment when their fingers touch. She jumps up and decides it's time to go.

    JJ returns to Daniel's office. He thanks Daniel for covering. He was wrong about the doctor. JJ reveals he broke the MP3 player Chelsea gave him, he smashed Dan's car and Parker's train set. He didn't want Dan to be the good guy and is sorry. Dan says they have to act as though JJ hates him but if he hears he's into drugs again, JJ's on his own. They shake on it. Rafe and Jordan return to the hospital and Jordan meets Hope before leaving. Hope says Kate told her he's making progress. Rafe wishes she didn't feel guilty about the attack. Hope wonders about Jordan. "You like her," Hope singsongs. Rafe smirks and Hope teases him, while by the hub, Jordan smiles as she flashes to sharing a moment with Rafe. Kate walks up and offers to take Rafe on the next outing. Jordan says it's protocol that hospital staff goes with him. She leaves and Kate gets a call from her investigator who says Jordan didn't exist 'up until that time'.

    A Cold One.

    Monday, October 28 2013

    Still on the clock, Jordan brings Rafe to The Brady's Pub for real life experience. When Caroline sees them she runs into Rafe's arms. "Where have you been all my life?" she asks, playfully. Jordan smiles, taking in the scene. She mistakes Jordan for Rafe's new girlfriend and is pleased but Jordan starts stammering that this isn't what it looks like. Rafe introduces them and Caroline says that's a shame. "Can he have a cold one?" Caroline asks. Jordan allows one and Caroline goes to get it while Rafe wonders if the idea of someone thinking they're together terrifies her so. Jordan denies it. Caroline returns with beer and it's a struggle but Rafe sits in a chair on his own. Jordan talks about the nerve damage and atrophy Rafe has experienced. Caroline notes she's serious but Rafe says she's really not.

    Kate stops by The Brady's Pub. Jordan goes to make a call and Caroline pours a beer at the bar for Kate and tells her how surprised she is to see her with Rafe. Kate assumes her Alzheimer's has made her forgot but that's not what Caroline's getting at. Outside, Jordan listens as someone tells her Kate's digging into her past again. Inside, Rafe talks to Kate about wanting his life back. Jordan heads back inside. Rafe wheels off to get more beer and the girls try to play nice.

    A Doctor Who Makes House Calls.

    Monday, October 21 2013

    Hope visits Rafe at his room at University Hospital and hears he's getting stronger. She's glad. They need him back on the force. Meanwhile, Jordan overhears Kate calling for a background check on her in the rehab room and confronts her. Kate won't let Jordan hurt Rafe and can't help but remember what Bernardi almost did to Rafe. Jordan calls Kate paranoid but invites Kate to investigate her all she wants but she'll find nothing. She leaves and Maxine arrives. They discuss Jordan and Maxine vouches for her. By the hub, Jenn threatens to kill Theresa if she doesn't leave JJ alone. They argue and Jenn condescends that people like Theresa wind up in a junk pile. Theresa shrugs. She'll hang out with Daniel instead. Doctors and nurses eavesdrop and Theresa calls Jenn's love for JJ a trap. Jenn considers maybe this is how Theresa sees her own parents. Theresa thinks the parents should all just give up. She should. JJ would be better off. Jenn slaps her across the face and starts yelling. Meanwhile, Hope leaves Rafe's room and Gabi pokes her head in to show Rafe videos of Arianna rolling over. He's jealous she can do more than him. He notices she's in a good mood and assumes it's due to Dr. Davis. Gabi's happier than she has been in a long time. She leaves and Jordan takes Rafe outside for fresh air.

    Theresa walks up to JJ at the Horton Square and flirts a little. She asks if he's holding. (If he has drugs on him.) He scoffs so she tells him to think of it and call her. Once he leaves, she screws up her face. She doesn't like how sober he's acting. She calls her dealer for something stronger than weed. In the park nearby, Rafe shares a childhood story about Arianna and Jordan almost tells her own story but clams up. Kate rushes up with a quick apology for Jordan. When Kate leaves, Rafe asks what happened. Jordan asks Rafe to let it go while Kate mumbles to herself. Now that everyone is friends, Jordan won't see it coming.

    Queen Of The Night.

    Friday, October 11 2013

    In Rafe's hospital room, he rants to Kate about hating reality shows on his TV. He's breaking out tonight! She gives him a pep talk and he turns down her offer to get him a caregiver at his loft. She compares Jordan to Jillian Michaels as she walks in and it's awkward but Jordan takes it as a compliment. They convince her to go out for a beer.

    Back at the engagement party at TBD, Sami wishes he would have sent Stefano to outer Mongolia before he decided to invite Rafe to stay. EJ thinks it's great. Rafe can say everything they want to say to Stefano but can't. Gabi goes to Rafe, thinking it's a bad idea he's there. He claims he's letting bygones be bygones. Marlena's happy to see Rafe and pulls Kate aside. She explains to her and Sami this wasn't her idea. Sami suggests she get Rafe out of here. She can't but Sami says at least Rafe doesn't know what Stefano wanted Bernardi to do to him. Rafe flashes to EJ telling him the truth. Will goes to Rafe. It's a bad idea to be there. He says his mom is happy with EJ. Rafe is worried about Sami's happiness, too. Will follows Marlena outside where she makes a quick call. He asks how she and John are doing. Sometimes love isn't enough, she says. "Have you heard of this new thing called counselling?" She calls him fresh and thinks it's over. She tears up and he holds her. Inside, Sami's glad to see Rafe out and about. He wishes her and the kids good luck. She leaves when Stefano walks up. Rafe makes a comment about having all his working parts. They make cutting remarks. Rafe makes a veiled threat. Nearby, Caroline finds Stefano and lashes out. He rolls his eyes and laughs. Will and Marlena return and EJ makes another speech about their relationship being volatile at times but they're adept at resolving issues. I think most have been legal," EJ jokes. Before Rafe, Jordan and Kate almost hurl, they leave.

    Kate, Rafe, and Jordan arrive at the square. He was glad to tell his enemies he's back on his feet.

    Crack The Whip.

    Wednesday, October 09 2013

    From Rafe's hospital room, Roman receives a call from Sami. He tells her where he is. She says she'll be right there. Outside, Kate questions Jordan about Rafe's progress. She says he's angry. "If you can channel that anger, it can work wonders," she says, her eyes glazing over. "It can be a life-saver. It can make you whole." Kate asks if she's talking about herself. Back in Rafe's room, he congratulates Roman for being police commish again. Later, Rafe lifts weights in the rehab room and asks Jordan to rate his progress. She gives him a C. Sami arrives and finds Roman near the hub. She invites him to the engagement party tonight but he tells her there's nothing to celebrate. "It's just stupid." He leaves and she brushes away tears before going to Rafe's room. Kate tells her he's not there and they start verbal sparring. Sami leaves. In the rehab room, Rafe wants to try to walk unassisted. Sami arrives and sees Rafe take a few steps. He falls and Sami rushes to him but Jordan stops her from helping him. Rafe tells her to leave and she does but stands outside looking concerned. Rafe picks himself up and walks a few more steps before getting into his chair. Sami grins. Later, he's back in bed and Jordan asks him to consider where he'd like to go on his first excursion. She gives this session a B+ and leaves. Sami turns up. "How do you stand that woman?" she asks. Rafe doesn't want to hear it. He taunts her about when she's marrying EJ. She asks him to be happy for her so he stops and hopes he can pay her back for saving his life one day. He says her life's none of his business. She considers it may have been a mistake visiting but wants the best for him.

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