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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chelsea Benson-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Benson-Brady Played by Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rachel Melvin (NBC)

    Birthday: February 2 1985
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Real Name: Rachel Melvin
    Height: 5' 5"


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    A Perfect Fit.

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    When Stephanie visits Max at the Cheatin’ Heart, he criticizes her for moving on already. He asks not to waste each other’s time, but stops Stephanie when she turns to leave. He tells her he figures she has had feelings for Philip for some time, but wished she didn’t broadcast it all over the place by making out with him at Titan. Stephanie asks what was said and she laughs when Melanie made a mountain out of a molehill. She tells Max she wasn’t making out with him and tells him that for the past two weeks she’s been attracted to Philip. She’s uncomfortable and reminds Max that he broke up with her! They argue about why they broke up and Stephanie doesn’t like that he’s nagging at her for being attracted to somebody else. Chelsea walks in while they’re arguing and Stephanie stomps out while Chelsea asks what’s going on. Max changes the subject to Kate. Chelsea can’t visit her for a while and asks about the argument with Stephanie. He tells her that Stephanie’s attracted to Philip. “And they were about to score, at Titan.” Chelsea is puzzled and reminds him that he was there for her when she was down. She’d like to return the favor. Chelsea knows Stephanie still loves Max but Max is no longer in love with Stephanie anymore. Chelsea is surprised and tries to keep things light. She knows he still loves Stephanie but Max will never love again, he states, firmly. Chelsea grins and mocks him, calling his words straight out of a romance novel. She calls it dumb, cheesy and a lie! She knows he’ll find love again.

    Enthusiastic, Energetic, Nice Looking....

    Thursday, December 11 2008

    Chelsea arrives at Titan and asks Melanie if she can tell Philip she’s there. Melanie tells her to have a seat and she’ll tell him she’s there, but she doesn’t make a move. They argue and Chelsea calls Melanie’s job cushy. Meanwhile, Nick’s in jail for murder. Melanie reminds Chelsea that Nick killed her father. Chelsea goes to Philip’s office and he’s not there. She asks Melanie where he is and Melanie hasn’t seen him in a while.

    Sasha comes to Melanie’s desk and Chelsea asks her if she has seen Philip. Sasha says she saw him in the vault, earlier. Melanie’s eyes widen and the three girls go to the vault. Sasha admits she saw Stephanie heading toward the vault, earlier. At her desk, Melanie reads a document explaining that the vault is set to unlock at a preset time. There’s nothing they can do. Chelsea goes to the hospital while Sasha rubs it in with Melanie that Philip and Stephanie are locked in the vault together!

    I'm Sorry...

    Tuesday, December 09 2008

    Brady realizes Nicole’s not planning on telling EJ about losing the baby at all, when he catches her looking at an adoption site on the internet at Cheatin’ Heart. Nicole says she can’t conceive another child and asks if it’s a crime to want to adopt a child as the Brady’s did for Max. Brady asks if she’s going to tell EJ about the baby and suggest they adopt, knowing she’s going to pawn somebody else’s baby off as her own. Nicole asks him to keep his voice down but Brady warns her that when Stefano finds out, he’ll go into a rage. Nicole tells Brady that EJ would never hurt her but Brady points out that if that’s true, she should just tell him the truth. Brady says he can’t stay out of this and will help her by telling EJ the truth! Nicole assumes Brady doesn’t want to see her happy, but he wants her to do the right thing and gives her an ultimatum. Do it or he will! Nicole begs for more time.

    In walks Chelsea, who notices a brooding Max pondering what is in the box Trent gave him in his will. He attempts to throw it away but Chelsea stops him. They argue about whether or not he’ll open the box and Chelsea gets an idea. She takes the box and Max and they head out.

    Chelsea and Max arrive upstairs at Max’s room, with the box. Max stares at the box. He opens it and finds a toy dog that belonged to him. He recalls playing with it and Trent walking in and calling him a swine and telling him he is supposed to be asleep. Trent ripped the dog, Charlie, from Max’s grip and took it away. Max tells Chelsea, this is Charlie, his best buddy, who would help him fall asleep. He tells Chelsea the story and says he wasn’t expecting it. He’s clearly caught off guard. Chelsea says there is more. A note from Trent! Max reads, “I’m sorry...” He starts to cry and Chelsea hugs him.

    I Know What I Want for Christmas!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Chelsea arrives at the Cheatin’ Heart and sadly tells Max that Kate took a turn for the worse. Max is sorry to hear and Chelsea admits how useless she feels that she can’t test to be a match. Max blasts her and reminds her she saved her father’s life with her pancreas and can’t save the world. He soon apologizes for the outburst but Chelsea says she came there to be with a friend and needed to hear that. Still, she’s upset about Kate.

    Max and Chelsea also find out that the results are in from Philip, so Max wishes Chelsea good luck before she leaves.

    Chloe and Lucas arrive at Kate’s room and Chelsea and Max arrive at the hospital. Chelsea leaves Max outside the room while they wait for Daniel, who shows up with the results. They’ve a match, but it’s not one of the children. It’s Chloe!

    Tightly Wound.

    Friday, November 28 2008

    Brady meets Victor poolside, at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asks how things are going, and Brady flashes back to telling Nicole that her baby didn’t make it. He admits that it hasn’t been what he expected!

    Chelsea is thrilled to see Brady, poolside, and gives him a big hug. Brady goes to get the door while Chelsea tells Victor she’s trying not to feel responsible for Trent’s death. She blames Melanie now. “She made Nick crazy, literally.” They’re interrupted by Kate and Daniel, Chloe and Lucas. Kate’s thankful to be there and asks after Chelsea, who shares how shaken up she was to see Nick. Puzzled, she says Max made it better.
    Chloe tries to make conversation with Victor, nearby, but he treats her with contempt. Chloe thinks dementia is settling in, considering he is the one who walked over to her. Chloe wonders if he has ever thought of forgiveness. Victor tells her one false move and there will be hell to pay.

    Nearby, Daniel tells Brady how good he looks and gets something to drink, while Brady calls Nicole, to see how she is. Nicole lets her know that EJ’s back and she can’t talk.

    Daniel interrupts Chloe and Victor’s tête à tête and tries to talk to him about Kate. When he Daniel receives a call, he asks Victor to make excuses for him while he steps out. Later, Chloe is sarcastic to Victor, and Brady asks Kate how she’s enjoying the party. She finds it first class, and asks how he is. He seems to be elsewhere, in his head. Brady’s fine and is happy she’s doing well.

    Chelsea follows Chloe to the bar, and tells Chloe not to let her grandfather get to her. “He’s tightly wound.”

    Philip arrives at Kate’s party. Lucas jokes that he took the term ‘fashionably late’ to the extreme. Philip wonders where Daniel is, and Victor says he’ll return in a moment. Victor is uplifted to see Kate up and around and Philip is encouraged as well, but Kate reminds them she’s not cured yet. Victor sings Daniels’ praises and Philip gives Kate her blessing with Daniel. Kate’s very appreciative, and pulls her son into a hug.

    Nearby, Chloe rants to Lucas about how Victor’s treating her. Lucas tells her the only thing that counts is that he loves her. She repeats his words and her mood slightly changes.

    Daniel arrives back at the party and Kate tells him this party is as much for him as it is for her. Philip gives Daniel a gift – a beautiful watch that Philip says he bought for his brother, as well. Daniel apologizes, and sadly says he can’t accept it. It’s a job and what he does. He’s thankful, and apologizes for offending Philip. He leaves the two and Philip feels like an idiot. He wanted to do something nice. Kate is sure that Daniel didn’t mean to hurt his feelings and Philip says it’s fine. As long as she’s happy, he’s fine! Philip makes a toast to Kate, and calls her the heart of the family. Daniel frowns as Philip drinks to Kate’s continued health, and Kate catches his eye.

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