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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chelsea Benson-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Benson-Brady Played by Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rachel Melvin (NBC)

    Birthday: February 2 1985
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Real Name: Rachel Melvin
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Santa's Surprise!

    Thursday, December 25 2008

    Kayla, Steve, Stephanie, and the baby arrive at the pub. Steve asks why Stephanie doesn't seem happy. Just then, Max appears with Chelsea. He says that Stephanie isn't happy because Philip's not there! Max makes some sarcastic remarks about being surprised that Stephanie isn't spending the holiday with Philip. As they get into it, Melanie walks in. Stephanie points to her, saying Melanie's the reason that she has 'moved on'! Stephanie walks away. Chelsea tells Max that she's sorry. Max and Melanie talk, and he notes that it must be hard for her to have her first Christmas without Trent. She says that it was the only time he acted like a father. She and Max joke a bit, but when she brings up Stephanie he won't discuss it. Max goes to check on some food and Melanie wanders over to where Stephanie and Chelsea are wrapping gifts. Melanie blurts out that Stephanie isn't the only one who's moved on - Max has too - with Chelsea! After Melanie walks away, Steph asks Chelsea if it's true. Chelsea says they're just friends - she's been comforting him. Stephanie is visibly shaken by the idea, and Chelsea says if something was going on between them, she would tell her. Stephanie replies that she would definitely have a problem with that!

    Have a Very Brady Christmas!

    Wednesday, December 24 2008

    At the pier, Lexi tells Theo that they should get going. As soon as Lexi turns her head, Theo runs off and Lexi calls after him. Meanwhile, Bo’s putting Zack’s stocking up as he gets the vision of the hospital again. As Lexi screams after Theo, Bo realizes that the images in his head are about Theo! Bo rushes to leave but Abe stops him at the door. Bo asks him where Theo is and Abe tells him Theo is with Lexi. Bo urges Abe to call Lexi and check on Theo. Meanwhile, at the pier, Lexi looks out into the water and cries, “The river.” Lexi frantically searches for Theo, while Abe calls her. Lexi sobs and tells him that Theo ran off and they’re at the pier. Abe cries, “Oh my God!”

    Abe, Chelsea, and Bo reach the pier and Bo asks Lexi if she noticed anyone suspicious who could have taken Theo. Lexi cries in Abe’s arms and thinks that Theo ran off the pier. While Abe tries to decipher what happened, Bo gets the vision again and starts his search. He finds Theo’s toy dog beside the pier. Lexi falls on her knees and sobs. Abe consoles her as she starts praying. Abe and Lexi look out into the water and Lexi cries that it’s been too long!

    Bo continues searching the pier and suddenly sees Zack running away. Bo calls after him and chases him. Zack reveals that he’s with Theo and they run away. Bo catches up to them and hugs Zack, but when he looks at him again, it’s Theo. Bo calls Abe to tell him that he found Theo and that he’s fine. Abe tells Lexi and they are overjoyed as Lexi thanks God.

    Back in the Horton house, Chloe looks at Alice’s photos and Lucas asks if she’d like to have that many kids one day. Julie asks Maggie if she ever thought Lucas and Chloe would end up together. Maggie says no but she’s never seen Lucas so happy. They cheerfully agree that Alice had a good idea and look at the tree. The Bradys and Carvers enter the Horton house to begin celebrations. Bo tells Hope he had a little help finding Theo, and that he’d explain later. Everyone starts the traditional trimming of the tree for Alice to see in the morning. John observes and asks Marlena why she brought him here. Marlena answers that this is what Christmas is really about. John looks at the tree in thought and finally realizes how important it is to remember. Meanwhile, Maggie and Julie give Chloe and Lucas a box of ornaments, including a new one made for Chloe. She thanks them and goes to place it on the tree next to Lucas’ but it falls and breaks. Chloe apologizes but Lucas says the only thing that matters is that they’re together. Doug makes a toast to the family and plays the piano as Chloe sings “Silent Night.”

    Mistletoe Madness!

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    Lexi, Theo, and Chelsea walk along thea pier. Chelsea and Lexi are surprised at how attached Theo’s become to the toy dog, Charlie, that Max gave him. Chelsea offers to take Theo home but Lexi says that the two of them have a date to watch the ships, so Chelsea leaves. Lexi and Theo watch the ships and Theo tells her he loves her. A surprised Lexie is overcome with joy.

    At home, Bo keeps recalling the vision from the hospital as he’s wrapping gifts. Hope walks in and asks if he’s okay. Bo says he’s not and Hope asks if he’s having visions again. A worried Bo says he feels like he’s going crazy. Hope thinks she knows why this is happening to him. Hope says she’s going through exactly the same thing and that she keeps having nightmares about a child in danger. Bo and Hope both know that this is about Zack. Hope admits that at Christmas time, everything gets stirred up, and that she still grieves him and feels alone. Hope admits that they both pull away from each other when it comes to Zack, but they should be going through this together. Hope says in her mind he grows up and they agree that they need to go through this together. Bo agrees and Hope puts Zack’s ornament on the tree. Hope wants to spare Chelsea the pain, but says they need to stop hiding Zack’s memories. Bo reassures her that Zack will be part of this Christmas and every Christmas.

    Chelsea comes home while Bo and Hope are in the kitchen and notices Zack’s ornament. Distraught and emotional, Chelsea tries to leave, but Bo stops her. Chelsea screams that Bo has to hate her somewhere inside because she feels so guilty still. Bo tries to comfort her and tells her to talk to him and Hope, not to run away. Hope tells Chelsea she put the ornament there not to hurt her but for them to move on. Hope says she needs Chelsea to help celebrate Zack’s life, not his death. Hope reminds Chelsea that without her, Bo wouldn’t be alive and that Christmas isn’t the same without her. Bo and Hope tell Chelsea that she needs to forgive herself. Chelsea tearfully says she’s not sure if she ever can. Bo reminds her what she did for him and what she’s doing by helping other people is what matters right now. Chelsea looks at Zack’s ornament and says she really did love him. Bo hugs her and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Hope asks Chelsea to help Bo wrap a package as she cooks. Chelsea tells Bo about her day with Theo and how it was the first time she felt that her life served a purpose. As she talks, Bo looks troubled, like he’s suffering a headache of some sort. Chelsea checks her messages and gets news that Kate will be released for Christmas. Her and Hope go into the kitchen.

    Granulated Brown Sugar!

    Monday, December 22 2008

    Max and Chelsea visit Kate, telling her that Max gave Theo a little dog from his childhood and how touching it was. Kate laughs at the happy ending and Chelsea tells Max he could be a good guy if he wants to be. "Theo's very discriminating," says Chelsea. "And so are you," replies Kate, with a grin. Chelsea changes the subject and Max goes off to get Kate ice chips, while Kate asks what's up with her and Max! "Nothing," claims Chelsea. They're friends and she's reading too much into things. Max returns with an order of ice chips.

    Later, Chelsea and Max leave Kate's room as Chelsea's off Christmas shopping. Max's face falls. He thought they were going to have coffee! He suggests they go to the pub and shop after, and when she hedges, he talks her into going.

    Max and Chelsea end up at the pub. Chelsea goes over her list and Max tells her she forgot him! He's joking, but Chelsea pauses and asks if he got her something. She thinks it would be fun to exchange gifts, and jumps up, ready to leave. She apologizes for making things weird and Max says he is picking up a vibe. EJ comes into the pub and they glance at him, before Chelsea explains that she should be thinking of Kate and Christmas gifts. Max knows it's true and when Chelsea's got froth on her upper lip, from cappuccino, Max wipes it off. They awkwardly say goodbye and Max tells her he has no time to get gifts. Chelsea gets on his case about buying and tells him this is what friends are for, to get on each other's case and guard each other's backs!

    $750,000 In Unmarked Bills!

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    Chelsea and Theo come upon Max at the pier. She and Theo were going to see the tree lighting at Salem Place and ask Max to come with them. He hems and haws and she sees the box with the toy dog in it and asks why he’s got it there. Max was debating whether or not to set him free. She thinks he needs to do whatever gives him peace of mind. Max gives Theo a candy cane and he takes it to the bench nearby. Chelsea thinks Max is good with Theo and Max says he’s a big kid himself! Max thinks she has an amazing way with him, but Chelsea has a hard time accepting the compliment. He tells her she’ll be a great mom one day but soon apologizes. Chelsea isn’t anywhere near that phase, and says she can always adopt. She supposes she needs a guy first and says Theo’s her main man right now. Max knows it’s hard being alone for holidays. She agrees. Max still can’t decide what to do with the dog, but when he opens the box, Theo yells, “Charlie!” Max knows what he’s going to do with the dog! He gives him to Theo, who takes the dog and kisses him! Chelsea and Max grin with delight!

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