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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chelsea Benson-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Benson-Brady Played by Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rachel Melvin (NBC)

    Birthday: February 2 1985
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Real Name: Rachel Melvin
    Height: 5' 5"


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    I'm Going to Kill that Dude!

    Thursday, February 19 2009

    Chelsea goes to Stephanie at the pier, to tell her that she and Max kissed twice and thinks it meant something. Stephanie says she and Max are through, and is embarrassed when Chelsea reminds her that she once said she’d have a problem with it if they got together. Stephanie’s happy for them. Chelsea asks how things are with her and Philip. "They’re not going at all." Philip doesn’t seem to want a serious committed relationship and is still chasing Melanie. Chelsea is sure it’s all business, but Stephanie’s not so certain. Chelsea doesn’t think she should give up just yet. Stephanie agrees to confront Philip.

    Chelsea arrives at the hospital and Theo jumps into her arms, thrilled to see her. He turns to Lexi and Abe and says, "Family." Chelsea tells him that’s right and he is lucky to have them! Abe and Lexi beam.

    A Nightmare of Monumental Proportions!

    Tuesday, February 17 2009

    In the Brady Pub, Max quizzes Chelsea on whether or not she wants to be more than friends. She blurts out that of course she wants more, but then tries to recant. Max won't let it go, but Chelsea tries to change the subject, asking about him being worried that Stephanie is in danger with Philip. He says he doesn't have romantic feelings for Stephanie anymore, but he has out of control feelings for her! Max grins, saying she can't be very surprised. She says that Stephanie told her she would have a problem with it, if they dated. Max says that's tough, but Chelsea points out that it's her best friend. He tells her she has to get over worrying about what other people think. Chelsea agrees. Max talks about seeing her on the pier and thinking that if he ever got her back again, he'd never let her go! They kiss.

    Melanie walks into the pub just in time to see Max and Chelsea kissing. She grins and says she's happy for them. Chelsea says, "I'll bet!" Melanie wonders why everyone thinks the worst of her! Chelsea excuses herself, and Melanie beams at Max, saying, "So! You and Chelsea! I called that one!" Melanie gloats, "Wait until Princess Stephanie finds out!" Max says her approval means the world to him, but she should get away from him. Melanie wonders if he's going to ask her about Philip. Max warns her about playing the Kiriakis's and the DiMera's against one another, but Melanie says it's a rush!

    The Staff is Buzzing...

    Monday, February 16 2009

    Back at the pub, Philip thinks Melanie did something behind his back. He yells at her and moves on her, causing Stephanie to jump up and intervene. EJ calls Melanie to tell her the good news, and, to keep Philip off the trail, she acts as though Max is calling. She hangs up and goes to meet EJ, while Chelsea and Max enter the pub. When Philip finds out Max wasn’t on the phone with Melanie, Philip chases after her! Stephanie explains to Max and Chelsea that Philip’s stressed out about Melanie. When Max goes off to get drinks, Stephanie explains how cold and cruel Philip has been with Melanie. Max returns and the girls stop talking. He offers to leave, but Stephanie goes to make a call. Max assumes she’s blaming Melanie for Philip screwing up her life. Stephanie returns and isn’t happy to hear Max trashing her new beau. Stephanie leaves and Max realizes he shouldn’t have run his mouth off. Chelsea wonders if his feelings for Stephanie are the cause of his concern for her dating Philip, but Max assures her it’s not. Chelsea accuses Max of not caring about what she feels, thinking he is in his own world, worrying about Melanie, Stephanie and Philip. Max feels as though he’s on trial and apologizes. His anger about Stephanie and Philip has to do with his sister, not himself. Chelsea asks Max to define their relationship, and he stumbles over his words. She wants more than friendship, but is angry that she had to spell it out.

    Internal Affairs.

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    At home, Hope looks sadly at her gun and flashes back to accidentally shooting Kayla. She criticizes Bo for keeping quiet about his visions. “We’re partners!” Bo reminds her she was in a hostage situation and did what she had to do. Chelsea comes down the stairs and offers to take care of Ciara, so they can take care of each other but Bo is off to work. Hope explains they need to go by the book. She makes a call to the hospital and is relieved to find out Kayla had a good night. Chelsea comforts Hope and asks what’s happening with her and Bo.

    Screw It!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    Chelsea and Max meet Melanie, Stephanie and Philip outside the courthouse. Chelsea is upset that everyone's acting as though it's a normal day, but their friend is going to jail for a long time. Nick comes out with a guard and tells Chelsea he wasn't sure he'd see her again. She apologizes that she was working and couldn't make it earlier. Nick says he sent a copy of his alternative fuel project to Mickey to be sent to Max. He asks both Max and Chelsea to promise him they'll keep it out of the wrong hands.

    Back in the courthouse, Nick asks Max to speak with Chelsea alone. Once Max leaves, Nick tells Chelsea that he wouldn't trade the time they spent together for anything and apologizes for not being there for her lately, but Chelsea understands. She blames the pills. She's sure that he'll get help and his old self will return. She promises to visit him, saying he's important to her, as well as many others. She cries as she tells him she has regrets, too, and tells him he'll always be in her heart. They hug and Chelsea leaves.


    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    John arrives at the pub and tells Marlena he had his first hypnotherapy session tonight. She's excited until he tells her he remembered nothing. He doesn't want to go back but Marlena tells him about the background check she has done that has come up good. "She's a keeper," she tells him, causing him to ask if she's giving him permission to date her. Marlena is talking about Dr. Taylor's qualifications, she retorts, which are good enough for a second chance, in her opinion. John agrees to give Charlotte one more session and leaves. Afterward, Marlena is puzzled by a call she makes to somebody who knows Charlotte. She finds out that Charlotte left Minneapolis and says, "That does seem odd."

    Nearby, Max and Chelsea take a seat and Max admits he's happy he decided to go to the party. They agree Victor livened things up and Chelsea still can't believe Kate and Daniel broke up. Max asks if she's going to make a move on him now, which upsets Chelsea. "That's annoying, you already asked me that at the party," she complains, then reassures Max that she has zero interest in Daniel and wonders why he cares! He jokes that now she and Kate can do speed dating together. They discuss how it's nice not to be dating and have to deal with jealousy. Just then, Michelle, a waitress comes to them and asks for their order. When Max orders perfectly for Chelsea, she laughs and orders a perfect meal for him. The waitress calls them a cute couple, causing them to become annoyed.

    I Guess I can Trust You!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    Philip opens the door of the mansion to Stephanie, they kiss and then Max comes in after her, moments later, witnessing the kiss. Stephanie is thrown by Max watching them. Max goes into the living room and Chelsea's surprised, yet happy to see him. He tells her what he saw in the foyer and says it's not bothering him as much as he thought it would. He tells Chelsea that they're getting a little complex. He liked New Year's and likes spending time with her but doesn't like talking about it. They agree to keep it simple and shut up about it!

    Out in the foyer, Stephanie is unnerved by Max, but Philip tells her to forget about it. He's not going to mention it to Max. That's not what guys do, he says!

    Back in the living room, Chelsea and Max drink to friendship and Chelsea tells Max that Kate and Daniel broke up! Max wonders if she wants him back but she doesn't. "No, no no. That would be gross." She may share recipes, but not men! "Let's change the subject," Max says and then decides to break their deal and discuss their friendship. He tells her she's a class act; after all she has been through. Chelsea's thankful and asks to ditch the party! Philip and Stephanie wander into the living room and Philip notices Max and Chelsea are cozy. They watch them for a bit and Kate comes up to Chelsea and says that Lucas and Chloe should be down here. People will start arriving. Kate wonders if they're getting intimate, because she caught them at it earlier!

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