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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chelsea Benson-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Benson-Brady Played by Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rachel Melvin (NBC)

    Birthday: February 2 1985
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Real Name: Rachel Melvin
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Miss You A Lot, Pal.

    Friday, May 01 2009

    At the hospital, Daniel and Kate have words and he leaves as Kate flashes back to Chloe and Daniel kissing and tells herself it’s not over yet. Chelsea tells Kate she spoke with the doctor. Billie’s injuries are severe and it’ll be a long time until she’s healed. Kate has a ticket and says she’s going to be with her, but Chelsea worries about Philip. Chelsea doesn’t think she should leave. She’ll take Kate’s place, but Kate refuses. This is her mother, they’re talking about, reminds Chelsea. They argue and Daniel returns. They explain about the accident and he’s sorry to hear. Kate says since Jack and Jennifer are in London, she’ll have them check on Billie until she gets there. Kate goes to call them and Daniel apologizes to Chelsea, who blames herself for not calling Billie lately. Daniel asks her not to blame herself. Chelsea wanted to tell her about her relationship with Max. Daniel can tell she’s happy with him and is delighted for her. Since he knows somebody on staff at that hospital in London, Daniel offers to call and find out her prognosis. He hugs her and admits he’ll miss her. Kate comes upon them and doesn’t look happy. "My day just keeps getting worse and worse," she says and goes on to tell them she called Julie for the number, but Julie says Jack and Jennifer are in Africa, visiting Bill. Chelsea and Kate continue to fight over who is going to London and when Kate gets a call about Billie’s issues worsening, the tears come easy. Chelsea takes the call and explains she’s been training in OT, so she can be of assistance to the nurse. Chelsea, with tears in her eyes, tells Kate she thinks Billie will be alright. Kate thinks she’s so strong that she thinks Chelsea should go. Kate will come with her, but Chelsea begs her to stay with Philip for now. Kate finally agrees. Chelsea leaves and Daniel returns. They’ve got to talk. Kate agrees. He tells her Chelsea should be the one to go. Kate agrees and they agree to talk later, when his pager goes off.

    Theo skips to Chelsea, at the hospital, and when she sees Abe with Lexi, she is surprised. Abe jokes he never sees outside of the office. Chelsea is glad to see them and lets them know the news about Billie’s accident. They’re very saddened and supportive that she has to go away. Chelsea tells Theo that she’s going away on an airplane for a long time. "I’m going to miss you a lot, pal. You know that?" They hug and Lexi thanks her for everything. She’ll miss her a lot. Chelsea thanks them for letting her be a part of their family. Later, Chelsea says goodbye to Kate, pleading with her not to cry. Kate says it won’t be forever and dries tears. They hug and Chelsea knows Kate doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype, but she’s the best Grandmother, ever.

    Later, Kate tells Daniel she needs advice from him. She knows for certain Chloe was having an affair while engaged to Lucas and she’s shattered. She accuses him of being the man Chloe slept with.

    Much later, Chelsea calls and leaves a message for Max, to contact her right away.

    So Busted!

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    At the hospital, Chelsea is on the computer, looking at medical school applications. Melanie catches her and to herself, says, "Naughty Chelsea. You’re so busted!" She goes to Dr. Baker, who asks if she can clean up a room. She will, but beats around the bush that she doesn’t want to sound like a tattle tale, but she saw a trainee doing something unethical and thinks she should report it!

    Dr. Baker confronts Chelsea on gaining access to the admissions data, while Melanie calls Max to tell him a doctor is grilling Chelsea. Max wants to know why and Melanie thinks Chelsea ruined his chance at admission to Salem U!

    Later, Chelsea apologizes to Dr. Baker, at the hospital, while Max comes upon them, and listens in. Chelsea admits she wanted to see if her boyfriend got into Salem U, but saw nothing. She pleads with him not to tell her supervisor, and Dr. Baker takes pity. Chelsea turns around and sees Max and tells him it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Chelsea wonders why he’s there and realizes Melanie must have called!

    Chelsea and Max arrive at the pub and Chelsea worries Max is upset at her for what she did, but she claims it was accidental. It was up on the screen when she started looking. Max doesn’t mind. Chelsea receives a call about Billie. Chelsea asks in a panicked voice, "Is she okay?" She writes down the number and address of a hospital and hangs up, telling Max her mom was in an accident. Max holds her.

    I'm Catching On to You!

    Tuesday, April 28 2009

    Chelsea arrives at the pub and shares how Philip’s doing. Max frantically tries to mind the pub on his own, because everyone’s busy. Chelsea puts on an apron and Max asks what she’s doing. "Getting ready to sling hash," she says. Max doesn’t think this is a good idea. He wonders what’ll happen if she screws up. Chelsea comments that he has made an error with one of the regular’s orders and Max laughs and agrees to give her a shot. No special treatment! Later, Max shows Chelsea a letter from the University. He believes it’s a rejection letter, then once he opens it, he sees it’s just a letter accepting his application. They’ve no news yet! Chelsea’s sure that it’ll be a letter of acceptance. Max admits he has applied at Chicago schools, causing Chelsea to wonder what will become of them if he is accepted. Max says they’ll have email and visits and says no matter where they live, things will change. Max wonders if she can move with him to Chicago. She can’t move there, she says, but he reminds her there are great apartments there, overlooking the river and jobs for people with her experience. He asks Arianna if she’s looking for an apartment, and she is, so Max thinks it’s settled. Arianna can move in with Stephanie and Chelsea and Max can move to Chicago. Chelsea thinks she’d have liked to known about it first. Max says they don’t even know how involved they are and he’s not even sure he can leave her. Chelsea smiles but tells him if he’s accepted, he has to go. They realize they can’t be without each other and while Max says he could just get accepted at Salem U, Chelsea says if he is accepted in Chicago, she’ll go with him! They discuss living together. Both are happy to find that they’ve got the same ideas of what it would be like to live together. They kiss.

    Words Are Cheap!

    Wednesday, April 15 2009

    Back at the pub, Max talks to the new waitress, Arianna, about how she likes the new job. She’s enjoying it and asks what he’d like her to do. Melanie walks in and tells her she can get her order. "I’m starving," she says, before greeting Max. Max introduces her as his beautiful freeloading sister and they make a few jokes. She orders and after she leaves, Melanie says she likes Arianna. Max assumes it’s because she took orders from her without a problem. Melanie shares that the job at the hospital is horrible, and during her rant, Arianna drops something and Max rushes to her side. Arianna’s fine, but simply hurt her wrist. Chelsea wanders in and Melanie grins as Chelsea wonders what’s going on! Arianna says she simply bruised her hand and Max offers her to take the rest of the day off, but she declines. Introductions are made and Melanie smirks as Chelsea chats with Arianna. Chelsea admits she likes Arianna, and Melanie comments that this is great. They can all play Pictionary. Chelsea admits Max seemed very professional, looking after Arianna’s hand. "You should be a doctor." Melanie says he will be after years of study. Chelsea is confused and Melanie blurts out that Max already applied to medical school! Chelsea wonders when he was planning on telling her, but he says he wasn’t. Melanie found out by accident. Chelsea thought they were going to be honest with each other. "No no, don’t turn it into that," asks Max. He wasn’t sure he was going to get in and didn’t want to disappoint her if he didn’t. Chelsea wouldn’t care, but knows he’ll get in and make a fantastic doctor, someday! Chelsea asks Max to be more open in the future, and he agrees. She hugs him and tells him he’s lucky he’s so cute! They start kissing.

    Something To Prove!

    Thursday, April 09 2009

    Chelsea and Stephanie chat at home about Philip and the situation he is in. Chelsea advises her to just love Philip and be there for him as much as he needs while he gets through this difficult time.

    Chelsea arrives where Max and EJ are still discussing Tony. Chelsea lays into EJ about how his family has been terrorizing Salem for years - he should leave Philip alone - after all, he has to live with his guilt! EJ shouts, "Oh, Philip has to live with his guilt, does he?" As Chelsea takes a step back, EJ tells her that whatever she's trying to do, she should just stop it! Max tells EJ not to talk to Chelsea like that - he says he doesn't want to talk to either of them, and walks away. Chelsea tells Max that she was defending her family - he says he likes her spunk. She tells him not to patronize her! She tells him he should be worried about Philip, but he says he's only worried about her right now!

    Chelsea and Max get home and they begin to kiss. He wants to try and fix a bookcase she has been working on putting together. She won't let him, and he says she is trying to prove herself - even though she's totally inept at it! They tease each other a bit more, then start kissing again! Soon, there is a knock at the door - it's Stephanie. Awkwardness ensues. Stephanie tells them that she will be staying with Philip at the Kiriakis Mansion. Max asks if she's nuts?! As Stephanie and Max fight about Philip, and why they broke up, Chelsea sits awkwardly in the middle!

    It's Inevitable!

    Tuesday, April 07 2009

    At University, Melanie starts on her first day as a candy striper. Nurse Maxine, her supervisor, asks Melanie to change her bad attitude and later, Melanie wonders what she deserved to have to do this, but once she sees a photo of Tony in the news, she realizes exactly what she did.

    Nearby, Daniel and a female doctor are pleased with the test results from a patient. The doctor asks him out but Daniel ignores her and later, after Daniel has returned from the patient’s room, he tells the doctor he notified the family of the good news, and says she should have been there. She again asks him out, but he ignores her.

    Nearby, Melanie comes out of a patient’s room as he yells, "I told you no more creamed vegetables." Melanie yells back, I just love catering to old men who have so much ear hair you can braid it!" He retaliates by throwing kale at her hair and outfit. Nurse Maxine pulls her from the room and an exasperated Melanie has to clean up.

    Chelsea arrives at the hospital and isn’t happy to find Melanie working there. Chelsea mentions the long hours and how the pay sucks and wonders why Melanie is working there. Melanie jokes that her love for mankind kicked in, but says seriously that Maggie got her the job. She then confesses she can’t handle bonding with Chelsea.

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