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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chelsea Benson-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Benson-Brady Played by Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rachel Melvin (NBC)

    Birthday: February 2 1985
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Real Name: Rachel Melvin
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Sleeping with a Killer!

    Friday, October 24 2008

    Kate arrives at the hospital to Daniel, who wonders why she's there. She tells him she's returning his swim shorts and he asks her to stop waving them around, or he'll have explaining to do! She leans into him as he brings her behind a curtain and tries to kiss him but Daniel says they can't do this. Kate asks if he wants to break it off again, but Daniel asks her to stop. He's feeling crazed about waiting for the results as well. Kate hasn't coughed in over 24 hours and has her appetite back, she says. Daniel's happy to hear that, and she tells him that whether or not she's dying, she wants him, and wants to make love to him. She doesn't want her life under a microscope. They start kissing.

    Chelsea asks a nurse if she has seen Dr. Jonas anywhere. The nurse says he was just here a moment ago and is probably nearby. Daniel and Kate stop kissing when Daniel's pager goes off and Chelsea walks in on them. Kate says she should knock before she barges in on a patient. Kate says she's fine, and has something to drop off to Daniel, when Chelsea asks, and Chelsea has documents for him to look over. Daniel has to go up to ICU and asks Chelsea to wait with Kate, for him to return. Chelsea asks what Kate was returning to Daniel. Kate changes the subject and Chelsea admits she was going to call her about their talk in the dressing room at the shop. She spoke with Lexi and says what happened between her and Daniel reminded her of what she went through with Nick and Billie. Chelsea loves Kate so much and got emotional. Chelsea says she knows things with Kate and Daniel are over and she's ready to forgive her and forget. Kate thanks Chelsea and they hug, but she sees Daniels shorts and asks if this is what she's returning to him. She starts to cry and Kate apologizes. Chelsea is hurt and disrespects Kate, who tells her that Daniel and Chelsea are over. It was her decision. She treated it as an adult decision and she's not ashamed of what she's doing. "At your age, I think you should be past temper tantrums," she says. Daniel returns, but stays away, while Chelsea tells Kate that she's selfish and wants her out of her life, forever. Kate asks her to be careful for what she wishes for. Daniel walks in and Kate asks him to read the results. Kate has lung cancer. Chelsea starts to sob.

    What have you done, you fool?

    Tuesday, October 21 2008

    Daniel bumps into Chelsea at Java Café. When she can't find her wallet, he kindly buys her a latte and asks if she'd like to have a coffee together. She appears uncomfortable and when she sees Nick arrive, she lies that she's meeting somebody. When he leaves, she watches him as she goes to Nick and asks for a favor. "Have dinner with me, as friends." Nick asks why she doesn't have dinner with Stephanie, and she says Steph's been busy and Morgan's out of town. Nick agrees to it and she invites him to a sushi restaurant near the hospital. Nick is distracted by Melanie making a scene with Max.

    Nearby, Melanie and Max heatedly discuss what happened at the cemetery the night Trent was murdered. Max thinks Melanie would have remembered killing him. She's thankful to him for keeping her secret, knowing Stephanie would go to the police if she knew. Max admits he spilled her secret to Stephanie, but he's certain she won't tell anyone. Melanie reminds him that Stephanie hates her and would do what it takes to get her out of his life. Max disagrees and they argue and Melanie runs out, upset.

    Nick meets with Melanie, outside the pub. She asks him for a bite to eat. Nick is happy to dine with her and tells her, "What are friends for?" She has to change, so he offers to call Chez Rouge for a table. While she goes up to change, he starts to make the call, when Chelsea shows up at the pub. He cancels their dinner and she assumes Melanie's behind it. He brushes her off and promises a rain check and wanders inside the pub. Chelsea walks in and overhears him getting a table for two at Chez Rouge for he and Melanie. Her face falls.

    Later, Melanie flashes back to Trent's murder. She wakes up and finds Trent has been stabbed. She sees his wallet nearby and puts it in her purse, before running away! She goes to Nick and they head to Chez Rouge.

    Show Me the Money!

    Wednesday, October 15 2008

    Chelsea goes to play with Theo on the swings, while a man with a camera comes upon Lexi. He introduces himself as Eric Lee, and asks if she'd be willing to set the record straight about her affairs with Detective T Kramer (Tek) and Brandon Walker, Abe's son. Abe arrives and explodes, but Lexi tells the man she refuses to comment about her past. She tells Eric that the election is not about their son, her infidelities or about her father. It's about Abe and his record as a civil servant and about what he'll do for the city. They refuse to stoop to the mayor's level. Chelsea and Abe smile as Lexi talks.

    Life is Too Short!

    Monday, October 13 2008

    Kate goes on a spending spree, and while she's in the dressing room, Chelsea finds her. She tells Kate that Daniel told her that she went missing and asked her to go looking for her. She says Daniel told her that this was a matter of life and death, but Kate says it must have been a misunderstanding. Chelsea tells her that after today, she doesn't want to see her. Kate gets a text message from Daniel, telling her there is news on the biopsy. She sighs and tells Chelsea that a recent cough has forced her to have tests. Chelsea calls herself selfish. Kate is glad she's there and wants to discuss things and put it to rest, but Chelsea can't. She can't forgive or forget that it happened initially. Kate has had it with Chelsea's self-pity, anger and resentment. She has been forgiven many times, but yet she is cruel, punishing and continues to judge her. She tells Chelsea that what she did with Daniel wasn't wrong. The sooner Chelsea deals with that the better off she'll be. "Life is too short," she says, and Chelsea would like to get over this but she can't.

    EJ, I'm pregnant....

    Friday, October 10 2008

    Chelsea finds Daniel at the hospital and he asks her to find Kate and get her back to the hospital as soon as possible. Her life might depend on it. He knows Chelsea knows a little about what's going on with Kate and tells Chelsea that he can't discuss the case, but asks her again to find Kate and bring her back. Theo interrupts and shows Chelsea his horse. "Zoo," he says. Chelsea is puzzled, and Daniel calls Lexi to tell Lexi that Theo is well and at the hospital. Abe and Lexi share a big hug and cry in relief! Meanwhile, as Chelsea tries to find out where Abe and Lexi are, Daniel returns to the room to explain what happened. Chelsea asks why Theo came to the hospital. "Don’t tell me you came here to see me," she says. Theo nods, and hugs her and she makes him promise not to do this again. He says, "Okay," then Lexi and Abe rush into the room and grab him. Hugs ensue, and they leave. Daniel tells Chelsea that she has a connection with Theo that nobody else has. When Daniel calls her incredible, Chelsea becomes uncomfortable. "Can't we be friends," asks Daniel, but Chelsea doesn’t think so. "You slept with Kate," she says and tells them they've beat this dead horse already. He never meant to hurt her, he says, and Chelsea tells him she can't be friends with someone she doesn't trust. It never would have worked out, anyway. "We're in different places and want different things." She has moved on and tells him he should as well.

    Sweet Southern Squeeze

    Thursday, October 09 2008

    Hope visits Nick in jail, as a friend, she says. Nick discusses last night. He got drunk, stupid and behind the wheel. It won't happen again. He wants to leave, but it's not that simple, she says. Hope tells him a drunk driving case doesn't just go away. She spouts off about morals and Nick laughs. He's more worried about being suspended at work. Hope yells that he ran a red light and could have gotten himself killed. He could have killed someone else. She is furious and disappointed. Nick apologizes. He wasn't thinking about Zach. Hope says that Zach's gone, because Chelsea wasn't paying attention, because she was careless. Chelsea arrives at the jail and tells him Hope's right. Tears fill her eyes as she tells him she finds what he did unforgivable. Nick knows she is right, and with tears in his eyes, he says it's almost as though it was not him. Hope leaves them to talk and Chelsea asks what happened. Nick blames himself for Trent Robbins coming to Salem. Chelsea says he had nothing to do with Trent's murder, so she wonders what else is upsetting him. She notices the bruising on his hand and confronts him about it.

    Back in jail, Melanie watches Chelsea and Nick talk. Nick says he hurt his hand in the lab, but Melanie recalls Nick telling her that he hurt his hand while hitting that guy in France. Chelsea's sure her uncle Roman and her dad will make sure the real killer is found. Chelsea thinks Nick helped Max save his sister, in a sense. Nick hadn't thought of it that way. Chelsea thinks Melanie now has a shot at a better life. Melanie makes it known she's there. "See, those are my thoughts, exactly." She asks what happened, while Chelsea pouts. A cop arrives and tells the ladies visiting time is over.

    It's Too Early for This Kind Of Drama!

    Monday, October 06 2008

    At the pub, Philip tries to call Morgan to apologize, but only gets voice mail. He says he hopes she's alright. Max and Stephanie are nearby discussing Caroline being released from jail. Melanie comes over and asks if that's true. Stephanie accuses her of believing that Caroline is guilty, but Philip intervenes, telling them that Melanie actually asked him to help find the real killer! Stephanie says that's surprising - Melanie doesn't usually have a problem with innocent people being behind bars! When Philip walks away, Melanie squeals that he's so hot! Chelsea walks in and goes up to Philip, giving him a punch on the arm! She says she's been up all night talking to a very upset Morgan! He brings up the issue with his mother and Daniel and asks Chelsea to go easy on her right now. Chelsea asks, "Is she that sick?" Philip says he can't give her details without betraying Kate's trust. He tells Chelsea that she can't go see her - she has to keep this to herself! Chelsea asks, "Is she going to die?" Philip just says that his mother is a fighter. Chelsea worries about having been mean to Kate, but Philip says, "You didn't know." When Philip goes to make a phone call, Chelsea walks over to Stephanie and blurts, "My grandmother's really sick and it's serious."

    Inside the pub, Chelsea tells Stephanie how awful she feels about Kate - now she's angry that she can't be angry at her, even though she betrayed her trust. She places a call to Daniel asking him to call her back - she needs to talk to him! Kayla comes in and greets Max, telling him she is really glad he decided not to give up on his sister! She urges him to be patient with her, and he says he looks forward to getting to know the real Melanie now that she isn't under the influence of Trent.

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