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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chelsea Benson-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Benson-Brady Played by Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rachel Melvin (NBC)

    Birthday: February 2 1985
    Birthplace: Elmhurst, Illinois
    Real Name: Rachel Melvin
    Height: 5' 5"


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    She Fell and Hit her Head... It was an Accident!

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    Lexi takes Theo to the park and asks him what he'd like to do today. She rhymes off a few activities, but he has a meltdown. When Lexi asks if something has upset him, it makes things worse. When Chelsea arrives, Theo runs into her arms as Lexi stares, mystified. He bangs his head on Chelsea and starts to scream, so she calms him right down by singing "The farmer in the dell..." Lexi thanks Chelsea and realizes she needs to try that sometime. Chelsea only recently heard that children with Autism have unusual sensitivities to music. Lexi knew as well, but never thought to apply it. Theo has another meltdown when Lexi tries to get Theo to show Chelsea his truck, but Chelsea tells him nobody's trying to take his truck away and asks him to show her how the truck moves. He does so and Lexi cries that she doesn't understand why he responds better with Chelsea. Chelsea tells her she's not his mother and kids always act out with their parents. Chelsea asks to spend time with Theo. She needs cheering up! Lexi says she'll go to the pub for a while.

    Kiddie Cosmo.

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    Chelsea goes into the Java Café and assumes the worst, when Philip tells her that they can't help Kate now. She panics, thinking Kate has died, but Philip says she's hanging in there, but they can't help her as they're not allowed to see her right now. Her condition is too fragile. She had a bad reaction to the chemo and is weak. Philip says the treatment is causing all sorts of other issues, but Kate made it clear she wants to go through this. Chelsea worries about Philip, but he tells Chelsea since Kate's brave, they need to be brave, too. Chelsea frowns. Kate's all she has. Philip reminds her he's there and hugs her. They agree to be positive and upbeat next time they visit Kate. Chelsea's got a paper due tomorrow, so she leaves him alone.

    A crying Chelsea shows up at the pub and Max hugs her and she admits she doesn't know why she's there. Max reminds her of Kate's strength and Chelsea admits she didn't think anyone would be up still. He invites her to have tea and stay and Chelsea changes the subject. She asks how he and Steph are. "There is no me and Steph," he says, but Chelsea disagrees. "You guys break up and get back together all the time." Max repeats that they're over. They reminisce about their past dating and Chelsea spills tea on his shirt that Stephanie returned. He makes light of it.

    Nick? A Stalker?

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    Stephanie walks into the Cheatin' Heart and stares at somebody. Max asks her to try a flirtini. Stephanie sarcastically plays into it and says she's there to meet some interns. She wonders why he is there and Max says he needed more work, so Adrienne asked him to come back. Stephanie asks why he's still working there if he's so smart… they argue and he fixes her a drink.

    Chelsea and Philip walk in to the Cheatin' Heart with Chelsea telling Philip all about what happened at Nick's apartment, earlier, and how Melanie is a liar, a phony and a gold digger. Philip remembers when people said that about her! He wonders if Nick's not the one who needs the intervention! Chelsea doesn't seem to want Nick or want him with anyone else, either. He brings up how things didn't work out between she and Daniel and Chelsea blows up. She soon apologizes for overreacting and asks how he's doing with Kate's diagnosis. Philip's fine, but can't get Kate out of his mind. He tossed all of the petty stuff aside. Chelsea say she can't help but care about Nick and should be worried, but Philip doesn't believe Melanie's the killer, especially since Nicole Walker is behind bars.

    Abe and Lexi are seated at a table nearby. They discuss how Lexi has given him mixed signals about becoming mayor. She is through with being ambivalent and supports him 100%! Abe's thrilled and Lexi says he'll turn around all the damage the last mayor did. Abe is excited to get some things done, and they drink to their future mayor! Lexi gets a call from Stefano, who asks how the first lady of Salem is. "Hello Father," she says, stiffly. Stefano wonders if she knows who was appointed to be the new police commissioner. She doesn't and he asks to talk to Abe. Lexi refuses and he asks her not to let Roman become the new police commissioner. Lexi hangs up and tells Abe what he said. Abe makes a statement that Salem's going to be a new town with him running it.

    Back at the bar, Max tells Stephanie he's Shawn Brady's kid and this is where he belongs. Stephanie drinks her flirtini and says that it doesn't mean he's Trent's son and not Shawn's if he chooses to attend college! They discuss Nick and Melanie, and Stephanie attacks Melanie's character again. They argue more, and Stephanie stomps off, right into Philip's arms. Philip brings her back to his table, where she asks Chelsea to get her another drink.

    Chelsea goes to the bar and tells Max that Stephanie's wasted. She wonders if he's going to cut her off or not.

    Back at the table, Stephanie apologizes to Philip for hearing about Kate's cancer. She wonders where Chelsea is with her drink and gets up. She slurs words and almost falls to the floor, so Philip motions to Max and Chelsea that he's taking her home! Chelsea's glad somebody's looking out for her and now she has to look out for Nick. She asks him to do the same.

    Melanie unpacks her things at Nick's apartment, but panics when she can't find the anonymous note.


    Monday, November 03 2008

    As they arrive at Nick's place, Melanie thanks Nick for letting her stay with him, but worries his aunt and uncle won't like it. "They're at a Green restaurant convention for a few days," he says, but knows they won't mind. Melanie calls Nick her only friend left in Salem, since her own brother turned his back on her. Nick knows that she is trying to keep things platonic and is fine with that. Melanie doesn't want to mess up their friendship and has decided never to play a guy, ever again. She doesn't want romance or sex to get in the way of their friendship. She punches his arm. "BFF?" (Best friends forever.) Nick's face falls but he says, "Yep!" Chelsea comes through the unlocked door and asks what Melanie's doing there. "I live here," she responds. Nick tells Chelsea that he invited her to stay and asks why she just walked right in the door. Chelsea used to be able to do this but Nick says those times are over. He asks why she's there and she says she had news about her grandmother, but turns to leave. She gives him his mail and Chelsea sticks around while he finds out that the alternative fuel project he was working on with Trent has gotten the attention of a financial group. Melanie and Chelsea both congratulate him and Melanie thinks they should celebrate. Melanie asks if they can have time alone, so she goes off to make a call, but stands outside and eavesdrops as Nick discusses Trent and how he doesn't want Melanie hurt. Melanie is reminded about how amazing and brilliant he is and gives him a big hug. Nick wants to share his money with her, considering Trent was the one who helped him with the prototype, but Melanie refuses him. They're friends, but maybe someday they can be more than friends, she says. Melanie's always gone after the wrong guy, but she wonders if maybe they've a karmic bond and he's supposed to show her she's been going after the wrong guy. They start kissing and Chelsea rushes back in. She asks for time with Nick, alone. Melanie leaves them and Chelsea asks Nick what he's doing, besides making a big mistake! "Are you spying on us," he asks and Chelsea thinks he needs it. He's a fool! Nick yells at her for judging him and tells her to get out. Melanie walks in and realizes what she has interrupted. Chelsea leaves and they agree Chelsea's not happy. Nick doesn't care right now. Melanie thinks he's too good of a guy to get held back by anyone and goes off to bed. He finds her handbag and calls her name, but she doesn't answer. He finds the anonymous note in her purse! He flashes back to writing a note and it seems as though it's the same one!

    Chelsea finds Philip outside by the pool and asks him to save Nick from Melanie!

    Family Sticks Together!

    Tuesday, October 28 2008

    Chelsea goes to Daniel about Kate. She needs to know what's going to happen to Kate, but Daniel can't discuss her case. Chelsea lashes out that she doesn't understand why he gets to know, but apologizes for ranting and tells him she wishes she could take back the horrible things she said to her grandmother. Daniel knows Kate will forgive her. Chelsea admits Kate's been good to her and feels it's her turn to take care of her. Daniel's impressed that Chelsea made this decision and Chelsea says she can't promise anything, but she'll try. She brings up the betrayal, and says Kate's life is far more important than her petty feelings. Daniel says they're not petty. Chelsea says she developed a crush on him and thinks he did too, but that's all it was. Daniel tries to stop her from talking, but she talks over him and asks him to promise to help save Kate. Later, after Daniel has left, she makes a promise to herself to take care of Kate as Kate did her, during her time in the hospital.

    Later, Chelsea arrives at Kate's side. She hands her a necklace with a medal of the Greek saint Sophia. She says her Grandpa gave it to her while she was in the hospital and hopes it'll work for her. She rushes out without another word.

    Alone with a Vegan!

    Monday, October 27 2008

    While crying and looking up 'living with lung cancer' on the internet at Java Café, Chelsea is interrupted by Evan, who gets her to open up. Chelsea cries that Kate has lung cancer and never smoked a day in her life. She explains about the fight they had and how she wished Kate would get out of her life for good.

    Nick and Melanie wind up at Java Café, with Nick apologizing for coming on to her at her room. Melanie doesn't think he was being presumptuous or coming on to her and she actually appreciates his friendship. They discuss their master plan and his prototype. Her dad told her about it. Nick wants to use brainpower to help her beat the murder rap.

    Nearby, Chelsea continues to read about lung cancer. Evan brings her a coffee and tells her she could use a friend. She sees Nick nearby and thanks Evan, then goes to Nick. He tells her he's busy, and she backs off when she sees Melanie. She realizes they're not as close as they were, and leaves him. On her way out the door, she tells Melanie that Nick's a nice guy, who doesn't see her for the loser witch she really is. She accuses Melanie of killing her own father and Melanie lashes out at Chelsea, reminding her of hitting her little brother Zach and leaving him to die. Chelsea slaps her and tells her she has no idea what she's talking about and tells Melanie that Max deserves better than a lying, trashy, murdering... "I feel bad for you Nick," Chelsea says and runs off, crying. Nick apologizes to Melanie. He knows Chelsea's angry at him. He promises to take her home, but first goes to get her a tea. Melanie starts to cry when he leaves her at his table, and checks flights on her cell phone. She has plans to leave Salem tomorrow morning.

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